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Picture from October 1955

Thanks to Ken Askew 4173526, for this photograph taken on 13 Oct 1955.
Ken says "I am in the back row, third from the left. Joe Attard who is in the front row, third from the left,
came with me on our first day to Cardington. We both met up at Blackheath (London)

My thanks to Ken for deciphering the signatures. They are typed here so that the site Search Engine can read them.

Gary Cooke (Taffy)  Stuart Beasley (Leics)  Paul Crowley (Taffy)  Johnny Beaumont,  Jim Adamson (Edinburgh)  Joe Attard (London)  Pat Clarke (Glasgow)  R.Cavenagh (Welling, Kent)  B.Booth (Hair cut)  Tennesee Ernie Clixby (Gainsboro)  Les Ayres (Chatham)  Tony Brownless (Keighley)  James Connolly (Glasgow) 13/10/55,  Graham Brown (Passion pants)  Paddy O'Brien (Norwich)  A.Ackrill (Grimsby)  John Bissett (Edinburgh)  David Bennett (St.Leonards-on-sea)  Frank Abbott (Peterborough)

Since the above photograph was posted, Reg Hearle has been in touch. He says "..... I recognised myself as the NCO in the centre of the photograph. I am ex Cpl 3520224 Hearle R D, but I do not recall any of the other names listed although certain faces seem familiar. Given that it has been nearly 52 years, it is not surprising!"

Tony Brownless 2768723 has also been in touch. He says "I am next plus one left to the chap in civies, back row."

Names from October 1955

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