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Two local history books are available. A fascinating glimpse back in time at Bridgnorth.
A chronological list of events found in the local newspaper, The Bridgnorth Journal.

Bridgnorth - News and Events between 1852 and 1900*
Containing approx. 2,800 events. Published and printed by me in Nov 2006, containing 124 pages.
* Isolated issues were not available. Also the whole period from 1869 to 1887.

Bridgnorth - News and Events between 1901 and 1920
Containing approx. 2,300 events. Printed by me in Dec 2009, containing 106 pages.

Price 8.00 each plus 1.50 post & packing within UK. Overseas by quotation.

When was a 75 foot deep shaft dug in the High St.?   When did the River Severn at Bridgnorth freeze over?   When was a 32 lb salmon caught in the River Severn?   When were 146 coins of 16 different denominations, some dated 1644 - 1646 found in High Street.   When were St Leonard's Church services held in a 700 people capacity tent?   There were 12,380 burials (yes 12,380) in St Leonard's churchyard between 1550 and 1852.

Unique information for the family history and local history researcher. Many records of births, marriages and deaths of Bridgnorth people including those in South Africa, Peru, India, Australia, etc. Also the names of many people mentioned in various Inquests, Sales, Bankruptcies and Affiliation Orders.
Records those who wrote home from the Crimean, Boer and the Great wars. Their letters were frequently printed in the newspaper.

Further information is likely to be available in the issue referred to. Many Inquests and Court cases were reported in great detail.
Not all the individuals mentioned in the newspapers are listed. I've tried to select the most interesting events and Court cases etc. specifically those that included statements made by the individuals mentioned. Unless otherwise stated, the date shown is the publication date of the newspaper that mentions the event.

See photographs of the books.

To order a copy of the book(s). Please send an email stating the quantity required of each and the delivery address.
I shall reply by sending an invoice by email. If you then wish to proceed with payment, you will have the choice of paying online by credit card (via a secure link provided by Paypal) from a bank account or from a Paypal account. Most currencies accepted.
Should you prefer, a traditional cheque in the post would be fine. (in Pounds Sterling, drawn on a UK bank)
If more convenient for you, the books will normally be found listed on Ebay. Search using the word 'Bridgnorth' (without an 'e' in the middle)

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