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Picture from 1951

Thanks to Mike Short 4084604 for this photograph of his Flt from November to December 1951.

We have tried to decipher some signatures so that the site Search Engine can read them.

G.B Nolan, D Cooke, J Grasfield, J.H Vickers, D Fraser, George Cook, W Cault? R Brown, William Moran, Gordon Dunn, Mark Grant, Ronald Waller, S.I Nickle? G Nicholson, ? Ennett, F ?ving, G.J Oldfield, H Kidd, Eric Thompson, Hugh Dola.t., L.H Snelling, Nathan Veilck, F.G Hewett, R Paulou? R Smith, Thomas Muldoon, M Patterson, ? Hamilton, B Hooper, D Guisstor? Tom Harold, A Jackson, R Whitfield, M.W Hill, D Balfour, A.J Anson, G Owen, T Wilford, R Smith, S Sutherland, Alen Maguire, Eric Pryas, Jn Reid, G Fairweather, R Vernon, Johnnie Dobbin, R Soulby, Bill Stober, J Whitehill, F Smallman, R James.., John Douglas, J Murray, A Carrigan, J.E Hageaty, J Stocker, J Jennings, D Ballantyne, A Nicholson, I MacDonald, J Jones, G Eland, C Campbell, H Thompson.

Names from 1951


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