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Picture of 10 Flt, 'C' Sqd in July 1954

Thanks to Ian Mackenzie 2727102 for this photograph of 10 Flt, 'C' Sqd in July 1954.
Ian says "The drill instructor with peaked cap is Cpl Wilson. Came from Yorkshire. Incredible voice, carried for miles but a brilliant instructor. Note the chap in civvies in front row... there wasn't a uniform big enough to fit him at that stage!"

Names of 10 Flt, 'C' Sqd in July 1954

I have tried to decipher the signatures so that the site Search Engine can read them. Many defeated me.

T.R. Cook, R Swarbrick, R.J. Williams, R.R. Tursney? Samuel Dunlop? John H....hall, M Hay, Ron Reed, W.G. Forbes, Don Payne, E.A. Finch, G Bradey? H Roberts, C Woolland? W.F. Jasper...? Douglas C Young, James Francis Wright, W.F. Berris? P Smith, W.B. Jackson, ...ansdey Hemsley, R.S.P. Hughes, R Deakin, J Neale, J.R. M...key, Eddie Hill?, E.C. Purdue, T Byrd, A Clanes, Richard Taylor, Golding? Ron Hollinson, J Simkins, F.G.M Fields? Harry Wardle, Johnnie Sims, B.T. Davies, S Derby? C Onions? Ted Martin, E.C. Price? B Edmunds, R Barker, F.A. Davies, George Enston, Williams, A.G. Clarke, K Williams, W Little? Ambrose, J Simpson, K.S.C. C..yard? D.D. Price, Andy Thomson, Brittain? James Grant, W Brown?

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