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Picture of 6 Flt from Dec 1955 to Feb 1956

Thanks to Len Colbourne 3522107 for this photograph of 6 Flt from Dec 1955 to Feb 1956.

He says "I was a regular at that living-Hell-on-Earth in Dec 1955 to Feb 1956 and have fond memories of the place, though it was scary at the time.
Like the others have said, we were mainly just raw kids until the bawling and screaming began and men when we marched out a few weeks later.
I reckon it was having to break the ice on the fire buckets in order to shave that really made us change!
I wish there was some scheme to turn today's undisciplined yobs into men too.
Anyway, here's the only photo I have of my flight. It's Flight Six 1955/56, with the names I wrote on the back fifty-three years ago! Dear God, how time flies.
Back Row: Left to right: Me, Len Colbourne; Jimmy Bruce; Ken Belfield; Dugie Dalgetty; Tony Bailey; Mike Goss; Ian Bowen; Gordon Hampshire.
Middle Row: Left to Right: John Hothersoll; Davy Drummond; Derek Campbell; Jimmy Dickson; Gordon Brook; Don Latham; Danny Grainger.
Front Row: Left to Right: Mike Brown; Brian Edwards; "Budge" Burgess; "Blondie" Chase.
Missing from the ranks of God's chosen few that day were Henry Jones, Brian Adamson and Bob Greenhill.
Our D.I.'s were Taffy Floyd, Cpl Burrows and Jock Simpson.
You will see that I am wearing my very best please-help-me-I'm-confused expression. I am still really good at that.
If any of my old mates feel like getting in touch, I would love to hear from them, maybe swap stories.
I went onto the RAF Regiment, first to Caterick and then onwards to 2nd TAF in Germany.

Names of 6 Flt from Dec 1955 to Feb 1956

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