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This site would not exist but for the generosity of others. Thank you.

Do you have any documents or photographs relating to RAF Bridgnorth that you would like to share with others?

If you would like some guidance notes on scanning and emailing photographs, please see here.

Please send them via email or, although I'm not employed there, you could post them to me at;
Mr Gwynne Chadwick.
c/o Bridgnorth Library & Visitor Information Centre.
Listley Street
Shropshire WV16 4AW


Photographs sent by post will be kept safe there awaiting my collection. However you may wish to send me an email notifying me when to expect them. After I have scanned the photographs for the RAF Bridgnorth web site, they are all returned to the Bridgnorth Library & Visitor Information Centre to add to their collection. If you require the items to be returned to you, please ensure they are clearly labelled to that effect and enclose a stamped addressed envelope. Unless marked otherwise, any items received may be considered for inclusion on this web site.
Apart from the Copyright issue, experience has shown that newspaper cuttings lack adequate quality for display on the web site.
I regret there is insufficient web space to display photographs featuring individuals or very small groups.

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