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Some Marriage Banns and Marriages involving RAF Bridgnorth

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RAF Bridgnorth Marriage Banns from Aug 1940 to Dec 1941

  Marital status
  Date Banns called
  Edward HendersonBachelorRAF Bridgnorth4 Aug, 11 Aug and 18 Aug 1940
  Elsie SkittSpinsterSt. Leonard's Parish, Bridgnorth 

  William Dobson AllenBachelorRAF Bridgnorth4 Aug, 11 Aug & 18 Aug 1940
  Constance Irene SutherlandSpinsterCranwell, Lincolnshire 

  Robert CollingBachelorRAF Bridgnorth11 Aug, 18 Aug & 25 Aug 1940
  Winifred Lund?SpinsterSt. James. Darwen, Lancs 

  Leslie Frank DainsBachelorRAF Bridgnorth1 Sept, 8 Sept & 15 Sept 1940
  Ivy Joan CrossSpinsterSt. Mary's Parish, Bridgnorth 

  Wilfred Benjamin UnittBachelorRAF Bridgnorth29 Sept, 6 Oct & 13 Oct 1940.
  Kathleen Margaret WilliamsSpinsterChristchurch. Llanycil, Bala 

  Roy FlocktonBachelorRAF Bridgnorth29 Sept, 6 Oct & 13 Oct 1940
  Dorothy Lilian AllenSpinsterSt. Margaret. Whalley Range, Manchester 

  John Cunningham GibbBachelorRAF Bridgnorth20 Oct, 27 Oct & 3 Nov 1940
  Marjorie Winifred QuantSpinsterSt. John the Baptist. Weston Super Mare 

  Ralph EggletonBachelorRAF Bridgnorth20 Oct, 27 Oct & 3 Nov 1940
  Marian BransonSpinsterSt. George's. Stockport 

  William Edward PeduzieBachelorRAF Bridgnorth27 Oct, 3 Nov & 10 Nov 1940
  Eva HordenSpinsterFinningley, Yorks 

  Benjamin AustenBachelorRAF Bridgnorth27 Oct, 3 Nov & 10 Nov 1940
  Doris AnkersSpinsterSt. Leonard's. Bilston, Staffs 

  Sidney Arthur Ewart PemburyBachelorRAF Bridgnorth17 Nov, 24 Nov & 1 Dec 1940
  Adeline EdwardsSpinsterSalcombe, Deveon. 

  Thomas Ashcroft NelsonBachelorRAF Bridgnorth17 Nov, 24 Nov & 1 Dec 1940
  Kathleen IddonSpinsterSt. Mary's. Eccleston, Lancs 

  William Frederick PriorBachelorRAF Bridgnorth1 Dc, 8 Dec & 15 Dec 1940
  Dorothy Florence BlairSpinsterHoly Trinity. Wimbledon 

  John BellisBachelorRAF Bridgnorth8 Dec, 15 Dec & 22 Dec 1940
  Marjorie FinchSpinsterSt. Mary's. Bridgnorth 

  Harry Alfred BunchBachelor.RAF Bridgnorth8 Dec, 15 Dec & 22 Dec 1940
  Joyce Beryl Muriel SmithSpinsterSt. Leonard's. Bridgnorth 

  John Frederick ChalkleyWidowerRAF Bridgnorth26 Jan, 2 Feb & 9 Feb 1941
  Alma Grace BrownSpinsterCodsall, Staffs 

  Douglas George OverthrowBachelorRAF Bridgnorth26 Jan, 2 Feb & 9 Feb 1941
  Dorothy Ethel WalfordSpinsterSt. Leonard's. Bridgnorth 

  Andrew George JenningsBachelorRAF Bridgnorth23 Feb, 2 Mar & 9 Mar 1941
  Florence Gertrude LowSpinsterSt. Margaret's. Ward End, Birmingham 

  Thomas Islwyn? JonesBachelorRAF Bridgnorth2 Mar, 9 Mar & 16 Mar 1941
  Olive Isabel GoodrichSpinsterLittle Heath, Hertfordshire 

  Joseph DoudsBachelorRAF Bridgnorth13 Apr, 20 Apr & 27 Apr 1941
  Doris May SheppardSpinsterRAF Bridgnorth 

  Leslie Edgar LinnettBachelorRAF Bridgnorth10 Aug, 17 Aug & 24 Aug 1941
  Alice May EdwardsSpinsterChetton, Shropshire 

  Ronald Thomas JefcottBachelorRAF Bridgnorth2 Nov, 9 Nov & 16 Nov 1941
  Myra Celia PickeringSpinsterSt. Matthews. Hull 

  Frederick TurnerBachelorRAF Bridgnorth9 Nov, 16 Nov & 25 Nov 1941
  Lillian Mary NewtonSpinsterRAF Bridgnorth 

  Edward Herbert HemmingsBachelorChristchurch. Aigburth, Liverpool14 Dec, 21 Dec & 28 Dec 1941
  Michella Margaret McGarySpinsterRAF Bridgnorth 


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Some marriages involving personnel from RAF Bridgnorth.
This is not a comprehensive list.
These marriages are also listed on the 'RAF Personnel in the local newspaper' web page.
The date* shown is the publication date of the newspaper.

       Bride & Groom
10 June 1944Betty Morris MATTHEWS of Quatt to Flying Officer Thomas H RUDD
17 June 1944Miss Esme Myra CORNES of Bridgnorth to Plt Off John Willard SPAPLES
8 July 1944Miss Lucy Eleanor LEWIS to Sgt Alexander WOOD
7 Oct 1944Miss Marguerite THEAKER (daughter of W.O. S THEAKER) to Cpl John Robert RAINFORD
7 Apr 1945Miss Eileen HAND to LAC William HAWKINS
12 June 1948Miss Edna WARD of Bridgnorth to Cpl George PATERSON
24 July 1948Miss Gladys May HAINES of Bridgnorth to Gordon Gerald GOLDSMITH formerly of RAF Bridgnorth
9 Oct 1948Miss Susan Irene LEWIS of Quatt to Victor Alfred John CHURCH formerly of RAF Bridgnorth
7 Jan 1949Miss Aileen Mary JONES of Bridgnorth to Cpl Peter A HUTT of Brighton
21 July 1950Miss Dorothy Marjorie HOWES of Bridgnorth to Sgt Ambrose McLAREN of RAF Bridgnorth & Newcastle on Tyne
10 Aug 1951Miss Olive Joan PHILLIPS of Bridgnorth to Sgt Bernard William SOUTHEY of RAF Bridgnorth & Gillingham
14 Sept 1951Miss Beryl Mary COWDELL of Bridgnorth to Cpl Albert William BILLINGS of RAF Bridgnorth & Oakham
5 Oct 1951Miss Vera CHETTER of Bridgnorth to LAC Robert GLENDINNING of RAF Bridgnorth & London
26 Oct 1951Miss Betty GRIFFITHS of Bridgnorth to LAC Raymond BAXTER
7 Dec 1951Miss Rita GRIFFITHS to John White GIBSON of RAF Bridgnorth & Kilbernie, Scotland
8 Feb 1952Miss Joyce REYNOLDS of Bridgnorth to Cpl Albert HADLEY of RAF Bridgnorth & Leicestershire
4 July 1952Miss E.M GRIFFITHS of Bridgnorth to Cpl B.L JONES
18 July 1952Miss Priscilla HOWES of Bridgnorth to LAC Gerald Cyril PASSANT of RAF Market Drayton
6 Feb 1953Olive Jessie HOOPER of Bridgnorth to Cpl James Francis Campbell PING
23 Oct 1953Miss Margaret JARRET of Bridgnorth to Cpl Samuel Irvine MacDONALD of RAF Bridgnorth & Sterling
27 Nov 1953Miss Shelia Mary BODEN of Bridgnorth to Mr John ARBUCKLE, Cook of RAF Bridgnorth & Glasgow
16 Apr 1954Miss Sheila Gwendoline FRANCIS of Bridgnorth to Cpl Bertram John SILVESTER of Plymouth
23 Apr 1954Miss Lorna BROTHERTON of H.Q. RAF Bridgnorth to Sgt Kenneth JAMES of Chelmarsh
23 Apr 1954Plt Off Janette Revell WILSON WRAF of Bridgnorth & Southampton to Plt Off Andrew C CURRIE of RAF Bridgnorth & Renfrewshire
17 Sept 1954Miss Margaret RUTTER of Bridgnorth to James BURNETT of RAF Bridgnorth & Portsmouth
17 Sept 1954Miss Jessie Ellen RUTTER of Bridgnorth to Reginald HAYHURST of RAF Bridgnorth & Wigton
29 Apr 1955Miss Maureen HUMPHREYS of Bridgnorth to Ken WHITEMAN formerly a Policeman at RAF Bridgnorth
8 July 1955Miss Eva Iris MORRIS to Cpl Albert GODSMARK of RAF Cosford, formerly of RAF Bridgnorth
29 July 1955Miss Doreen A LOWE of Bridgnorth to D.I. Charles HOWARD of RAF Bridgnorth & Chard
16 Sept 1955Miss Mary Elizabeth ATTWOOD of Bridgnorth to Cpl Jamie Richard SMITH of RAF Bridgnorth and Stratford-on-Avon
14 Oct 1955Miss Mary Jean HOWELLS of Highley to Sgt Leonard James JACKSON P.T. Instructor of Bridgnorth & Watford
30 Mar 1956Miss Margaret Rawlings of Bridgnorth to Cpl Donald RENNIE of RAF Bridgnorth & Aberdeen
31 Aug 1956Miss Shirley Angela JONES of Bridgnorth to Brian GRUNDY of RAF Bridgnorth & Manchester
21 Sept 1956Miss Sylvia Gillian PETTENER of Eardington Nr Bridgnorth to Jack PAYNE of Wolverhampton, previously RAF Bridgnorth
8 Mar 1957Miss Kathleen MALLET, dau of W.O. MALLET of RAF Bridgnorth to Graham John PETTENER of Eardington
9 Aug 1957Miss Doris Cecelia BOLMEER, dau of Flt Sgt BOLMEER of The Hobbins, Bridgnorth to Cpl Christopher Howard SAWYER of RAF Bridgnorth & Swindon
9 Aug 1957Miss Sylvia Kathleen JAMES of Chelmarsh to Sgt John David Ian DAVIES of RAF Bridgnorth & Wrexham


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