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Picture of 13 Flt in July 1953

Thanks to Ron McDougall 4128550 for this photograph of 13 Flt in July 1953.
Ron is in the 2nd row from the front, 2nd from the right.

We have tried to decipher some signatures so that the site Search Engine can read them.

Terry Thomas,  Peter Mackay,  A Fraser,  H.A.S ?   D Robertson,  A.W Shipley,  R Mulholland,  A.D Howells,  A Meers,  J.P Green, Jimmy ,
A Golightly,  Robert Low,  M Brown,  T or J Robinson,  A.D Cooper,  R Blackburn,  A.J Arch, John Carr,  I Rettie ?  B Chegergn?  
  C Grisbrook,  I Hogarth,  Richards,  C Webster,  M Hazledine,  A Jeffry,  Andrew Wright,  James Douglas, John Hooper,  D Davey, 
Ken Robinson ? H Begg,  J Brown,  N MacDonald,  C McRae,  G Phillips,  I Lyle,  R Sco_les ?  J.S Sutherland,  P Penna,  Frank Sheppard, 
Glover,  Thomas Robertson,  Bob Kavanagh,  Sam Anderson,  J Corrigan,  Bruce Kirkcaldy,  K Meddle ?  K Storey,  A.E Wilton, 
J Johnston,  B Malerey,  M McGregor,  John Moore,  John Gough,  Arnold Wood,  J.B Priest,  John Wm, J Chesterfield, 
Philip Clare ?   D _ sweet,  Bryan Jones,  G Crouchey,  R Relder,  C Murphy,  H.G Pike,  R Thomason.

Names of 13 Flt in July 1953

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