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Menu from 1942

Thanks to Colin Bennion for this menu for the Sergeant's mess dinner on the occasion of
the departure of No.1 W.A.A.F. depot from Bridgnorth in Sept 1942.

The names on the menu are typed here so that the site Search Engine can read them;
F/Sgt Fairgrieve, L.A.C.W. B.Grainger, F/Sgt Gillam, A.C.W. J.Watson, A.C.W. A.Allen, Cpl Hanbury,W.O. T.Foulkes, W.O. Camp, Sgt W.J.Wilson, F/Sgt MacKie, F/Sgt M.Gale.

We have tried, with difficulty, to decipher some of the signatures. Some are little more than a guess.

BC? Harwood, Ashley, Anne? Stephens, C? P Cummins, Pamela Wallis, Phyllys Pigott, E Waggott, Mac Streadic?, Willins? Nick Nellie Bowler, Sylvia D Sawyer, DS? Peters, V Munday, J? Cooke, Frederick? Bailey, Frankie Dr J, McCain?
Pilkinson? M Foster, Meg Cropper, Jonesii, Phillips, J Price, Annie Barclay, Pat Sedgwick, D.M Smith, Dorothy Greene, Jean Baker, J Dickens, Leslie Thomas? B Patience Cosgrove, Ann Jones, David Goodwin, A.C. Loftus? F Camp, Pat Sontas,Toby Raven? Flt Sgt.

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