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Picture of the last intake at Bridgnorth in 1962

Thanks to Jim Hobin R4275610, front row extreme right, for this photograph of his intake between 3 Dec 1962 and 3 Feb 1963.

Jim says that he is "puzzled by [the other] photo of last intake as I was in the last intake at Bridgnorth and remember being in the parade through the town. I have a photo of my intake but different from one you show. Were there two intakes started at same time?
I remember on our last morning we took great delight in skating down the middle of our much bulled floor in our tackety boots as the billets wouldn't be used again! I think the Corporal's name in the intake photo was Cpl Mitchelson."

In 2016, the family confirmed it was Cpl Mitchelson in the photograph. They said "he ended up as Station Warrant Officer of High Wycombe and retired in 1986. Unfortunately he passed away in 2001."

Since this photograph was posted, Ian Barr Y4275536 has identified himself. He says "I believe that is me. Middle row 3rd from left. I had been on an earlier intake but ended up in hospital so was "backflighted" to last intake. Centre row 5th left I think name was Bill, was Senior man had been in RAF before. Middle row 2nd right, think this guy was named Jones and had either service number one before or behind, My number was Y4275536. The guy top right hand side was nicknamed "lofty".

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