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On the 12 April 1950, the Borough of Bridgnorth granted the 'Freedom of Entry' to RAF Bridgnorth.
It was the first time such an honour had been conferred on the RAF.
A five minute sound commentary has kindly been supplied by the Royal Air Force Museum at Hendon. Thank you.
It's not known who made the recording so I'm unable to identify the copyright holder - if, indeed, it is still in copyright.
I'd welcome any information to determine the copyright status and I'll willingly remove the commentary if breech of copyright is established.

Click here for the 'Freedom of Entry' Commentary.  It may take a few seconds for the sound file to load.


A copy of the   Souvenir Programme can be found here.


British Pathe have a forty second video clip of the 'Freedom of Entry' Ceremony.
It's on   their web site here.  This will take you off the RAF Bridgnorth web site.



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