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Stuart Hendry has kindly provided over 200 photographs of the 50th Anniversary events.
The excellent professional quality photographs means their file size is very large.
To display them at a convenient size on your screen, I have produced smaller versions.
From those, you should be able to obtain reasonable copies in the normal way i.e. by the right hand click of your mouse button.
However, if you want to print high quality copies of any specific photographs,
you need to note the reference number and email me a request for the high quality version.
Note that restrictions on the size of email attachments may only allow 1 or 2 photographs per each email.
CLICK HERE for the full set of photographs taken by Stuart Hendry.

Alternatively, click on any of the links below to jump direct to different sections.

Start of the parade.
Ceremony in the Castle grounds.           Ceremony at Stanmore.
A few general views of the town.


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