Which Hut was I in.???

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Which Hut was I in.???

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Hi all I have just found this forum.
I served my National Service from November 1960 to 1962.
My name is Graham Barker 5082136 from Kent I was in 13 FLT at Bridgenorth from approx. 10th November 1960 for the 6 weeks,but I don't know which HUT I was in. Can anyone help.?????
After the square bashing I went to RAF Locking for trade training as a Crypographic Mec, then a wonderfull year in the Maldives on Gan courtesy of HM Gov before returning to blighty to finish my time at Bomber HQ High Wycombe.
I met Ken Hall at Bridgenorth a chap from Stockton and after 50 years we are still in contact with each other.
So if you know which HUT I was in please let me know.???
In the picture of 13 FLT I am third from the right second row down, my friend Ken Hall is Bottom row sixth in from the left.


Graham Barker
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