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Entries copied from the RAF Bridgnorth Guest book.
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Geoff Wilson Posted: Mar 2012 g.d.wilson*** From: Belgium
I was there May-August 1962, 9 Flt, A Sqd, hut 190. J4273683. Cpl Swan was our DI, he was great - we won some sort of drill trophy he had placed bets on it, needless to say he won money. They were great days and I have fond memories.

Yul Nejatti Posted: Feb 2012 nejattiyul*** From: Romford, Essex
I was there Jan to Feb 1961. D.I. was Cpl Wiseman. I served for 5 years. Best years of my life. Thank you for a superb web site.

Newton Wood Posted: Feb 2012 newtonwooduk*** From: Barnard Castle, Co Durham. UK
I arrived at Bridgnorth in March 1954. My main memories are that in our billet an airman was stealing butter from the canteen, the RAF police arrived, searched his locker, found the butter on the top shelf of his locker, then took him away and was rumoured he later hung himself from the water tower and on a lighter note Max Bygraves gave a concert during he time I was there.

Gerald White Posted: Dec 2011 geraldwhite3894*** From: Lincoln UK
This site is a super, record of all who trained and served at RAF Bridgnorth.
It provokes the memory and how National Service important that it was pales into the mists of memory....Bring it back I hear people say....Nay only in time of war......

John M Johnson Posted: Dec 2011*** From: Canada
I did my square bashing at Bridgnorth in October 1959. I was a deferred Apprentice and my service number is 5072465. Thank you for some wonderful memories.

Jack Nunn Posted: Nov 2011 pno2nr*** From: Barrie, Ontario, Canada
Squarebashing there in August 1949. Was it really over 60 years ago? So many memories, mostly good, except of the D.I.'s.

M I McMorine Posted: Nov 2011 mimcmorine*** From: Bucks
Did my square bashing in 1956 Service No. 4175585. Cheers.

John Lawrence Posted: Nov 2011 john*** From: Sussex
Dear all,
D Sqn, 35 Flt, Hut 318. 1958/59 Dec-Feb. Clp Wood was the D.I. Can anyone remember the Sgt's name?

Jack Edwards Posted: Sept 2011 edwajack*** From: Chatham
2765010 Edwards J. I was at Bridgnorth in 1955. Went on to be a Radar operater PPI.
Happy Days Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Stanley Howard Posted: Sept 2011 stanmaur1*** From: Woodford, Qld. Australia
Great web site brings tears to an old fellows eyes.
I would love to hear from any body from 7 Ft July 1953 photo (1953 - Howard Flt)
Again a great web site. Then all young men, now most of us are getting on but I think we all had a great time.
Good luck to all. Where are you Bob Gore?
I have just read over the ex vets comments. Thank you Gwynne for all your great work its wonderfull.

Douglas Phoenix Posted: Aug 2011 douglas.phoenix*** From: North Wales
Great site. Was at Bridgnorth Jan/March 1960. Great memories, left for trade training to RAF Melksham then into bomber command for the next 5 years.

Joe Wilson Posted: Aug 2011 joeswitsend*** From: Stowmarket, England
Happy Memories.

Tom Platts Posted: July 2011 teepee*** From: Nottingham
I'm on the photograph '1957 - Hut 247 in Jan.' Front row: 2nd from right.

Jacquie Harvey Posted: June 2011 jems34*** From: Burton-on-Trent, UK
I'm looking for any information/memories/stories about my dad: Derek Stone 4183787. He served at RAF Bridgnorth in 1956. I found him on one of the sites photos - '1956 - 30 Flt 'C' Sqd' he's on the top row 5th from the left. Thank you.

Barry Hemmings Posted: June 2011 b_hemmings*** From: Nottingham
I can remember some clearer names to amend to my photo '1958 - Hut 309, Flt 40' from April onwards!!!!
A Jennings (Northampton)   J.E Merchant (Ballater)   J.D Whalley (Bradford)   Jimmy Burr (Aberdeen)   Bob Smith (Bristol)   John M Smith (Smudge)   Gordon Gunby (Markfield)   Ken Malcolm (Aberdeen)   Lewis Patterson (Peterculter)   John Milliken (Renfrew)   Birdey Wren (Portsmouth)   Currie (Ayr)   Dougie Mackey (East Kilbride)   Hammy Sturgeon (Rutherglen)   Jim Crawford (Fraserburgh)   G Cartwright (Grantham)   J.J Mackintosh (Skye)   M Manurey? (Dundee)   David F Blomwich (Bristol)   Barry Hemmings (Nottingham)
Still haven't found anyone as yet - still hoping. Thanks for the memories.

Mel Price Posted: June 2011 melvyn.price*** From: Bradford, West Yorkshire
Just made contact with one of those in my hut in 1961. 50 years ago and it only seems like yesterday when we spoke.

Brian Wickert Posted: June 2011 brian.w.wickert936*** From: Huntingdon England
Have just sent picture of flight that I was in from May 1957 till July 1957 and hope that it will be published soon. But I cannot remember flight No or hut number. My nickname was Willy and I was from London. There were only 5 or 6 Regulars and the rest were National Servicemen. I can remember people, but not their names. So would love to hear from any body that remembers me.

Bob Donnelly Posted: April 2011 robdlynd*** From: Brixham, Devon
Trained in C Squadron Aug 1960 then to RAF Compton Bassett/Chivenor/Laarbruch.

Reg Hearle (ex Drill Instructor) Posted: April 2011 reghearle*** From: Long Sutton, Lincs
1957 Photograph 'C' Flight in January, I believe NCO of left of Cpl Philips is Cpl Pickering who later became R & I Instructor. He is also in the photograph 1957 Hut 87.
Comment by Webmaster - thanks very much Reg. Captions have been altered accordingly.

Bob Wolstenholme Posted: March 2011 bob508*** From: England
Got called two week after my wedding and sent up to Bridgnorth for square bashing.
Very interesting reading this site.

Keith Drewett Posted: March 2011 ktd*** From: Isle of Man
Did square bashing March - May 1960. Went on to do 22yrs as Instrument Fitter, Service No. 4257581.

Dave (Brium) Irwin Posted: Feb 2011 d.irwin261*** From: Staffordshire
I posted a picture of our flight of May 1961 (I joined 19th (I think) of May 1961)
Names I can remember are Fabian Louison (Granada) Geordie Lowrie, Tom Boyd, Frank Magee (I'm pretty sure) Dick Penny, Ray Periera (dodgy spelling and a tall guy (Back row) called Tatty Oggie (Cornwall)
It'd be lovely to hear from any of you guys and anyone who remembers me and my 'sticky out ears'.
Apologies for anyone whose name I may have forgotten (or mis-spelled. Old geezers eh?

Alan Clegg Posted: Feb 2011 alanclegg*** From: Wigan
Great web site and all those forgotten memories!

Sam McKee Posted: Feb 2011 sam_mack*** From: Liverpool L21
Gwynne, Thanks once again for your time in keeping the site up to date.

Vic Ford Posted: Jan 2011 v.ford1941*** From: Southampton (New Forest)
D Squadron Oct - Dec 1959.

Patrick McGarry Posted: Jan 2011 patrickmcgarry1*** From: Belfast
Just came across 4275647 Maurice Grometts photos of 19 flt RAF Bridgnorth, I'm there. I have trying for years to get hold of any photographs taken at the Passout parades on camp and in Bridgnorth.

Frederick (John) Irwin Posted: Jan 2011 jonnyirwin*** From: Barnstaple, Devon
'D' Flt, 38 Sqd. D.I's were Cpl Stevenson and Cpl Wilson. May till July 1959.
This is a remarkably well thought out and maintained site, very well done. I will be looking in regularly.

Haydn Trezise Posted: Dec 2010 h.trezise*** From: Weston Super Mare
Anyone remember route lining in London, right after square bashing in May 1954 for the visit of the King and Queen Gustav of Sweden. We were billeted in RAF Uxbridge and formed up on the Oval cricket ground.

Bill Butterworth Posted: Oct 2010 billbutterworth76*** From: Bury, Lancs
Most if not all entries on the Memories pages are by "Square Bashers", so I thought I'd redress the balance a bit by posting an extended account of some experiences of a Permanent Staff member. If interested, see my Memories page. Chocks Away!       See Bill's memories here.

Thomas Cunningham Posted: Oct 2010 thom*** From: Sunderland
Number 2384484. Bridgnorth March/April 1948. DI's Hack,Bolt and Larkin. Best mate J Owen.

Paul Hilton Posted: Oct 2010 ericmidd*** From:  
Hi, have just found some old photo's of my time at RAF Bridgnorth 1960. I was in Hut 211 Flight 16. I have a photo of the flight and some of them have signed the back namely B Flowers, J.J Jones, G Jackson, J Hogg, G Hooper, A Hardy, J Heasley, and Harrison alias Wally Lofty and some names I can't read. If any one knows these names or remembers 16 Flt, hut 211 would like to hear from them.

Eric Brian Middleton Posted: Sept 2010 ericmidd995*** From: N/East Derbyshire
I was recently told about this web site by a friend. I was at Bridgnorth March/April 1954 & I would like to contact any former mates from that period. I was in Hut 258, 20 Flt, 'D' Sqd.

Mike Short Posted: Sept 2010 m.short*** From: North Devon
Square bashed at Bridgnorth late autumn 1951. We visited Iron Bridge for several days this year and my wife refused to go home until she had seen where all the letters she wrote to me had gone. Had an explore around what was left of the site and the Memorial Gardens. Spent a morning at Bridgnorth Market, well worth a visit but I could'nt remember much of the town. Met up with Duggie Wortan who was in my hut earlier this year. First time since 1956.

Gordon Macadie Posted: August 2010 glrmacadie*** From: Scotland
Very interesting indeed. I am currently in France, but will enter my details in November when I return home. Well done!

Alexander Cumming 4178816 Posted: August 2010 acumming*** From: Pekin, Illinois, USA
Was at Bridgnorth in Feb 1956, bad winter, everything froze up, hard to get a shower, washing up was not the easiest, but made it through, then on to Malaya, best 18 years of my life :) Take good care of yourselves all.

John Owen Posted: August 2010 maijohniscoed*** From: Beaumaris Anglesey
Great site.

Haydn Smith Posted: July 2010 haydnsmith3*** From: Gloucester
Another good reunion, thank's to all concerned hope all vets who attended enjoyed it, please stay in touch.

Frank Mills Posted: July 2010 ranger750*** From: Mount Hope, Ontario, Canada
Excellent site. It brought back so many happy memories, thank you.

William Gribbin JP Posted: July 2010 we.willy*** From: Sadleir NSW 2168 Australia
I did my square bashing at Bridgnorth 18/10/1948. I am eighty years of age and can still remember it vividly. No.2409508.

Peter McPherson Posted: July 2010 mcphrsp*** From: U.K.
Stayed at Stanmore Hall campsite last week and realised it is a short walk from the RAF Bridgnorth site. I also realised it is 50 years to the week since I passed out from there after my National Service square bashing - May/July 1960, 'A' Sqdn 8 Flt. Walked over from the camp site for a look. Managed to find the parade ground in the woods and the location of hut 81. The camp site reception has a folder of pictures and a guest book for old timers. Ah the memories!

Eric Holding Posted: May 2010 e_ric301235*** From: North Yorkshire
It's nice to look back on the good times spent with a great collection of young men during our basic training at RAF Bridgnorth. I'd really like to hear from any members of A Sqd. who trained from May to June 1957.
Many thanks to all those who contributed and especially to the originators of this site....THANK YOU !.

Mike Short Posted: May 2010 m.short*** From: Devon
My wife tells me my Service Number was 4084604 as she did all the letter writing. I went to Bridgnorth November/ December 1951 for Square Bashing.
Only name I remember is Duggie Wharton. We met at Cardington and then did Trade Training as Mechanics at Weeton and spent the next five years together at Waterbeach.
Chaps from that era seem in short supply as I've only met one that I knew.
Memories of Bridgnorth blurred but I have the photo of everyone outside the hut with all the names. Would be happy to send if it would be of interest.

Kevin McDermott Posted: May 2010 mcdermottkev*** From: Ireland
I was delighted to see a photo of my instructor (Cpl Hollyoak) from 1955 pictured in what must have been the next squad after mine. I passed out in Dec 1955. I live in hope that one day my long lost Flight photo will appear.

Robert (Bob) Posted: May 2010 robert.laird13*** From: Nottingham
Just noted Campbell Davis on the site. He and myself were stationed at RAF Tengah in Singapore in the mid sixties (those were the days!). It would be great to hear from him so hopefully he will be browsing one of these days. Would like to resume contact. Am in contact with a couple of the old boys.

James McKane Posted: April 2010 stephen.mckane1960*** From: Larkhall, Scotland
My son got into the site after I was told about it at a RAF reunion meet in Edinburgh.

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Brian Jones Posted: March 2010 beevee2009*** From: Fareham, Hampshire
How great to see all the good comments about their time at Bridgnorth. Myself I was there 1959 then on to Uxbridge Queens colour Squadron, all National Service guys. Great time.

Stapleton Maurice Posted: March 2010 aquatique*** From: Camborne, Cornwall
Nickname (mo) arrived with the last big intake of N/service. 1959 in May in C Sqd (B Flt I think) only two from Cornwall, Dickie Pearse from St. Austell, a farmers son, can't remember hut or DI, sign on for 12 years and enjoyed most of it. Never been fitter a square bashing.
Simon Wolstow Posted: March 2010 simonw2008*** From: Manchester U.K.
Hello every one, first time on here. I am looking for any information about my dad who died in 1996. His name was Fred Wolstow, he is 4th in the row on the back line of the picture that was took in 1958 Bridgnorth R.A.F Hut 175.
Thank you for your help and time and well done every one.

Geoffrey Pallett Posted: March 2010 geoffrey.m3uxb*** From: Tamworth, Staffs
Hello, anyone remember me. I was at Bridgnorth Oct 1960 Hut 206 18 flt B Sqn. Best thing that happened to me. I entered the university of life... anyone wishing to e-mail please do. Many happy memories. Do the youngsters some good today......Many thanks to the creator of the site Geoff.

Tom Maddison Posted: Feb 2010 tomad*** From: North Yorkshire
As a new member to the site, I am trying to trace George Brian Owen who was with me at Bridgnorth Oct - Dec 1950 and then we both were posted to RAF Locking for trade training as Gnd. Wireless Mechanics. I know he lived in Oakengates not far from Bridgnorth. He came to my wedding in Sept. 1953 but I haven't seen him since and would like to know what has happened to him.

Derek Darbyshire Posted: Feb 2010 derek.darbyshire*** From: West Sussex
Great to see the sight up and running again complete with my entries and photos.
I served there twice first as a recruit which taught me a lot and second as Staff in 1962/3.
Although I was a Regular, I still believe National Service would benifit most youngsters nowadays.

Richard Ball Posted: Feb 2010 rbbirdseye*** From: Bedford
RAF No. 5018742. There in 1956 what joy. Good times.

Les Tindale Posted: Feb 2010 lestin*** From: Elma Park, Edenvale, South Africa
RAF Number 4182563, did my square bashing at RAF Bridgnorth, remember Corporals Swan and Smart, both Scotsmen, one national service and one permanent force. Still have fond memories.

Wilie Wilson Posted: Feb 2010 wilswil1*** From: Polbeth West Calder Scotland
What a great site. It bring back great thoughts of my time at Bridgnorth Feb - April 1962. Grandson was amazed at the wooden huts that we lived in. Great times.

Ray Evans 4273699 Posted: Feb 2010 L4RCE*** From: Southampton
Discovered this site by accident a few days ago since when I have spent several hours on it. Did my 'square bashing' at RAF Bridgnorth June-Aug 1962. 9 Flt A Sqdn. Hut 190. Went on to serve for 9 yrs in RAF.

D Reid Posted: Jan 2010 reiddj*** From: Scotland
Great site. Ex DI Padgate/Wilmslow, 1956/1957. Member NSRAFA.

Peter J Davis Posted: Jan 2010 peterdavis5*** From: Winchester, Hants
Excellent website made contact with one person from Hut 180 April 1960.

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Brian Redwood Posted: Oct 2009 brian_redwood*** From: Kirriemuir, Scotland
Excellent web site. Am amazed at the number of excellent photographs.
I was at Padgate in April 1956 then went to Yatesbury.

Joanne Burton Posted: Oct 2009 jo_anafra*** From: Brierley Hill, West Midlands
I had the honour of attending the Bridgnorth reunion in August with my dear Dad, Cpl. Charles (Rocky) Howard. This was to be the last time that he visited Bridgnorth as he sadly passed away on September 29th 2009 after battling with lung cancer since December 2008.
He had many fond memories of his days at RAF Bridgnorth. He will be greatly missed.

Roger Broscomb Posted: Oct 2009 roger.broscomb*** From: Dereham, Norfolk
I have only just found the website. I was in 4 flt, A sqn and lived in hut 24 starting in September 1960.
I have a couple of photographs and will send copies. My service number was 3528127.

Bill Andrews Posted: Oct 2009 william.andrews1*** From: Perth, Western Australia
Mid-Sept 56 into Oct/Nov - Hut No.223 (I think) D.I. was Cpl Widdowson. Cannot find any reference to a Flt or Sqdn and this drill instructor, not even a group photogragh, I'm also stuck for names, is there anyone out that can relate to our flight No. etc, perhaps Cpl Widdowson could assist (No problem - you were a good D.I.) Any assistance would be appreciated.
One of the memories that stays in my head is a guy in our hut, who was opposite me in the corner, a cheerful guy was always singing that song "Got to get my tucsedo pressed", very appropriate at the time.

Bill Andrews Posted: Oct 2009 william.andrews1*** From: Perth, Western Australia
Checked all the intake group photos, cannot recollect having one taken. Sep/Oct/Nov 1956 our D.I. was Cpl Widdowson - I think the hut no. was 223? Flt & sqdn cannot remember. Anyone out there that was part of the group that has any memories or info.
I look back on those days and think they were good times, discipline does'nt hurt anyone, could certainly do with it now - including National Service.
Would appreciate any information, contacts etc., this is a very interesting site.

Patrick McGarry Posted: Oct 2009 patrickmcgarry1*** From: Belfast
Glad to have the RAF Bridgnorth web site back.
Would anyone have photographs of the last passout parades in camp and Bridgnorth Town. I took part in both.

Jim Gallagher Posted: Oct 2009 gallagher328*** From: Aberdeenshire
Great to have you back again.

Haydn Posted: Oct 2009 sparks65*** From: Gloucester

Bill Hauxwell Posted: Sept 2009 whauxwell*** From: Basingstoke
Well done. Two memories, being caught letting fireworks off in Bridgnorth (I picked friends up when it did not go off) and firing a 303 with my left eye due to an injury to my right. Bill.

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Tom Crowley Posted: Sept 2009 tombx*** From: Felixstowe
Joined in April 1962. Arrived early evening, served lukewarm coffee from a bucket and soggy sandwiches. Enjoyed all the times I can remember and those I cannot were probably not important. Learned a lot about myself and it set me up for a wonderful 24 year career.

Haydn Smith Posted: Sept 2009 sparks65*** From: Gloucester
Just to let all Bridgnorth ex vets know, I have just heard from Bridgnorth Council that they have approved that RAF Bridgnorth memorial, can be placed in Lavington garden's in Bridgnorth town.
This is as a result of myself and Peter Williams making a request to the Council for a new site, etc. We are still in comunication with the Council to tie up the loose end's, but I am sure you will all agree this is a step in the right direction.
Your comment's would be welcome. Regards Haydn Smith.
Comment by Webmaster - Comments on the Message Board please, not here in the Guest book. For those that don't know, Lavington Gardens are in Underhill Street which, having gone over the old river bridge towards the High town, is the next road that runs parallel to the river. The gardens are at the base of the sandstone cliff, on top of which is St Mary's Church with the green copper roof.

John E Mason Posted: Sept 2009 johniemason*** From: Staffordshire
Just a line to say it's great to see the site back on line. Every success to you. John Mason.

Barry Hemmings Posted: Aug 2009 b_hemmings*** From: Nottingham
Well done - Back on line. Enjoy reading all memories again - have missed you!
1958 April to June Flt 40 Hut 309 - must be someone still alive!
Thanks again Gwynne.

Malcolm Porter Posted: Aug 2009 swingtail44*** From: Upton Upon Severn, Worcs
I am ex Hut 162 28 Flt.
Paid my first visit to RAF Bridgnorth yesterday, since 1960 and no-one shouted at me!
I recall my original departure when told that my Trade Training Course would be at Kidbrooke. When I asked where Kidbrooke was, the Cpl replied "I don't bloody well know, why can't you be an MR Driver like anyone else" (I was an Air Movements wallah)

Sam McKee Posted: Aug 2009 sam_mack*** From: Litherland Merseyside
Thank you Gwynne for the time & effort in restoring the R.A.F. Bridgnorth web site.
Bringing pleasure & enjoyment to many ex Bridgnorth bods. Thank You.

Haydn Smith Posted: Aug 2009 sparks65*** From: Gloucester
I would like ex vets who attended this years Bridgnorth reunion to contact me by email or phone, as I would like to make up details i.e. names, address and phone no's so we have a record of former Bridgnorth ex recruits.
One of my idea's is to try to form a small commitee to keep all informed of ongoing project's such as the new Bridgnorth memorial that we are hoping will be put in Bridgnorth town some stage in the future. I hope you will support me on this, I do not wish or intend to get in the way of Mike and Sue work's in arranging the reunion's, that is their own area, I just want to keep in contact with other ex Bridgnorth vets so that if you want to keep in touch this could be the way.
My email address is sparks65*** ( replace *** with @ ) and my telephone No. is 01452616530. All the best Haydn.

Haydn Smith Posted: Aug 2009 sparks65*** From: Gloucester
Not only have we got the Bridgnorth web site back, Gwynne has even downloaded the pictures he took of our 70th anniversary parade in Bridgnorth last week-end to give everyone a chance to see photo's of our parade, many thanks Gwynne, I am sure we all appreciate the gesture.

Gordon John (Pop) Green Posted: Aug 2009 popgreen36*** From: Shropshire
Great to see the Bridgnorth web site back again. Spend many hours reading comments.

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Alan S. Causon Posted: Aug 2009 alanstanleycauson*** From: Swanage, Dorset
I was at Bridgnorth from the end of October 1955 to early January 1956. I was in No.18 Flight of "B" Squadron which won the Drill Cup.
I was out of step for most of the time and I still am but mercifully escaped the attention of Cpls Bishop and Rice at the time having been under threat of being reflighted for most of my recruit training.
However I do have some happy memories of R.A.F. Bridgnorth. I remember arriving back at Camp 4.5 hours late after the Christmas break and not being the only Airman to fall foul of this breach of punctuality. All late arrivals were lined up at the Squadron Office and being the last one to arrive back at Camp was told by the Flt.Sgt. on Duty that I had been elected spokesman for all the lads who were in the same boat as myself. I decided that the only way we were to escape 252 Action was for me to put on a Stage Performance hoping that the Flt. Sgt.would lose his composure and laugh. This in fact happened and as a result at least 60 of us were let off further inconvenience and no disciplinary action was taken against us.
As National Service was still part of our lives in those days, often times people who became well known in the sporting world were recruits also. Two such lads did their recruit training at the same time as I did mine. The athlete Nigel Plumpton was with us, as also was Tony Barton who played football for Fulham Football Club who after retirement became the Manager of the club but sadly died rather young.
Among other amusing lads was a young fellow from Huddersfield who counted himself to be a bit of a Magician. He used to eat fire and would do such things as sticking a needle completely through his wrists. On one occasion a lad broke a beer glass on the NAAFI floor and was in the process of getting a dustpan and brush when this lad whom we all called Einstein said in his Yorkshire dialect "Don't bother lad I will clear that up for you" and proceeded to pick the glass up from the floor scrunched it up in his mouth and swallowed it. We asked him why he was behaving in such a manner to which he replied "I am doing this for your enjoyment". During this time we all had our X-rays and I remember that Einstein was called out of a Lecture we were being given and never seen again. Perhaps he was seen to have bright lights on the X-ray plates. It may be that other lads who were doing their Training at the same time will remember the incident.

George Gunn Posted: Aug 2009 ggunn*** From: Cornwall
Thanks for this site and bringing back all the memories. The training we received gave us wonderful grounding for our lives ahead. Hope in time to link with old mates I met Nov 53- Jan 54 hut 219 under Cpl Vernon. Thanks again.

Stephen (Paddy) Roe Posted: July 2009 redshamus*** From: Manchester
Thank you for bring tears to my eyes as they great and awful days, thank you for your efforts in keeping the site alive.

Haydn Smith Posted: July 2009 sparks65*** From: Gloucester
Great to see the Bridgnorth site established once again. Hope all ex vets from Bridgnorth support the site.

No messages whilst the web site was closed Aug 2008 to July 2009.

Stephen (Paddy) Roe Posted: Aug 2008 redshamus*** From: Manchester
Dear Sir, thank you for all your time in putting the RAF Bridgnorth site together, your efforts will not be lost on all the bods who have paid your site a visit. Thank you.

Len Bristow Posted: July 2008 offbeatlen*** From: Toronto, Canada
Neat site, but I hated every bloody minute of my time in RAF, sorry.

Winston Wright Posted: July 2008 winstonwright*** From: London
Does any one remember my dad Gordon Stirling - nickname Bunny?

Roy Johnson Posted: June 2008 geerjay*** From: Yeovil, Somerset
Happy memories of 'Bullshit Bridgnorth' The stories of the 'Wolverhampton Wanderers' No, not the soccer team! Happy nights spent in High and Low Town pubs.
It was great to discover the site.
I have pictures of groups taken by the official station photographer that you can have including the bound copy of the Station.

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Jim Gallagher Posted: June 2008 gallagher328*** From: Aberdeen
Great site, great memories, will try and send some photos. Thanks.

Frank Brooks Posted: May 2008 brooksstag*** From: England
I did my square bashing at Bridgnorth Feb/March 1956, Hut No.160 30 Flt. C.Sqn. Was then posted to RAF Schleswig in Germany as a Target Towing Operator flying in Mosquitos.

Cliff Thomas Posted: Dec 2007 cthomas842*** From: Oxford
Thanks for a wonderful route to refresh old friendships and memories. The site & all your time Gwynne is much appreciated. Many, many thanks. Cliff Thomas 5055736 1958-1960.

3523432 Mason J.E Posted: Dec 2007 jemason*** From: Walsall
Served at Bridgnorth Sept to Nov 1956, being a relatively local lad I had spent a lot of time in the area (as I have since) but I'm beggared if I can locate (after 50yrs) the site where we lived under ground sheet "tents", I remember we marched there from camp to an estate with a large house and lake. Can anyone come up with the info to help an ex Bridgnorth sprog.

Stan Walker Posted: Oct 2007 jjoystan*** From: Haddington
Found out about site in RAF News. Was at Bridgnorth in 1959, hut 219. Remember Stue Walker, Maurice Weeks, Alan Woodroffe, Geo West, K Shepherd.

Robert William Sinclair Posted: Sept 2007 arkie1*** From: Australia
Found your site by accident, best thing I could have done, brought back memories that were buried for so long, was at Bridgnorth in June-July 1955, was a nervous wreck most of the time, wanting to do my best for the Cpl who was over 6 ft and from Glasgow, was not until my last few days I found out he was a friend to those who needed one, was given a posting to Aden, didn't have a clue where it was until he showed me on a map in his room, have found a photo I will send of my Flight, maybe so members will remember. Thanks for the memories and a great site. 3520973 Robin.

Gordon John
(Pop) Green
Posted: Aug 2007 popgreen36*** From: Telford
What a wonderful web site, brings back many memories of square bashing. Served Bridgnorth Dec 1954 - Feb 1955, DI Cpl Thurston. Looking forward to the reunion on Aug 18/19.

Jim Dudgeon Posted: Aug 2007 j_sdudgeon*** From: Ayr, Scotland
I was at Bridgnorth for basic training in 1960. Signed on for 5 years on 13th April 1960. Cannot remember too many names but Cpl Gorman is one of them, he played the guitar at our leaving party. Anyone remember me? or better still has anyone got a photo. I have seen loads on the site but none with Cpl Gorman so know they are not my group. I was the Scot you could all understand when I spoke. I have posted my details on the site and hope to hear from someone.

Brian Dixon Posted: July 2007 bdixon*** From: Wishaw, Scotland
Tremendous web site. Thanks so much for bringing back old memories (some good; some bad) I was at Bridgnorth March, April, May 1962.

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Brian James Posted: July 2007 brian*** From: Bridgnorth, Shropshire
I was at Bridgnorth in 1959 in 34 Flt, Hut 319. My DI was Cpl Hoath. I would love to know what has happened to all the lads in my hut as I have not traced any yet. Maybe one day, who knows.

George (Taff) Parsons Posted: July 2007 georgeparsons6*** From: Swansea. Wales
Looking for group photo 31 Flt, D Sqd, Sept - Nov 1955.

Gerald White Posted: July 2007 pandgwhite*** From: Lincoln, England
"Stand by your beds, NCO present" and we did, as the Corporals Alsatian dog ran into the billet, its wet muddy paws, making a mess of our shiny highly polished billet floor. The wind blew and as it did the brown linoleum lifted and billowed like a brown swell on a heavy sea. As the Corporal left the room, the Senior man AC Schofield, said "What a b'stard, the dogs scratched the lino and so it was given a large dollop of polish and bulled to a new higher than before shine. Just one incident from my time at Bridgnorth.

Geoffrey Powell
formerly Pallett
Posted: July 2007 geoffrey.m3uxb*** From: Staffordshire
On arrival at Bridgnorth I can't truly remember my initial feelings. Suffice to say I was impressed with the gate guardians and never forgot them. There was no shouting until later but what I do remember is 14 days of terrible stiff and painful legs. I never felt such pain but soon forgot as friendships were infectious and soon realised we were all in the same boat. Oct 1960 Hut 206, 18 Flt, B Sqd, DI Cpl Henderson and Cpl Payton. I felt so proud when I got rid of the blue disc behind my cap badge...

C.H. Roberts Posted: Thurs 22 Feb 2007 colrob.cel*** From: Leeds
At Bridgnorth from Sept 1955 to Nov 1955.

Paul Passant Posted: Fri 22 Dec 2006 pasco999*** From: England
My dad Gerry served at RAF Bridgnorth in the MT Section I believe. My uncle Sam Nimmock was a Drill Corporal. If anybody remembers them please e-mail. Thanks.

Haydn Smith Posted: Wed 29 Nov 2006 haydn.smith*** From: Gloucestershire
Just came across website re No.7 School of Recruit Training and was gobsmacked. I did my recruit training there in November 1956 and went on to serve in the R.A.F. for nine great years. If any one reads this and was there at that time please contact me via email. Does anyone remember a Sgt. DI [Irish] who was there then a voice like thunder, who scared the life out of us young recruit's. My drill Cpl was blonde hair and as sharp as a knife, who often said we would get backflighted, we never did but the threat worked. Oh if those days were back again. Best wishes to all former Bridgnorth recruits.

Geoff Dennish Posted: Sat 11 Nov 2006 geoffdennish*** From: Suffolk
Trainee at Bridgnorth May 1960 . Have just come across the site for the first time and after four hours reminiscing as I browsed, must say that it's a great project, very well done.

John Casey (Paddy) Posted: Fri 3 Nov 2006 caseyjohn*** From: Ireland
March 1952 . Don't remember much about it. Used to go to the T.V. room a bit, also to Wolverhampton to meet the girls. Went to Singapore from Bridgnorth and was not on the passing out parade. Pictures very good.

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Dave Lascelles Posted: Wed 13 Sept 2006 david.lascelles*** From: Lincolnshire
I never get fed up of visiting this website and re-living those far-off times. What super memories! Well done, Gwynne, first class site - keep it going.

Sean (Paddy) Pollock Posted: Wed 12 July 2006 shq74*** From: Canada
Excellent site and really well organized. One of the best on the Internet for clarity.

Alan Catterall Posted: Tues 11 July 2006 cumbriaexile*** From: Flintshire
Visited the site of the old camp last Wed. 5 July 2006 - difficult to find - couldn't remember layout but it seems to be farther away from the town. Did we walk that far?! Stayed at Unicorn at Hampton Loade, South of Bridgnorth town. Recommended - now find it!

Joe Seddon Posted: Sun 9 July 2006 joeseddon*** From: Oamaru New Zealand
Just surfing one night and found this site, blow me down, there was a photo taken 23 Dec 1948 (approx) of Wing number 3, Flt 22 with all my mates. You could have knocked me down with a feather. Last thing I expected. I have the reverse side with signatures on it, which I will endeavour to send to curator.
Lovely town Bridgnorth, lovely friendly people. To a Scot in a foreign country, it was quite an experience. Great days of yore.
All the best to anyone who remembers me. Cheers.

John Morris Posted: Sat 8 July 2006 jmbr19882*** From: Bristol UK.
A real eye opener which has allowed me to put the clock back 54 years. I have added it to my favourites.
Many thanks for the pleasure that you have given me through all your hard work.
Kind regards, John Morris 4107263

John Penman Posted: Mon 3 July 2006 jpenman*** From: Richmond Hill, Georgia, U.S.
What a great site this is. I have already met a friend from those days just by the proximity of his service number to mine (4266480 - Sept - Oct - 1961). Went on to RAF Melsham for Electrical Fitter-Air training. Would love to hear from anyone else but can't remember any complete names. Now living in Georgia after being transferred around the U.S. by my company. Still active and working and get to the U.K. occasionally.

Stephen Brotheridge Posted: Sun 2 July 2006 sbrotheridge*** From: Kidderminster, Worcs.
A great site. I came across a photo of my father Cpl Brotheridge in 1960 Does anyone remember him ? Would love to hear from you.

Arthur Krick Posted: Sat 1 July 2006 arthur.krick*** From: Arundel, UK.
National Service. Came to Bridgnorth after Cardington in December 1959. I remember watching the front of my Great Coat turn white with frost one night on duty at the Main Gate. Hated the place. But with hindsight, it was an interesting experience !

Brian Berkeley-White Posted: Sat 24 June 2006 brianberkeley*** From: Kidderminster, Worcs.
I drove through Bridgnorth earlier today (24 June 2006) and wondered what might be left of the old RAF site. Couldn't even remember where it was in relation to the town(!) Fond memories of D.I. Cpl Sam Allman, awful memories of D.I. Cpl Ken Metcalf. Joined 31 January 1961 and remained in the Service until April 1983. Seems a million years ago now.

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Gordon Wilson Posted: Wed 21 June 2006 jacobite_1745*** From: Australia.
My father was at Bridgnorth during his National Service in either 1960 or 1961, might have been earlier. I am trying to find some photos but as yet have been unsuccessful. His name is Bill Wilson from Musselburgh Scotland and was a ground electrician.
This is a great site and very interesting, keep up the good work.
Gordon Wilson. ex 43sqn, 31sqn, NMSU.

Hubert Spencer Posted: Sun 4 June 2006 hughspen*** From: Eastbourne.
1943 - from St Johns Wood, London for ITW training.

Ted Yeomans Posted: Sun 4 June 2006 yeomansni*** From: Shropshire.
Excellent site.

Philip Hodkinson Posted: Tues 30 May 2006 Y507ODY*** From: Eastbourne.
RAF Entry late February 1961.

Harold Willans Posted: Sun 30 April 2006 fliparoo*** From: Australia.
A terrific site. Thank you for all your work in setting it up. You have stirred up the grey matter in a few heads I reckon.

Brian Foord Posted: Fri 21 April 2006 snowyfoord*** From: Southampton.
Brilliant site, well laid out and very user friendly. Having done my "square bashing" at RAF Bridgnorth, reading some of the memories I could almost hear the crunch of the boots "digging" in and the voice of an irate Corporal ringing in my ear.
Excellent work, I shall spend many hours browsing the site.

George Shaw Posted: Thurs 13 April 2006*** From: Australia.
This brings back great memories, square bashing & PT in the freezing cold winter of 1948/1949. Cold showers !! & polishing boots for the passing out parade, ex Irish Guards DI's shouting at a recruit with 2 left feet, whitewashing anything that didn't move.

Dave Yates Posted: Thurs 6 April 2006 david.yates5*** From: Essex.
Thanks for a great site and all the hard work you have put into it. I was on D Sqd. for 8 weeks early in 1957.
I completed 22 years, retired in 1979 as a Flt/Sgt. The best years of my life.

Joe Cade Posted: Fri 31 March 2006 henry*** From: Peacehaven.E.Sussex.
Wonderful site. Keep up the good work. I would love it if one of my old mates from 1947-1948 found me.

Len Bell Posted: Sun 26 March 2006 len.bell*** From: Lincoln.
Delighted to trawl the site very good for the memories ex 13 Flt, B Sqn, Nov 1961.

Vernon MacDonald Posted: Tues 21 March 2006 E-mail: joller*** From: Australia.
It was late 1959, very cold and wet when I arrived at Bridgnorth to do my square bashing. As so many others we were allocated to our respective huts and given orders what and when to do things. We soon learnt and obeyed, as was the best policy then haha!! The 8 weeks training was intense but we all seemed to get through OK. At last came the big day "Passing Out Parade" and we were so proud after winning the cup for that intake. Thanks to our very strict and hard Cpl Nimmock. Very memorable days and never to be forgotten.

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Trevor [Taff] Smith Posted: Thurs 16 March 2006 E-mail: taffsmith7*** From: Poole, Dorset.
Arrived for square bashing in April 1954. B Flt. Due to the Easter holiday we were given a 48 Pass. However, it meant we did a week extra training. I think I was in hut 7, B Flt. Not sure.

Phil Rowlands. Posted: Sun 26 Feb 2006. E-mail: Philiprowlands*** From: Newbury, Berks.
All the comments about arrival at Bridgnorth station and friendly greetings from attendant D.I.'s brought it all back. I arrived on a December evening in 1949, from Padgate and couldn't believe what was happening to us! We were certainly fit when we left after eight weeks, but going on leave for Christmas, after only a few days of the regime, I must have looked a bit vulnerable, because on the bus in Birmingham a teenage girl got up and offered me her seat! Did I really look as if I needed it?

Gordon Riley. Posted: Thurs 23 Feb 2006. E-mail: gordon*** From: Cambridge, England.
I am currently updating my book "Spitfire Survivors" and would be very interested in receiving photos of any of the Spitfires which were displayed at Bridgnorth, Hednesford, Padgate, West Kirby or Wilmslow during the period 1948 - 1963. If you can help please drop me an email. Many thanks.

Phil (Taff) Rees. Posted: Fri 17 Feb 2006. E-mail: philip.rees1*** From: Newport, S Wales.
Spent 1954-1955 as one of those nice "Snow Drops" in the Guardroom before being sent to sunny Cyprus. Have very fond memories of the area as I have been married to one of those lovely local girls (Highley) for 50 years in June this year. Also both my sons were born in the Cottage Hospital. I still visit the area often and every time I visit the memories come flooding back. A great site, keep it up.

Desmond Deans. Posted: Sun 29 Jan 2006. E-mail: desmond.songer*** From: Portishead, N Somerset.
Did my square bashing at Bridgnorth Sept-Nov 1955. Went there as a boy left there as a man. Our D.I. was Cpl Evans who looked after us like a father. Great teamwork and comradeship. Wonderful memories of my time there. 4173495.

Fergus Kemp. Posted: Sat 28 Jan 2006. E-mail: fwandjmj*** From:
I congratulate you on a very interesting site, brings back memories. I was there for the usual basic training/square bashing from end of September 1952 until, I think it was early November 1952. I think I was in Flight 14 but I'm not sure, also can not remember which hut number I was in, although I do have a hut photo which I have sent in to be added to your collection. I also remember we had blue discs behind our hat badges. If anyone recognise me from the photo when it is published would be pleased to have a natter about old times. I just did three years and apart for Bridgnorth and trade training at RAF Kirkham (aero engines (air-cooled) I did all my time at RAF Abingdon I am now retired and still living in the town of Abingdon

Ron Reid. Posted: Thurs 26 Jan 2006. E-mail: steelieron*** From: Dundee, Scotland.
Can't remember when in 1953 but I enjoyed my square bashing served me well in later years

Patrick J Edwards [Eddie] Posted: Sat 21 Jan 2006. E-mail: p.edwards103*** From: Colchester, Essex.
3525530 AC basic training Nov 1957 to Jan 1958, D Flight. I remember it well very cold but there were the good times. Anyone remember the Flight Commander F/O. Subba Rowe ?

Fergus Kemp. Posted: Fri 20 Jan 2006. E-mail: fwandjmj***, From: Abingdon, Oxon.
Did my square bashing there part of Sept-Oct-Nov 1952. Can't remember hut number. I think we had a blue disc behind our beret badge. Later went to Kirkham for trade training then RAF Abingdon. Did 3 years. Nice to read some of the comments - brings back memories

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Mike F E Durrant. Posted: Mon 16 Jan 2006. E-mail: mfedurrant*** From: England.
Did "square bashing" Nov 1956 to Jan 1957 - 'A' Squadron, 4 Flt, red cap badge disk - resident of hut 23. D.I. was Cpl Kleiser. Met a girl in Wolverhampton and we are still together, wed 47 years this year (2006)

Alexander McGregor. Posted: Thurs 29 Dec 2005. E-mail: alex.mac486*** From: Lancing, West Sussex.
Great site.

John Russell. Posted: Sun 25 Dec 2005. E-mail: jim*** From: Edinburgh, Scotland.
Absolutely amazing came across a photograph with a reference to myself. 2462061.

Mal Shaw. Posted: Wed 30 Nov 2005. E-mail: malsueshaw*** From: Paphos, Cyprus.
Did my "square bashing" Dec 1956 to March 1957, can't remember hut No. but had green disc behind RAF berry badge. Completed 22 yrs "Sooty" Retired to Cyprus Sept 2003.

Brynley Treherne. Posted: Sun 6 Nov 2005. E-mail: train*** From: Collie, Western Australia.
Many thanks for this tremendous site. I was at Bridgnorth in June-July 1953. Yes it made you grow up quickly. But great times. Left to train at Stradishall in Cambridge, then on to RAF Habbaniya in Iraq. Finished up in Bally Kelly Northern Ireland. Service number 4130182. Seems from your guest book that no one from my stint has found your site yet.

David Hills. Posted: Mon 31 Oct 2005. E-mail: Hillsdavid6*** From: Bognor Regis, W Sussex.
A good site, nice to go back in time, we had some good times there. A definite learning curve. Thanks for making the effort to put it all together.

Gordon Flinders. Posted: Sun 30 Oct 2005. E-mail: gflinders2002*** From: Bolton, Lancs.
After square bashing at West Kirby and trade training at Innsworth came to Bridgnorth as permanent staff Headquarters kitchens 1950-1952. What a great site this is full of memories, keep up the good work.

Frank Woolhouse. Posted: Sun 23 Oct 2005. E-mail: vivandfrank*** From: Basingstoke, Hampshire.
I was at Bridgnorth from May 1953 for 8 weeks basic training, hard graft but well worthwhile, made a man of you. I would like to locate anyone who was involved in route lining for the Queen in Caernarfon on the 9th July 1953. A very good site, keep it up, it has brought back very happy memories. P.S. my Service No. was 4128214

Owen G Davies. Posted: Tues 20 Sept 2005. E-mail: taffdaviesog*** From: Leyland, Lancs.
Great site, did my stint at Bridgnorth May 1953 onwards. Can't recall the hut. From the Dumfries and the RAF Regiment. They made a man out of you in a very short time.

Barry Jones. Posted: Wed 14 Sept 2005. E-mail: barrysue*** From: Flintshire, N Wales,
Did basic training at Bridgnorth Nov-Dec 1955. Think Cpl's Earle and Welsh were the D.I.'s, best day's work I ever did was doing that.

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Jon Peter Morgan. Posted: Fri 9 Sept 2005. E-mail: jonmorgan*** From: Lyneham, Wilts,
Great site. My dad did his NS there and I always remember the stories as a youngster, I have passed on site details to him. Must have had an effect as I am still serving in the RAF after 21 years as a Sgt Mover at Sunny Lyneham!!!

Alan Corcoran. Posted: Wed 31 Aug 2005. E-mail: alan_corcoran*** From: Cheshire.
Just like to establish myself on the site.

Ron Jones. Posted: Fri 26 Aug 2005. E-mail: ronjones*** From: Rugby, Warwickshire.
A very nice site and very helpful. Nostalgia is good for us wrinklies, and I often tell fond stories of my times at Bridgnorth and the RAF in general. If anyone wants to chat, please do.

Lee Prescott. Posted: Thurs 25 Aug 2005. E-mail: warhorse*** From: Dover, Kent.
Basic training February-March 1961 D.I. Cpl. Hoath and Cpl Fletcher. I remember airman named Sedgbeer from the West Country, guy named Pucky. Memory is fading now but would like to hear of any from that Flt.

Mike White. Posted: Thurs 28 July 2005. E-mail: mikejan.white*** From: Trowbridge, U.K.
I had a great time in 23 Flight hut 222 July-August-September 1958. It certainly made us grow up quickly. My number was 4242362 and another White had 4242361. Does anyone know where he is now? I think he came from the Cardiff area.

Ian Stewart Myles. Posted: Wed 15 June 2005. E-mail: ian.myles*** From: Middlesbrough.
What a fantastic site. I did my square bashing from April to June 1962. I am sorry to say that I have forgotten the names of the guys in the Flight with one exception. So if you are out there Roy Brown of Norwich get in touch. Thanks for a well put together site. Long may it continue.

Richard Doyle. Posted: Fri 10 June 2005. E-mail: richard.doyle*** From: Waterloo, Liverpool.
Can you just visualise all those lads that served in Bridgnorth hitting on this site and the memories they will have. Thanks to Gwynne Chadwick. Good luck Gwynne great site.

Jack Barrie. Posted: Wed 11 May 2005. E-mail: Jackbarrie2*** From: County Durham. U.K.
Went to Bridgnorth on 5th November 1957 for my 8 weeks training. I was in 10 Flight (hut 37) with Sgt Allen and Cpl Cheetham in charge. The officer was called - I think - P/O McLeod, who seemed to be even younger than I was at the time ! I had a happy time and never felt fitter than I did when I was at Bridgnorth.

Tony Braid. Posted: Sat 19 March 2005. E-mail: tonybraid*** From: Birkenhead, Cheshire.
Bring back 1958 first two weeks ####**** hell but well enjoyed mates Ron Kelsey, John Chisholm, Pat Osgood, Dicky Ellison, Scouse Bartelli A.C.C all of RAF Wildenwrath Germany.

Alan Minors. Posted: Thurs 24 Feb 2005. E-mail: alan_minors*** From: Tongeren, Belgium.
Fond (and distant!) memories of Bridgnorth, I was there in the summer of 1960 and then went onto to Compton Basset. Brilliant site, keep up the good work!

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Morris Jacques. Posted: Tues 22 Feb 2005. E-mail: morrisjacques*** From: Leeds.
Posted to Bridgnorth in 1947-1949.

George Lewis. Posted: Thurs 10 Feb 2005. E-mail: Jammy414*** From: New Milton.
Great memories of the camp arrived March 30th 1954 a green Scotsman from Edinburgh but left a lot wiser in the way of the world. Was pleased that my father insisted I joined his brass band when younger and moaned about going to practice instead of playing in the streets with my mates as I put full use of during my service with the RAF.

David (Dicky) Valentine. Posted: Sat 22 Jan 2005. E-mail: david.valentine4*** From: Kettering, Northants.
May 1957. It was summer, it was hell and after 8 weeks we were proud. I was in hut 147 B Flt. D.I. was Davis O I/C was Baker. Remember one lad won premium bonds, turned into a snob and won his ticket out. I went on to do 12 years and demobbed in 1969 as Cpl. If anyone remembers me and wants to contact, feel free.

Barry E Gay. Posted: Fri 7 Jan 2005. E-mail:*** From:
From Dave Lascelles, I located his 1959 photo on this web page. We first met at RAF Gatow in the early 1960's and we just started communicating this past Christmas 2004 after Dave found me thru' another web site via Paddy Ward.

Paddy Pollock. Posted: Sat 4 Dec 2004. E-mail: shq74*** From: Toronto, Canada.
Interesting site and photographs. I would like to make contact with anyone from April-May 1956 who remembers me. Sgt O'Toole, Cpl Harvery and Cpl Boniface were our drill instructors.

Alan Hooper. Posted: Sat 4 Dec 2004. E-mail: alhooper*** From: Kelso, Scotland.
Did my Square Bashing at Bridgnorth Sep-Nov 1955. After the initial shock, made the most of it and I can say that it certainly did me no harm. Happy days. This is a fantastic site, well done and keep it going.

Derrick Etches. Posted: Fri 5 Nov 2004. E-mail: chesteed677*** From: Manchester.
Happy days, would do it all again, good to learn discipline, nice to look back, brings back happy memories. Pity I can't find lads I was in with, hut 77, March-April 1958.

Alf Murdoch. Posted: Thurs 4 Nov 2004. E-mail: alfredmurdoch*** From: Ryde, Isle of Wight.
I went to Padgate on the 4th September 1947 and then on to Bridgnorth. I enjoyed the training and was with a lot of nice blokes, but that was a cold winter and I remember sleeping in my shirt to keep warm, I lost our passing out photo while moving house and would like a copy if anyone remembers me I will pay any costs, all the best to all you old uns.

Brian Goode. Posted: Mon 25 Oct 2004. E-mail: brandyfocus*** From: Peterborough, Cambs.
I did my square bashing at Bridgnorth Aug-Sept 1952. 4105398. My claim to fame was to throw a bucket of hot water over a D.I. (an accident of course) minutes before we paraded. Not a happy bunny. A wonderful site.

Stephen Mawbey. Posted: Fri 15 Oct 2004. E-mail: stevemawbey*** From: South Derbyshire, U.K.
Did square bashing end 1952 begining 1953. Site brought back happy memories and the long walk from Bridgnorth when you've missed the last bus. Great site, keep it going.

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Ron Stempfer. Posted: Wed 6 Oct 2004. E-mail: stempfer*** From: Worcester Park, Surrey. KT4 8AH
Just looked in at your website to refresh memories, was at Bridgnorth Dec 1956 to Jan 1957.

John House. Posted: Wed 29 Sept 2004. E-mail: pamjohn2*** From: Poole, Dorset.
Didn't know there was this web site and I'm enjoying it a great deal.

Derrick Etches. Posted: Mon 27 Sept 2004. E-mail: chesteed677*** From: Stalybridge, Cheshire.
Being at Bridgnorth March-May 1958 in hut 77, D.I. Cpl Vance and Cpl Jones, have photo with all names on reverse side, would dearly love to make contact with any of lads to ask where you went to and how you went on. I was cook throughout my three years. My number was 4237677. Happy and memorable days.

Ian Gray. Posted: Sun 19 Sept 2004. E-mail: ellenian2*** From: Sydney, Australia.
4266183 Ian Gray looking for mates who did their square bashing at RAF Bridgnorth June-July 1961. Now an Australian citizen. Emigrated to Aus Dec 1966. Will be in the U.K. June 2005.

D J Ainsworth. Posted: Sat 11 Sept 2004. E-mail: douglas115_56*** From: Shropshire.
My dad was trained at RAF Bridgnorth, also he was born in Bridgnorth.

Michael Partington. Posted: Fri 27 Aug 2004. E-mail: mickfel*** From: Blumenau-SC, Brazil.
I was at Bridgnorth square bashing August-September 1958, then on to RAF Hereford, Innsworth, Aden and Bahrain then Aden again. The best two years of my life - wish I had stayed on.

John Holmes. Posted: Thurs 19 Aug 2004. E-mail: jondot*** From: East Yorkshire.
Square bashing Aug-Sept 1955, can not remember the hut no's! Have got two photo's of B Flight somewhere, will dig them out and put them on the site, I can remember coming out of Square bashing as fit as a fiddle!!!

Derek Best. Posted: Sat 31 July 2004. E-mail: member*** From: Aldershot, Hampshire.
A great site thanks. Brings back those good days of 1951. I can't remember much about hut or Flight No's but I can remember the good times at Bridgnorth. I can remember my service No. though 4069287. Sir.

Fred Mckeon. Posted: Fri 23 July 2004. E-mail: fredmckeon*** From: Uttoxeter.
Stationed at RAF Bridgnorth in 1960. Before moving on to trade training at RAF Weeton.

Barry Aldous. Posted: Sat 3 July 2004. E-mail: barry*** From: Bury, Lancashire.
I did my initial training with the station band in the winter of 1957-1958 and would love to get in contact with others who did the same.

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Jon Collinson. Posted: Mon 21 June 2004. E-mail: cairo*** From: Hull, U.K.
Hi, I'm trying to find a picture of my Father-in-Law Kenneth Preston, for my wife. He was at RAF Bridgnorth in 1956. I know he said he was in hut 16 for a time and he went onto RAF Marham. If any one can help, mail me with details.

Mel Price. Posted: Thurs 17 June 2004. E-mail: maprice7700*** From: West York's
Did my square bashing at Bridgnorth in Oct-Dec 1961 A Flight. Drill instructor was a Cpl Topping (a capital B) I became a RAF Policeman, I always wanted to run into him, sadly I never did!!!

Les Cooper. Posted: Tues 8 June 2004. E-mail: Leslie*** From: Cannock, Staffs.
Forces No. 4161291. Did basic training at Bridgnorth Dec 1954 to Jan 1955. Transferred to Shawbury and completed last 12 months of a 3 year term at Stafford. Currently Honorary Secretary of National Service (RAF) Association.

Rab Orr. Posted: Mon 7 June 2004. E-mail: rabborr*** From: South Queensferry, Scotland.
Happened on this marvellous site while researching for a dear, but computer illiterate, friend. Anyone remember Frank Hunt from Wales, tells me his nickname was Battler !! (if this is true it was obviously a mickey take as he's the biggest softy on the planet).

Eric Harding. Posted: Thurs 3 June 2004. E-mail: g6umh*** From: Widnes.
Was there Sept 1958 for 8 weeks. Think it was A flight hut 39? think that's me on photo back row second from left No. 4244392, red disk, can anyone verify this?

F Brady. Posted: Wed 21 April 2004. E-mail: fiminnie*** From: West Yorkshire.
I have a photo of training wing, hut 125, Flight 13, B Squadron, Bridgnorth.

Ronald Stempfer. Posted: Wed 14 April 2004. E-mail: stempfer*** From: Worcester Park, Surrey, KT4 8AH
Just found this website. Was at Bridgnorth between Dec 1956 to Feb 1957 C Squadron.

Eric Holding. Posted: Thurs 8 April 2004. E-mail: ericholding*** From: Marske by the Sea. Redcar and Cleveland.
Always enjoy looking back over this site in the hope that I'll discover some old mate's left a note or two or perhaps a photo. Whenever I find an old picture of those 'bull happy' days I'll send it in. Good site. Good luck. (4195643.(SAC. Retd.)

Paddy Lynch. Posted: Sun 14 March 2004. E-mail: pat_lynch*** From: Wellington, Shropshire.
Recruit training at Bridgnorth May-June 1959. D.I.'s were Sgt Dryden, Cpl King. C Flt.Trade training at Hereford then Innsworth, Kirton-in-Lindsey, Akrotiri, Halton hospital, Lyneham (99 Sqd air steward) and finished at Bicester. When stationed in Cyprus I was detached to Kuanton, Malaya but RAF denies that I was there so no GSM for me. If anyone was there and remembers me please get in touch. Also when in Cyprus was in a band called MI5 doing covers of Beatles and Stones. We played at Berengaria families club and the basement of John's calypso bar on the Limmasol by-pass. Happy days.

Stuart Burnett. Posted: Fri 12 March 2004. E-mail: stuart*** From: Bradford, West Yorkshire.
At Bridgnorth Nov 1962 to Feb 1963, on the last Flight. Worst winter in years. D.I. Cpl Crew, fond memories of my time there. Service No. C4275573.

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Alec Smith. Posted: Thurs 11 March 2004. E-mail: mahaut2*** From: Bournemouth.
Thanks for the memories. Always remember my father saying after I had finished the square bashing that it had done for me in six weeks more than he had achieved in 18 years!

Frank Swift. Posted: Mon 8 March 2004. E-mail: frankswift*** From: Liverpool.
I was there in 1961 and it made a man out of me. I was a regular and the best years of my life was when l was in the RAF.

Roy Morgan. Posted: Mon 8 March 2004. E-mail: rm006g9873*** From: Hempstead, Kent.
Square-bashing in October 1954. Snotty nose and streaming eyes from tear gas. Crawling through mud for GCT. Learning how good it felt to march and drill well. Sprinting in Wolverhampton (I think) to catch the train for our first leave. Getting a 'Dear John' from the girlfriend at home. Then meeting a girl named Hazel in Bridgnorth. Days gone by. Good memories.

Kevin Kevat. Posted: Fri 5 March 2004. E-mail: kevin*** From: Denbigh, N Wales.
Thank you Gwynne for creating this very worthwhile site. Did training at Bridgnorth October 1958 Service No. 4245941.The D.I. was Cpl Gell.

Jack Storey. Posted: Thurs 12 Feb 2004. E-mail: jackstorey*** From: Belfast, N Ireland.
What memories, this Station brought me from boyhood into manhood. If you got on with others, no problem - if you didn't fit in you were out. What about the birds in downtown Bridgnorth on a Sunday!

Robert Aird. Posted: Sun 8 Feb 2004. E-mail: emeguy*** From: Brampton, Ontario, Canada.
Trained in July 1957. Went on to Kirkham for Airframe course. Our D.I. was Cpl Draper. Now retired with lots of time to remember the good old days. Nice site.

Red Arnold. Posted: Thurs 5 Feb 2004. E-mail: redarnold*** From: Red Deer, Alberta. Canada.
We are all getting on in years, I will not say old. Finding this site makes a person feel young again. Service number was 4275588

Colin Munton. Posted: Sun 25 Jan 2004. E-mail: colin*** From: South Leicestershire.
I did my sqarebashing at Bridgnorth in Feb-March 1957 it was a blooming cold place. I don't remember my hut or flight but my number is 4192327 then went to Kirkham to become an Armourer.

Colin P Vance. Posted: Tues 13 Jan 2004. E-mail: G7hpi*** From: Swindon, Wiltshire.
I was in 22 Flight, 1958 and the hut number was 219, Cpl Eden was in charge and another was Cpl Floyd, if you were there in 22 Flight I would like to hear from you.

Gerry Jones. Posted: Mon 5 Jan 2004. E-mail: Gerrypack*** From: South Wales.
Nov 1951 was the start of a new life. I still don't know what hit me when I arrived on the square at Bridgnorth that first night.

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Len Smith. Posted: Mon 29 Dec 2003. Web site: From: Stockton-on-Tees.
Very nice, well put together site that I am sure will grow from strength to strength. I enjoyed my tour. Thanks Len.

Brian (aka.'Nick') Thomas. Posted: Sun 28 Dec 2003. E-mail: btml*** From: Devon.
Good idea this site. I can only hope to find somebody from the time I was there. Seems an eternity. Can't believe I'm so old!!!!

Christopher Wood. Posted: Sat 13 Dec 2003. E-mail: ccwood*** From: Camberley, Surrey.
After Duncan Sandys, Conservative Defence Minister decided in 1957 that, due to the introduction of missiles, manned flight was a thing of the past, many Fighter Squadrons were disbanded and I and many others found themselves posted to Bridgnorth as Flight Commanders overseeing the training of NS recruits. I was there 1957-1960. In spite of the job I loved Bridgnorth and the surrounding countryside and the pubs.

David T Jones. Posted: Wed 3 Dec 2003. E-mail: davidmaureen*** From: Vernon, B.C. Canada.
I was one of many who sobbed themselves to sleep the first few days at RAF Bridgnorth - I was there from January 20th to April 7th 1953 - but I have no idea what flight I was in or the names of any of my fellow inmates - but maybe if I post my number, others might help me - it was 4120227. I passed thru Bridgnorth a second time on September 14th, 1961, to be kitted out when I re-enlisted.

John H White. Posted: Sat 29 Nov 2003. E-mail: jhw-white*** From: Surrey.
National Service 1959-1961. Square bashing 1959-1960. Played in the station band so I did 6 or was it 8 pass out parades (can't remember exact number!) whilst there. Still can't forget my service number but not for the want of trying! Oh what memories!

Gordon Wright. Posted: Wed 22 Oct 2003. E-mail: sandfly34*** From: Ashford, Kent.
Very pleased to find this site, although it is a lot of years since I did my square bashing at Bridgnorth looking at the shine on the floor of the huts brought back a lot of memories.

Colin Knowles. Posted: Tues 21 Oct 2003. E-mail: colcruisespec*** From: Cheshire.
Amazing site - brings back many memories. Did basic training there Sep-Nov 1959. D.I.'s were Cpl Beard (a softie trying to be hard) and Cpl King (very hard but fair). Can't remember our hut number but I think we were 27 Flight, C Squadron! (although 27 might have been the hut number - long term memory defect on this one)

Byron Gollings. Posted: Mon 20 Oct 2003. E-mail: Byrongollings*** From: Telford, Shropshire.
I spent my square bashing time at Bridgnorth during Sept-Oct 1950. I can't say it was one of the best times of my life but I got through it and it did me no harm. I remember that on the mid term 36 hr pass I was picked for guard duty on the Sat night so unable to make full use of it. But only living on the outskirts of Wolverhampton after guard I got home for the day. I remember a lot of the films shown at the Astra were 'Boy's Town' films during my time there. A friend of mine from work Mick Bickerton was in the same flight, and we were in the ATC together and also signed on together.

Clive Marginson. Posted: Wed 15 Oct 2003. E-mail: Marginsonc*** From:
On Permanent Staff from 1955-1957. Initially as Clerk in SHQ then Squadron Clerk for C Squadron. Happy Days.

George Spooner. Posted: Tues 7 Oct 2003. E-mail: gspooner*** From: Busselton, Western Australia.
I did my basic training at dear old RAF Bridgnorth between March and June 1953 so I was most interested in the site. Unfortunately, I don't recall details of hut or Flight number, D.I. names, etc. Hopefully, future visits to the site may reveal new content that will jog my memory.

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Bob Hamilton. Posted: Sun 5 Oct 2003. E-mail: rh010b7280*** From: Dundee.
I did my square bashing in 1954. D.I. was Cpl Little, can't remember my hut number but I was in B Flight. July 1954, HATED IT THEN but have fond memories.

Albert Forsyth. Posted: Wed 17 Sept 2003. E-mail: Alan***forsyth68.fsnet From: Burntwood, Staffs.
I have been looking for ages for any reference to RAF Bridgnorth as I knew it in 1953 and I am gob smacked that it should exist and be expertly put together. Thank you for stirring up good old memories. The photos are brilliant.

James Bache. Posted: Tues 19 Aug 2003. E-mail: jim463*** From: Hull, Yorkshire.
In all the years since leaving the RAF I have only been in touch with 3 ex members! Where have they all gone!!

Roy Tyler. Posted: Sun 17 Aug 2003. E-mail: tyler347*** From: Australia.
Fond memories.

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