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Colin W Kleiser

Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2018 2:13 am
by Dennis_Stones
While gathering more information for my history files, I was deeply saddened to discover the passing of Colin W Kleiser in May of this year 2018.
When I first ‘met’ him, Colin was Cpl Kleiser our drill instructor, and I was a very timid twenty-one year old recruit. Our ‘association’ lasted just eight weeks between August and September of 1956.
Small in stature, Colin was already a well-practiced figure able to terrify me (and probably many others), with his indisputable military style. I can still hear the clarity of his voice as he kept all sixty-three of 5Flight marching in step.
“Ept … ite, ept … ite, ept … ite, at a precise 120 paces/minute.
One afternoon, towards the end of our eight weeks, the inscrutability of Corporal Kleiser's military manner ended. Someone in our flight had heard the sound of a piano coming from the NCO's mess, and had sneaked a look around the door. It was, after all, 'Out of Bounds' to us raw recruits.
"Come and look at this!" he said.
At a grand piano up on the stage sat Colin. He was playing some beautiful classical piece and without music. No longer was he the very demanding drill instructor, but an extremely clever personality performing a leading role in my life.
I take this opportunity to express my sincere condolences to Colin’s family, should you pass this way.
How lucky we have been to know Colin.
With gratitude,
Dennis ... ER/1818335