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Picture from 1951

Thanks to Jack Garry 4086837 for this photograph. He enlisted at Cardington on 22 Nov 1951.

He says "I cannot remember the Hut number or the Flight no. I am first from the right on the back row. My pal for that time was Reg (Spider) Webb from North London and he is the 5th from the right also on the back row. The D.I. 4th from left in the middle row is Cpl G Roberts. His photo appears in one of your photos later in 1952. The only other 'name to face' I can remember is Ken A. Statham (Brass bound buckets). Next to me on back row."
Jack has kindly donated a copy of this photograph to the collection in Bridgnorth Tourist Information Office.

Names from 1951

Jack says "I list below those names included in the photograph .... not in correct order!"

Reg Webb (Spider),  M Seabury,  J.L Shires (Your Quids In),  A.G Nayler (Cock of the North),  Ken Towers (Ablutions)(sic!)  D.P Spooner,  Brian Raisbeck,  F Spear (Pompey),  G Slator (sic!)  Derek Morelo (Jock),  D.J Whiting,  G Warren (Bunny),  Ken A. Statham (Brass Bound Buckets),  Bill Walker (let me go to sleep),  Sydney Washington,  D.J Thompson (Oift' Oit'),  Cpl. D.I. G Roberts.


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