Sorry but most of the 2,000 photographs have been removed off this site.

Despite being illegal and requests to stop, one individual in Bridgnorth persists in stealing images off the site for his own personal financial gain and to satisfy his conceited vanity.
Whilst various options are investigated, I've reluctantly decided to remove all 2,000 photographs off the site.
I'm no longer prepared to spend dozens of hours each month and hundreds of pounds each year, to maintain the site just to have the content stolen.
I extend my apologies to all the former recruits and their families, for this action, caused by one selfish individual.
What I hoped would be a free, informative resource for future generations, is no more.
Some fifteen years ago, I designed this web site so that former recruits could contribute their photographs and memories of RAF Bridgnorth and re-establish contact with their former comrades. In that, the site has been successful many times.
The site was also for their children and grandchildren to see what the recruits life was like during their 'square bashing' time at Bridgnorth.
The site has always been free to view with no need to register, login or subject to countless advertisements.
That open door policy has now become the cause of its impending closure.

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