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Miscellaneous information relating to RAF Bridgnorth.

On 6 November 1939, RAF Bridgnorth began its life. Although located at Stanmore, near to Bridgnorth, it couldn't be named RAF Stanmore. That Station already existed in Middlesex.

5 Wing was a tented camp outside the main Station. It closed down at the end of Sept 1941.

The first 'Married Quarters' house was occupied on Wed 13 April 1949.

The coloured cap badge indicated the Squadron.
Red = 'A' squadron,   Blue = 'B' squadron,   Green = 'C' squadron,   Yellow = 'D' squadron.

It's claimed that Bridgnorth had 1 cinema, 1 dance hall and 64 pubs.

Cyril Washbrook, Lancashire and England cricketer, was at RAF Bridgnorth, as was Ronnie Corbett and Cpl Bell (who became Steve Veidor - see 1958 Hut 22) Flying Officer Ramon Subba Row (former England & Northants opener) was Flight Commander in 1956 - 1958. Des O'Connor started his National Service at Bridgnorth in 1949. Teddy Baldock was the World Bantamweight Champion in 1927. Peter Broadbent, England and Wolves footballer, was at Bridgnorth (see '1951 - Football team') Alf Meakin, the Olympic sprinter, was there in 1959 (see '1959 - Hut 14 in March')
Steve Fleet, later the Man. City goalkeeper and Bobby Thomson of Wolverhampton Wanderers were there in 1956 / 1957.
Alex Murphy, Rugby League international is on the photograph '1960 - 23 Flt 'C' Sqd'
George 'Johnny' Johnson was at RAF Bridgnorth in 1956. Previously been a bomb aimer in the famous Dambuster raid in 1943.
Any other 'famous' people ?

At the Station in 1949, Group Captain G.J.L. Reid presented the Station Unit Badge to the Mayor of Bridgnorth for safe keeping in the Borough archives. The framed vellum parchment depicts the armorial bearings of Bridgnorth RAF station and the Badge shows a portcullis, suspended from chains and surmounted by a torch. The motto is "Haec Porta, Moenia Viri" This is the gate, the walls are men.

In June 1949, a searchlight tattoo was held at RAF Bridgnorth.

On Battle of Britain Day, 15 September 1949, the Mayor of Bridgnorth took the salute at a parade and march past by 2,500 men.

On Armistice Sunday 6 November 1949, a massed parade of 3,400 men supported the Mayor.

On 12 April 1950, the Freedom of the Right of Entry was conferred on RAF Bridgnorth.
In May 1950, a movie film of the event was presented to the Mayor. In December 2005 the Webmaster was unable to trace the film.
A 42 second version of the film, by Pathe News, is freely available on the Internet. Contact the Webmaster for the web address.

In addition to the above, on 7 June 1951, RAF Bridgnorth exercised it's full rights for the first time** to march through the town, via the North Gate, with bayonets fixed, drums beating and colours flying. A Lancaster flew overhead.
**That was only possible after the RAF Service had received the Kings Colours on 26 May 1951.

On Friday 8 February 1963, RAF Bridgnorth closed down.

28 May 1994 - Commemorative plaque unveiled on the former '3' Wing mess hall / cookhouse chimney. This is in the part of the former RAF Station that is now a Country Park.

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