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Picture from 1959

Names from 1959

Thanks to Alan Stubbs, 5072400, AC2, for this photograph of Hut 294, Flt 38, D Squadron in November 1959.
Alan is in the middle row, 2nd from left. He has tried to decipher the signatures so that the site Search Engine can read them.

Nigel Payne?   K.R. Powell,   K.Woodbridge? (Sir)   D.M.Simmons (Chief of Ablutions)   Duncan Reece,   Adrian Smith,   Jack Poller (Jinx)   Bryan Poattent?   Trevor Sharples,   Alan Robertson (Dreamer)   Len Whalley (Deputy Marshall)   A Swan (The Artful Dodger)   Anthony Vance,   Sandy Sanderson,   K.C. Fowler Cpl,   Derek Peacock (Early Riser)   Brian Whitcomb? (Last out of bed)   W.G. Snowdon?   Fred Wells,   Alan? Stone (Smiler)
Alan says "Nick names are in brackets after the persons name. Where the name is followed with a ? I am not 100% certain of the name. After a long memory search, I have convinced myself that the signature 'Duncan Reece' is the Cpl on the photo & the signature 'K.C. Fowler Cpl' is the other D.I. not on the photo. There are 22 people on the photo + Cpl Fowler (IF my assumption is correct) making 23 but only 20 signatures, so there are 3 signatures missing, 1 of them being mine. As I cannot put names to all the faces on the photo I cannot say who the 2 mystery people are."

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