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Picture from Sept 1952

Names from Sept 1952

Thanks to John Morris 4107263, for this photograph of his Flight in September 1952.
John says "I am seated second row up and 5th from the right. One of the Corporals was surnamed Jewell."

I have tried to decipher some signatures so that the site Search Engine can read them. Unfortunately, many are only a guess.

F.K. Eagles?, C Mooring, R Vincent, T Crawson, B Ner..., M Pryce?, L Conrad, Bob Patterson, Vin O'Connor, K Barnes, D Blank, N Rushworth, Bill Swayne, Derek R. Wiles, Brian .. Mystic?, E.F. Mann, G Relnor?, Peter Barham, Cotterell, W . Casey, H.B. Quelch, D?F Cox, A Ward, P.J. Bannister, M.W. Howkes (Cornwall) Cagney?, ..svie o Coonjagaij?, Seamus O'Shonocan?, S Richardson, J Shaw, F. Greene, F.R. Ropss?, R.L. Davy?, A. Kirk, H ..anson?, G Gorton?, C.R. ...(Gray), Brown, C Radley, David Brown, N Slater, D Clayton, Clay, Hawkins?, Peter Myers, R Forrester, D.A. Steadman, G Severn, Rod Sutcliffe, C.N. Alen, T, L.W. Roberts, R.W. Harper?, .. Davison, T Ganaby, E.C. Cads?, R Hayes, E Shaw, A Hicks, C Harris, R.D. West Hut 60.

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