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Picture from March 1954

Thanks to Les Phillips 4146308 for this photograph from March 1954. He is last one on the right of the back row.
Les says "The Cpl in the centre was Cpl Rose with many thorns as he used to like telling us"
The Webmaster has heard that former Cpl George Rose died in 2009.
Thank you very much Les for donating the original photograph to the collection of memorabilia held at the Bridgnorth Visitor Information Centre.

Since this photograph was posted, Eric B Middleton has identified himself on the photograph.

I have tried to decipher the signatures so that the site Search Engine can read them.

T.D. Matthews,  O.S. Richmond,  P.E. Marsh,  N.E. Sylvestor,  R Parkes,  R McIlroy?,  L.E. V....?
Micky .. Hall?  N McGevon?  A.B. Profit,  C.J. Mayes,  D.J. Smith,  E.B. Middleton,  J.T. Spence,  B.J. Sparkes.

Names from March 1954


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