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Picture of a Flight in Sept 1954

Thanks to Terry Rawson 4155020, fourth from the right in the front row,
for this photograph, perhaps 12 Flt in September 1954.

Terry and I have both tried to decipher some signatures so that the site Search Engine can read them.
A Rowley, K Brook, William Nicoll, E Dean, J Wilson, M.E. Cutler? Frank Morley, J.T. Dean, J.W. Peterson, T Cawley, Jennines? J Watson, N Taylor, A Brown, Williams, S Bates, R.S. Holland, A Parstons, B Gilsop, M Barter, B Hurst, Owen G Hopkins, D.R. Iredale, T Gill? David Edwards? G Austin (Chuck) R Micklewright, N Leverington, P.E. Miller, A Watt, R Watt, J Clark, John Kelly, S Hope, R.A. Carroll, D Mansell, P Connelly, R.E. Hayworth, H Burden, Gary Swift, T Wighton, R Scowood, John Lowe, M Collins, A Conroy, D Hoggins, C Raffery? J Woodhead, P.E. Brown, Roy Green, J Clarke, H Willis, C Howard, C Morley, Barry Thompson, Anthony Walsh MM, Jimmy Betts, T Harris, Peter? Kent, R Winwood, A.E. Woodrow, Roy? Green, D.B. Wood, J Clarke, A.V. Kennedy, Charles E Summerfield, D Perry, J Smith, J.R. Pritchard, J O'Brian, Pat Rawson, A Parsons, E Simpson, R Peake, L.G. Ruddock.

Names on a Flight photo in Sept 1954

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