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Picture of 1 Wing in Sept 1950

My thanks to Ray 'Dusty' Miller for this photograph of 1 Wing in Sept 1950.
Ray is on the left hand end of the second row from the front. Next to him is Dave Clyne, who was a bandsman.
Fourth from the left on the back row is a Polish chap, John Olseweski.
Thank you Ray for donating a copy to the collection of memorabilia held at the Bridgnorth Visitor Information Centre.

Some names of 1 Wing in Sept 1950

I have tried to decipher some signatures so that the site Search Engine can read them. Unfortunately, many are only a guess.

Mullinder?,  Mike Randles,  E Ship,  S.W. Sly,  E Boafy,  Phillip ?,  W.W Rose,  Peter Mox..?  D.R. Rudd,  F.D. Cormack,  R.W. Warner,  M Johnson,  W.D. Walburn,  R.G. Taylor,  E Bragly?  D.A.R. Whiksey?  W Ward,  Alexander Walker,  P.H. Jones,  F.A Hawker,  Alex Fraser,  Andrew D Somerville,  A Campbell,  N Coates,  E Hopper?  J Lamont,  Hogan,  J.E Hodd?  Thomas Ronald Davies,  Dave S. Clyne,  P Gillespie,  F Freshwater,  W Cheadle?

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