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Picture of 11 Flt, 'A' Sqd in January 1962

Thanks to Ian Humphries 4269212 for this photograph of 11 Flt, 'A' Sqd in January 1962.

Ian says "This group arrived RAF Bridgnorth Thursday 4th January and Passed out on Friday 9th March 1962.
Back row. George Fairclough (extreme left) Andy Bonnaire (5th from left) Andy Crawford (4th from right) Bill Collier (extreme right)
Second row. Tom O'Dea (2nd from left) Jeff Bridge (5th from left) Tommy Hanks (3rd from right) Ian Humphries (5th from right)
Middle tow. John E Cannon (extreme right) James Dunbar (2nd from right) Jan Haffernik (3rd from right) Rick Thompson (4th from right)
Second front row. Bandsman? (2nd from left) Dave Clennell (3rd from right) Maurice Knight? (extreme right)
Front row. Alan Sorlie (extreme right) George Stevens (S.M.)(3rd from right) Bill ? (3rd from left)

Ian provides the additional information "I have listed the names I can remember along with a few comments.
This intake I feel would have been the first of 1962. The lads from the North East took the oath in Newcastle on Wednesday 3 Jan 1962 and arrived at RAF Bridgnorth the next day.
The chap in the second front row who I have referred to as the Bandsman was a Scotsman and also appears in the photograph '1962 - Band in May'. In that photograph he is extreme left, middle row. I can not remember his name but I am sure he transferred from the Army to the RAF. He stayed in our hut 309 for a week or two whilst he was kitted out and then he moved to another part of the camp.
I remember Andy Bonnaire in the back row once showing us a photograph of himself taken in a race at the White City before he joined the RAF. He was a good sprinter and came from the London area.
I can not remember the surname of Bill, third from the left, front row, but he came from Binchester in Co. Durham.
Andy Crawford, fourth from right, back row, was from Scotland.
I do not recall and am unable to put faces to the signatures of Patrick Joseph Black/Blades? .. Piero? or .. Davy on the back of the photograph.
I never knew the names of either of our two Corporals or this Sargeant who I only saw a few times during the nine weeks, this being one of them.
Recently, '1961 - 11 Flt 'A' Sqd' was added to the web site. This showed a D.I. Cpl Price and this D.I. was one of ours Jan - March 1962. This flight must have passed out during the week we were kitted out."

Since this photograph was posted, the family of George Rogers have identified him on the back row, 5th from the right.
George can recall the Sgt's name as being Sgt Buller.

Names of 11 Flt, 'A' Sqd in January 1962

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