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RAF Badges

Officer's cap badges   Dave's cap badge issued 1959
Officer's cap badges. Queen's Crown on the left. King's Crown on the right.   Dave's original cap badge, issued in 1959.
S.A.C. Prop badge Police armband Marksman badge
S.A.C. Prop badge. Police armband. Marksman badge. This badge was issued for grouping shots on the target within a small measured area. In the late 1950s/early 1960s we used Lee Enfield rifles and Brens. (we reckoned that it was harder to sew the badges on straight than it was to 'win' them in the first place!)
Shoulder flashes   Misc. badges
Shoulder flashes.   Misc. badges.
Corporal tapes   Junior Technician
Corporal tapes.   Junior Technician.
Buttons   Pilot Wings
Buttons.   Pilot Wings.

Thanks to Dave Lascelles 4254295 for the above pictures.


Thanks to John Waller 3127604 for this Musician's badge from June - July 1950.
He says "A pair of these was the magic wand to the Station band which in turn was the means of escaping all the drudgery
like cook house fatigues, route marches, PT etc. This is the 'volunteer musician' badge and was worn on the upper arm.
The 'tradesmen musician' wore a different badge on the lower sleeve."

yellow 'D' Sqd cap badge from 1959

Thanks to Brian Siviter for this yellow 'D' Sqd, cap badge from 1959.

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