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Picture from 1951

Thanks to Allen Bareham 4070257, for this photograph of his hut in March and April 1951.
His dau says "I am forwarding you this photograph on behalf of my father Mr Allen George Bareham, who between
March and April 1951 was at RAF Bridgnorth for training, aged 18 years old. He can be seen in the back row 2nd from right.
If Corporal Hoyle is still around my father would like to pass on his thanks for pressing all of the companies best blues for pass out parade!!"

Sadly, the family advised me their father died soon after sending the photograph.

Thank you for trying to decipher the signatures so that the site Search Engine can read them.

1. G Ansell (West Ham)   2. G Briggs (Bradford)   3. W Cummings (Newcastle)   4. A G Bareham (Essex)   5. K C Chambers (Essex)   6. P Bibby (Hull, Yorks)   7. B Angelini (Ayrshire)   8. R M Allan (Aberdeen)   9. D Bridges (Essex)   10. B Blancharol (Scarborough)   11. E C *(?)*aley ( Newcastle)   12. R Bocking (Gt Yarmouth)   13. K Bell (Edinburgh)   14. G Collins (London)   15. J S Clarks (Colchester)   16. *(?)* unable to read.   17. J O Hoyler (PT)   18. F Dent (Newcastle)   19 M Chapman (Consett ?)   20. R H Barnes (Red.*...?*, Yorks)   21.*(?) *Corporal *(?)*   * Corporal Hoyle centre front row.

Names from 1951


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