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Picture of Stanley Levy's Intake in 1939

Thanks to the family of Stanley Levy (deceased) for this photograph of his intake in 1939.
They say ".... we've been trying to unravel what he got up to during the war. So far we know that he enlisted in the VR in June 1939, was embodied in February 1940 and his first post was to RAF Cardington a year later.
On the back of this image it's inscribed "Jug Up, Bridgnorth, 1939, intake" so I can only assume that some basic training took place at some point following his enlisting. My grandfather is seated on the far right. He has a moustache!"

Comment by the Webmaster - Thank you very much for posting this photograph - the earliest on this web site.
The date of 1939 written on the photograph is interesting. The official booklet about RAF Bridgnorth (listed on the front page of this web site as 'Twenty page booklet c.1957' ) states;

"1939 - 6th Nov.   Royal Air Force, Bridgnorth, comes into being as No.4 Recruit Centre. It is situated two and a half miles from the Borough of Bridgnorth.
 1940 - March.   The first recruits arrive for a four-week course. The camp was designed originally for 2,000 recruits and 500 permanent staff."

So, although it shows the men of the 1939 Intake, perhaps the photograph was taken sometime after March 1940 ?


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