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Picture of 14 Flt in Jan 1951

Thanks to Fred Ott 4052242 for this photograph of 14 Flt in Jan 1951. Fred says "we were there were from 22nd November 1950 to 23rd January 1951. Most of the names escape me but I can remember some :-
Back row. Second in : Harry? Third in from left is Clarkson. Row 2. Second in from left is me Fred Ott. Last in that row is E J Paul. Front row. Third in is Alan Penman, Fourth is Cpl Groom, Fifth is Jock Banks.
I would be very interested to hear from any in the photo as we spent such harrowing times together!"

Names of 14 Flt in Jan 1951

We have tried to decipher the signatures so that the site Search Engine can read them.

Allison (Durham)  E.J. Paul (South Shields)  T.W. Swales (Sunderland)  J.M. Guire (Whitley Bay)  Bob Williamson (Marske by the Sea)  Alan Peaman,  D Bartley? (West Hartlepool)  Keith Etherington (West Hartlepool)  Edward Parrie? (Burnley)  Clarkson,  Harry ....,  Johnny King (Yorks)  Jock Banks (Scotland)  G Dobson (Lingdale)  Iain Mc..wraith (Paisley)  R Bowron (Lingdale)  ? (Billingham)  R Gilhesby? (Horden)

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