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Picture of 'D' Sqd, 40 Flt in 1956

Thanks to Bob Gordon 5034165, for providing this photograph of 'D' Sqd, 40 Flt in 1956.
Also thank you for donating a copy to the collection of memorabilia held at the Bridgnorth Visitor Information Centre.
The names and information have been typed below so that the site Search Engine can read it.

'D' Squadron's 40 Flt. Saturday morning 27 October 1956.
Bob has identified some individuals with a number on the photograph.

Back row             
No.1 (7th from left) Stan Faraday (Tipton?)   No.4 (3rd from right) Ken Mekie (Edinburgh)
No.2 (9th from left) Derek Bulford (Wales)   No.5 (2nd from right) Terry Connolly
No.3 (6th from right) John Barlow (London)    
Third row back    
No.6 (5th from left) 'Mac' McCarthy (London?)   No.10 (10th from left) Malcolm Bill
No.7 (6th from left) Barry Franklin (Lincolnshire?)   No.11 (11th from left) Tom Foster (Yorkshire?)
No.8 (8th from left) Les Ferris (Geordieland)   No.12 (2nd from right) Bob Gordon (Perth)
No.9 (9th from left) Johnny Davies    
Second row back
No.13 (1st from left) Barry Ward (Northwich)   No.16 (5th from left) Tony Derricott (Stoke on Trent?)
No.14 (2nd from left) Will Clark (Jamaica)   No.17 (8th from left) Roger Coventry
No.15 (3rd from left) Gavin McIntyre (Glasgow)   No.18 (1st from right) Bob Dunkley
Front row          
No.19 (2nd from left) Jim Auty   No.22 (9th from left) Dick Cain (London?)
No.20 (3rd from left) Jim Lomax   No.23 (10th from left) Charles Lawrence (London?)
No.21 (5th from left) Jim Boustead   No.24 (3rd from right) Tony Desborough (Wellingborough)

I'm number 12 and most of the named men were in my billet (hut 295) I was aged 24 but many would be only 18. I'd met No's 4 and 23 at RAF Hornchurch and would get to know No's 13 and 15 (who would be around till demob) at RAF Yatesbury. No.6 was also at Yatesbury.

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