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Picture of Hut 244 - year unknown.

This photograph was seen for sale on a popular auction web site.
My sincere thanks to the seller for withdrawing the photograph from sale and
donating it to the collection of memorabilia held at the Bridgnorth Tourist Information Centre.

We have tried to decipher some signatures so that the site Search Engine can read them.
Len Matthews (Ramsgate)  Trefor Williams (Manchester)  R Stark (Romford)   Kenneth F Samaby (Forest Hill, London)  Roy West (Croydon)  Denis W Kellaway (London)   Bryan S Summers (Tunbridge Wells)  Brian Sumerling Lacey (Hoddesdon, Herts)   G Ell..... (London)  Alan K Knight (London)  Anthony Roxburgh (London)   Scotty Lewis (Glasgow)  J Walker (Southend)  B Robbins (Bolton, Lancs)   M Libbetty or Tibbetts? (Wolverton)  Gerry Cornwell (Streatham, London)   R.E ? (Hendon, London)  E Bullock (Manchester)  Malcolm Moody (London)  J.E Brown (Newcastle)

My sincere thanks to Dennis Stones 5026490 for taking the time and trouble to investigate the date of this photograph.
He says "Having spotted on the back of the photograph the name B Robbins of Bolton as one of the bods, and once being a Bolton lad myself, I decided to investigate further.
For what it's worth, my guess as to the year of the photograph is between June 1956 and 1957, and probably between May and Aug. So how did I arrive at those details?
Firstly, having scanned photographs from various years, I can now say that the shield with the hut number in it only began to be used from June 1956. My own photograph '1956 - Hut 25 in Aug' followed soon after.
Secondly, I used the web site 'Free BMD' to check for birth years through the list of names on the back of the photograph. I have deleted those where only an initial has been used for given names, and those which failed to show via Free BMD. By the way, it was useful to have the deciphered signatures.
Thirdly, in the Hut 244 picture, their uniforms, and the sunshine suggest it was probably in the middle of the year.
Here are the details I was able to determine:-
Denis W Kellaway (London   -   Birth Registered in Dec. Qtr 1937 Marylebone.
Bryan S Summers (Tunbridge Wells)   -   Birth Registered in March Qtr 1934 Tonbridge.
Anthony G Roxburgh (London)   -   Birth Registered in Dec. Qtr 1937 Lambeth.
B Robbins (Bolton, Lancs)
Barrie Robbins   -   Birth Registered in June Qtr 1938 Barton (Lancs)
Since only his initial appears, the name Barrie is my guess.

Names of Hut 244 - year unknown.

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