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Alphabetical list of approx. 2,200 individuals who have left their contact details on this web site.
There isn't a known list of all 300,000 recruits* who attended RAF Bridgnorth.
(* an approximate calculated total based on known facts)
Also see the list of sequential  Service Numbers.
If you wish to be listed, please use the form   available here   to submit your details.

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Surname Given name Known as/nickname Service No. Rank / Trade Date served at Bridgnorth I would like to contact Additional information E-mail address.
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Abberley Denis Taff 4241197 AC2 June-July 1958 Cpl Bouker Also see the 'Memories' page mrabb001***
Abbott Frank   2768721 AC2 Sept-Oct 1955   N.S. after induction at Cardington.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Abbott Samuel Ortzen Sam 3523221 AC2 31 July 1956   Hut 222, 2 Flt, 'A' Sqd samortzenabbott11***
Abraham Bernard Aby 4110100 AC2 Sept-Nov 1952 Roy Hickman 3 Flt. Any group photos please. Enjoyed every minute, after initial shock!! - Made men of us - Happy days bernie4110100***
Ackrill Keith   2424878 AC2 1948 Mike Brailsford - Anybody   ackrill***
Ackroyd Alan Yorkie 4119551 AC2 Feb 1953   Also see the 'Memories' page alanackroyd***
Adam Alexander Sandy 4249309 AC2 Feb 1959   21 Flt 'C' Sqd. NCO's were Sgt Savage and Cpl Bryant. astuartalexander***
Adam David   3526860 AC2 1958     davidadam***
Adams Bill Paddy Y4202496 AC1 Feb-April 1961 Peter Bradley, Dave Knowles, Roy Deveroux, Harry Hemp. Our D.I. was Cpl Henderson, I really enjoyed my time there, loved Bridgnorth too.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Adams Edward Ted 4267272 AC2 Oct-Dec 1961 Anyone from 264 or 399 Signals Unit Also see the 'Memories' page t42adams***
Adams Geoffrey   2372772 AC2 Oct? 1947   N.S. "Square Bashing" prior to Trade Training
Also see the 'Memories' page
Adams Gordon Brummie 5016825 AC2 April 1956   MTD on Air Field Construction Depot lornahambleton***
Adams Lawrence   2352623 AC2 June 1947 Anyone from the same intake I know I was in an early intake and your website probably confirms this! gallowsdam***
Adams Norman   5059570 AC2 Apr 1958 Terry Webb Uxbridge from Bridgnorth.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Adams Peter   4074874 AC2 15 July 1951   Basic training pete_adams67***
Adams Roy William   2368533 AC2 Oct-Nov 1947 Anybody on this entry From Reading. ex. Boys Brigade (6 years service) inaadams***
Adams Terry Toddy K4275249 AC2 Oct-Dec 1962     d11toddy***
Adamson Stan Geordie 4250062 AC2 Feb-Mar 1959   Also see the 'Memories' page jamesadamson***
Addleman Syd   5050446 AC2 Sept 1957   Also see the 'Memories' page sydney.addleman***
Agate Peter   P4274756 AC2 22 Aug 1962   We had F/s Jackson and Cpl MacMurtrie
Also see the 'Memories' page
Agus Derek   4271114 AC1 1962 Alan McTigue.
Comment by Webmaster - Alan has posted his contact details.
I went to Singapore, he went to Cyprus 1963. Met up again Gan 1967 derekagus***
Ainsley Joseph Joe V4267484 AC2 Oct-Dec 1961   I'm on the 1961 - 6 Flt, 'A' Sqd photo.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Ainslie Eric   G4272839 AC2 May-July 1962     argosy444***
Aird Peter   4127354 AC2 Apr 1953     patricia.acey***
Aird Robert Johnnie H4200689 AC2 July-Aug 1957 Anyone, Any Info Our D.I. was Cpl Draper. Another D.I. was nicknamed Tommy Steele.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Alden Brian Bill 3154901 LAC 1958 Reg Elegy, Andrew Dunham, Dennis Smith   brianalden39***
Alderman Colin   5020851 AC2 1956     Calderman***
Alderwick Bernard Yorky 4116257 AC2 1952 Any Also see the 'Memories' page bernardalderwick***
Aldous Barry   5054071 AC2 1957-1958 Alan Etchells, Gerry Smith, Alan Haselup Member of the camp band under WO Stevens.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Aldred John   5078858 AC1 July-Sept 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page sycamore15119***
Alexander Michael Alex 5040522 AC2 Feb 1957   In Hut 128.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Algaze Anthony John Tony Q3526275 AC2 May-Aug 1958   Hut 212, C Sqd.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Allam Dave   3524626 AC2 Mar-Apr 1957 Hut 157. Dennis Cockrill, Mick Theobold, Pete Cross, Ray Brown, Pete Bradford & Alan Askew Next three yrs at RAF Faldingworth as snowdrop sales***
Allan John   5078192 AC1 July-Aug 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page john.allan4***
Alldridge     2377589 Aircraftman 1947-1948     falldridge***
Allen Jack   5070525 AC2 July-Sept 1959   'D' Sqd - D.I. was Cp Humphries jabriall***
Allen Lawrence Lawrie 3042608 Airman / initial training Wing Mar-Apr 1944 Ken Allen Lawrence's son uploaded the info' for him kennyallen887***
Allen Stanley Stan 4062138 AC2 Feb-Mar 1951   Also see the 'Memories' page englishgrannie***
Alllen Victor Vic 5070163 AC2 June 1959     vicnria.16***
Alley Ken   5080014 J/T 1960 Anyone who remembers me Also see the 'Memories' page kalley8778***
Allinson Brian   F4260122 AC2 Aug-Sept 1960 Anybody from Hut 22 or 3 Flt 'A' Sqd Went on to Yatesbury for NBS training.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Allison Alfred Joe 4147267 AC2 Jan-Feb 1954   Deceased.   Brother of John 4089278 Via the Webmaster
Allison John   4089278 AC2 15 Jan-11 March 1952 D.H. Swain or any other 4089 numbers Just a chat about when we were 18 yr olds jean.allison***
Allman Philip   3039044 AC2/C U/T PNB Oct-Nov 1945 J Bailey, D Bennett, G Hopkins, H Squire, C Thompson Later went to Brough
Also see the 'Memories' page
Allt Brian Bri 5050006 AC2 Oct-Nov 1959   Then RAF Police Dog Handler RAF Barnham.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Alston David Dave 2354793 AC2 June 1947-Sept 1947 Anyone there at that time - maybe Pete Clothier Any bandsmen - some of whom I met later in Singapore.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Ambrose Jeffrey Jeff 2418312 AC2 Jan-Mar 1949 Anyone Went on to Yatesbury to become Ground Wireless mechanic jeff.ambrose24***
Amos Geoffrey   4240861 AC2 June-July 1958 AC2 Brian Robinson   geoffamos19***
Anderson Cameron Cam 4245896 AC2 Sept-Oct 1957   Also see the 'Memories' page camanderson***
Anderson Dennis Wee Jock 2741397 AC2 Dec 1954-Feb 1955 Jim Begg and D.I. Cpl MacIntyre Hut 99? A Sqd, 4 Flt peatess51***
Anderson Derek Geordie 4145392 AC2 March 1954   Prior to trade training as RAF Police at Netheravon andersonderek0***
Anderson John Andy     1955     j_anderson2009***
Anderson Trevor Andy 3511800 AC2 1951 Any survivors Also see the 'Memories' page tmanderson***
Andrews Clive   J4275069 AC2 24 Sept-26 Nov 1962 Johnny Daveridge Also see the 'Memories' page clive-andrews***
Andrews Roderick Andy Y5067615 AC2 Mar 1959 Ted Tolley   rodberyl***
Andrews William Bill Q5030714 AC2 Sept 1956 23 Flt intake - Basic training (D.I. Cpl Widdowson) Anyone out there remembers that chilly hut, the bull also some funny times.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Ankers David Dave S4256839 AC2 Jan-March 1960 Martin Harris Also see the 'Memories' page dave_ankers***
Anning Terry     AC2 June 1962   Good memories terry***
Archer Arthur Oxford 2469245 AC2 April-June 1950   Think I was in hut 3/4 Flt 16. arthurarcher***
Archer Dan   4245204 AC2 8 Oct-5 Dec 1958 Any of the lads from Hut 319   blarcher69***
Archer Eric   5065349 AC2 Nov 1958   'A' Sqd eric_archer***
Archibald   Archie 5063966 AC2 Oct 1958-Jan 1959     aasc13970***
Argo Ian   M4260260 AC2 Aug-Sept 1960     ian.argo1***
Armitstead David   4188687 AC2 Nov 1956   Always remember our NCO was Cpl Coward davidarmitstead***
Armstrong Edgar Eddie 3003000 AC2 Jan-June 1945 Dennis Pritchard, Johnny Sedgely Also see the 'Memories' page mike.tyanparc***
Armstrong John Jankers 2449053 AC2 Dec 1949     johnina***
Armstrong John   5045468 SAC/Radar Op. May 1957-Jan 1958     john***
Armstrong Paul Paddy E4272935 AC2 Apr-May 1962 Anyone Reflighted in April after breaking foot at football.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Armstrong William Bill U4270111 AC2 Feb-Apr 1962   19 Flight B Sqdn Bill.Armstrong1***
Arnold Cliff   5059021 AC2 April 1958 Keith Mountain   salivan***
Arnold Red   4275588   1962 Anyone from the last Flight out   redarnold***
Arnott Brian   X4265198 AC2 20 June-1 Sept 1961 Any A Sqd, 7Flt Basic training.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Arnot George   5060894 SAC June 1958-June 1960 Terry Gorman, Dennis Machen Terry from Manchester, Dennis from Stoke. Worked in Central Drafting Office gm.arnot***
Asbridge David   E4261834 AC2 Oct-Dec 1960 Pete & Valerie Smith - El Adem, Tobruk, Changi etc Served with the RAF Police until 1985 retired as Flt Sgt dandeasbridge***
Ashby Edward Eddie 3512723 AC2 Mar-Apr 1952   Also see the 'Memories' page huaykapi_1***
Ashenhurst John Ian/Jock U4241590 AC2 July 1958 Anyone Info listed by daughter. Ex WRAF 1977-89
Also see the 'Memories' page
Ashford David   A4261570 AC2 1960 Anyone Remember Cpl Jones, Cpl Constance. Posted to RAF Kirton in Lindsey for training davwsue.ash***
Ashley Brian   4247595 AC1 Dec 1958-Feb 1959 Gus Edwards from Cardiff Hut 39, 35 Flt, 'D' Sqd. Group photos available. brashley***
Ashman Edmund Eddie 4270115 AC2 Feb-Apr 1962   Basic training. Was in 20 Flt eddie.ashman***
Ashton John   4157433? AC2 Nov-Dec 1954 B Sqd Blue 18 Flt Billet 118. Compton Bassett
& New Camp Gibraltar. Wireless.
Ashworth Fred   5081861 AC2 Oct-Dec 1960 Anyone from C Flt in Hut 23 What a shock at first but a great experience. kingsdale***
Ashworth Frederick Fred 5012241 AC2 Feb 1959-April 1959 Anyone in same flight   fmandbashworth***
Askew Alex       May-July 1959     alex.askew***
Askew John   4017512 AC2 Dec 1946
-Feb 1947
  Square Bashed. Went on to do 25 years. Best thing I ever did
Also see the 'Memories' page
Askew Ken   4173526 AC2 Sept 1955     kenn.askew***
Askew Ronald   2710465 AC2 Nov 1953   There just for square bashing ron***
Aslen Michael Niall Jock 4273787 AC2 26 June-1 Aug 1962 Bob McIntyre   niallaslen***
Aspey Robert Bob 5063293 SAC Telegraph Mechanic Sept-Nov 1958 Alan Smith, Wigan; Adrian Bader, Newport; Ray Nelson Also see the 'Memories' page bob.aspey***
Aspinall John Johnny 5078983 AC2 Aug 1960   Started in Hut 211, 'A' Sqd, transfered to 'B' Sqd.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Atherfold Eric   4190676 AC2 Dec 1956 Any one that knew me   ersylb***
Atherton Errol   4255742 AC2 Nov-Dec 1959   Played cornet with band errolatherton***
Atkinson David Yorkie 2773166 AC2 Oct 1955     datkinson18***
Atkinson Frank   4066092 AC2 Apr 1951   Also see the 'Memories' page atkinson-_bsll***
Atkinson Norman Geordie 2400915 AC2 1948 Mr Alan Bacon I'm in the '1948 - 18 Flt' photo
Also see the 'Memories' page
Atkinson Leslie Les 4175894 AC2 Nov 1955-Jan 1956 Anyone who remembers me   l77jla894***
Atkinson Robert Geordie D4263236 AC2 1961 Any Still owe a lad 10 from Aintree area
(can pay it back now)
Atkinson Robert Rob E4267276 AC2 3 Oct 1961   Also see the 'Memories' page boba.1944***
Attaway Peter   2782136 AC2 10 Jan-Mar 1956   B Sqd, 17 Flt, Hut 173 then Yatesbury,Watton, Henlow.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Atterbury John   5018000 AC2 1956     john.atterbury1***
Attfield Hubert Hughie 3155905 AC2 1960   Basic training also helping in camp Dentist while waiting for Police course mary.attfield***
Austin Keith Taffy or Aussie R4270047 AC2 5 Feb-Apr 1962 Anyone there at the same time Cpl Daglish, Sgt Pop Allan in charge hut 295.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Austin Norman   3155527 AC2 Jan-Feb 1960     norman.austin***
Austin Robert Bob 5073942 LAC Jan 1960     bob.austin6***
Austin John Ozzy n/a AC2 (L Mech GR-Nav C) Oct-Dec 1960 Anyone from C Sqn Oct-Dec 1960 with Cpl T.O.O.N!! Went on to Locking, St Mawgan, GRIS, Conningsby Bomb Plot, West Drayton, etc. john_austin***
Aves Michael Mick N4237516 AC2(R) Feb 1958   39 Flt 'C' Sqd Yellow cap discs.
Memory chk maybe.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Ayliffe Mike Ginger 4247343 SAC Fireman Driver Dec 1958-Jan 1959   Also see the 'Memories' page mikeaylife***
Aynsley John Fredrik Ginger 4190446 AC2 1956   Also see the 'Memories' page daphne.aynsley***
Ayre Alastair Al 4134031 AC2 Aug 1953 Anybody   alastair.ayre***
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Babb Anthony   5080285 AC2 Aug-Nov 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page t.babb***
Bache James   4251463 SAC Airframe Mech 1959 Richard Benson from York Anyone who served with me at RAF Bridgnorth-RAF Finningley-RAF Gutersloh jim463***
Back Alan   H4271144 AC2 March-May 1962   3 Flt A Sqd Aannejosey***
Bacon Charles   2405087 EQ/ASST 1948 Anyone Charlie passed away a few years ago but this is his son looking for old comrades albys***
Bailey Andrew   E4263960 AC2 April-June 1961 Anyone in Hut 299 Served in Germany, Singapore, RAF Valley, RAF St Mawgan & RAF Wyton a2bails***
Bailey Gerald Gerry or Gez B4266921 AC2 Sept 1961   13 Flt B Sqd.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Bailey John   5074027 AC2 Nov 1959-Jan 1960 Any airman from Hut 58, 8 Flt Remember Sgt Allen, Cpl Wood, Cpl Forward john.bailey1245***
Bailey John Bill 4270687 AC2 20 Jan 1962   Also see the 'Memories' page a.kfir***
Bailey Ted   2435707 AC2 July-Aug 1949     eg.bailey***
Bailey William Bill 2398645 AC2 Aug-Oct 1948   Happy memories - see photographs '1948 Hut in Oct' and '1948 21 Flt, 3 Wing' bill***
Bain Ernest   3123148 AC2 Sept 1949     ernieb***
Baines John   5026458 AC2 Aug-Oct 1956     bainesjohn***
Baker David   4265625 AC2 Jul-Aug 1961     david.baker***
Baker Graham   4172142 AC2 Aug 1955 Anyone Also see the 'Memories' page grahamghbaker***
Baker Laurence   2476380 AC2 June 1950   Later transferred to Gloucester bakerl548***
Baker Robert Bob S4258786 AC2 May 1960 Ron Bould, Ian Brindley, Garry Copsy Valley, Thorney Island, Khormaksar.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Baker Thomas Taff C3528983 AC2 Aug 1960   Went on to RAF Yatesbury on Air Radar Fitter course twm.baker***
Balchin Ray   5027217 LAC 9 Aug 1956 Frank Jones from Manchester   r.balchin***
Baldock Alfred Teddy 1222271   05 Feb 1941   Posted by his Grandchild.
Teddy was the World Bantamweight Champion in 1927.
Baldwin Phil Swede 4257226 AC2 Recruit Feb-March 1960 Anyone who remembers me I was in 13 Flt 'B' Sqd Blue badge disk, D.I. Cpl Gell Philrbaldwin***
Baldwin Terry   3511953
[later J prefix]
AC2 4 Dec 1951-Feb 1952   Also see the 'Memories' page terrymb***
Bale David Dave 4060427 AC2 Feb-Apr 1951 Anyone from 23 Flight I served until 1979 in the MT trade djbale***
Ball Richard   5018742 AC2 1956 Brian Burt D.I. Cpl Clark rtricky2***
Ballard George Brum 1 5081569 AC2 Oct-Dec 1960 Bob Innes, Pete Coles, Johnny Parsons Also see the 'Memories' page ballard517***
Ballard Roy   4130615 AC2 June-Aug 1953   Contact anyone who trained under Cpl Pitt roy***
Balmer Douglas Doug 3527644 AC2 Mar-Apr 1959   Retired as Chief Tech. in 1981 balmer.doug***
Band Ian Jock A4273462 AC2 June 1962   Also see the 'Memories' page jimband2***
Bannerman Ronald Ron G4271501 AC2 End Mar-May 1962 Anyone who is interested Also see the 'Memories' page ron.bannerman***
Barber David   3153731 AC2 July-Sept 1958 David Cutts Met Dave as we boarded the bus at Bedford rail station. He became a Telegraphist.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Barber Douglas James Scott Doug/Rocky/Duke P4266305 AC2 1961 Jock Black Ex 2 Sqd para dozey dozen 1st and most difficult (p) company course d.barber3***
Barber Jacqueline Kathleen       1941 Betty Hobson Miller 2058434 from Stoke on Trent.
Was at Bridgnorth same dates - 1941.
Comment by Webmaster - Betty HOBSON is listed on this site.
Barclay Alexander Alister 5079035 AC2 1960     alexanderbarclay1***
Bardsley Stephen   5070834 AC2 Aug-Sept 1959     bardsley***
Bareham (deceased) Allen   4070257 AC2 Mar-Apr 1951 Cpl Hoyle or anyone who knew me From Little Clacton, Essex angela.bareham***
Barehead Richard Ginger 4122253   1953     r-m.baldy***
Barker George   2777726 AC2 Dec 1955-Jan 1956   Hut 11, 'A' Sqd, 1 Flt. Shared a hut with Messrs Moore, Mawdsley, Metcalf, Moran Griffiths. barkerg2***
Barker Graham   5082136 AC1 Nov 1960     g***
Barker Stanley   L4274064   July-Aug 1962     veggystan***
Barnes John Tony 4263820   March-June 1961 Anyone from 16 Flight B Squadron   tbarnes***
Barnes Kenneth Ken 3529118 AC2 Sept-Oct 1960 Members of Hut 22   kgeobarnes***
Barnes Kevin Barney F4261916 AC2 Mid Nov 1960 Sgt Beard It was a shock to arrive at Bridgnorth. The huts were cold and the parade ground kembarnes***
Barnes Peter   4193283 AC2 Feb-Mar 1957   Cpl Parnell & Cpl Fowler. Trade training Radar Op. twohillside***
Barnes Philip   4270889 AC2 March-May 1962   Also see the 'Memories' page filbarnes***
Barnes Robert Barney Y4274728 AC2 1962 Anyone who remembers me Also see the 'Memories' page robert.barnes728***
Barnes Terence Taff B4263808 AC2 Mar-May 1961     terence258***
Barnett Alexander Alastair 4177125 LAC Nov 1955 Fred Dadd, Keith, Bernard Mitchell (Mitch) Basic Training under Corporal Scott. Worked in Officer's messes during three years service. alastairbarnett***
Barnett Terry   5044512 AC2 May-June 1957     Sheila***
Barney Michael Mick 3525306 AC2 Oct-Nov 1957     michaelhbarney***
Barr David   5044567 AC2 1957     barrpeople***
Barr Ian   Y4275536 AC2 26 Nov 1962-13 Feb 1963   Also see the 'Memories' page ianbarr44***
Barr William Alan 4191009 LAC 2 Jan-Feb 1957     alanbarr***
Barraclough Keith   4255388 SAC-Supplier accounting Nov 1959-Jan 1960 Any Also see the 'Memories' page kfjbarraclough***
Barrett Keith Tubbs 5080672 AC1 Sept 1960 Geoff Moakes, Gerry Hainey, Trevor Whiting I was Senior Man in my hut Flt 1 k.w.barrett***
Barrie Jack Geordie 5053049 AC Nov 1957-Jan 1958 Raymond Marson & Dick Finighan After 8 weeks at Bridgnorth I was posted to R.A.F. Yatesbury in Wiltshire Jackbarrie2***
Barringer John   5079920 AC2 Sept-Oct 1960   One of the last National Servicemen john.barringer***
Barry Kevin Kev 4245941 AC2 Oct-Dec 1958   Also see the 'Memories' page barrykevin***
Bartlett John Essex 4110165 SAC Radar Mech. Sept 1952   Also see the 'Memories' page bart34***
Bartlett John   L3526612 AC2 Aug-Sept 1958 Tony Brown of Bath who joined up with me We were in hut 22. The D.I.'s were Cpl Bell (who became Steve Veidor) and Cpl Latcham johnbartlett3526612***
Bartlett Rees 'Taff' 5056308 AC2 20 Jan 1958-26 Mar 1958 Cpl Tosh, D.I.; anybody else Also see the 'Memories' page reesb***
Barton Kenneth   2750545 AC2 15 Mar-10 May 1955 Anyone I have posted photos onsite with names kenbarton***
Bason George   X4272831 AC2 14 May-Aug 1962   Left service in 1971 as a Linguist george.bason471***
Bassett Hugh   3152511 AC2 Sept-Nov 1957   Served at RAF St. Mawgan 22cadesparc***
Bate Stephen Steve 4256221 AC2 Jan-Feb 1960   I was in Hut 182 rachel.m.bate***
Bate William Bill 2458027 AC2 Feb-Mar 1950   Cpl R Howard was D.I.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Bateman John   P4270197 AC2 Feb-May 1962     a.tchbateman***
Bates Frank   4256445 AC2 Jan-Mar 1960   Basic Training bates***
Bateson Graham   4119708 AC2 Jan-Mar 1953   Square bashing - billet on right side of camp behind Guard house. D.I. Cpl Collier.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Batsford Eric   2470283 SAC Apr-May 1950   There for 8 weeks square bashing sharnaurd***
Batson Stan   4112125 AC2 Oct-Dec 1952 Anyone from Flt.15 Oct 1952 Don Blythe was the irrepressible joker of the Flt.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Batt Gilbert Frederick Graham or Taff E4257297 AC 1960 A gent by the name of 'Pedro' from Chile Got photos of my Dad with 26 Flt and Hut 244.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Battye Roger   4230256 AC2 1958   Square bashing roger.battye***
Bawden David S A   3519037 Basic Training July-Aug 1954   Also see the 'Memories' page sheba***
Baxter Keith   L4112970 AC2 7 Oct-Dec 1952 Anyone who was there with. Cpl Payne was the D.I. Served for 22 yrs at St Athan, Akrotiri, Luq.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Baxter Peter Pete   AC2 Spring 1962   Geordie peter.baxter1***
Baxter     4253013 Clerk/typist June-Sept 1959   Occupied Hut 158 - and we won the Squadron Shield at the end of our stay here! bobbaxter1938***
Bayes Terry   3127294 Cpl 1950-1952 Sgt G Jennings, last known at Ilford, Essex 7 Flt, 1 Wing, B Sqn
Also see the 'Memories' page
Beach Alan   2221176 AC2 1944     alan.beach***
Beales Barry   4098014 AC2 1952   Also see the 'Memories' page barry.beales***
Beaman Anthony John Tony 4242101 AC2 July-Sept 1958 James Stanley Edwards-Hayes We joined the RAF together in Spring 1958 from the receruiting office in Liverpool.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Bean Frank   2678977 AC2 1957   U/T Airframe mechanic frank.bean3***
Bean James   4180734 AC2 Mar 1956   Also see the 'Memories' page joan.bean***
Beardmore Alan Ginger 418748? AC2 18 Oct 1955   B Flt. Sgt Neery DI. Cpl Boniface RAF regiment was hut Cpl.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Beardsmore Ray   5065421 AC2 Dec 1958-Jan 1959 John Davies Also see the 'Memories' page g0kyk***
Beaton John Jock 2742040 AC2 1954-1955     johnnbeaton***
Beaton John Alexander Jock or Andy V4170886 AC2 May-July 1955 Jock Burr and Lofty Costin. Served 12 years in air movements at Changi' Lyneham, Nicosia j.a.beaton***
Beaton William   U4267189 AC2 Sept 1961 Bob Atkinson
Comment by Webmaster - Bob (Robert) E4267276 has already posted his contact details.
His photo is '1961 - Oct Intake'
Living in Weston Super Mare mail***
Beaumont Malcolm   5081842 SAC Ground Wireless Mech. Nov-Feb approx. 1960/1 Anyone from hut 216 After Bridgnorth went to Locking, Henlow and Norton mjbeau***
Beck Frank Scouse 3529393 AC2 Feb 1961   Also see the 'Memories' page frank.beck***
Beck Rod   3154754 AC2 March-June 1959 Brian Crowdie Also see the 'Memories' page rodbeck***
Beddoe Stephen   H4273003   May-June 1962     Sbeddoe***
Bedford Ralph Yorkie / Alfie 5091358 AC2 Feb-Mar 1960 Anyone Hut 249, 27 Flt, C Sqd.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Beeching Frederick   4084093 Cpl D.I. 1952-1957     brian-arnhild.beeching***
Beedham Brian   A4202014 AC2 Feb-Apr 1960 Anyone who was at Bridgnorth at the same time Also see the 'Memories' page brianbeedham***
van Beekvelt Tony   2796178 AC2 Spring 1945 Any cadet 50 I.T.W Revisited 'camp' in 1980, took photos of the ruins of what used to be cook-houses and 'abulusions' and even of an airraid-shelter. elton***
Begent Geoffrey Beegie 5068230 AC2 June 1959   Left Basic Training to Shawbury then Cyprus gbegent***
Belk Peter   4254805 AC1 16 Oct-11 Dec 1959 Any Made Flt Sgt as Rigger. Commissioned June 1983, retired Jan 1995 as Sqn Ldr.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Bell Keith Dinger 4255196 AC2 Nov 1959-Jan 1960 Anyone who may remember me Played bass drum and tenor drum in the Recruit Band.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Bell Robert Bob 5048969 AC2 Aug 1957   Went to Nicosia and played soprano cornet in band sylviaclarke720***
Bellamy Neville Edward   2446089 AC2 Oct 1949-Feb 1950 J Ambrose   Neville.Bellamy226***
Bellamy Roger Rogdedodge N4269687 AC2 Jan 1962 Believe it was B Flt Also see the 'Memories' page roger***
Bellingham Ron   3124224 LAC Medical Orderley 1950-1951 Anyone who worked in sick quarters   lextribe***
Benfield Albert Benny 5010728 AC2 Mar-May 1956 Tony Wood and Dave Malkin   bertbenfield***
Benge Ken Ken or Ginge D4092542 AC2 Feb-Apr 1952 Brian Derges, John Patch, Jock Graham, J Hollands, J Holman Was in Hut 213 Cpl Blight NCO i/c. What a shock to the system - but got over it.
Also see the 'Memories' page
via webmaster
Benger Dave   C4273697 Recruit 1962 Terry Anning from Cornwall.
Comment by Webmaster - Terry has since posted his contact details.
Also see the 'Memories' page davebenger***
Bennett Arthur Ben 3123420 AC2 Oct-Dec 1949 Anyone who remembers me Also see the 'Memories' page bennett.arthur421***
Bennett Benny   4235158 AC2 Dec 1957     cliffmo158***
Bennett Gordon   4136945 AC2 1953 Any Also see the 'Memories' page gorben35***
Bennett James Barry Barry 3510491 AC1 Summer 1951 Cpl Evans.
Drill Instructor
Bennett Neil Taff 4253217 AC2 Aug 1959 Anyone   neil_waveley***
Bennett Peter   4220205 AC2 Jan 1962   Next stop RAF Topcliffe Air Signals.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Bennett Robert   4260589 AC2 Sept 1960 Anyone from D Sqd Also see the 'Memories' page Bennettmillie***
Bennett Terry   5068006 AC1 1959 Anyone who remembers Stationed at Kirton in Lindsey and Henlow.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Benns Barry   2783658 J/T ARF Feb-Mar 1956   Basic training in D Squadron, then Yatesbury, Watton and Henlow.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Bentley William Benney W4261290 AC1 Sept 1960     wibentley***
Beraud Louis Little Lou 5040020 AC2 Jan-March 1957 Anyone from A Flt, especially Hut 42 Will be posting Photo's of A Flt LouBarBer***
Bergamaschi Tony   2438815 AC2 26 July 1949 Burt Fuller 243888? Hut 2/19, 14 Flt, 2 Wing tbergo***
Bernstein Stanley   5034997 AC 1956 Perter Gregg Peter worked on BR post train Glasgow/London 1960 onwards stanleyb5034***
Berridge Malcolm Mac 2723896 AC2 May-July 1954     edanmac***
Berry Anthony Tony   AC2 Feb-Mar 1957     Via the Webmaster
Berry Clive   4189946   1957   Bridgnorth made me fit if nothing else academic2***
Berry Ronald Ron or Rowley 2427587 AC2 Apr-June 1949 A/Cs Gardner, Lowe, North, Sparks, Gardner,
Reid, Proctor, Brown.
All were @ No1 Wing, B Squadron, 6 Flight,
Hut 26 in Apr-June 1949
Best Derek   4069287 AC2 May 1951   Also see the 'Memories' page***
Best Ken   4265383 AC2 July-Aug 1961   Basic training.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Bevan Derek Bevan 2440351   8 Aug 1949     nicspad***
Bevan Geoffrey Bev 4093744 AC2 Mar 1952   Just wondered if there was still anyone that was in my flight geoffbevan***
Bevan Ken   4106635 L.A C M.T.D.M. June-Nov 1952 Anyone who remembers me   trinolo***
Bevan Ron Taff G4272640 AC2 7 May 1962     ronbevan42***
Bevan William Bill 4237989 AC2 Mar-Apr 1958   Also see the 'Memories' page billbevan***
Bevans Danny   4271000 AC2 1962   Also see the 'Memories' page meccman***
Bickers John   5078472 AC2 June-Aug 1960 Peter Crispin, John Casey, Peter Robinson, George Reid 28 Flt, C Sqd.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Biddlestone John   3524964 AC2 1957     jb3524964***
Bidwell William Bill P4271113 AC2 14 Mar 1962 Anyone that may know me Also see the 'Memories' page williamjbidwell***
Biggs Miles     AC2 Dec 1949-Feb 1950   Played bassoon in the Station band and had great respect for the Bandmaster.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Bill John   5075026 AC2 22 Jan-18 Mar 1960 Anyone who remembers our time together 'A' Sqd, 7 Flt, Hut 56 john.bill***
Birch Joe     AC2 May 1959   Not on internet - contact via daughter
Also see the 'Memories' page
Bird Anthony Tony 3111210 AC2 1947-1948   Joined the ATC in Reading Berkshire, then went into NS in 1947 at Bridgnorth.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Bird Brian   2783664 AC2 Jan-Mar 1956   'C' Flt, Hut 'D' I believe. Yellow disc behind beret badge.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Bird Gerald Gerry K4265287 AC2 June 1961   Served 12 yrs. Asst Air Traffic Controller gerryandmary8***
Bird John Birdy, Dicky or JB G4245022 AC2 Oct 1958   Also see the 'Memories' page johnbird68***
Bird Maurice Dicky E4270387 AC2 Feb 1962 All 3 years in Malaya mauricebird43***
Bird Terence David Dicky Bird 4143799 AC2 Jan-Feb 1954 Pete Jefferies, Del Dyson from Brighton Also see the 'Memories' page dickybird414***
Birkett Leslie   F4262795 AC2 18 Jan-Feb 1961 B3529361 VD Trollop. DI cpl McClusky. Senior man Allan Fello Also see the 'Memories' page les.birkett***
Bishop Peter   X4197177 LAC July-Sept 1957   Was in 19 Flt.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Bisset John Jock L4264149 AC2 April 1961 George Buillie Ex miner from Newcastle area.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Black Gordon   M4261429 AC2 Oct-Dec 1960 Any members of the football team   salgor***
Black Ken Titch 4237275 AC2 20 Feb-April 1958 DI was Cpl Parnell Also see the 'Memories' page kenblack1940***
Black William Blackie 5051891 AC2 1957   Also see the 'Memories' page billblack***
Blackmore Alan Scouse C4262606 AC2 Jan 1961 Anyone who remembers basic training Posted to RAF Henlow (ground radio)
Also see the 'Memories' page
Blackmun Brian   4174834 AC2 1955     discuriou***
Blackwell Alan Blacki 5033079 AC2 1956   Went RAF Uxbridge Colour Sqd, two left feet, then to RAF Colerne as a driver alanblackwell38***
Blackwood John Blackie 5017997 AC2 Apr 1956 Philip Green Also see the 'Memories' page jjbee***
Blackwood John Jock 5078229 AC2 June 1960 Bill Cooke   valerie_blackwood***
Blades Rolland Rolly 4249837 AC2 Jan-Feb 1959     ro.glen1***
Blake Francis Joseph Frank 5034146 AC2 Oct-Dec 1956 Anyone from D Sqd who remembers me Sgt Harris, Cpl Healy and Cpl Broadhurst. Our 3 decent N.C.O's.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Blake Ray   3154042 AC2 Nov 1958-Jan 1959 Eddie Docherty, Joe Benson Was in 26 Flt 'C' Sqd, Hut 182.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Blakeley Norman Nobby 5078861 AC2 June-July 1960 Members of Hut 56 I remember Alan Curtis, Mike Dixon and Chris Carey norman.blakeley***
Blakeman Tony   S4274624 AC2 Aug-Oct 1962     tonyblakeman60***
Blick Chris   C4247262 AC2 Nov 1958-Feb 1959   Also see the 'Memories' page chris.blick***
Bliss Trevor   2684707 AC2 Feb-May 1959   Also see the 'Memories' page hilary***
Bloore Bernard   4242079 AC1 Nov 1958-Feb 1959   We had a Sgt Williams in charge of us.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Blyth David       1961-1962 Any from 22 Flt, 'B' Sqd Sgt T Cawley babsndave***
Boddy Ronald Ron 5059275 AC2 Feb 1958   Training before WOP. training at Compton Bassett and Wythal ronboddy***
Bogle Albert Bert 4273416 AC2 June 1962     albert.bogle***
Bolton Frank Graham   5064413 AC2 Nov-Dec 1958 Roy Hollins Square Bashing Hut 3, 39 Flt junisgb***
Bolton Graham   5026436 AC1 July 1956     boltograh***
Bond Anthony   E2748940 AC2 Feb 1955 All National Service Basic Training. Returned Nov 1962 for another 20 yrs. Bo19342003***
Bond Bryan Bondy 5080542 AC2 Sept-Oct 1960     bryan.bond349***
Bond Robert   5056912 AC2 Feb 1958 Anyone from 'D' Sqd   bond335***
Bonham Brian   2429812 AC2 April 1949 Cyril Butt Trained as teleprinter operator at Compton Bassett baronbonham80***
Boon Michael David Booney 4235016 LAC Oct-Nov 1957 4235035 Alan Hill of Prees Nr Whitchurch.   booney5016***
Boosey Derek   4269950 AC2 Feb-Apr 1962 Richard Hunter I set the RAF triple Jump record in 1962 & again in 1964 [It still stands] dboosey***
Booth Graham   4261353 AC2 Nov 1960-Jan 1961?   Also see the 'Memories' page graham_booth***
Booth Keith   5046744 AC2 1957     johnbooth492***
Booth Michael   G4271278 AC2 1963     michael.booth723***
Boraston Edwin Eddy 4275442 AC2 2 Nov 1962     eddy.boraston***
Bose Frank     AC2 Apr-June 1957   Hut 183 bose.frank***
Bossom Ray   4255827 AC2 Nov 1959   Awfull food, and snow!
Also see the 'Memories' page
Bostock Jonathan     Telegraphist 1953     christopher.j.clifton***
Boston Bernard Bernie 5073919 AC1 Nov 1959-Jan 1960   After Bridgnorth, posted to RAF Brampton Jaric, then RAF Wyton cathyowl***
Boswell     T4274348 AC2 23 July 1962   A Sqd 1 Hut?
Also see the 'Memories' page
Boswell Ron   5080128 AC2 Aug 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page ron.muriel***
Bosworth Joseph   2388363 AC2 1948     josephbosworth***
Boucher Bruce Lofty 4271303   1962     bboucher***
Boulton Brian   4249314 AC2 9 Feb-17 Oct 1959   I'm on the photo titled '1959 - 21 Flt 'C' Sqd'
Also see the 'Memories' page.
Boulton Frederick P Peter 2769388 AC2 Sept-Nov 1955   Billeted in 32 Flt D Sqd.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Bourne Michael Mike 5036094 AC1 Nov 1956-Jan 1957 Anyone After training transfered to Middleton St. George, Darlington, Co. Durham. suemike***
Bourne Walter Walter/Walt 2454618 AC2 Dec 1949-Feb/Mar 1950 Any Snow on the parade ground on arrival
- 3 to 4 inches deep!
Also see the 'Memories' page
Bowden Kenneth Ken 5030623 AC1 1956     hbowden212***
Bowden Terry   J4268051 AC2 29 Oct 1961     terrancebowden***
Bowell Fred   5090803 AC2 Dec 1958-Jan 1959   Was "Senior Man" in hut 260. As the Corporal said "any trouble you tell me" !!!
Also see the 'Memories' page
Bowerman Ken   3154526 AC2 Feb-Mar 1959   N.S. Basic Training.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Bowers William   3115242 AC2 July 1948   I did my basic training at Bridgnorth in 1948 williamfbowers***
Bowes Clifford   4158190 AC2 Sept 1954   On to RAF Halton DTE for trade training cliffbowes***
Bowes Clive   4167394 AC2 Mar 1955     clivebowes***
Bowker Tony   2448145 AC2 Oct-Dec 1951 Any Played in Station band under 'Bandy' Fairgreaves.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Bowlt Ian Bowlty 5018142 SAC. PBX Tel' operator Approx 1956-58 John Roberts and anyone who remembers me Went to Johns 21st in Liverpool with Jock Gibson remember Blueberry Hill John?
Also see the 'Memories' page
Bown Francis Frank 5052875 AC2 Recruit, later AC1 - Cpl Medic 1957-1960 Anyone who remembers me   FrancisLBown***
Bowyer Ron   U4190468 AC2 Dec 1956 Matt (Paddy) Sheehan There for Basic Training rebow49***
Boxall John   2745872 AC2 Feb 1955   Square Bashing 6 weeks. Played in the station band (Drummer) john.boxall1***
Boxall John   4274820 AC2 27 Aug 1962   Cpl. Topping - D.I. Hut 21.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Boyce Gerry   4264573   May-June 1961     gerry***
Boyce Malcolm   2418338 AC2 Jan 1949     malcolmboyce***
Boyd Richard Jock 5048604 AC2 1957   There for square bashing dickboyd***
Boyle Derek Jock V4256052 AC2 recruit Dec 1959-Feb 1960 Cpl. Browning, Cpl. Hoath & Sgt. Saunders? I remember we had yellow discs (C Flt?) and I think it was hut 45 dzakkboy***
Boyle Edward Wurzel 5049392 AC2 1957 Denzil Stevens - Bandmaster, Cpl Widdowson, Cpl David Coward I think we were A Flt and then I was in the band, Ted Prince was in band too.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Boyle John William Bill 5055172 AC2 Dec 1957-Feb 1958     bill.boyle***
Boyle Noel   4264283 AC2 Apr-June 1961     noel.boyle***
Boyne Robert Bob 3153816 AC2 2 Sep 1958-18 Oct 1958   Joined band on day 1.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Braben Leslie Snowball 4244424 AC2 Nov 1958 Peter Locksley   braben***
Brackley David Ginge 5010591 AC2 March 1956     valbrackley***
Braden Michael   3090565 AC2 Nov 1946-Jan 1947 George Burrett, Frank Williams At Bridgnorth for "square bashing"- No 9 Flt, P.O. Clarke, Cpl Wally Boon. Michaelprf***
Bradford Archibald Tosh Brad V4270953 AC1 6 Mar 1962     barbara.bradford1***
Bradford Carl   N4265486 Recruit July-Sept 1961 Anyone who remembers me Later served at RAF Stanbridge, HQ RAF Germany, RAF Sopley and RAF Hendon.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Bradford Peter   3524625 AC2 Mar-Apr 1957   Hut 176, 'B' Sqd 16 Flt.
Happy days, long time ago
Bradley Christopher Chris M4273929 AC1 28th June 1962 Dave Blake (he became an Officer) Bill Gould, Paul Long I was in B Sqd, 24 Flight, Hut 217. Went on to Police School after.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Bradley Jim   4087008 AC2 Nov 1951 - Feb 1952   20 Flt ji-bradley***
Bradley John Brad 4240134 AC2 May-July 1958 Anyone from hut 176 Went on to Compton Bassett then posted to 280 Su Cape Gata Cyprus.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Brady David   4265336 AC2 1961   Please contact via email alexpat1940***
Brady Edward James   4235590 Corporal ? Anybody who served with E.J Brady "I am hoping to contact anyone who served with my father" says M.S. Brady fiminnie***
Braid Tony Scouse 5058245 AC2 Catering Feb-Mar 1958 Ron Kelsey (Brummy) Cpl Vance, John Chisholm, Mick Gushlow (boxer) John Carr Camp boxing team Command team and Aircent team 1958 to 1960.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Brain Hadyn Bryant Taff 4263714 AC2 14 Mar-May 1961 AC2 Peter Doubler 4263732 1 Flt A Sqd.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Bramley Bob Ginge 4138589 AC2 Oct-Dec 1953 Ray Jackson, Derek Wellings, Allister Smith 20 Flt D Sqn. I was long serving recruit (10 yrs) shebobram***
Bramley John Bram 4177761 AC2 Jan-Mar 1956   C Sqd under Cpl Fagg john.bramley40***
Bramwell Alan   5072150 AC2 Sept-Nov 1959   DI's Sgt Ridshill and Cpl Cheetham alprint15***
Bray Colin Col 3153162 AC2 Jan 1958   'C' Sqd.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Bray Michael Mick X5076900 AC2 Apr-July 1960 John Pedlow Signed on at Bridgnorth - Dental Branch - 30.5 years rtd Warrant officer 1990.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Bray Roly   5052888 AC2 29 Oct 1957     Waterbeach1957rb***
Brear Ron   4247780 AC2 15 Dec 1958-13 Feb 1959 Hut 22 members and any others from 4 Flt Also see the 'Memories' page grevronbrear***
Breeze Alan   4094511 AC2 Feb-Mar 1952 Band members at that time   margal***
Brennan Jim   4246725 AC2 Nov 1958 Anyone who remembers me Hut 77, A Flt jamesbrennan776***
Brennan Keith Geordie S4122543 AC2 Feb 1953 Pascal 4122542 I served for 22 yrs in the RAF 1953/1976.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Brereton Donald Scouse 2780363 AC2 Dec 1955-Feb 1956 Anyone from 'D' Sqd and D.I.'s Cpl's Parnel and Smith Contact me on 0151 924 0901 barrysue***
Brettle Joseph Joe     1956-1957?   I am his son. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers him. Rob Kinnon-Brettle rkb1809***
Bridle Brian   4269391 AC2 Jan 1962 "Taff" Bostock 15 Flt B Sqd Also see the 'Memories' page briandbridle***
Bright Maurice   4097524 AC2 June-July 1952 Anyone of the same period   emmjaybee***
Bright Reg Scouse 5016267 AC2 Apr-July 1956 Anybody in at the same time Think I was in A Flt.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Brighton Frederick Fred 5067009 AC2 Feb 1959 Avis Square Bashing for 10 weeks fcbrighton***
Briscoe Allan   B4275305 AC2 1962-1963 Anyone who knows me or near my service number. This was the coldest winter on record.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Bristow Leonard Oliver Len 5032248 AC2 Sept 1956   Anyone living in the Toronto, Canada area might share memories. offbeatlen***
Brittain John   5077352 AC2 Apr-July 1960 Peter Humphries   jbrittain162***
Brokenshire Peter Brock 2775098 AC2 Oct-Dec 1955 Russel Andrews Cpl Ansell was our D.I. B Sqd Hut 208?
Also see the 'Memories' page
Bromwich Peter   5071623 AC2 Aug-Oct 1959 Cpl Latcham Also see the 'Memories' page pabromwich***
Brook Ginge Cliff 4137056 AC1 16 Sept-18 Nov 1953   Also see the 'Memories' page cliffordbrook***
Brookes Brian   2448923 AC2 Nov 1949-Jan 1950     brian.brookes2***
Brookes Clive   2768716 AC2 Oct-Nov 1955 Don Catley   clive.brux***
Brooks George   4187044 AC2 1956     gbrooks38***
Brookman Ken   K4267146 AC2 Sept-Dec 1961     k.brookman555***
Brooks Barrie   4152779 AC2 June 1954   Also see the 'Memories' page traditional7831***
Brooks Robin   3155611 AC2 Feb 1960 Posted to Bridgnorth after Cardington for basic training. Also see the 'Memories' page robinjohn39***
Brooksbank David Dave 5019990 AC2 May 1956 Tony Doubleday, Jonny Jepson, Dick Griffin   david***
Brooksbank Eric   5032996 AC2 Oct-Dec 1956 Alan Curry Hut 125, Cpl Archibald, Geoff Bristow .....Seigfried.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Broscomb Roger   E3528127 AC2 Sept-Dec 1959   Retired in 1996 as an Aircraft Engineering Technician after 37 years service.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Broughton Derek Farmer 4098042 AC2 Apr-May 1952 Clive Adams from Devizes, Wilts Last met up with Clive at RAF Kasfareet canal zone 1954/1956.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Broughton Michael   F4271277 AC2 Early 1962 Anyone Would love to see any photos, all mine where destroyed in a fire. Mike4271***
Brown Andrew Jock E4173166 AC2 Sep-Nov 1955 Anyone from 16 Flt B Sqn. Also see the 'Memories' page andrew.brown87***
Brown Dennis   2378219 AC2 Jan/Feb 1948   Also see the 'Memories' page ELIZABETHGRACEH***AOL.COM
Brown Derek   4271904 AC2 April 1962   Also see the 'Memories' page deekrb***
Brown Geoff Joe 4242369 AC2 July-Sept 1958 Patrick Davison, William Cranston   billinger.47***
Brown Graham   4253831 AC2 Sep-Oct 1959     gjbballater***
Brown Graham   4266492 AC2 29 Aug-Nov 1961   Basic training then posted to RAF Melksham graham.fircrest***
Brown Ian   X3527921 AC2 27 May 1959   Hut 10, A Sqd anneian40***
Brown James Jim X4262771 AC2 Jan 1961 Sean Carson, Dave Crooks Was Senior man. Remember Cpl Thomas, Sgt Davies. jaime.moreno***
Brown James Jock/Bruno 2785514 AC2 Recruit Jan-Feb 1956 D.I. Cpl Coates
D.I. Cpl Cain,
Plt. Off. Cowan
(Flt. Commander)
Also see the 'Memories' page jimandsally***
Brown John   2781207 AC2 Dec 1955-Feb 1956 Alan Hudson and Senior Man of 8 Flt- sorry forgotten his name Also see the 'Memories' page patriciabrowm981***
Brown John   3502492 AC2 1947 Any that were there Believe Cpl was McMahon. Remember Range Officer was P/O Merry [Murray]
Also see the 'Memories' page
Brown Lawrence; Gerry F4271831 AC2 Apr-Jun 1962 Vernon Lane.
Comment by Webmaster - Vernon has posted his contact details.
Served 35 years until 1997 geebee01***
Brown Peter Pete 3152901 AC1 Dec 1957   National Service peterdancing88***
Brown Peter   4087902 AC2 Dec 1951-Feb 1952 John Mancini   hinesbrown***
Brown Peter   4192088 AC2 Feb-Mar 1957   Hut 258 brunel_ripere72***
Brown Raymond Ginger 4247107 AC2 1958-1959     raymond.brown450***
Brown Richard Dick 4198420 AC2 Sept-Nov 1957   Also see the 'Memories' page rich.bro***
Brown Roger   5100067 AC2 April 1959 John Bennett, Dave Webster, Pete Boat Our stay at B'north was extended because of the Whitsun break.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Brown Tony Browie 4053595 AC2 Approx
1 Dec 1950-Feb 1951
Ray Moore (from Harrow) and any one who remembers me Was in 21 Flt, hut 2.40, we won the cup on the passout parade.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Browne Bernard Bruno 4241426 AC2 27 Jun-20 Aug 1958   1958 - Hut 132, 32 Flt (see photos page) Anyone remember name of Sgt D.I. ?
Also see the 'Memories' page
Browne Ivor   N4202452   Feb-April 1961   Also see the 'Memories' page templar64***
Brownless Anthony Tony 2768723 AC2 1955     t.brow***
Broyd Ian   2776764 AC2 Nov 1955 Anybody who was in my hut Also see the 'Memories' page broyd***
Brummell Mick   P4266359 AC2 1961 Anyone from Hut 186 'A' Sqd, 7 Flt Served with RAF until 1966 then Army '68 to '85.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Brunton Arnold Geordie 5070640 AC1 1959 Any Call up for my N.S. was deferred until I was 21.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Brunton Iain Jock L4260279 AC2 Aug-Sept 1960 Mike Wooller   iain.jhansie***
Bruton Michael Mick 5034164 AC2 Oct-Dec 1956     mjbruton14***
Bryant Rudolph   3151760         uglywill2***
Bryden William   5059321 AC2 Mar-Apr 1958     williambryde02***
Buckle Allan   4247018 SAC MTD Oct-Nov 1958   Looking for anyone who was at B/north who may remember me patricia.buckle***
Bucknall Allan   4192961 AC2 Feb-Apr 1957 Anyone that knew me   a.bucknall***
Buhagiar Joseph   5081697 LAC Oct 1960 Anyone who remembers me Also see the 'Memories' page suez56***
Bull Michael Mick 4247301 AC2 Nov 1958-Feb 1959 Frank Hawker 4252185   mikiboy***
Bull Mike   5073584 AC2 Oct 1959-Jan 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page michaeljbull1***
Bullen     3525583 AC2 Nov 1957-March 1958 I was in Hut 65, B Flt, we were top Flt on passing out parade.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Bullock Ernest Ernie D4253095 AC2 July-Aug 1959 Anyone from Hut 312, 'D' Sqd Also see the 'Memories' page ernie.bullock***
Bullock Stanley Stan 4256251 AC2 Jan-Mar 1960   Went from AC2 to Chief Technician, Retired 1982. Back to RAF in 1999 as a HPTO.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Bunce Bernard Terry D4249105 AC1 Jan-Feb 1959 Stewart Whittaker ADO trade for 25 yrs. Retired prematurely in the rank of Flt Sgt.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Burden Jeffrey   2411346 AC2 Oct 1948   Also see the 'Memories' page j.burden***
Burgess Garth   4266394 Photographer Sept-Oct 1961 Cleveland Adams Units -- Gaydon, Laarbruch (3MFPU) Upavon. Detach. to Sopley & Thorney Island.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Burgess Malcolm Malcolm or Malc 4256838 AC2 Recruit Feb-Apr 1960 Anyone in Cpls Fagg, Honor & Dickens flight MJ Burgess - Cpl Air Traffic (60-65), WO2 Int Corps (68-86), Capt Inf (86-88)
Also see the 'Memories' page
Burgon Alex Al 5045559 AC2 June-Aug 1957 Bruce Angus, Ronnie Gordon, Jim Farrel, Alex Duncan. All lads in No.4 Flt, A Sqd, Huts 23, 24 & 25 I'm in contact with George Doherty and Max Robertson. I remember Cpl D.I. Kleiser.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Burke Brian Octopus 4131789 AC2 June-Aug 1953 Any who were under Cpl Jones with the Morgan After 5 yrs with the RAF moved to Canada for 5 yrs RCAF. Took up teaching for 35 years.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Burkitt John   2781357 AC2 Dec 1955-Feb 1956 John Routledge, John Burgess Had trade test at Locking. Passed as LAC.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Burnell Ken   Y3516875 AC2 Sept 1953     ken.burnell***
Burnett Robert Clive   J4191269 AC2 10 Jan 1957   Basic Training rcburnett1***
Burnett Stuart   C4275573 AC2 1962-1963   Last intake at Bridgnorth stuart***
Burns John   4256781 AC2 1958-59   Basic training. C Sqd, 21 Flt, I think jjeburns***
Burrage Eric Rick 2429192 AC2 May-June 1949     eric.burrage***
Burrell David   4197711 SMW July-Aug 1957 Anyone   david***
Burrell Thomas Tommy U4273325 AC2 May-July 1962 Anyone who remembers me Hut 159, B Sqd, 19 Flt. From N Ireland. Joined up with Stanley West from Belfast & three from Eire.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Burrows Colin   2383808 AC2 Mar-Apr 1948     candjb***
Burrows George Taff 3527### AC2 1959 Any member of C Flt Hut 164 was my location.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Burrows Les Bunny 4175896 AC2 Nov-Dec 1955     burrowsathome***
Burrows Patrick Paddy 4188078 AC2 Sprog Oct-Dec 1956 Best pal Fintan Cunningham Our first break in training, you came home with me to Nottingham.
Comment by Webmaster - Fintan posted his contact details and hut photo in 2013.
Burrows Tony   5011587 AC2 April-May 1957   Also see the 'Memories' page ajbtone***
Burton Barrie Badge J4263552 AC1 1961 March to May   Part of 10 Flt, DIs were Cpl Billington & Cpl Davies (he was the smart one)
Also see the 'Memories' page
Burton Dave Burt   AC2 1954   On recruit course daveb***
Burton Reg   1595099 Trainee pilot 1944   Also see the 'Memories' page regburton***
Butcher John   2465529 AC2 Dec 1949-Feb 1950 Anyone who might remember me   john_butcher_no1***
Butler James Jock 4106053 AC2 Aug-Sept 1952 Any one who remembers me Has anybody got photo of my flight? Sgt Southy was in charge jamesbutler1***
Butterworth William Bill 2762470 Cpl Sh/Typist. NCO i/c P2 Section Apr 1956-July 1957 Anyone from SHQ or Station Voluntary Band Completed Nat Service as NCO i/c P2 Section in SHQ. Solo trumpet and cornet player in Staion Band under Ch/Tech. Stevens
Also see the 'Memories' page
Buxton Terry   N4275330 AC2 Oct-Dec 1962     telbux***
Bye Robert Bob 3153172 AC2 Jan-Mar 1958   Posted to Wellesbourne - Mountford, 5003 Sqd, Airfield Const'n Branch.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Byers David Dave U3528155 AC2 9 Sept 1959 Anyone Also see the 'Memories' page byersdg***
Byrnes Colin Bob 2787264 AC2 Feb-April 1956   Square bashing.
Also see the 'Memories' page
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Cade Joseph Henry Joe 3111653 AC2 Dec 1947-Feb 1948 Any who remember me. Maybe Eric Riles who went to M.E. My home town was Bath. I remember arriving at Bridgnorth from Padgate in Dec 1947.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Cairns     4088067 AC2 1952   Drill instructor camp!!! known then to recruits as 'gree hell'! iancrns***
Cairns Jim   5076795 AC2 Apr 1960   Basic training.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Calder Derek Geordie 5080870 AC2 Sept-Oct 1960   I was in the second last National Service intake.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Caldwell John Jock 5058069 AC2 Feb-Mar 1958 Richard Glover One of the Cpl's or Sgt was Wilson. Moved to Compton Bassett, Chigwell then Tangmere iancaldwell***
Caley Roy   P4188305 AC2 Oct 1956 John Hampson   roy.caley***
Calpin John   5062024 AC2 Sept-Oct 1958 John Bearwish   jcalpin***
Cameron David Dave 4127520 AC1 July 1953 Any members of the Flt Excellent experience of a life time dcameron33***
Cameron Willie   2708544 LAC Aug 1953 D Sqd Also see the 'Memories' page williamc32***
Campbell Alan Scouse 4247363 AC2 Nov 1958     alancampbell363***
Campbell Angus Peter Jock N4257268 SAC Feb-Apr 1960 Direct entry trade test RAF Weeton Jan 1960.
John M Cobb, 5075757 (hut 125) from Blidworth
or Southwell in Notts
Campbell Archie   2458229 LAC Jan-April 1950 John Badwick, Denny Tom, A McKay Was in 20 Flt along with Peter Chamberlain, both went on to Bad Eilsen, Germany via peterandmonica***
Campbell Daniel Danny N4275313 AC2 Sept-Nov 1962 Members of 22 Flt. B Sqd   dannycampbell09***
Campbell George   2695688 AC1 April-June 1958 Frank Steel   ghcam74***
Campbell Jock The Flight Seargent 3514334 Recruit Sept-Dec 1952   Ex ATC Cadet. Flight Seargent. Good fun for the Short D.I. Cpl. h.campbell***
Campbell Robert Rob 3151357 AC2 Mid Feb-mid Apr 1957     fandrcampbell***
Campbell Stuart Jock 5032290 AC2 2 Oct-29 Nov 1956     kitstu***
Campling Anthony   4247336 AC2 Dec 1958   Also see the 'Memories' page tony.campling***
Carden James Jim 3151615 AC2 Mar-Apr 1957 Can't remember their names now, sorry! Trained RAF Locking, Radar type AN/MPN-1. Then RAF Waddington. Demob 11/4/1959
Also see the 'Memories' page
Carey Ivan Geordie 4273769 AC2 Jun-Aug 1962 AC2 Ray Dunne   ivan.carey783***
Carey Robert   M4265907 AC2 July-Sept 1961     rwg_carey***
Carlisle James   4265457 AC2 1961   Was top student of my Class sirjamescarlisle1***
Carman Brian   4242728 AC2 Sept-Dec 1958 Any Also see the 'Memories' page apo_po***
Carnduff Robert Bob T4255573 AC Nov-Dec 1959   Instructors were Sgt Jackson, Cpl Billings, Cpl Jillings and Cpl Brown bobcarnduff***
Carnell Antony Tony 5061687 AC1 July-Sept 1958   18 Flt. B Squad. (The last Flt. trained by Cpl. Tosh) aecarnell***
Carnell David Taffy 42510** AC2 4 April-20 May 1959   I was the smallest guy in my intake at 5ft 1in.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Carnill Richard Dick N4274181 AC2 16 July 1962   Was pleased to leave Bridgnorth but enjoyed my service afterwards richardcarnill***
Carpenter Nicholas Nic 4268783 AC2 Nov 1961-Feb 1962 Paul Roberts from Bristol 6 Flt A Sqd.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Carr Roger   U4265732 AC2 June 1961     roger.carr***
Carr Ron Geordie 4046676 AC2 1950     thecarrs***
Carroll David   3520858 AC2 May-June 1955 Any one that can remember me Also see the 'Memories' page davidcarroll123***
Carruthers Charles Charlie V4274330 AC2 Aug 1962 Looking for info' on a colleague Joseph McGouran, a TPO like me Also see the 'Memories' page dunbarpiper14***
Carswell Arthur Art 5061076 AC2 Summer 1958 Vic Cocozza Hut 158, 20 Flt.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Carter David Dave 5020951 AC2 May-June 1956 Ginger Davys Also see the 'Memories' page davidjcarter40***
Carter Gerald Gerry 3121139   1949     iancarter2***
Carter Michael Mick J4272213 AC2 April 1962***
Carter Tom   2749771 AC2 Mar-June 1955 Any of same period   5silverstreet***
Carter-Fea     4132998 AC2 Aug-Oct 1953     peterfea***
Cartwright Charles Brum 4183216 Cpl Drill Instructor 1956-1958 Cpl Ken Turner, Dennis McMorrin Both were DI's 'A' Flt 1957,
see photo '1957 - Hut 55 in May'
Also see the 'Memories' page
Cartwright George   4160178 AC2 Nov 1954-Jan 1955 Howard Jones First Flt to go on R & I training in Stretton Hills georgecart1933***
Cartwright Philip Brum 5076692 AC2 1960 Anyone who served in Aden 1960-1962 Worked in Comcen Steamer Point.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Casey John Paddy 4079641 AC2 April-May 1952     caseyjohn***
Cassell Ken   S4265588 AC2 June 1961   Hut 130, Flt 13, 'B' Sqd in June 1961. Finished my RAF service in June 1970. ken-c***
Cassells Bill   4123775 Cpl RAF Regiment 1953-1958 A Coates, R Peck   stevecassells***
Cassidy Jimmy Cass J4271736 AC2 Feb 1962     jamescassidy1944***
Cassidy Roy Cass 4130120 AC2 June-Aug 1953 Any old mates, but probably Paddy Wakefield and Paddy Crick Also see the 'Memories' page casso***
Castor Bob   27449738? AC2 1953-1955 He had a Ford car and we all used to drive it At Bridgnorth for just the training period.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Cater Kenneth E Ken 4260255 AC2 Aug 1960     kencater***
Catterall Alan   2767810 AC2 Sept-Nov 1955 Anyone there at the time Also see the 'Memories' page cumbriaexile***
Catterall Reginald Reg 2475285 AC2 July-Aug 1950 Anyone who knew me Transferred to RAF Records Office Gloucester on completion of Training reg.catterall***
Causon Alan S   4175660 AC2 27 Oct 1955-Jan 1956 Ted Yeomans or any lads who would like to get in touch Ted Yeomans was from Shrewsbury.
Comment by Webmaster - Ted has posted his contact details. Replace *** with @ in the email address. Far right column.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Cawley Michael Mike/Mick K4264067 AC2 10 Apr-June 1961 John Kennedy Also see the 'Memories' page mike579***
Cawthron Frank   4246239 AC2 1958-59     fbcawthron***
Chadwick Chris   4261972 AC2 Nov-Dec 1960 John Falloon Also see the 'Memories' page christophechadwick***
Chaffin Alan Scouse 2751949 AC2 1955     alanchaffin10***
Chamberlain Peter   2458248 AC2 Jan-April 1950 Denny Tom, Archie Glass A from Scotland with a BA degree.
Sgt Shaffer was our D.I.
Chamberlin David   4081850 AC2 Sept-Nov 1951 Wally Hammond? Also see the 'Memories' page deemo156***
Chandler Michael   5010743 SAC July 1959     Michael***
Chapman Brian   3524217 AC2 Jan 1957 Anyone Posted to Movements Kidbrooke the Habbaniya.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Chapman Colin   Y4273525 AC2 June-Sept 1962   Happy Days, I served until 1985 in the Air Traffic Control Trade josiescopwick***
Chapman David Dave 4194840 AC2 May-July 1957   Went to Shawbury for training as Ops Clerk then to ATCC Gloucester. Cpl Kleiser was in charge of our billet davidnchapman***
Chapman George Ginge K4252040 LAC 1959 Anyone Senior man in billet, D squardron, square bashing battersea***
Keith Melvyn Melvyn     1960 Would love to hear some stories about my Dad I am the daughter of Melvyn Chapman.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Chapman Reginald John   4048330 AC2 1950   Basic training.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Chappell Keith   4133165 AC2 1953 P/O Wederburn Passed out circa sept 1953.
A hard experience
Charlton Colin   4237992 AC2 1958     limeycharlton***
Charlton Denis   2724492 AC2 May-July 1954   Also see the 'Memories' page carcruiser***
Charlton Derek   4263598 AC2 1961   Cpl Fulbeck, RAF Regiment. The Best.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Charman Peter Scouse T4256131 AC2 28 Dec 1959-22 Feb 1960 Anyone who remembers me RAF Weeton.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Charnley Peter   2536759 SAC typist Apr 1952-Oct 1953   Also see the 'Memories' page Kath.peter***
Charnock Frank   4153838 AC2 Sept 1954   Also see the 'Memories' page frank.charnock***
Chastney George Chaz 5019511 AC1 1956 Can't remember names, except a fierce Corporal Jinks Went to Bridgnorth from Cardington for square bashing.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Cheal Ian   G4258313 AC2 Apr-June 1960 Anyone who was in hut 8 Also see the 'Memories' page ianbigee75***
Checkley Fred   4259425 AC1 June 1960 Any B Sqn   fredcacc***
Chelton George   3154249 Elect & Instm't Ass. 1958-1959   Also see the 'Memories' page echo6uk***
Chenery John   2724439 AC2 25 May 1954 Denis Charlton
Comment by Webmaster - Denis has already posted his contact details.
Have photo of hut, can scan and send to any person interested.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Chesworth Frank   4255900 AC2 Dec 1959-Feb 1960   8 weeks initial training frankches***
Chilcott Terry Chilly D4274962 AC2 Sept 1962     t.chilcott***
Child Gerald Jerry 5078543 AC2 July 1960 Anyone Also see the 'Memories' page geraldchild***
Chillingworth John   4265828 AC2 Aug 1961   Also see the 'Memories' page buyjohn3***
Chilton Alan Chilly 4074642 AC2 June-Aug 1951 Don Lewis, Les 'Fatty' Jennings Also see the 'Memories' page alan.chilton***
Chippendale Clarence   2212891 AC 12 Sept 1943     tedchipp2000***
Chisham Peter Chissy Q4256989 AC2 1960   Posted to RAF El-Adam pjchisham1***
Cholerton Doug   5059932 AC April 1958   Training prior to RAF Compton Basset then to 280 SU Cape gata Cyprus doug.cholerton***
Chorley Robert Bob or Brumie 4178817 AC2 Feb 1956 Anyone in my Flt Also see the 'Memories' page robar293***
Christenson Sven Chris 2746702 AC2 1954-1956 Anyone who remembers me I played rugby until I damaged my knee
Also see the 'Memories' page
Christie Alex   5046758 AC2 July-Aug 1957 John Gentles, Charles Dolan   a5046758***
Christie Bill Jock 2730729 Trainee Aug-Sept 1954 Keith Davis, Terry Tinsdale (teddie boy) Keith & I went on to Sutton (fire school then driving school)
Also see the 'Memories' page
Churchyard Alan   2783701 AC2 Feb 1956     alanchurchyard***
Clack Anthony Tony 3525184 AC2 Sept 1957 Any Did 23 years. Finished up Flt Lt on Comets and Nimrod as Flt Engr.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Clark Alan   4169697 AC2 May 1955   Also see the 'Memories' page ae.clark7***
Clark David Nobby/Drums 2746762 AC2 Feb-Mar 1955 Anyone Trade - Fighter plotter at Middle Wallop on to RAF Handorf, Germany Radar Operator.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Clark David Nobby 4199309 AC1 Oct 1957-Jan 1958 James Lear, Jim Clarke Also see the 'Memories' page dmclark***
Clark Frank Nobby 3126632 AC2 later LAC April-May 1950 Anyone from that time Further service at Compton Bassett and Henlow.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Clark John Jock 5074348 AC2 Dec 1959-Jan 1960 Anybody in Hut 212 Also see the 'Memories' page john.clark84***
Clarke Colin   3528770 AC2 May-June 1960 Anyone in Flt mentioned Hut 312, 38 Flt 'D' Sqd.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Clarke Cynthia Rosalind Peggy 2015521 L.A.C.W. Pay accounts section 25 April 1945   I know my mother served there but nothing else. Anyone remember her? colinknox***
Clarke Graham   3108220 AC2 Sept-Oct 1947     gc012g6681***
Clarke Maxwell   4197173 AC2 July-Sept 1957   Also see the 'Memories' page mconcorde10***
Clatworthy Terence James Taff 2749768 AC2 Mar-May 1955 M Gentry 2750690. Anyone from 14 Flt   tc41***
Claughton Gordon   4252704 AC1 1959     gclaughton***
Clay Desmond Anthony   3114413 Equip Asst June-July 1948 Anyone in 10 Flight. We won the Passing Out Cup! Cannot remember the Hut Number but had Sgt and Corpl. D.I.s.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Clayton Colin   5046613 AC2 Late 1957 Dick Slack Both in the Band and corresponded up to our demob in 1959.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Clayton David   3528783 AC1 Apr-May 1960 David Bluck (Taffy), Brian Crowther, Nick Berry. Also see the 'Memories' page dgclayton***
Clegg Alan Cleggy R3528152 AC2 Sept-Oct 1959 Anybody Moved from there to RAF Wellesbourne Mountford School of Photography.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Clegg Kenneth Paddy     1956     kenclegg***
Clements Bill   4146778 AC2 1954 Terry Green   annebillclem***
Clewes Ian Iggy Y4274289 AC2 July-Sept 1962 Anyone from that time   ianclewes1***
Cliff John Barry 5073318 AC1 Nov 1959 Peter Barham, Cpl French, Brian Ramsey   Jbarrycliff***
Clifford Victor   4237347 Equipment supplier Feb-April 1958 Anyone from that time who remembers me   victor.clifford.mrc***
Clinton William   4253660 AC2 Aug-Sept 1959   Would like to find an old photo willgarryclinton***
Clive Donald   3127067 AC2 May-Aug 1950   Also see the 'Memories' page domeduck***
Cloke Roy   K4259732 AC2 July 1960     Roy_Cloke***Sky.Com
Clothier David   5071388 AC2 Aug 1959     david.clothier***
Coady Mike   3529177 AC2 14 Oct-6 Dec 1960 Any of the old guys on our intake of that time please. Also see the 'Memories' page Banjomike***
Coan John Jack 1219185   1941   Also see the 'Memories' page coannigel***
Coates Brian Coate 2469389 AC2 25 Apr-27 Junee 1950 Anyone Hut 1-64. I was in 23 Flt.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Coates Brian   4150038 AC2 May-July 1954   D Squadron with Yellow Disc
Also see the 'Memories' page
Coates Ronald Coatsie 2463860 AC2 Mar-May 1950   Hut 4? 3 Flt 1 Wing.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Cobb Brian   4257698 AC2 Jan-Feb 1960 Stewart Cook 'A' Sqd, Hut 58. Went onto Hereford.
Please contact me Stewart, remember that bus trip to Temple Mead's Station?
Cobbold John   4192053 AC2 Feb-Mar 1957 People in photos '1957 - Band' and '1957 - Hut 258 in March'   joncob***
Cobden Trevor Cob web Y4271514 AC2 Feb or Mar 1962   I would like to be informed what flight and hut number I was in trevorcobden***
Cobham Richard Dick 3156155 Recruit June-Aug 1960 Anyone from 10 Flt especially Cpl. Barbers Hut 3? 10 Flt A Sqd Hut 3? Cpl's Barber & Cheetham & Sgt Allen dick***
Cobham Rod   R4272156 AC2 Apr 1962 Danny Trynor 'B' Sqd, 24 Flt. Went onto RAF Debden RAF Police rafsnowdrop***
Coburn James Jim 4132337 AC2 June-Aug 1953   Arrived from Cardington in June to start 'square bashing' james.coburn***
Cochrane David Jock 5076844 AC1 May 1960 Dennis Harries   davidcochrane85***
Cockcroft Alan   5045897 SAC Aerodrome Fireman Driver Gunner June 1957 At Bridgnorth M Appleyard, at Topcliffe Ray Duncan I was in Hut 65. I had Appendix trouble so missed the Passing Out parade.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Cockell Danny   4119579 AC2 1953     kathandan***
Cocozza Victor Vic 4241363 AC2 June 1958 Arthur Carswell   viccocozza***
Coe Peter   4195675 AC2 May-June 1957   Hut 79, 8 Flt, 'A' Sqd, Cpl O'Conner, Sgt Burke.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Coe Thompson Alfred Haggis 3020581 AC2 Jan 1943 David Jones, Dave Dewar, Bill Hoskins, Edwin Pockett Also see the 'Memories' page tapb***
Cokayne Bob   Y4268913 AC2 11 Dec 1961-Feb 1962   Also see the 'Memories' page bobcokayne***
Colbert Joseph Joe / Paddy 4201254 AC2 Basic Training 15 Sep-Dec 1958 Anyone who remembers me Also see the 'Memories' page colbertjg***
Colbourne Len   3522107 Raw Recruit Dec 1955     lencolbourne***
Cole Arthur   3156493 AC2 Nov 1960     arthur.cole1938***
Cole Edward   2460099 AC2 1950     edwardc182***
Cole John   5082123 AC2 Nov 1960-Feb 1961 Anyone who remembers me I believe this was the last National Service intake jcole5656***
Cole Ron   5037608 AC2 1957     valron26***
Cole Geoffrey Geoff 2419037 AC2 1949-1950 John Greenwood Then to Cranwell for telegraphy training. On to Singapore with 205/209 Sqdn.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Coleman Edward Ted 5070838 AC2 1959     randcodesign***
Coles Albert John R4159259   14 Oct-Nov 1954   Arrived from Cardington for square bashing, anyone out there remember me john***
Coles Malcolm Taff 4260066 AC2 Aug-Sept 1960   I remember one Regular recruit buying himself out!
Also see the 'Memories' page
Colledge Russell Russ 2574212 SAC 1953-Oct 1954     russ.colledge***
Collier Gordon   5075842 AC2 March 1960 Ginger   gang***
Collier Lloyd   K4255254 AC2 1959-1960   Posted to Weeton and Colerne post Bridgnorth eljo***
Collins David   4154177 AC2 July-Aug 1954 Anyone Came from Cardington as 3 yr. Regular.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Collins Denis   5042734 AC2 April/May1957 Anyone To RAF Credenhill for Trade Training then RAF Manby.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Collins Tony   2439039 AC2 July 1949   2/34 Flt, 19 E Sqd, 3 Wing tony_collins74***
Collister Eric   4237324 AC Feb-Dec 1958     rotax***
Colvill Brian Woody 5064166 AC2 Oct 1958-Jan 1959 John Droy C Sqd, 29 Flt. Cpl Tyrell. Sgt Hogdkinson brianclv05***
Colville Ian   4251036 AC2 Apr 1959 Jock Masson I remember Cpl Vass and Sgt Harding colv67***
Colyer (deceased) Charles William Bill   Sgt 1948-1963 Dennis Hyrans, Mick Browne Also see the 'Memories' page dennis.colyer***
Conde (deceased) Christopher   G4273485   1962     ic66***
Conlin Anthony Tony 4237559 AC2 April-May 1958     tony***
Conn David Mackinnon   4262256 AC2 Late 1959-Mar 1960 AC2 Mackenzie, AC2 B.M Carter I'm on extreme right on the gnd, in intake photo macconn1***
Conn John   5058267 AC2 Mar-Aug? 1958 Richard Ashworth, Derek Chalke Also see the 'Memories' page gwynore***
Connell Brian Manxman 3516155 AC2 May-July 1953 Gerry Curnow and Peter Aplin Route Lining Flight - Coronation, Caernavon.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Connell Robert Bob J4271934 AC2 Apr-June 1962     bobc94***
Connolly Frank   2777927 AC2-SAC-J/T Nov 1955-Feb 1956 Eric Irving D.I. was Albert Haddon frank***
Connor Frank   5069685 AC2 June-Aug 1959 Eddie Edwards In 33 Flt. Overseen!! by Cpl Kippen & Cpl Stewart.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Connor Peter   K4269927 AC2 29 Feb 1962   Basic recruit training 'A' Flt 3 Sqd.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Connor Victor Vic 4263852 SAC Clerk Sec 1961   Also see the 'Memories' page victor***
Conway Arthur   4265116 AC2 1961     arthurconway***
Conway Oliver Ollie 4272764 AC2 May-Sept 1962   DI Cpl Wiseman - 3 Flt (I think)
Also see the 'Memories' page
Coode David   3140978 AC2 1953 W.G Paterson, Colledge   davidcoode***
Cook Anthony Tony 2372785 AC2 1947   6 Flt - Sgt Higgin i/c Cooks4***
Cook Barry Baz 4268196 AC2 1961-1962     beeza500***
Cook Christopher   5040979 AC2 19 Feb-1 May 1957 Anyone who knew me   christopherwrcook***
Cook Desmond Des 3501879 AC2 1 Nov 1946-23 Jan 1947   Also see the 'Memories' page desmond.cook***
Cook John   4155010 AC2 1954     john.cook2***
Cook Julian Taff G4254166 AC2 Sept-Nov 1959 AC Garvey Very hot Sept. Cpl lightest Forster jcstormymonday***
Cook Ray Kookie B4275109 AC2 Sept-Oct 1962 Anybody   campingcookies***
Cook Stuart Cookie or Stu 4259175 AC2 10 June-10 Aug 1960 Anyone who was in Hut 60 under Cpl Nimmock Don't remember what flight I was in or colour of our hat disk. Think it was red.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Cook Thomas   2753492 Senior A/c 1955 Jim Laird   tommycook08***
Cooke Adrian Andy 5077730 AC2 May-June 1960     adrian_francis_39***
Cooksley Frank   S4272846 AC1 May-July 1962 Roy Steadman 4272845   marg-frank***
Coombes Cyril   4199054 AC2 Oct-Dec 1957     cyril.coombes***
Coombs Alan   D4270646 AC2 Feb 1962   Trade training at Melksham. Posted Syrston, Newton, Wattisham. alan-coombs***
Cooper David   2745914 AC2 Jan-Feb 1955   Hut 65, 11 Flt 'C' Sqd.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Cooper Edward Ted 4272330 AC2 Apr 1962 Sgt Smith, Cpl Fieldhouse Also see the 'Memories' page ted***
Cooper Errol   4252996 AC2 May 1959 Anybody from Hut 163   almacooper***
Cooper Freddie   5079692 AC2 Aug-Sept 1960 Cpl Thomas and Cpl Payton Our sqd won the drill cup that particular intake fredcooper***
Cooper Henry Harry 2734077 AC2 Sept 1954 Anyone who knows me From about 21st Sept 1954 for initial training (square bashing)
Also see the 'Memories' page
Cooper Hughie   2435615 AC2 June-Sept 1949 Any who were there at the same time I can only remember our hut was just down past the parade ground on the mainroad.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Cooper Les   4161291 AC2 Nov 1954-Jan 1955   Also see the 'Memories' page l.cooper4***
Cooper Malcolm Peter Mac 3112707 Cpl D.I. 1948-1949   I was in hut 51 Sgt O'Sullivan was in charge. pamela***
Cooper Neville Nev D4081853 AC1. 1951   Retd 1974 as Master Aircrew after serving on C-in-C Far East's crew in Singapore nevcooper***
Coote John Paddy 5077613 AC2 May 1960 Anyone N.S. Wonderful times with great people,
also some human ones?
Coppin Carlton Carl 4250456 AC2 Mar 1959     coppin960***
Corcoran Alan Corky 4257403 Elech Mech (G) March-May 1960 Bob Underrwood from Bristol who joined the RAF police Also see the 'Memories' page alan_corcoran***
Corcoran Leslie Corky 3117602 AC2 1949 Ken Beesley, Oxford. Cpl Shaffer, E Cox, Southhampton Also see the 'Memories' page leslie.corcoran***
Cornish Derek C   3116517 AC2 Sept 1948 for 3 mths     cornish***
Corrigan Nigel   F4263238   1961     nigel.corrigan***
Corsar William Bill L4272448 AC2 1 May 1962 I remember Lyn Morgan who is listed on this site Also see the 'Memories' page ourwullie***
Cose Christopher Rod 5063675 AC1 1959-1960 Chris Corrigan   dottyjen***
Costen Tony   4071571 AC2 May 1951     t.costen***
Cothay Dennis W   4132256 AC2 July-Aug 1953 Anyone there at the same time I went onto RAF Netheravon to be a dog handler.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Cother Bernard Bernie N4273714 AC2 June-July 1962 Michael Bayley, Jim Curran 9 Flt, 'A' Sqd, Hut 223.
I'm on the '1962 - Hut 223' photo
Cotterill Roy Tubby 4072470 AC2 June-July 1954   Cpl Semple.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Cottier Brian   4134106 AC2 Aug-Sept 1953 Anyone who might remember me Did my recruit training.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Cotton Ken   4266446 AC2 July 1961 Anyone in Cpl Forsyth hut and Cpl Forsyth Also see the 'Memories' page kennlol***
Cottrell Brendan   4079536 AC2 Nov 1951-Jan 1952   Also see the 'Memories' page brendancottrell***
Couch David   4262838 AC2 Jan-Mar 1961     david_cchzz***
Coull Edwin Eddy/Scotty 4104473 AC2 July-Sept 1952 Any one within the range of my service   ednmo***
Coulson Alan Brian Brian       Any old friends Trying to contact my grandads old RAF friends. RAF Duren also. amie_pinkcloud***
Coulson John   5063978 AC2 Oct-Dec 1958     ecoulson561***
Coulson Terry   4157066   Aug-Oct 1954 Anyone who did initial training at same time Put on overseas posting to Middle East so missed passing out parade
Also see the 'Memories' page
Coupland Peter   4160999 AC2 Nov 1954-Jan 1955     mr.c***
Coupland Thomas Tom 4251613 AC2 20 Apr 1959     trcoupland***
Cousens John   4095120 Recruit Feb-Nov1952   Basic training "volunteered" into club-swinging display at 1952 Royal Tournament j.cousens319***
Cousins Michael Mike 4262114 AC2 1960 Any who remember me from either Flt Returned in 1961 as AC2 Re-entrant (joined in wrong trade)
Also see the 'Memories' page
Coutts Donald Richard Don 4260296 AC2 Aug-Oct 1960 His fellow recruits Left to go to 12 S of TT RAF Melksham Oct 1960. Deceased 1965.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Coventry Alfred Alf     1948   Searching for any details/memories anyone has of my Late father Alf Coventry david.coventry***
Cowden Len   R4202374 AC2 Nov 1960-Feb 1961     l.cowden***
Cowen Leslie Les 4047806 Airman 1950 Any persons serving in Suez Canal 1951/3 Also see the 'Memories' page cowen1***
Cox John   4124791 AC2 11 Mar 1953 Anyone who remembers me I was square bashing here, eight weeks basic training.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Coxhead John Johnny 5051716 AC2 Sept 1958 Any Also see the 'Memories' page coxheadjonsueglos***
Craddock Trevor   4272625 AC2 May 1962     arnie***
Crane Bryan Craney 3105270 AC2 July-Sept 1947   Also see the 'Memories' page bryan.crane***
Crane Roy   4269304 AC2 Jan 1962 Anyone Also see the 'Memories' page cherylroy1***
Crawley John   4101291 AC2 May 1952     johncrawley72***
Crawley Peter   P4274165 AC2 July-Sept 1962 Anyone on B Flt who remembers me!   peter.1945***
Crawshaw Peter   4254291 AC2 Sept 1959 Anyone at time stated   raf15sqn***
Creasey Dennis   2374093 AC2 Nov/Dec 1947 Peter Chaplin Also see the 'Memories' page dennis888***
Creed Trevor Creedo G4270585 LAC 1963 Cpl Hole   creedoblue***
Cresswell Dave Ginge 4270903 AC2 6 Mar 1962 Any there at same time Our training Sgt...Sgt Roles/Rolls? Cpl Howard oldbill100***
Cresswell Bill   W4259723 AC2 Late summer 1960 Sorry, names escape me now! Also see the 'Memories' page wcressa***
Crewe Maurice   5039647 AC2 Jan 1957     maurice.crewe***
Crewe Peter   4143369 AC2 15 Dec 1954 Not anyone in particular Also see the 'Memories' page peter.crewe2008***
Critchley Kenneth   2448131 Recruit Oct 1949 Anyone but I was called up with Fred Park from Chorley.   kenjim1***
Crocker Barry   D4262705 AC2 Jan-Feb 1961   Cpl Duff and Cpl Nimmock barrycrocker***
Crocker David   5042596 AC2 1957   8 weeks basic training followed by 2 weeks in Pool Flt.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Croft Graham   4265433 AC2 July 1961     croft706***
Croke Peter Crokey 3123263 AC2 Oct-Dec 1949   Now live in Australia plcquorn***
Croker Arthur   5071003 AC2 Aug-Oct 1959 Harry Weston, Alan Tye, Alastair Bain We all ended up in Eastleigh Kenya CrokerIT***
Crook Philip Phil W4275291 Air Traffic Oct-Dec 1962 Anyone from that time Hut 158 7 Flt A Sqd. D.I. Cpl Teddy Topping.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Crookes Barrie   5075433 AC2 Feb-Mar 1960 Brian Atkin, John Wain Also see the 'Memories' page bazjea***
Cross Geoffrey     Cpl 1956-1957   His brother says "He was normally stationed at a nearby basic training camp."
Also see the 'Memories' page
Cross Geoffrey Geoff 5038069 AC2 2 Dec 1956 Stan Baldwin from Kent   cross.g***
Cross Kenneth Ken/Kenny N4275367 AC1 Feb 1963 Cpl Billington Sqd leader, Chris, Stan, Bunny   kennycross367***
Cross Phillip Edward Crossy 4115553 AC2 Nov 1952-Feb 1953 Any in my photo '1952 - Cross's Hut in Nov'   philip_cross***
Cross Roy Spider 4127831 AC2 Apr-May 1953 Anyone who remembers me No.1 Flt best all round recruit (unexpected)
Never forget Cpl Duffy
Crossett John Jonnie 4201106 AC2 June-Aug 1958 Any one from my period My group photo is 1958 - Latcham's Flt johncrossett227***
Crouch John Crunchie 4195996 AC2 May 1957 Brian Laine Brian was 4195995 or 4195997. We were in 'C' Sqd. Green plastic behind cap badge. johncrouch39***
Crouch Norman   2761371 AC2 1955     norman.crouch***
Croucher Roy   4075364 AC2 July-Oct 1951 Any airmen of the duration Seeking photo's of tattoo Sept 1951 RCCBBIKES***AOL.COM
Crout Alan   3154939 AC2 29 May-24 July 1959 Anyone from A Sqd, 8 Flt, Hut 82   alan.crout***
Crowder Anthony Tony 5057259 AC2 Mar 1958   Hutt 22 Flight? Basic training as part of N.S.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Crowdie Brian   5067802 AC2 March-May 1959 Ron Beck   brian.crowdie***
Crowe Malcolm   4238345 AC2 Feb-June 1958   Extra time due Easter and Whit Bank Holidays (normally 8 weeks)
Also see the 'Memories' page
Crowley Tom   4271596 AC2 April 1962 Bob Baker Bob joined with me at Bristol. His number either ended in 95 or 97.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Cruickshank Blair   4245078 AC2 Oct-Nov 1958   Also see the 'Memories' page bcruickshank***
Cruickshank John Graeme Graeme 4086336 AC2 1951   Instrument Mechcanic, Suez Canal Zone 1952-1954 cruickers***
Crumley Joe   G4271491 AC2 Mar-May 1962 Sandy Fleming from Blackness, Scotland   joseph.crumley***
Cuff Michael   Y4252705 AC2 June 1959     mike.cuff***
Cullen Thomas Tommy 5063652 AC2 Nov 1959 Mick Maloney,
Cpl Wood
Also see the 'Memories' page tcullen***
Cully Tom   B4264204 AC2 19 Apr-30 June 1961   A Flt 'B' Sqd, Hut 222 tommary***
Cumming Alexander   4178816 AC1 Jan-Mar 1956     scotialad***
Cumming Donnie     AC2 Jan-Mar 1961 Martin McCarthy Martin was from Cork. I would like to be in contact again after all this time dcraddery***
Cummings Brian   5076507 AC1 March 1961   Posted on behalf of my Dad, who went on serve for 2 years N.S. (One of the last) davecummings482***
Cummins Edward Ted 4241589 AC2 April 1958   Also see the 'Memories' page ted_cummins***
Cunnane Anthony Tony 4134035   25 Aug-20 Oct 1953 Anyone who knew me I was on 13 Flight.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Cunningham Fintan Paddy 4200373 AC2 Oct-Dec 1956   Is there any record of all the names in the photo of hut 158.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Cunningham William George Bill 4260605 AC2 Aug 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page billcunningham59***
Cunningham Donald   3119545 AC2 Mar-May 1949 Vic Cook Also see the 'Memories' page dcunningham37***
Cunningham Thomas   2384484   March 1948     thom***
Currey William Bill L4271559 AC2 1962 Anyone who remembers me   billybop5***
Curry Robert Bob 2777015 AC2 Nov 1955 Jack Grounds, Stan Robertson   roberthenrycurry***
Curry Walter Walt 4113512 AC2 Dec 1952 Jim Berryman Hut 85, 8 Flt, B Sqd, 1 Wing.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Curtis Allan Frederick   4261726 AC2 1960   Did basic training. Posted to Melksham for trade train/Inst Mech.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Curtis Paul   Forgotten AC2 1959-1960 Anyone who remembers me DI's were Cpl Hoath and Cpl Browning.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Cushing Keith   5038470 AC2 1957   After Bridgnorth, posted to Cypus for the rest of my National Service. Wow cushing03***
Cuttriss John Cutty 5075607 AC2 1960 Anyone who was in Hut 15 Did square bashing but did not have passing out parade.
Also see the 'Memories' page
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Daffurn Anthony Tony /Daffy 3524808 AC2 Apr-May 1957 Any of the lads from hut 152 Later sent to Joint Air Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre, RAF Wyton anthony.daffurn***
Daglish Robert Geordie W4199447 Cpl 1961-1962 Was a D I Also see the 'Memories' page rafmarried***
Dalby David   4273754 AC2 July-Aug 1962   Became SAC Clk Accounts at Innsworth, RAF Binbrook & RAF Sharjah dalby.david***
Dallen Walter Wally 5066605 AC2 Feb-Mar 1959   Basic training (N.S.) followed by posting to RAF Netheravon wal.dallen***
Dalton Jim   4200598 AC2 Apr 1957 Any fellow squarebashers close to my Service No.   jim***
Daly Joe   G4275148 AC2 Oct-Nov 1962 Billy Linton from Larne Northern Ireland Joined up in Belfast in Oct 1962 together with Billy Linton and two others jdaly***
Danby Len   2465880   July 1950     len***
Dane Andrew Drew 4243483 AC2 Aug 1958   On detachment to RAF Uxbridge Oct 1958 for route lining duties. Visit of West German Leader andrew.dane***
Daniel Donald Taff 4114879 AC2 Oct 1952     dondaniel7***
Invalid email address in 2013.
Roy Blades 5078452 AC2 June-July 1960 Anyone serving in the same Sqd National Serviceman 'C' Sqd roy***
Daniels Geoffrey Geoff 3155973 SAC Nov 1960-May 1962   Sick Quarter's Staff geoffrey.ladybarn***
Danvers Brian   4253694 AC2 Sept 1959   'A' Sqd BWDanvers***
Darby Terence Terry 5011090 AC2 Aug-Oct 1956   6 weeks Basic Training t.darby29***
Darbyshire Derek Andy G4188004 AC2 whilst training then later J/T Pay Accountant Oct/Nov 1956 & May 1962 to 1963 Anyone from the Accounts Section Also see the 'Memories' page derek.darbyshire***
Dare Christopher Dan 5077317 SAC April 1959 Anyone from 'D' Sqn at that time? There were three of us from Salisbury (Malcomb Lake, David Blake & me)
Also see the 'Memories' page
Darvell Roland Rod 2357890 AC2 17 July 1947   Square bashing period. 4-6 weeks roland***
Daveney Willie Bill 4238586 AC1 April 1958 Anybody who can remember me After passing out, Weeton for MTD training, then Butzweilerhof, Linton on Ouse willie.daveney***
Daveridge John   S3529275 AC2 21 Nov 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page john.daveridge***
Davey Barrie Daniel Froggy 4258934 SAC 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page gb19207***
Davidson Angus Gus H3527785 AC2 Apr 1959 Bill Docherty Remember Cpl Vass. Square bashing time a.davidson8***
Davidson John   5057209 AC2 2 Feb-Mar 1958 Spud Heywood, Les Christie, John Danskin We were a few National Servicemen who for various reasons had deferred entry.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Davidson Mike   3156152 AC2 Aug 1960   Went to Hereford for clerical trade training mikepdavidson***
Davidson Robert Bob 4263056 AC2 Feb-May 1961 Anyone there at that time Went to Yatesbury for technical training then Scampton bob.davidson***
Davies Alun Taff 4170882 AC2 July-Aug 1955 Anyone who remembers me   awyndavies***
Davies Bryan Taff 4131029 AC2 1953     Crdavi***
Davies Colin Brum 4266941 AC2 1961 Fred Holman.
Comment by Webmaster - Fred posted his contact details and two photo's in 2009.
Glynmor Glyn D4270484 AC2 1962   Supplier, went on to trade training at Kirton in Lindsey patdavies563***
Davies Harry Taff 3523392 AC2 31 Aug-31 Oct 1956 Trying to find Tom Clayton and John Thorpe Anyone from Hut 37, 10 Flt 'A' Sqd
or any others from the Sqd.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Davies Jonn Scouse 4239031 AC2 March 1958 Anyone In Cpl Gill's Flt. Did 12 yrs in lots of camps and enjoyed it. johnwalshdavies***
Davies Keith   5029810 AC2 Oct 1957   Hut 83 daviesk12***
Davies Keith Taff or Acky 5081656 AC2 28 Oct-28 Dec 1960 Anyone One of the last National Servicemen.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Davies Les     Cpl D.I. 1962/63   Also see the 'Memories' page geoffjuliedav8bc***
Davies Owen Glyn Taff 4129625 AC2 June-July 1953   Also see the 'Memories' page taffdaviesog***
Davies Terrence Terry/Taff X4260054 AC2 Aug-Oct 1960 Anybody in 1 Flt 'A' Sqd, Hut 36. Also see the 'Memories' page tean054***
Davies Walford Taffy 4149562 AC2 Apr 1954 Bryn Jones Also see the 'Memories' page walford22***
Davies Wayne   M3529351 LAC Jan 1961 All musicians who moved on to Regional Bands and Central Bands Also see the 'Memories' page waynedavies***
Davin Thomas   A4252973 AC1 June-July 1959     tommydavin***
Davis Campbell   L4271772 AC2 Apr-June 1962 Bob Laird, John Channell, Bob Mcghee Also see the 'Memories' page laneyd53***
Davis Don   2722275   April 1954 Brian Overton, Vic Raffely Also see the 'Memories' page donjodee***
Davis Kenneth Arthur   2421197 AC2 Jan 1949 Bil Findlay We arrived here after being kitted out at Padgate. Happy days! ken.dav33***
Davis Peter   5077188 AC2 May 1960 Any body from Hut 180, J.P Cousins, John Toms, Mike Dennis I went onto RAF Locking for trade training, Passed out as Jnr Tech Gnd Radar Fit.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Davis Robert Bob U4273494 AC2 June 1962 Anyone   Wackyemails***
Davis William Bill G4267403 AC2 6 Oct 1961   Served until July 1996 achieving the rank of Flt Lt.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Davy   Ginger 5021964 Recruit 1956 Anyone from 30 Flt C Sqd Also see the 'Memories' page m.davy1***
Davy Michael   5062792 AC2 Sept-Oct 1958     md2044***
Dawnay Richard Dick 4253741 AC2 Aug-Oct? 1959   I think Hut 20. Cpl Latcham was D.I. richard.dawnay***
Dawson Ron   5072747 AC2 Sept-Dec 1959 Tony Pettit   mail***
Day William Bill X4263697 AC2 Apr-June 1961 Hut 260   billcday***
Deacon Frederick Fred Q4197940 AC2 Sept 1957   Also see the 'Memories' page fad940***
Deakin Keith   3148198 AC2 Nov 1955 Pete Carter Pete was a scouser and a good friend.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Deakin Thomas Tom 5069096 AC2 29 May- 22 July 1959 Peter Green, Albert Dixon Hut 77, A Flt.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Deal George Keith 4236274 AC2 Jan-Mar 1958   I have a group photo of our Class outside hut 318.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Dean Fred     AC1 1950-1951 Sick quarters staff   colin.stringer1***
Deans   Des/Dizzy 4173495 AC New Recruit Sept-Nov 1955 Dennis Slade, Service No. 4173494 or 4173496 Also see the 'Memories' page desmond.songer***
Deebank Brian   U4238428 Cpl Apr-Aug 1958     brian.deebank***
Delacassa Don   P3527852 AC2 1959   Cpl Pottinger and Cpl Shaw d.delacassa***
Delemere John   2460939 L.A.C. 1950-1953     wotton1111***
Delves David   4045507 AC-1 Wireless Mech Aug 1950 Sgt Wilkinson   daviddelves4***
Denholm Kenneth Ken 4143865 AC2 Jan 1954     denholm34***
Denison   Deni M3529270 AC2 Nov 1960-Feb 1961 Can't remember
Flt No. etc.
Not enough food and it was absolutely freezing in Jan 1961.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Dennis Gordon   3152694 AC2 Nov-Dec 1957     gordonrdennis***
Dennis Mike   A4258479 AC2 Apr 1960     mikedennis***
Dennish Geoff   5077125 AC2 May 1960 Any Hut two-four-niners from May to July 1960 Went on to train in signals at Compton Bassett and then to Steamer Point Aden.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Denwood Colin   Y3528159 AC2 Sept 1959 Anyone of Flt 28 Square bashing days, whilst hard work, still enjoyable. colann***
Denyer Robert Bob 5012181 AC2 Jan-Mar 1959   One of many recruits from RAF Cardington. Last of National Servicemen jandenyer***
Derrick Ken   2492237 AC1 Jan 1951 Anyone SHQ Perm Staff PSI Valeting Service nigel.derrick***
Devine Frank   5058029 AC 1958-1960 Dave Taylor Dave Taylor was also a Cook alongside me at Bridgnorth jhnbrunton***
Dharamsi Jaffer   4257791 AC2 Mar-June 1960 Anyone who remembers me Fondly remember DI Cpl Pickett zanzibari***
Dibley John   2374227 RAF Police Cpl Nov 1947-Feb 1948 app.   18 months in Ismailia, on demob joined East Sx Police. Retired 1989 Deceased 2007
Dickie David   4265294 AC2 June 1961     dwdickie***
Dickinson John Dicko 4154153 AC2 Mid July-Sept 1954 Anyone in a Flt Cpl Allen Docker two names I remember dicko4153***
Dickinson Leslie Les J4257247 AC2 Feb-Mar 1960   Went on to Compton Bassett for trade training as a WOP lesdickinson***
Dicks John Dixie 5035355 AC2 Nov 1956-Jan 1957 Eric Slade. We both trained as Crash Firemen at Sutton on Hull and then went to the Far East.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Dickson John   4124847 SAC Clerk org Mar-May 1953     jd0110748***
Dickson John     AC2 1958 Cpl Hartman and Cpl Dacey Also see the 'Memories' page jtdrumbo***
Dimond Peter   3529441 AC2 May 1961? Alan Bown (AC1)   dimondpeter***
Dinnage Peter   5077087 AC2 29 Apr-24 June 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page peterdinnage***
Dixon Brian   M4271361 AC2 1962 Anyone who knows me Square bashing bdixon***
Dixon John Diko 5062801 AC2 15 Sept 1958 Hut 157. John Dradley, John Gange, Ken Aldworth Also see the 'Memories' page john.dixon37***
Dobson Maurice   2471366 Raw Recruit then Fighter Plotter May-July 1950   Also see the 'Memories' page ellmaudob***
Dockerty Thomas Anthony Tom 5055317 AC2 Dec 1957-Feb 1958     tom.dockerty***
Dodds Maurice   4258969 AC2 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page doddsmomo99***
Dodds Peter   P4264777 AC2 May 1961 Harry Carmichael Also see the 'Memories' page pdodds4***
Dolman Richard Moby 3523691 AC2 1956   Posted to Compton Bassett trained wireless op.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Doney     E3528590 AC2 Feb 1960   Entry to RAF gw1mcd***
Donohue Clifford Michael Mike   SAC 1952     mikedonohue***
Dooley Terry   5077966 AC2 15 May-July 1960 Brian Teasdale , West Hartlepool Moved onto Compton Bassett.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Dopson John   5015698 AC2 Mar 1956 Anyone Also see the 'Memories' page***
Dorsett Rodney Dickie L4265798 s196ac clk pers Jul 1961-Dec 1962 Steve da.Silva 4265797 Served in R.O. Det at Bridgnorth as above then lived in MQ's 1964 to 1967
Also see the 'Memories' page
Douglass John A
Invalid email address.
John - please contact
the Webmaster.
    SAC Jan-Feb 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page douglass***
(not valid April 2006)
Douglas Robert   4260178 AC2 Aug-Sept 1960 To Melksham, Cottesmore and Gutersloh Also see the 'Memories' page Rabdouglas3***
Douthwaite Alan   4169304 AC2 May 1955   Also see the 'Memories' page alandouthwaite79***
Dove Kenneth Dovey 4134415 AC2 Aug-Oct 1953     kkaydee23***
Dow Alex   3152857 AC2 Dec 1957-Feb 1958   Usual AC2 at Bridgnorth; on arrival at RAF Locking, SAC backdated to Entry Date.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Downey Danny   4202122 AC2 10 May-July 1960 Anyone really. There were 18 Irishmen in my Flt No.7 Went from Bridgnorth to Weeton. Became an MTD for 22 great years.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Downes Bernard   5071368 AC2 Aug 1959 Alan Cripwell   bernard-downes***
Downie Robert Jock 3526263 AC2 May-July 1958 Jack Gillison Posted to RAF Wetton for driving training. Served for five years robert***
Downie Sandy Jock R4264958 AC1 June 1961     Adownie43***
Downing Raymond   4237898 AC2 Mar 1958   Hut 211, 16 Flt
Also see the 'Memories' page
Doyle Kevin   4259728 SAC July 1960   I thoroughly enjoyed my time there adreffs***
Doyle Richard Dick J4265627 AC1 July-Aug 1961   Also see the 'Memories' page richard.doyle***
Drakley Malvin   B4261223 SAC Sept-Nov 1960   Hut 86, 12 Flt, B Sqd malvin***
Draycott James William   2432973 AC1 air frames mech/stores 17 Aug 1949-18 Jan 1950 Anyone who knew my father Also see the 'Memories' page ddraycott41***
Dredge Martin   C4275637 AC2 11 Dec 1962   Also see the 'Memories' page marandjud***
Dresser Colin   3521144 AC2 June 1955     coldresser***
Drew Dave   5073618 AC2 Oct 1959-Jan 1960   Started as National Service but signed for 3 years within the first month.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Drewery Ken   P4274604 AC2 1962   Basic training.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Drewett Keith   4257581 AC2 Mar-May 1960   Was on D Sqdn, A Regt Cpl was our DI. Cpl Host whose last 3 were 000 ktd***
Drinkwater Ben   5053956 AC2 Oct-Dec 1957   RAF 1957-1959. bee.dee***
Driscoll Len   4101867 AC2 June-Aug 1952 Any one who remembers me   lendriscoll***
Drysdale William Bill V3528531 AC2 Jan 1960 William Oliver Sgt Wright. Cpl Shaw, Cpl Payne, Cpl Marsh. wawd***
Dudgeon Jim   3528738 AC2 May-end June 1960 Anyone on 12 Flt, 'B' Sqd I was the Scot you English could understand.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Dudley Barry   4167369 AC2 1956   Researching the history of my Late Father. j.dudley1599***
Duke Colin Peter   5080534 AC2 Sept 1960   D.I. Cpl Melville colinpeterduke***
Dumbell Alan William Ding dong amongst others 4260423 AC2 1960 Christopher Cockerill Would not have missed it for the world.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Dummer Clive   2716797 AC2 Feb-Apr 1954 Anybody at this time and place   clive.dummer***
Duncan James Jim or Jock 4183184 AC2 June-July 1956     stobie7***
Duncan Richard Dick C4247049 Fireman Nov 1958     id010b5452***
Duncan William   2423524 AC2 Apr 1949 Jack Anderson   bandmduncan***
Dungan Patrick Francis Frankie 4099769 AC2 June 1953 Anyone who remembers me and my mate Tommy Barrett After Bridgnorth my postings were, Tangmere, Cyprus, Wildenwrath, Henlow
Also see the 'Memories' page
Dunlop Edward   4255206 AC2 1959 - 1960 Anyone***
Dunlop Jack Jock X4271925 AC2 10 Apr 1962 Michael Young was on the same intake D.I. Cpl Topping. 7, 8 & 9 Flt, red cap badge wacojako1***sky.c
Dunne Tony   4201545 AC2 Jan-Mar 1958 Anyone Posted to Kidbrooke Clerk i,alr movements tonydunne1941***
Dunwoodie Anthony Tony 4264459 AC2 May 1962   Trained as a Ground Electrician at Melksham following basic training dunwoodie_ksa***
Durno Kenneth   4108570 AC2 Sept-Nov 1952     kennethdurno***
Durrant Keith Taff 3526269 AC2 May-June 1958 So many great guys whose names I can't now recall Served seven and a half years as an Air Defence Operator.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Durrant Michael Mike H3523979 AC2 Nov 1956-Jan 1957   Recruit under training.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Durward Ronnie Durie 4095143 AC1 May 1952 My Senior man Hugh Bryden from Stranraer Scotland Stationed at RAF Leuchars, RAF Wildenrath, RAF Scharfoldedorf, RAF Gailes
Also see the 'Memories' page
Dyas Brian   5070958 AC2 Aug to Oct 1959 Anyone on the '1959 - Hut 174, 18 Flt' photo   briandyas***
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Earle Michael Yorkie 5015583 AC2 14 Mar 1956 Anyone serving at the same time   sue.earle135***
Eason Brian   4243660 AC2 Sept-Oct 1958 Anyone who remembers me C Flight.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Eastick / Fletcher Lucy Milly     1941-1945     ianstubbs54***
Eastwood Harry   5079217 AC2 July 1960 Hugh Jarvie Any more that went onto No. Radio School Weston Super Mare class CD36 harry.eastwood110***
Eaton Donald   5076385 AC2 Apr-May 1960 John Dawber Also see the 'Memories' page dnldetn***
Eaves Anthony   4139978 AC2 1953     tony***
Eddisford John   4250276 AC2 Mar-May 1959   Was in 'C' Sqd.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Edenbrow James Jim F4272622 AC2 May-July 1962   Was in 1 Flt 'A' Sqn; and looked after by Cpls Bullock and ?. Also Sgt Orwin who I met again in El Adem sandraandjim603***
Edgington Brian Edgie   Cpl Drill Instructor 1958-1960   Also see the 'Memories' page b.edgington***
Edmunds Peter   4244690 AC2 1958-1959 Anyone I did square bashing with   peter.edmunds2***
Edwards Brian   4260817 AC2 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page bjcauseway***aol.cpm
Edwards Frederick   3113181   Jan-March 1948 Fessi ? Davies/Davis (Birmingham/Dudley)   paulfrancis***
Edwards Jim   2464052 AC2 March-May 1950 "prisoners" of No.18 Flt, 3 Wing during the above date   jfedwards4***
Edwards Keith   5072070 AC1 Sept-Nov 1959   NS Basic training kedwards1***
Edwards Patrick Eddie 3525530 AC2 Nov 1957-Jan 1958 My old billet buddies D Flight.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Edwards Robert Bobby 5074887 LAC-Nursing assistant Jan 1960 Anyone who was at Bridgnorth with Corporal Host In Sqd 47 'D' but unsure.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Edwards Terence Tel / Tex 4261235 AC1 Sept 1960   Hut 13 B Sqd. Posted to Melksham/ Driffield/ luffenham/ Leeming tgeuk***
Edwards William Bill W4263561 AC2 Mar-July 1961 Any Basic Training bedwards70***
Eglinton Robert Bob 2714965 AC 26 Jan - 23 Mar 1954     bobeglinton***
Elliott Fred Geordie 3529154 AC1 Nov-Dec 1960 Pete Furr from Liverpool C Sqd, 27 Flt, Hut 249 then moved to hut 248 as Senior man frederick.elliott5***
Elliott Mike Soho Joe 5017516 N.S. AC2 Apr-May 1956 Anyone Also see the 'Memories' page mikeg4vec***
Ellis David Dave E4274517 AC2/SAC in Trade Aug 1962   Direct entry as Works Carpenter 2 Airfield Con Sqn cidersam1941***
Ellis Gerald Gerry D4079273 AC2 Sept-Oct 1951 Anyone   geraldellis***
Ellis Gordon   4086526 AC2 Sept 1951   19 Flt gordonellis10***
Ellis Gordon   5029413 AC2 Sept-Oct 1956 Anyone from 10 Flt Also see the 'Memories' page gordhil***
Ellis Keith   4174457 AC2 Sept-Nov 1955 Any one who can remember that far back Also see the 'Memories' page rk.ellis***
Ellis Keith   R4267132 AC2 Sept 1961 Anyone near my Service No. Went on to Locking keith***
Ellis Ken Taff 5079045 AC2 1960 Any 17 Ft, B Sqd, Hut3? geoffrey.was.ellis***
Ellis Malcolm Daniel Frederick   4197833 AC2 Sept/Nov 1957 John Clarke - Coggeshall Essex, R Brown - Norwich Hut 307. I will try to send a photo of us outside.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Ellis Ralph Bazz M4196379 AC2 July-Aug 1957   Was in 4 Flt consisting of Huts 23, 24 and 25 vbellis***
Ellis Robert Bob/Scouse 3156395 AC1 Oct-Nov 1960 Anyone From Bridgnorth to RAF Locking/RAF Gan/RAF Stanbridge/Demob Dept 1962.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Ellis Roy   4112779 Airman Nov 1952     edward.ellis4***
Ellis Tony   4095985 Clerk Personnel July 1952-28 Mar 1955     MercStG***
Ellis William Bill 4162075 AC2 Dec 1954     mwjones***
Elshaw John   2455458 Elect Mech (air) Jan-Feb 1950 Any who knew me Served at Melksham and Hemswell john.elshaw***
Elson David Laurence Larry T4274608 AC2 July-Oct 1962 A Sqd, 6 Flt.
Roger Oliver. Knew him as Ollie.
Mates before I was back flighted to Hut 185, A Sqd, 7 Flt.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Ely Ivor   2712003 AC2 1 Nov 1953-21 Feb 1954     whitely2712***
Embleton Paul   5048177 AC2 July-Sept 1957   Want photo of my flight, don't remember the number.
Cpl Nicholls was the instructor
Emerson Brian Geordie 3520194 AC2 18 Jan 1955   Basic training after Cardington.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Emery Reginal Lofty 4273602 Airman 1961-1962 Paddy ? in A Flt. Cpl Topping was NCO   rregremery***
Ennis Tony Scouse 5235457 AC2 Jan-Mar 1958 Anyone who was in A Flt Just remember such happy times aennis***
Etches Derrick Edward   4237677 AC1 Mar-Apr 1958 All in hut 76 & 77. D.I's Cpl Jones & Vance Also see the 'Memories' page chesteed677***
Evans Brian   4071948 AC2 May-June 1951 Anyone from 21 Flt 3 Wing   bsevansandco***
Evans Brian   5082037   1960     euniceevans43***
Evans Bruce   U3517797 AC2 Jan-Jun 1954 Anybody who remembers me Surname now Hepburn. Served for 37 years retired as FS, L.Tec.TC.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Evans David Dave/Dai L4256029 AC2 Dec 1959-Feb 1960 Was in 35 Flt Hut 298 Also see the 'Memories' page devansX1***
Evans David Taff 4145422 AC2 1954   Square Bashing.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Evans Frank   4111512 AC2 28 Sept 1952     evanf***
Evans Frederick Vernon   4265323 AC2 June 1961 Anyone who remembers me I was in hut 213, Flt 22, B Sqd. My DI was Cpl Forsyth vernon.evans***
Evans Glyn Ginger 2374226 AC2 Nov-Dec 1947   Never been so fit and still go to the gym gde271***
Evans Gwyn Taff 4244098 AC2 Sept 1958 Anyone   gwynlec***
Evans Ivor   4189258 AC2 Nov 1956 Anyone MTDH 646su Obernkirken - Butz mail***
Evans Mel   3151019 LAC Cook II 1957-1958   There is no mention of permanent staff.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Evans Peter   5100331 AC2 Aug-Oct 1960 Jackie Edwards Went on to RAF Debden for RAF Police training. Posted to RAF Duren.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Evans Philip   4132237 AC2 July-Sept 1953   Also see the 'Memories' page ae664***
Evans Ray Taff E4273699 AC2 June-Aug 1962 Any member of 9 Flt 'A' Sqd, Hut 190 After Bridgnorth, served for rest of my 9yrs service as RAF Police Dog Handler.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Everitt Rex Dicky 5044253 AC2 May-June 1957 Terry Cox, James Doyle   rexeveritt***
Eyles Mick Lofty 4254985 AC2 Oct-Dec 1959 Anyone there with me Also see the 'Memories' page mickeyles***
Eynon Keith   4118963 AC2 3 Jan 1953 Michael J Kelly No.4118964 ? from Hollyhead Met Mike at Bridgnorth, we were in Flt 17 and hut 129.
Also see the 'Memories' page
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Fair William Joseph Joe 2775091 AC2 Oct-Dec 1955   Also see the 'Memories' page joe***
Fairbourn Roy   915971 Wireless operator March 1940     royfairbourn***
Fairhurst David   4183498 AC2 1956 Anyone   david.highbury***
Falconer Lake   3090564 AC2 Oct-Dec 1946 Jimmy Grieve   lfoban***
Falloon John JKR 4261966 Photo 11 Nov-Dec 1960 Chris Chadwick I was in Hut 20 and 'A' Flight. Our Cpls were Jolly and Crooke.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Faragher Thomas Tom 4236961 AC2 Feb 1958 Any Played tenor horn in station band.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Farrant Roderick Rod 5056878 Inst. Mech Jan-Mar 1958 Anyone from our old Flight Hut 457 33 Flt D Sqn D.I. Cpl Dai Elton.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Farrell William Paddy K4273711 SAC Wireless Operator 1962 Paul Bell, Dave Webb After Bridgnorth was stationed at RAF Compton Basset, then RAF Digby, Raf Butz.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Alan   4177512 Chef 1956-1958   I'm the son of Alan Farrow.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Farquhar Alistair   4267295 AC2 5th Oct 1961   Originally from Buckie, Scotland langdon.scotland***
Faulkner Fred   E4262311 AC2 Jan-Nov 1961   Left Bridgnorth and went to Melkshan for armament training. Was in hut 209 fredfaulk***
Feeley Tom   X4157994 Cpl. RAF Regiment 09/09/54-08/08/57-58   Did my "square bashing" in 1954 & then returned as a G D T Instructor Aug 1957.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Fell Alan     AC2 June-Aug 1962     alan.fell1***
Fellows Colin Brumy 5020885 AC2 June-July 1956 Cpl Kieiser, Sgt Bryant. Cpl & Sgt I/C No 4 Flt 'A' Sqd. cfellows***
Fellows Raymond Lofty 4054092 AC2 Dec 1950-Feb 1951 Ken Bennett I was in hut 23 ray4mar***
Fencott Stanley Brummie 3516766 AC2 8 Sept-18 Nov 1953     stanfencott***
Ferdinand Francis Ferdy 4184629 AC2 1956   Great memories franlin69***
Ferguson Ian Mckay Fergie   Drill instructor 1957-1961   Anyone who remembered him fergiethejedi7***
Ferguson Murdoch F Fergie 2436522 AC2 June 1949     murdoch001***
Ferris Bob   Q4273750 AC2 June 1962     ferris130***
Field Douglas Doug 4195688 AC2 Recruit May-July 1957 Any from 9 Flt 'A'Sqdn Hut 82 in May 1957 Also see the 'Memories' page douglasfield***
Fielding Alen Ichabod 4046161 AC1 1950 William Preece (Geordie) - Anyone who remembers me Basic traning only alenf***
File Gordon Filey V4263793 AC2 Feb-June 1961     gordon.file***
Finbow Bernard Bernie 4273757 AC2 Jun-Aug 1962     bernie***
Findlay Jim   4180664 AC2 Mar 1955 Anyone Joined the RAF Regiment. Did service in Mafraq and Cyprus. Happy days james.findlay11***
Finney Peter Biggest skiver out 4116027 AC2 Dec 1952-Jan 1953 Anyone there at the time Basic training.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Finney Peter   5051704 AC2 Oct-Dec 1957     peter***
Fisk Joseph   H4272543 AC2 1961 Any that knew me Was Senior man as had previous service in Army.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Fitches David   M4270391 AC2 (Basic Training) Feb-April 1962 Anyone from Hut 189 Served for 5 years in RAF Police as a Dog Handler, now retired to Lincolnshire.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Fitzgerald Anthony Fitz 3515495 AC2 Feb- May 1953     ajf.mog***
Fitzgerald John Fitz 3154722 AC2 10 Mar-May/June 1959   Hut 290. Cpl Lightfoot was in charge.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Flanagan Kevin   K4261525 AC2 Oct-Dec 1960   Posted to Finningley, 20 Sqn. Tengah & Uxbridge kflana9146***
Flaxman John   4096390 AC2 1952   Also see the 'Memories' page bigmonsy***
Fleet John   4252633   May-July 1959   34 Flt 'D' Sqd. Train at Sutton on Hull as a Fireman francis.fleet***
Fletcher John T Fletch 2728925 AC2 July-Aug 1954 Mike Collins, Roger Every, Dave Garratt, M Foster Flight did the Battle of Britain march through Bridgnorth with fixed bayonets john.fletcher7***
Fletcher Roy Scouse 5091270 AC2 Sept-Nov 1959   I was in D Flt.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Fleury Allen   2731343 AC2 July-Sept 1954 Any Now living in Suffolk allen.fleury***
Flinders Gordon Flin 3127806 AC2 Cook Headquarters 1951-1952 Any staff from headquarters kitchen. Also see the 'Memories' page gflinders2002***
Flint Roy Stuart Roy 2766046 AC2 Aug-Oct 1955 Anyone in D Sqd, 15 Flt   planeairpilot***
Floyd Gwilym Taff   Cpl 1958     gwilymfloyd***
Foley Daniel   4193687 AC2 1957 Any of 10 Flt 'A sqd, Spring 1957   westkywinds***
Foord Brian Snowy 5061703 AC2 July-Sept 1958   Also see the 'Memories' page snowyfoord***
Forber Jeff   K4268481 AC2 Basic Training Dec 1961-Jan 1962     jeff.forber***
Forbes Noel   3148651 AC2 Jan-Mar 1956 Anyone who remembers me   noel.margaret11***
Ford Victor Vic Y4254983 AC2 Oct-Dec 1959 Anyone Thanks to Mick Eyles for his Squadron photo. I am now living in New Forest.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Forde John Paddy P4273651 AC2 June-Aug 1962 Anyone who served at this time, I was in Hut 220 Also see the 'Memories' page mike.forde***
Foreman Robert Jock 5060415 AC2 1959 Albert M,Niel We enlisted together & lost touch bigbobby***
Foreman Brian   5066382 LAC 1959     bri.foreman***
Forrest Ray Paddy 4201868 SAC Sept 1959 J Hellier & ?George Forrest, Carlisle J Hellier N.S. - later joined the Anglican Monestry, Birmingham. George Forrest N.S. rayforrest***
Forster Bill   5069965 AC2 July-Sept 1959 Gary Hill, Arthur Howell, John Whitehead, Bob Henderson, Dave Green Hut 25, 'A' Sqd, 4 Flt.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Forsyth Albert Al 3515232 AC2 8 Jan-10 Mar 1953 Members of 2 Flight. Anyone who remembers Bandy the Bandmaster. Recruit training under Corporal Lantaff.
Also see the 'Memories' page.
Al has also written a poem recalling his time at Bridgnorth
Forsyth Dennis   5074926 Cpl June 1960-Jan 1962 Any persons whom I trained or served with Drill Instructor 'A' Sqd, 7 Flt and 'B' Sqd 22 Flt dennis.forsyth***
Fortescue Maurice   4153010 Cpl RAF Regiment 1958     maurice.fortescue***
Fostekew Norman   4266597 AC2 Sept-Nov 1961   Also see the 'Memories' page fostekew***
Foster Graham Danny 2422158 AC2 Feb 1949     john.colbourne***
Foster Stephen Steve L4261364 AC2 Oct-Nov 1960 Anyone from Hut 136   stephen.foster27***
Foulkes David Taffy A4275108 SAC Fireman 1962 Anyone listed on the photograph '1962 Oct'   davejanfoulkes***
Fovargue Charles Chas 4245825 AC1 Oct-Dec 1958 Anyone who knew me I was posted to RAF Compton Basset for trade training chasnval***
Fowler Kenneth     Cpl 1954-1957   These are my grandads details. He was a Cpl trainer.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Fowler Leslie Kenneth Les or "Ses" 3526568 AC2 recruit trainee Latter end of 1958 Clifford Hill from Totton, nickname "Fester" Also see the 'Memories' page lesm3fjy***
Fowler Roy   4090548 AC2 Jan 1952     carlene.fowler***
Fox Anthony John Tony 4266789 AC2 Aug-Sept 1961     superfoxy***
Fox Baz   5071924 AC2 1959-1960 Jim Fox Jim was from Glasgow, No.507815, we were inseperable.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Fox Chris   4272946 AC2 May-Sept 1962   Langan-Fox from '71. Retd Flt. Ltin '82.
Prom to AVM for ten mins!
Also see the 'Memories' page
Fox Dave   4120147 AC2 Jan 1953   Also see the 'Memories' page davey147***
Fox Eric   4135523 AC2 Sept 1953     eric.fox3***
Fox John Foxy 3525995 AC2 Apr 1958 Hugh McLaughan Also see the 'Memories' page john.fox39***
Foxall Jesse       WW2 Lillian Rose Meecham/Foxall Also see the 'Memories' page gcdmm***
France ?   4172876 AC2 Aug-Oct 1955 Victor Pearson and anyone who remembers me Also see the 'Memories' page gfrance19***
France Malcolm   4182811 AC2 May-July 1956   Went from Bridgnorth to Sutton on Hull as Fireman malcolmfrance***
Francis Michael   4246205 AC2 Oct 1958 Anyone who can remember me Went to Sutton on Hull fire school firechief***
Franklin Alan     AC2 Feb-Apr 1949 Anyone who served with me, Hut 51. with Sgt. O'Sullivan alanandjo***
Fraser Allan Buckie 2467130 AC2 Apr-May 1950   Also see the 'Memories' page aafraser***
Fraser Colin   2776885 AC2 Nov 1955-Jan 1956 Anyone who remembers the suffering!! Also see the 'Memories' page codec19***
Fraser John   4130089 AC2 June-Aug 1953 Anyone who remembers me Can't remember the hut No. I was Deputy Senior Man.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Fraser John Jock 3151462 AC2 Jan-Apr 1957 Tam and John from Hamilton Scotland. Service Nos. both sides of mine Also see the 'Memories' page fraser897***
Frazer George Alexander Paddy 4201308 AC2 13 October 1958 Anyone from hut 15 8 weeks recruit training fregs***
Freeman Brian   3523428 Snr. Aircraftsman, Messman Aug 1956-1960 Roger Flemming, Colin Andrews and any others at that time B Sqd, Flt 17, 1956 alison_freeman***
Freeman Dennis Den 5052866 AC2 1957   I was Senior Man in Hut dennisfreeman1a***
Freeman Frederick Fred 916461 ACH 6 March-29 March 1940   My father, now deceased, was a FEPOW.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Freeman Melvyn Pip H4275068 AC2 24 Sept-26 Nov 1962 Anyone from Hut 213 Also see the 'Memories' page melvyn.freeman***
Freeman Victor John John 4168057 AC2 26 Apr-end June 1955 Colin Rogers, John Ferchall, David Perry & others of intake I was billeted in either Hut 208 or 209.
Cpl Shaw was one of the two DI's.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Freemantle Bill (w.j.) Pompey 4154989 AC1 Basic training Aug-Sept 1954 Any on photo "1954 - Hut 220 in Sept" Also see the 'Memories' page william.freemantle***
Freer John Jack 4254940 LAC Sept-Dec 1959 Arthur Burley Lived in Manchester area jack.freer***
French Eddie   4270816 AC2 Feb-May 1962 Anyone who may remember me   efrenchjsy***
French James Jim 4191683 AC2 Jan 1957 Anyone with me then or later Was in hut 215 and was drilled by Cpl Smart jimfrench1939***
Frisby John Robert     Drill Instructor 1951 onwards Anyone who remembers me   SPRINTCOURIERS***AOL.COM
Frost Colin   5080349 AC2 1960     lionscroft***
Frusher Kenneth David Ken 4192674 AC2 1957? Anyone who remembers me Billet 125 - Flight mfrusher***
Fry Alec   4187686 AC2 9 Oct-20 Nov 1956   Also see the 'Memories' page fry.alec***
Fry David Dave 2620866 AC2 Feb 1957   Went to be a Driver in Germany fryingpan37***
Fry Godfrey Goff 5082034 AC2 15 Oct 1960 Fred Ankers Lost photo of hut godfreyfry39***
Full David Michael Dave 3527186 AC2 1958   Also see the 'Memories' page dandmfull***
Fullarton Frank   2436553 AC2 1949-1950 Any Station bandsmen around that time Station bandmaster was a Warrant Officer Fairgreaves "Bandi".
Also see the 'Memories' page
Fuller Edgar   5055341 AC2 Jan-Feb 1958   To Credenhill then Nicosia m-elimegrove***
Fuller Gerald Ged 5055063 AC2 Dec 1957 Anyone who knows me I remember Cpl Bowker janetmfuller***
Fuller Ian   5080674 AC2 Sept-Nov 1960   J/T Air Wirless Fitter from RAF Watton in 1962 ifuller***
Fuller Raymond Ray 2758099 AC2 June-July 1955 Anybody who was there Hut 84. 12 Flt. C Sqd rayjayf***
Funnell Peter Lofty 5077519 AC2 May-June 1960 Graham Richards 5077506. Both of us later RAFP Spent time in Station Flight awaiting posting to Netheravon, followed by Marham.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Furnival Roy   4246746 AC1 1958-1959     meerkat***
Fyfe Ronnie   5080212 AC2 Aug-Nov 1960 Anyone from hut 57 Going to Wolverhamton to see Wolves play Tottenham Hotspur fyferonnie***
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Gabb Keith Gabby 5061513 AC2 1958   Cpl who played Frank Sinatras records morning, noon and night keith.gabb***
Anthony   4190160 AC2 28 Nov 1956   His son says "I have a group photograph of him ......."
Also see the 'Memories' page
Galbraith Albert Paddy C4200532 AC2 Feb-Apr 1957 Anyone who remembers me We were in A Sqd, 9 Flt
Also see the 'Memories' page
Gale John   2481883 AC2 Aug-Sept 1950 Anyone of my entry I was in hut 3/6 but remember no names.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Gale Roger   R4267480 AC2 Oct 1961 Colin Thorley   rogerandangela***
Gallagher James   U4274599 AC2 Aug-Sept 1962   Also see the 'Memories' page gallagher328***
Galley Terry   5050053 AC2 Sept 1957-Feb 1958     terry.galley***
Galway Thomas   4199766 AC2 25 Oct 1954-Jan 1955 Any person that knew me Missed the passing out parade, posted to Egypt patriciamcc***
Gammon-Hardaway Ken   2401438 AC1 Aug 1948     hardaway***
Gannie Ian Geordie/Spotty 4274140 AC2 10 July 1962 Anyone who remembers me Shared a hut (# 134 ?) with a lot of Jock's.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Gardiner Clive Black 2724383 AC2 May 1954 John Connor or anyone at the same period Posted to Compton Basset.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Gardner James Jim 4108692 Storeman 'x' Aug 1952 Any Posted to North Cotes, 28MU Harpur Hill, 128MU Abu Sultan, Mafraq Jordan jimwgardner***
Gardner Ray Geordie 5027897 AC2 Aug-Oct 1956 Any Also see the 'Memories' page r.gardner671***
Garlick Kevin   5080181 AC2 1960   National Service lkgarlick***
Garner John   2761436 Recruit July-Aug 1955 B Drennan, G Dexter, K Haigh Members of 10 Flight john.garner97***
Garner Ken   4069588 AC2 May-June 1951 Senior Man. We won the drill cup. D.I. Sgt Hoey.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Garner Ray   5043799 SAC (Medics) April 1957 Any guys from hut 008 National Service 1957 to 1959 ray.garner***
Garrett John Iain 4197593 AC2 Aug-Oct 1957 Anyone who remembers a D.I. Cpl Gault or Sally Ann doughnuts Went on to Compton Bassett for ground wireless training j.b.garrett***
Garrod James Jim 5039643 AC2 Recruit later J/T Jan-March 1957   On to Weeton, Cardington Gas Factory and RAF Katunayake, Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
Also see the 'Memories' page
Garry Jack   4086837 AC2 Dec 1951-Jan 1952 Reg (Spider) Webb and anyone who would remember me. Also see the 'Memories' page jgarry2***
Gartrell Geoffrey   5026413 AC2 June-July 1956 D.I. Cpl Kleiser. A Flt I was senior man during my period wtih A Flt.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Gatford Tony   5017497 AC1 1956     agatford***
Gawne Brian   T4258196 AC2 Apr-May 1960     dragonlord***
Geapin George Cockney 2774162 AC1 Oct-20 Dec 1955 Dave Hyde from Eltham, London Our drill Cpl Scott was a Brummie. We won the drill cup B Flt.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Geary Peter   T4248129 AC2 Jan-Feb 1959   Also see the 'Memories' page peter.e.geary***
Gee Edith PeeWee   NAFFI 1944-1948 Anyone who remembers me Also see the 'Memories' page margaretbaines***
Geldart Anthony Tony 3524798 AC2 Apr-June 1957 Anyone   Anthonypg***
Genever Roy   4116135 Recruit Nov 1952-Jan 1953 4116104 AC Hugh Meggs of 4 Flt 1 Wing I am in the group photograph listed as '1953 4 Flt, 1 Wing' roy.genever***
George Terry Tel 4099356 AC2 1952   Six Weeks basic training***
George Tony   5076531 AC2 Mar-Apr 1960 Neville Monk Also see the 'Memories' page tonyg39***
Gerrard Eric Gerry 4254473 AC2 Oct-Nov 1959     gerrycgerrard***
Gibbard Derek   4091405 Cpl 1952 Walter McCleary   derekagibbard***
Gibbs Colin Gibbo 4259563 AC2 June-July 1960 Any members 30 Flt June 1960   colingibbsindover***
Gibbs Ian   P4273617 AC 14 June-Aug 1962     ian***
Gibson Gibo   2395704 Basic training March 1948     lcandfp***
Gibson Jeff   3155742 AC2 Apr 1960     jeff_gibson***
Gibson John Paddy 4269316 AC2 Jan-Mar 1962 Seamus Hawkins, Doug Dougless   rath.dob44***
Gibson Maurice Mo X4268885 AC2 6 Dec 1961-Mar 1962   21 Flt, 'B' Sqd and 13 Flt 'B' Sqd, Cpl Payne, Sgt Jackson, Sgt Hadden, Flt Lt Radke.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Giggins Richard Dick 1868628 AC2 Feb-May 1944 Any "Square bashing" course, then to Bridlington and later Yatesbury & Madley.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Gilbert George   5076099 AC2 Mar-May 1960     geo19362002***
Gilbert Tom   4111343 AC2 Sept-Dec 1952 Anyone who remembers me   tomgilbert4***
Gildea Joseph Joe 4241847 AC2 Aug 1958 Anyone with a better memory than me! Can't remember Hut, Flt or Squad!
Also see the 'Memories' page
Giles David Flash 4273842 AC2 June-Sept 1962 Bob Laird Would love to hear from any
of you 23 Flt guys
Gill Edward   3113437 AC2 March 1948   Also see the 'Memories' page edgill437***
Gill Raymond   2430103 AC2 May-June 1949 Anyone who remenbers me   r.gill986***
Gill Roger   5063847 AC2 Oct 1958     roger.gill1123***
Gillett Peter   5044516   1957-1958     petina12***
Gillibrand Vincent Gillie 4270864 AC2 Feb-March 1962 Anyone of Hut 156, B Flt Posted to RAF Freckelton then to Shawbury, ending up at RAF Valley v.gillibrand***
Gillis Ian   2617783 AC2 but substantive SAC Electrical Mechanic Late Dec 1959-19 Feb 1960   Posted to RAF Locking then RAF Boulmer.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Gillis William Bill 4203383 AC2 Jan-Feb 1961 Dave Topham Also see the 'Memories' page britenn***
Gittins Brian Jerry 4141041 AC2 Oct 1953-Feb 1954 Anyone Cpl Smith, Cpl Frisby, Cpl Floyd, Sgt Meeson carolian-***
Given James Jim 4120328 Cpl radar opr 3 Jan-4 Mar 1953 Can't remember names Served for 3 yrs at Yatesbury, Patrington, Inverbervie. Also in the Coronation.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Glackin Ambrose Paddy 4202453 AC2 Jan-Mar 1961     Logostel***
Glazier Keith   5091721 AC2 28 Nov 1960-Feb 1961 Tim Hunt Short stay and posted to Compton Bassett for TPO training.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Glen Andrew Jock or Andy P3528893 AC2 Aug/Sept 1960   I did Guard picket duty over the August Grant.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Glenn William Bill   AC2 1956     geoff.glenn***
Glover Roy   4243134 AC2 1958 Brian Entwistle Also see the 'Memories' page sparkeyroy***
Glue Mike Sticky 4257200 AC2 25 Feb-16 Apr 1960   Billeted in hut 156, 15 Flight, B Sqdn.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Godber Roland Roly S4273637 AC2 June-Aug 1962     rolandgodber***
Goddard Derrick   4145855 AC2 1954     the19thhole***
Goddard John John/Pompey 4263656 Trainee Aug-Oct 1959 Anyone Hut 319. Cpl Hoath was D.I. marg_john1***
Goddard Malcolm   5076633 AC2 Apr 1960 Anyone MT training at Weeton.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Goddard Roger Portly 40 4266246 AC1 21 Aug 1961   Posted to RAF Weeton trade training fcw rogergoddard***
Goddard William Bill 2364370 AC2 Aug-Nov 1947 Derick Abel A lovely old town billandliz2010***
Godfree     4257335 AC2 1960     bgodfree***
Golden Barry Goldie 4098628 AC2 May-June 1952   'A' Flt. The end hut opposite the NAAFI? bazgolden***
Golding Peter Pete 4121503 AC2 Jan 1953   Also see the 'Memories' page Peter.Golding***
Golding Victor   3154407 AC2 Jan-May 1959   Also see the 'Memories' page victorgolding***
Goldsmith Barry   5074822 AC2 Jan-March 1960 Anyone from billet 87/88 13 Flight, B Sqd, Blue Badge Bvbdgoldsmith***
Goldsworthy Bill   3523467   1956-57     billgoldsworthy***
Gollan Richard   4127513 Cpl 1953     c/o jd0110748***
Gollings Byron George   3507976 LAC Bricklayer Airfield Construction Branch Sept-Oct 1950 Mick Bickerton I think it was either 12 Flt or Hut 12 that I was in. byron.gollings***
Goodall David   1931035 Basic training Nov 1959 to early 1960 anyone who was at Bridgnorth at same time   goodall***
Goodall William Bill 4107951 AC2 Aug 1952 Anyone from 16 Flt, D Sqd Remember Cpl McKie? as DI williamgoodalloairforce***
Goode Brian   4105398 Aero/Firemam July-Sept 1952 Eric Goodacre I made a visit last week just 51 years since I completed my initial training.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Goodenough Alan Goodie T4143310 AC2 Jan-March 1954   Also see the 'Memories' page ajandagood***
Goodman Clifford Benny 2719945 Clerk Org Sept 1954-
Mar 1956
Cpl Whitehouse, Donald Donald Worked in Secret & Confidential Registry, SHQ and RAF Kinema cliffordndaphne***
Goodwin Brian   3513372 AC May-July 1952   Went on to Weeton then to Khormaksar. Finished my time at 71 Mu Bicester in 1956 loftyg***
Goodwin Harold Royden   1530557 AC2 10 July 1941 I can't remember their names now. I think we were assigned to 5 Wing, 4 Recruitment Centre. Does that make sense?
Also see the 'Memories' page
Goodwin Robert Bob 2458034 AC2 Feb-April 1950   Also see the 'Memories' page Deceased 2008
Goodwin Robert Bob 5067264 AC2 1959 Brian Steele Later postings: Yatesbury, Thorney Island, Gutersloh
Also see the 'Memories' page
Gordon Charlie   F4259684 AC2 July-Aug 1960 Willie Galligan. Any one from Hut 293 D Squadron Yellow Disk behind badge Left Dundee together. Slept in next bed to me then went to Compton Basset charliegordon***
Gordon Robert Bob 5034165 AC2 Nov-Dec 1956
  Also see the 'Memories' page linda_gordon***
Gorner Martin Martin/Marty 3529379 AC2 Jan-Mar 1961 Anyone from that period   j.mgorner***
Goslin George Rodney Rod 5058008 JT Radar Fitter (rotors) March 1958 Any 296SU 1959? Later at RAF Locking and 296SU Schleswig.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Gough     3111037 AC2 Dec 1947-May 1948 P Hoult 2374199 and Johnny Johnson 3111032 After square bashing, Clerk u/t pay accounts at Bridgnorth for 3 mths Ashwingough***
Gould Ray   5074938 AC2 Jan-Mar 1960     raygould69***
Gould Thomas   4258656 AC2 May 1960     tvgould***
Gouldsmith Raymond Goldy 3111673 AC2 Dec 1947-Feb 1948 J Collings, Reg Frewin, Ginger Hemmings After training posted to RAF Melksham r.gouldsmith***
Gourley Roy   E4267401 AC2 Oct 1961 Anyone in 5 Flt A Sqd   roygourley***
Gow George   4156846 AC Aug 1954   Was only here for square bashing george***
Gow John   5064178 AC2 Oct 1958     jackandthora***
Grace David Ginger 4173500 Wages Clerk Sept 1955   I've put this on for my dad, if anybody remembers him please leave a message agrace***
Graham Errol Paddy 4240436 SAC, Fireman Driver May-July 1958 Anyone who I served with   errol***
Graham Robert Dick   4272100 AC2 April-June 1962 Anyone in Hut 182 at that time From what I can remember, it wasn't too bad dickandval.graham***
Graham Sydney Syd G4265804 AC2 July-Sept 1961 Albert Hall 4265801
Anyone in 17 Flt, B Sqd
Albert came from Darlington. Served 9 years in RAF
Also see the 'Memories' page
Graham Tom Paddy 4201436 AC2 Nov 1959 Anyone Yellow cap disc.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Graham Thomas Tam 4265364 AC2 June 1961 Anyone Only did basic training here tam.graham***
Grainge Malcolm   2598845 Recruit July-Aug 1953 'Vincent' Hooper Also see the 'Memories' page Grainge***
Grainger Ken   4183522 AC1 1956 Anyone who remembers me? Hut 156, B Sqd Bridgnorth 1956
Also see the 'Memories' page
Grant Ian Thomas Jock       Hut 55 For a surprise, his son is hoping to contact people who served with his dad neilgrant08***
Grant John (Ian)   4260644 AC2 Aug-Oct 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page johnpatgrant***
Grant John k/a Jack Red N3528642 AC2 Feb-Mar 1960 Anyone who was in D Sqdn at the time. Cpl DI was Stevens or Stephens, Sgt Wilson jacmar19***
Grant Michael Mike 5074375 AC2 Nov 1959-Jan 1960   Basic training in Hut 214 grant.chelt***
Grattan Jack   2651247 AC2 July 1961 Colin Passey   boucaud.grattan***
Gratton Royston Roy 2402022 AC2 1948     roygratt***
Gray Ian   4266183 AC2 May-June 1961 Anyone from that time Recruit Catterick firman. Posted Carnaby. Brize Norton Gutersloh
Also see the 'Memories' page
Gray Syd   4264629 AC2 May 1961   I wasn't fit when I arrived at Bridgnorth, but I was when I left syd.g***
Green Alan   5081174 AC2 Oct 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page empressofaustralia70***
Green Anthony Tony 5068702 AC2 Mar 1959     tonyvalgreen***
Green Benjamin       1960     nigel.green666***
Green Clive     AC2 June-July 1959   Also see the 'Memories' page c.green549***
Green David Dave 5045498 AC2 1957 Graham Trundle We were under Cpl Pattison dw_green***
Green David   3154953 AC2 June 1959     david***
Green Francis Joseph Jacky Green 2435847 AC2 July-Aug 1949 Anyone out of 3 huts comprising 23 Flt Also see the 'Memories' page josephgreen***
Green Gordon John Pop.(eyes right) B4162109 AC2 Recruit Dec 1954-Feb 1955 DI Cpl Thurston, Doug Breach, Alan Crosby, Jeff Ball 12 yrs Service.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Green James Jim 2450701 AC2 Nov 1949-Feb 1950     jimgreen***
Green Jim   5079782 AC1 12 Aug 1960   I can only remember Cpl McCluskey! james***
Green John   P4269536 AC2 16 Jan 1962     jggreen***
Green Lewis Yorky 4080648 AC2 Sept 1951 Anyone from hut 2/20   lgreen***
Green Michael Mike 3114403 AC2 June-July 1948   Also see the 'Memories' page mikedrums***
Green Michael Mike 3513371 AC2 June-July 1952   8 week basic training course prior to posting for trade training at Compton Bass.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Green Robin   5081601 AC2 Nov-Dec 1960 Mike Gale National Service - Hereford, Hendon, IAM Farnborough jrobing***
Green Ron   2787003 AC2 March 1956     rotol77***
Green Ross   4191213 AC2 Jan 1956 Norman Wager   ronnie421***
Greenall Robert   4184194 AC2 June 1956 None   robert.4184greenall1***
Greensides Colin   4144294 AC2 2 Feb-31 Mar 1954 Anybody who knew me at Bridgnorth. Also see the 'Memories' page c.greensides***
Greenup John   2481852 AC2 Mid 1950 Can't recall any names!!   jgreenup***
Greenway Stuart East 2438849 AC2 Recruit Aug-Sept 1949   Eventualy the DI where great blokes.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Greenwood Keith   2475404 AC2 1950 Anyone who may remember me   greenwoodkeith***
Greer Robert Paddy 4099950 AC2 Oct 1953-Feb 1954 Any one from 6 Flt Dislocated my shoulder boxing so spent the rest of my time with my arm in a sling robert.greer80***
Gregory Derek   3358337 AC2 7 Oct 1957   Hut 42, A Flt for 8 weeks paul.botting-locksmith***
Gregory Eric   4174161 AC2 Sept 1955 Any known colleagues In the time of Drill instructor Cpl Oakley brown_ronald***
Gregory Graham   4131242 AC 1953     g.gregory83***
Gregory John   4173226 AC2 Sept 1955   Also see the 'Memories' page willenhall73***
Gregory Michael Mike 4189261 AC2 Nov 1956-Jan 1957 Anyone who remembers me 22 Flt C Sqd.
Heavy snow after Xmas grant
Gregory Raymond   4143792 AC2 Feb-Apr 1954     r.gregory445***
Gregory Raymond Ray A4258165 AC2 April 1960     raymond.gregory1***
Greig Martin   5056354 AC2 Jan 1958-Mar 1958 Anyone from Hut 174, especially Jack McMillan Left Bridgnorth for Compton Bassett and training in radar.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Greig Stewart Stoo 2480954 AC2 July-Sept 1950   Posted to Scampton then Barnwood siggy1932***
Grey Alfred   4122018 AC2 10 Feb 1953     awg212***
Grey Peter Dolly 4273448 AC2 Volunteer trainee June-July 1962   Also see the 'Memories' page petermaggie***
Grey Robert Bob 4244711 AC2 Oct 1958 Anyone who remembers No recollection of names, quite a shock to the system but would not have missed the experience. bobgrey1***
Gribbin William Blondy 2409508 AC2 18 Oct 1948 Any   we-willy***
Griffin Terry   5043320 AC2 Apr-Aug 1957 Doug Bradley (5043321) Bridgnorth/No.1 Radio School Locking/Raf Normanby by Spittal/RAF Sylt terry***
Griffin Stanley Stan 3525585 AC2 Nov 1957   Also see the 'Memories' page stanley.griffin***
Griffiths Brian   5071730 AC1 Aug-Nov 1959     bricyclehenleaze***
Griffiths Edward Paul   2757855 RAF Regiment 1955     missrachi51***
Griffiths Michael Taff / Mick N4275529 AC2 Dec 1962 - early Feb 1963 Patrick Mcgarry. Roger Kartassie and a geordie called Bill. I think Bill went on to the RAF Regiment.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Griffiths Donald Don 4243627 AC2 Sept-Oct 1958 Any   dongriffiths18***
Griggs William Maximillian   5053369 AC2 Oct 1957-Jan 1958   I'm in the '1957 - Hut 36 in Nov' photo.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Grimes George   4235160 AC2 1957-1958   Also see the 'Memories' page g.grimes***
Grinstead Michael Mike / Mick 4274498 AC2 Aug 1962   Became airframe tradesman, later flew as aircrewman on helicopters.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Groombridge Dennis   4070673 AC2 29 May 1951 Any there then Changed name by deed poll now Kennard dennis.kennard***
Gromett Maurice   4275647 AC2 Nov 1962-Feb 1963     f.gromett***
Grosvenor Kenneth Froz 5020876 AC2 1956 Anyone at that time   keng2009***
Grundy Ian Pru 4265864 AC2; 31 July 1961   Trained by Cpl Henderson gpart2***
Guest Gerry   5023539 AC2 June 1956 Bryan Groves I'm on his photo '1956 - July Flt'.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Guest Leslie Giner 2754180 AC1 May-June 1955 Norman Barlow I was the taller of the two senior men on the 2nd row ednaandlesguest***
Guise Gordon Brum   AC 1958     g.guise***
Gulliver Tony Gully 4255997 AC2 Dec 1959-1960 Harry Gardener, Chris Carter, Chic Brody   gullyraf***
Gunn George Ben 4140033 AC2 Nov 1953-Jan 1954 Malcolm Jones, Malcolm Groves, Desmond Haggurty, Derek Hobbs. Any friends from Hut 219. Nov 1953-Jan 1954 under Cpl Vernon.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Gushlow Robert Bob W4130022 AC2 Basic Training June 1953 Anyone   robert***
Guy Alexander   2466290 AC2 Apr-June 1950     barbera.guy***
Guy Peter   5059921 AC2 Apr 1958 Anyone from Hut 315   shirleyguy***
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Haddock Reg Smokey and others!! 4162052 Erk Mid Dec 1954   Posted to FEAF so never passed out!!
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hadley John   3153293 SAC 1958   Posted to RAF Credenhill for Trade Training and then to RAF Swinderby.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hailwood Roger   3155221 AC2 Sept 1959   Also see the 'Memories' page roger.hailwood***
Haines Donald   5078561 AC2 July 1960   Just remember volunteering to do guard duty over August Bank holiday donaldhaines39***
Haithwaite Keith   X4270938 AC2 17 Mar-18 May 1962   Hut 155, B Sqd. D.I. Cpl Thomas haithwaik***
Hale Eric Lofty 4019586 AC2 1947 Any Also see the 'Memories' page ehalest***
Hale John   5051154 AC2 Sept-Dec 1957 Mick Piper 32 Flt D Sqd.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Halfyard Tony     Square bashing May 1957 Any one who remembers me   tonyhalfyard***
Hall Colin   4048442 AC2 Nov 1950-Jan 1951 21 Flt Called up for National Service late l950. Signed on for extra year.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hall Doug   3520473 AC2 Mar 1955     hall***
Hall Geoffrey Jeff 5033663 AC1 Oct-Nov 1956 All in C Flt Hut 183   joanandgeoff***
Hall Henry Frank or Ginger 5034722 AC2 Oct 1956-Jan 1957 Any one 9 Flt, A Sqd, Red cap disc.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hall Joe Jock W4262770 AC2 10 Jan-17 Mar 1960   One week pool flight then eight square bashing.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hall John   2394311 AC2 1948     john***
Hall Kenneth Ken 5082168 AC1 Nov 1960-Feb 1961     kennhall***
Hall Malcolm   5069730 AC2 June 1959     mendoza67***
Hall Martin Jack/Tom 4252845
(a 'H' added later)
AC2 July-Aug 1959   My eight weeks square bashing in 'B' (blue) Squadron?
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hall Noel Howard Jock 4094465 AC2 Apr 1952   Also see the 'Memories' page passhall***
Hall Robert Bob P4254727 AC2 Oct 1969 Foggy Foster Initial Training.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hall Victor Vic 3081714 Cpl Service Police 1948   Attatched from 130 Provost Flt vihall***
Halls John   4195629 AC2 May 1957   Holding the shield on the photograph
1959 - Hut 63, 12 Flt
Hallam John   2466467 AC2 Mar 1950 Walter Morgan Following postings etc, I met Walter again at RAF Digby in 1951. Where is he now? johnphallam***
Hallam Kenneth   5023559 AC2 1956 Any there at the time, particularly Brian Fox Also see the 'Memories' page hallamsathome702***
Hallett William Bill 4237925 AC2 10 Mar - May 1958 Lionel Humble? Played cornet in band, hence no square bashing, weapon training, R & I camp
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hallford Richard       1951   Posted by Richard's son who has a photograph dated 18 Dec 1951 r.hallford56***
Halliday Eric   5077183 AC2 25 Apr-July 1960 Anyone from C Sqd In the swimming team, UK,2 T.A.F. Middle East.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Halligan John   L4200601 AC2 Apr-May 1957 Any pals that were in 28 Flt. 'C'Sqn I served in the RAF up to the age of 55 and in general, enjoyed Service life.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hamer Peter   4049315 AC2 Oct-Dec 1950   I think I was in 16 flight. D.I. was Cpl Carroll, a Scotsman. tope.hammich***
Hamilton-Turley Rex     Flying Officer 1960-1962   O/C 12 Flt, A Sqd. O/C Holding Flt.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hampson Graham   X4251869 AC2 May-July 1959 Anyone from Hut 134   grahamhampson9***
Hampton Brian Allan       1956? Brian passed away in 2007. A friend would like to contact; George D.Campbell, Micheal Dawns, J Renton, David Firestone, G Leonard, J McCann. Also see the 'Memories' page sakeywood***
Hamson Maurice   2786317 AC2 Feb 1956 Anyone on Ken Moulds photo of Feb 1956   maurice.hamson***
Hancher Robert Bob N3525644 AC2 Feb 1957     bobhancher***
Handy Tony Geordie 5068925 AC2 May-Sept 1959 Dennis Hales C Sqd. Sgt Dryden was the Boss!! georgehandy2003***
Hanley John   611 AC2 Apr 1957   Deceased.
His Son says John was in Hut 37
Hanlon John Jock 4254550 AC2 1 Oct 1959   Posted to Compton Bassett johnnyhanlon***
Hanrahan Cyril Bas F4273629 AC2-G.R.M.(NAV C) 18 June 1962 Terry Anning Served 22 yrs - Left 18 April 1985 - Chief Technician - L Tech AF.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hanstater David   5056282 AC2 Jan-Feb 1958   Also see the 'Memories' page david***
Harbidge David Dave 3529448 AC2 Mar-May 1961     dam.harbidge***
Hardicre Frank   4137538 AC2 1953     f.hardicre***
Harding Eric   4244392   Sept 1958   At Bridgnorth for eight weeks g6umh***
Harding James Jim 5025643 AC2 June 1956     j12harding***
Harding John Ian D4190392 AC2 (Rec) Dec 1956 Jim Burnet (Anstruther)
Cpl Morton (Cowdenbeath)
Also see the 'Memories' page Kate.Harding1***
Harding John   5066992 SAC Medic 1959 The Lynham Crew 59-61   JohnVHarding***
Hardy Ron   2421218 AC2 1 Jan-3 Apr 1949 Anyone in my photograph Photo listed as '1949 - Hardy's Hut'
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hargrave Brian   T4273378 AC2 June 1962 John McDonagh Stayed on after basic traing awaiting Photographic placement
Also see the 'Memories' page
Harker Colin   4245365 AC2 1958 Anyone who can remember me Posted to Compton Bassett wop training-Wythall-264 su pergamos
Also see the 'Memories' page
Harker Norman Norm E4235980 AC2 Jan-Feb 1958   National Serviceman but signed on for 3 years d.harker693***
Harland Griffith Griff 4248405 AC2 12 Jan 1959 Anyone? I was in C Flt.
I was posted overseas from there.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Harley Kenneth Ken 4275300 AC2 Oct 1962 Any of the Flt still about Extreme right seated next to a lad called Henson if my memory serves me right. Those were the days of disipline globetrotter580***
Harley Walter   2389030 AC2 1948     sylviaeharley***
Harling Michael Mike 4245978 AC2 1958   Now living in British Columbia, Canada MVHarling***
Harnett Michael Alf 4256136 AC2 1959-1960     mharnett38***
Harper David   3522757 AC2 April 1956 Anyone   davidharper757***
Harper Nicholas Nick 4267083 AC2 Sept-Nov 1961   Camping on Clee Hill in grotty weather NickRHarper***
Harper Peter Pete 5079748 AC2 Aug-Sept 1960 Michael Hopper I lost touch with Mick due to many work related moves round the UK and overseas.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Harper Ronald Ron 5062873 AC2 1958-1959 R M Harper Trained as a ballon operator. Demobed 9/60 SAC ronmharper***
Harries David Dai 4257286 AC2 Feb 1960   Played rugby for the RAF team doharries***
Harrington Frank   5045828 AC2 June - July 1957     frank.wh***
Harris Adrian Taff V4264351 AC2 1 May 1961   Went onto RAF Debdon for Police training taf_h***
Harris Alan   4086878 AC2 1950 Anyone from my time there  Also see the 'Memories' page alma.alan***
Harris Dimitri Ray C4269133 AC2 Jan-May 1962   Myself, Malcolm Froud and one other led 10 Flt, 'A' Sqd on to the parade ground to win the cup.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Harris John   2756367 J/T Instruments May-July 1955   267 Sqdn Kuala Lumpur April 1956-April 1957 jesharris9***
Harris Keith Frederick Lofty 2773174 AC2 18 Oct-14 Dec 1955   38 Flt, D Sqd yakharris***
Harris Leslie Taff P4264480 AC2 May 1961     lesharris456***
Harrison Arthur Jordie 4104548 AC2 July-Sept 1952     arthur418***
Harrison David   5069955 AC2 1959   I was in Hut 25 summer 1959.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Harrison Geoffrey   W4272715 AC2 May-June 1962 Members of hut 247   geoffreyharrison***
Harrison John   5050903 LAC Oct-Nov 1957 Roy Stewart, Tony Lawrence, Jim Lower Arrived during Asian flu' epidemic. Slept head to toe. All deferred Apprentices.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Harrison John   5051505 AC2 1957 Any 33 Flt.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Harrison Paul   4270878 AC2 March-May 1962 Mates from B Squadron, 13 Flight, Hut 157 Served 12 years as an Instrument fitter. Later on flight simulators.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Harrison Peter Pete R4275289 AC2 Oct-Dec 1962 Anyone from Hut 158, 7 Flt. Also see the 'Memories' page harrison.peter18***
Harrowing Maurice   J4264674 AC2 1961 Colin Mayhew, Paddy Daily, Taffy (Swansea), Paddy Curran Cpl Bryan was our D.I. and Cpl Williams mauriceharrowing***
Hart Eric Dolly 2677390 Cpl P.T.I. 1957/1958 Bill Thompson Was P.T.I. from Stafford then to Abingdon for P.J.I. course and eventual posting.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hart James Thomas Jim 4060261 AC2 (recruit) 21 Feb-
2 May 1951
Anyone who knew me then I would very much like to contact anyone who has a similar number to me.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hart Robert Bob E4260810 AC2 Sept-Oct 1960 Anybody present (standing to attention) at the same time Great site - not about what we did later; only our memories of Bridgnorth. bobmarhart***
Hart Terry   3528758 AC 1960   Went on to RAF Compton Bassett for w/op training.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hartfield Les   3148468 AC2 Jan-Feb 1956   Halfway through the course hospitalised with pneumonia.Returned in April.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hartland Allen Al U4267287 AC2 Oct 1961-Jan 1962 Roy Gourley E4267401. A Sqd, 5 Flt. Trained as Telegraph Mech. Retired still in communications.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hartland Stanley Ginger 2429987 AC2 3 April 1949 J A Johnson 24 Flt. Won the drill cup stan.hartland***
Hartley Mike   5079407 AC2 July-Aug 1960 Anyone who trained at the same time Cpl Scott was our D.I. assisted by Cpl Andrews.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Harvey Brian Nick 2479070 AC2 July 1950 Blondie Howard from Carshalton, Surrey Cpl Brace. Hut 2, 2 Flt.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Harvey Desmond Taff V4038140 Sgt D.I. 1957-1963 Anyone from that time who remembers me!! 13 flight "B" Squadron Blue Badge ? keith_harvey00***
Harvey Graham Smiler B4268770 AC2 Nov 1961-Feb 1962     grvey***
Harvey James   X4267270 AC2 Sept 1961-Jan 1962   I think I was in Hut 298 with Cpl Crewe james.harvey21***
Harvey Ken   4150945 AC2 Apr-May 1954   Paddy from Ipswich scoobyblue66***
Harvey Norman   3144502 AC2 1954     normanharvey36***
Harvey Peter   4273443 AC2 June-July 1962   Basic Training p.j.harvey62***
Harvey Raymond Ray 4115545 AC2 Nov-Dec 1952 Anyone who remembers me Went on to RAF Weeton. Drill Sgt was Sgt Crimmons, Drill Cpl was Cpl Bennett jan-harvey***
Harvey Roy   4272692 AC2 8 May 1962***
Harwood Ian Ginger A4269445 AC2 11 Jan-Apr 1962 Cpl Nankerville who ended up as S.W.O. RAF Halton I'm on the hut 152, 15 Flt photo.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Harwood Stanley Ginger 2476358 AC2 June-Aug 1950     stanharwood32***
Haslam John Johnny 5091383 SAC Mar-Apr 1960 Don Clare   manchester***
Hatchman Melvin Mel 5046694 AC2 1 July-11 Aug 1957   Alto saxophone player band Flt melandjohatchman***
Hatfield Raymond Ray 4260154 AC2 July-Sept 1960 Eddie Hargreaves Also see the 'Memories' page raymondhatfield***
Hathaway Richard Snowdrop P4265092 AC2 June-Sept 1961 Richard Irving, Ron Johnston, Colin Lowe Also see the 'Memories' page snowdrop123***
Hatt John John or Jock 4257286 AC2 Feb-Apr 1960 Anyone who remembers me   jha_97749***
Hauxwell Colin   4143923 AC2 Jan-Mar 1954 Anyone who remembers me   colin.hauxwell***
Hauxwell William   4109411 AC2 Sept 1952   Also see the 'Memories' page whauxwell***
Hawes Anthony Tony 4065146 AC2 - Recruit April-May 1951     thawes***
Hawes Brian   5079817 AC2 18 Aug-9 Oct approx. 1960 Any one who remembers me or serving in C Flt Hut 245, Cpl Pope the D.I. brianhawes1702***
Hawes Marshall Bill U4198718 AC2 Sept-Nov 1957   Recruited from Met Police to train for RAF Police.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hawkes Syd   5070874 AC2 Aug-Sept 1959 Anyone of the Aug 1959 intake who knew me   sydhawkes***
Hawkins David Hawkeye 4198409 AC2 Sept 1957 Anyone who served with me Also see the 'Memories' page davehawkins40***
Hawkins Ron   5057480 AC2 Jan-Mar 1958 Anyone who was in 12 Flt hut at that time Also see the 'Memories' page backacre***
Hayes Edward Ted 5065620 AC2 Dec 1958-Feb 1959 Anyone from A Sqd Post to Hereford for trade training and to Steamer Point Aden.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hayes Peter   4095047 AC2 18 March 1952   From Leeds alwoodley***
Hayes Robert Bob 4261587 AC2 Oct-Nov 1960     RobertHayes***
Hayhurst John   3527902 AC2 May 1959   PVR'd in January 1986 bikerjohn35279***
Haylor Tony   K4270767 AC2 Apr-June 1962   A Flt my1st.go***
Hayman David Ging 2481946 AC2 Aug-Sept 1950 Cpl Hayman 20 Flt, everyone generally fair and reasonable.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Haynes Anthony Tony 4152311 AC2 June 1954 It's so long ago I can't remember one! Served 3 years. Re-enlisted in the RAF Regiment 3 years later.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Haynes John   R4272683 AC1 9 May 1962   Also see the 'Memories' page haynes***
Haynes Maurice Moggi T4271411 AC2 1962   Got confirmed at the local church ( name? )
Also see the 'Memories' page
Haynes Michael   2777725 AC2 1955     mahaynes***
Hayward John   5029950 AC2 Sept 1956     johnnyh354***
Hazlewood Malcolm Malc 4256203 AC1 Dec 1959-Feb 1960 Anyone from the same intake   hazlewood5***
Hayward Terrence   4247942 AC2 1958     terrencehayward***
Haywood Brian   4171570 AC2 July 1955 Malcom Handscomekj Malcom & I were both in the same billet and both came from Bradford.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Haywood Michael Harry 3522825 SAC April-May 1956    Also see the 'Memories' page mikem0bzy***
Head Michael Mick 5015685 AC2 Mar-June 1956 Anyone Walter Joyce (played for Burnley) was in same hut 40, 3 flt, A Sqd
Also see the 'Memories' page
Healy George   4136362 AC2 Sept-Nov 1953 Jim Macrae from Cumbernauld or anyone who may remember me Do not remember hut number but Cpl Smith was D.I. ghealy***
Heaney Sid     AC2 Mar-Apr 1960   38 Flt. D Sqd sid.heaney***
Hearle Reginald   3520224 Cpl D.I. 1955-1957 Anyone who remembers me   reghearle***
Hearn David   4190465 AC2 Dec 1956-Mar 1959 Any other recruits of that time who remember me   david.hearn1***
Heath Alexander Alec 5037579 AC2 Dec 1956-Feb 1957 Anyone who remembers me Also see the 'Memories' page alecpat***
Heaton John   4119549 AC2 9 Jan-20 Feb 1953     jjheaton***
Heatley Leslie Paddy 3505097 AC2 May-June 1955 Eric Lawton Eric submitted several photographs of the training flt 1955 nomad232***
Hector Gordon   5059264 AC2 Apr 1959   Hut 14 'A' Sqd.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Heeley Peter   X4273281 AC2 May-June 1962 William Cousins Also see the 'Memories' page rupertheeley***
Helling Derek   5076192   Mar-June 1960     dereklh***
Hemingway Roy Taff Y4269856 AC2 Jan-Apr 1962   Also see the 'Memories' page royail***
Hemmings Barry   5059897 AC2 Apr-June 1958 Any Hut 309, Flt 40, Cpl Rawlson Also see the 'Memories' page b_hemmings***
Henden Philip   4051560 AC2 Nov 1950-Jan 1951   I was in Cpl Slater's hut.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Henderson Bill   5075262 AC2 Feb-Mar 1960 Mike Gratland   bill.h***
Henderson Jack   2431277 AC2 May-July 1949 Anyone in D.I. Cpl Cadd's hut - 3 Flt, 1 Wing Also see the 'Memories' page henderson***
Henderson James Jimmy B4247737 AC2 Dec 1958-Feb 1959   Hut 43 jaiceehitch10***
Henderson William Bill 4255357 Trainee 1959 SAC Reynolds C. Reynolds was my best man at Ackrotri in Cyprus. No contact since 1964.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hendren David   4253520 AC2 Aug-Oct 1959   Played cornet in Station band d.hendren***
Henry (deceased) Gilbert       1958 ? Joe Livingstone (Livi) Also see the 'Memories' page boldinivalli***
Henry Jim Geordie K4263786 AC2 Mar-May 1961     Jimboh786***
Hepburn Ian   4258390 AC2 April-May 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page sleicos***
Hering Graham   C4262329 AC2 Nov 1960 Paul Gainsworth Did my basic training there graham.hering***
Hermiston Alexander Alex 5100088 AC2 Summer 1959   Also see the 'Memories' page hermiston163***
Hermolle Michael Mick/Mike 4220244 AC2 16 July - ?13 Sept 1962     mikehermolle***
Herrington William Bill F4275245 AC2 Oct-Dec 1962     billherrington***
Heseltine Thomas Byron   P4261367 AC2 1960   Basic training jenny.heseltine***
Heward Alan Geordie 2452789 AC2 Dec 1949-Jan 1950 Corporal Drill Instructor Trevor Mepham I was in 6 Flight, Hut No.7.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hewitt Don   4075326 AC2 24 July-Sept 1951 Anyone in 14 Flt   don.hewitt***
Heyward Ron   2720734 AC2 April-July 1954   The Lad from Manchester.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hickey Peter Pete 5068958 AC2 May-June 1959   36 Flt, Hut 292, D Sqd. Senior man.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hicks John Bert 681995 AC2 Oct-Dec 1960 Anyone from Hut 217 Hut 217, forgotten Flight/Squadron.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hide Colin   V4193001 AC2 Feb-April 1957 Anyone who remembers me Hut 183, 27 Flight, C Sqd, posted to Shawbury for Ops Clerk training.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Higgins Brian   U4261997 AC2 Nov 1960 John Hillier Would not have missed the experience and what an experience.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Higgs Graham   5059250 AC1 1958 David Liddel Only there for 3 mths Apr-June itsgrahamh***
High David Jock 4257608 AC2 1960 Any   angus1942***
Highcazony Ivan Arnold Hike W4273182 AC2 1962   I went on to serve in Aden.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Highman David Dave 4239025 AC2 Mar-Apr 1958 Cpl Gell Looking to hear from any of my old colleagues who were in training with me. alanjayne***
Hilder Frank   5071643 AC2 Sept-Dec 1959   Anyone who remembers me.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hildrew John   4260463 AC2 1960 Alan Dumbell.
Comment by Webmaster - Alan posted his contact details in 2011.
Hut 136.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hilier Gerald Taff 4092521 AC1 Feb 1952     molliegerry***
Hill Anthony Tony 4271472 AC2 26 March 1962 Any of the guys who arrived on the 26 March 1962 and were in B sqn (forgotten the Hut no:) for the 8 weeks training.Also see the 'Memories' page tonyhill7***
Hill Brian Hilly 5063004 AC2 Aug-Sept 1958     hill285***
Hill John Jake 5062681 AC2 Sept 1958     Hilljake0239***
Hill Kevin   4269152 AC2 Jan-May 1962   I'm on the '1962 - Band in May' Photo.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hill Leslie   5066572 AC2 Feb-Apr 1959   Hut 189, 21 Flt, C Sqd. Passed out 10 Apr 1959.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hill Norman Doc 2727682 AC2 July-Sept 1954 Anyone from Hut 33 I can remember Cpl Tucker and Cpl Bishop both D.I.s
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hill Peter   5072173 AC2 Sept-Nov 1959 David Gentle. Any in Hut 160, 'C'Sqd, 26 Flt Also see the 'Memories' page p.j.hill***
Hill Thomas Tom 5077400 AC2 Apr-June 1960     tom.hill***
Hill William Bill 2431575 AC2 17 May-19 July 1949 Anyone on 3 Wing at that time Also see the 'Memories' page wjhcalabardina***
Hills David Dave/Golly A4258246 AC2 April-June 1960 Bill Hiscock. Trevor Edwards A4258247 Last heard of in Llantisilio, Nr Llangollen North Wales.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hills Ian   F4271456 AC2 Apr 1962   Hut 319 josieian***
Hillyard Graham   4268322 AC2 Nov 1961     gra.hil***
Hilton Joseph Campbell Cam 3517842 AC2 Feb-Mar 1954     josephcampbell***
Hilton Paul David Ted X4265377 AC2 1960 AC2 Flowers B Flt 16, Hut 211 annepaul***
Hilton Peter   G4271420 AC2 March 1962   Hut 300, 4 Flt, D.I. Cpl Jenkins
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hilton Switch   2743741 AC1 Jan-Mar 1955   Also see the 'Memories' page ernest.hilton***
Hind Stanley A   3513597 AC2 Approx 9 July 1952     stan.hind***
Hinds Robert Alfie Y5065165 AC2 1 Dec 1958 Anyone Square bashing as part of ? Flt under Cpl Metcalfe.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hine Gerard Gerry 4089401 AC2 15 Jan-25 Mar 1952   Hut 37, 3 Flt, 1 Wing hine***
Hinton Leslie Les 4197561 AC2 Sept 1957   I was at Bridgnorth for my basic training after being fitted out at Cardington.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hird Robert F Frank 3103153 AC2 May 1947 Any   hirdy***
Hirst Anthony   4190661 AC2 Dec 1956-Feb 1957 Anybody 36 Flt. D Sqd, Hut 19.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hirst Malcolm Mal 4272311 AC2 1961 Anyone I'm on the photo' 1961 - Hut 247 Mhirst65***
Hislop Gordon Graham 3527053 AC2 Nov 1958     ghislop1939***
Hitchen Alan   4182179 AC1 June-Aug 1956     alanhit***
Hoath John   C4113604 Cpl D.I. Mar 1953-July 1961   Conscripted in Oct 1952. Recruit Training and DI training. Served for 37 years to 1990. Attained rank Station Warrant Officer
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hobbs Graham   5063465 AC2 Oct-Nov 1958   Posted to RAF Hereford to train as a shorthand typist, then to White Waltham.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hobden Alan Hobby 4238116 AC2 Mar 1958 Anyone in hut 189 At the end of basic training, we did route lining in London for the Queen & Italian President. Based at Uxbridge for instruction. alanhobden***
Hobin Jim Wullie 4275610 AC2 3 Dec 1962-3 Feb 1963   Also see the 'Memories' page jameshobin***
Hobson Betty   2058434 Training, Clerk GD Aug 1941-1942 Can't remember. I liked Bridgnorth, wasn't there long enough.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hodge Arthur   4203120   1957/58     rosnarty***
Hodgetts Terence Brummie 4248262 AC2 Jan 1959 Anyone Posted to Compton Bassett ground wireless fitters course tezhodge***
Hodgson Antony Tony 5012757 AC2 Dec 1956-Jan 1957   Was in 4 Flt under Cpl Kleiser, a fierce one but human D.I. antony.hodgson***
Hodgson Gerald Gerry 5068854 AC2 May 1959 Cpl Pope Smallest Airman on parade gerryhodgson***
Hodkinson Ronald   3521504 AC2 Sept-Dec 1955 Anyone near to my number [ex atc] Had a bad reaction to the dreaded jabs, was in hospital so missed some training ron_hodkinson***
Hoey William Paddy W4201615 AC2 April-June 1959 Michael Flynn, William J. Milligan, J.L. James "Greta". Hut 207, 18 Flt.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hogben Peter   4239065 AC2 Feb 1958 Alec McLeish Also see the 'Memories' page peterhogben***
Hogg Bill   5047523 AC2 July 1957   Also see the 'Memories' page landels37***
Hogg Bryan   B4268405 AC2 1961-1962   Photos of Hut 247 with Cpl Dave Bryant & entry with our Sgt
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hogg Colin   4244060 AC2 1958   Also see the 'Memories' page col.daze***
Hogg Michael Mick 4256250 AC2 Jan-Mar 1960   Spent 6 of my 9 years at RAF Saxavord.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Holding Eric   4195643 SAC. Ground radar mech (NAV) (C) May-June 1957 John Hartwell (Staines) Contact welcomed from any other members of our Flight (?) Photos on this site & Service Pals.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hole Anthony   S3503382 Airframe Fitter C/T approx April 1947 Any I remember putting Paddy's bed in the rafters and listening to him trying to find it tonyh6***
Holford John Brummy 4262290 AC2 Oct-Dec 1960 Fred Longstaff I was in hut 178, 16 Flt about late Oct-Dec.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Holland Brynley Bryn 3528116 AC2 Sept-Nov 1959   Also see the 'Memories' page tworks.holland2***
Holland David   5069557 AC2 24 June-26 Aug 1959   Joined 11 June. A short spell in hospital at Ely
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hollick George Pop 1281638 AC2 GD 29 July 1940   Assigned to 1 Wing, 4 Recruit Centre for basic training before posted to 54 Sqn keithflat***
Holliday John Doc 4260980 AC2 Sept-Dec 1960 Graham Morris Followed by Yatesbury and Sealand john_holliday***
Hollins Ronald Ron 4147236 AC2 1953   Also see the 'Memories' page ron.hol.11***
Hollinshead Edward Eddie 4087964 SAC Typist Dec 1951   11 Flight - Drill Instructor Cpl Frisby - Also Sgt Lynch.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hollis Bryan   F4265901 AC2 June 1961 Anyone who knows me.
Comment by Webmaster - Gordon Howden 4265942 remembers you & has posted his contact details.
Hut 297. Our DI was Cpl Crewe, a great DI. Posted on to Kirton, Watton, Aden. bryan.hollis***
Holloway John   4158122 AC1 Basic Training Sept-Dec 1954   B Sqdn. Blue discs behind our badges. D.I. was Cpl Stockwell.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Holman David Glen 4157596 AC2 Sept-Nov 1954   Also see the 'Memories' page daveholman36***
Holman Fred   4266951 AC2 16 Sept 1961 Eddie Hanson, John F Kennedy, Ken Moore Most of my friends where Rock Apes, so if you remember me, drop a line.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Holmes Alistair   5064564 AC1 Nov 1958     semi-retired***
Holmes John Homsey 4171837 AC1 Aug-Sept 1955   B Squadron.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Holmes John W   4178185 AC2 Jan 1956 Anyone who may remember me Also see the 'Memories' page jwhholmes***
Holmes Mike   5044160 Basic Training 1957 Anyone who might remember me Posted overseas to Aden straight after "square bashing".
Also see the 'Memories' page
Holmes Tony   2716582 AC2 Februaryish 1954 Stuart ????(Scots lad but he and family lived in S Wales) After armourers course (Kirkham) posted 2 TAF Germany lost contact.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Holt Cliff   3512158 AC1 1951     cliff.holt***
Holtby John   4265661 AC2 1961     johnholtby***
Homewood Dennis   5017450 AC2 Recruit 24 Apr-24 June 1956 Anyone on D Sqd, Flt 37, Hut 293 We won the Drill Cup.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hone Ian   L4272958 AC2 21 May-4 Aug 1962   B Sqd, 17 Flt cornerstone958***
Honey     5049380 AC2 Sept-Oct 1957   Also see the 'Memories' page sac_1957***
Leslie Henry   782745 1943     The details given are for my uncle, now deceased.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Cyril Roy Ron 3152259   1958     hoody_724***
Hood Kenneth Robin Robin 4096856 Cpl Inst Ftr April-May 1952   11 Flt 'C' Sqdn kenneth.hood2***
Hood Keith   W4267843 AC2 Sept-Dec 1961 Colin Carter, Bill Rebbeck Would like to contact any of my intake (22Flt 'B' Sqn) inc Cpl Forsyth.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hook Maurice   2461922 AC2 Feb 1950 John Escot   hindlehook***
Hooper Alan Al K3521494 Retired Sgt Sep-Nov 1955   28 years service in Ground Comms as W/Op, Telegraphist and TCC.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hooper Alan   5036356 AC2 Nov 1956-Jan 1957   Was in 35 Flt. D Sqd, Hut 299 alan.hooper67***
Hooper David   5049417 AC2 Sept-Oct 1957 Members of 29 Flt, C Sqd, Hut 216 I was the Senior Man and my identical twin brother Robin was my deputy.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hooper Robert Bob Q4265201 AC2 1961 Tom Byrne, Taff Humphries   bobwings***
Hooper Robert Bob S5061353 AC2 1958 Peter Viesnik Also see the 'Memories' page roberthooper1939***
Hooper Robin   5049406 AC2 Aug 1957 Basic training Anyone in 29 Flt, C Sqd, Aug 1957 I was there with my twin brother David / DS Davies CPL Widdowson crhooper***
Hope John   3522436 AC2 Feb 1956   Left Freezing Bridgnorth for sunny Malta.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hopkins Gerald Gerry 3527459 AC2 1959     gerry***
Hopkins Gordon Hoppy 4048769 AC2 Oct-Dec 1950 Roy James Posted to No.1 Radio School RAF Locking.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hopkins Ian   5074841 AC2 Jan-Mar 1960 Taffy Isaacs Cold ian.hopkins8***
Hopkins Raymond Hoppy 4253756 AC2 Aug-Oct 1959   Also see the 'Memories' page raymond.hopkins***
Horan Edward   5072753 AC2 Sept-Nov 1959 Any Hut 10 - 'B' Flt Also see the 'Memories' page ted.horan***
Hornbuckle Victor R Ray C4243966 AC2 MT Driver Sept 1958 Anyone also in 37 Flt D Sqdn at that time Continued in service until 1988 ray-babs***
Horner Michael Mike 4096777 AC2 Apr 1952     merhorner***
Hornsby Fred Jimmy 2378248 AC2 1948   1948#1949 raf beaullieu mt section fred.hornsby***
Hornsey Ernest   4133529 AC2 1953   Also see the 'Memories' page goldisgoodok***
Horsnail Gerard   5034283 AC2 1956   Basic training ghorsnail***
Horspole William Bill 4240971 AC2 1958     whorspole***
Horton Albert     AC2 1952     albert.horton263***
Horton Derek   4146726 AC2 March 1954   Hut 11, 1 Flt, A Sqd derek.horton***
Horton Paul   L4274341 AC2 24 July 1962 Norman Lawton & John Cleaver Norman was from Bolton, his number I think would be 4274344. John is from Walford.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Horwood Fred   4188290 AC2 1956 Hut 307   fredhorwood***
Horwood Michael Mike 3155325 AC2 Oct-Dec 1959   Trade Training. RAF Netheravon, RAF Changi Singapore mandbhorwood***
Hough James   5028708 Cpl D.I. Nov 1957-Aug 1958   Also see the 'Memories' page jameswhough***
House John   4166692 SAC engine mech June 1955 Anybody Also see the 'Memories' page pamjohn2***
Charles Henry Thomas Rocky 4046053 Corporal D.I. 1952 Edward Legg (Eddie or Ted) Parents Home. Merton Road, Wimbledon. ex D.I. then RAF Police. Deceased 2009
Howard Michael Thomas   5076732 LAC Apr 1960 Anyone from hut 21 who remembers me! Came from Colchester, Essex. Still living there joyeandmick***
Howard Stanley   4131780 AC2 July 1953   We had a picture taken outside Hut 84.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Howden Godfrey Gimge 4235193 AC2 1958 Anyone there at that time Posted to El Adem godfreyhowden***
Howden Gordon   4265942 AC2 Aug-Sept 1961   Also see the 'Memories' page gho1329140***
Howe Denis   5034217 AC2 Oct-Dec 1956 Joe O'Brien   denis***
Howe Philip   4244699 AC2 Oct 1958 Robert (Bob) Grey 4244711.
He sent the '1958 -19 Flt Party' photo.
Comment by Webmaster - Bob's email address is listed
on this page. Replace *** with @ in the far right column.
Howell Arthur     AC2 1959-1960 Any friends from that time Also see the 'Memories' page kcnw33715***
Howell Peter Ginger 5070372 AC2 July 1959   Have photo of Hut 290 in July/August 1959 pfh7939***
Howells William Bill H3528674 AC2 Mar-May 1960 Alan Franklin, Doug Hunt Also see the 'Memories' page b.howells***
Howes Roderick Rod S4270325 AC2 Feb 1962     rod***
Howie Robert Bert 5081475 AC2 Oct-Dec 1960     bermar***
Hoy Michael wee Paddy 4273412 AC2 June 1962   Hut 161.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hoyle Geoffrey   5033491 AC2 Oct 1956     Hoyle.g***
Hubbard Peter Hubbugs B4237498 AC2 Feb-May 1958 Anyone from 37 Flt Feb 1958 Kitted out at Cardington then by train to Bridgnorth.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hubbarde Colin Taff Q4272351 AC2 May June 1962   May June photo 2nd from left, 4th row from front.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Huckstepp Michael   X4088736 AC2 Jan-Feb 1952     michael.huckstepp***
Hudson John William Rocky 5037992 AC2 Dec 1956   NSA Basic training johnwhud***
Hudson Len   5047099 AC2 July 1957   Also see the 'Memories' page ukzante***
Hudson Gordon Rocky 3514955 AC2 11 Nov 1952-Jan 1953   20 Flt 'A' Sqd. Cpl Natrass, Sgt Rice.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hughes Dennis Howell   P4153376 Cpl 1960-1962   Worked in Orderly Room rickpease***
Hughes Egbert Dutchie 4023355 AC2 Apr 1947     egberthughes***
Hughes Gerald Gerry 4045796 AC2 Aug-Oct 1950     fatmaxandanne***
Hughes Keith   4262613 AC2 1960   I remember Cpl Blossom and Cpl Orange***
Hughes Michael Brummie 5068974 AC1 19 May 1958 Personnel from hut 290, 35 Flt Bridgnorth/ Compton Bassett/ Aden/ Bahrain mike318***
Hughes-Smith Robert Bob     May 1961-June 1962 Anyone who worked with my Father in that period of time. Also see the 'Memories' page family.jensen***
Hulley Ray Cosmic Ray the PSA 5091005 AC, LAC, SAC June-Aug 1959;
Sept 1959-Feb 1961
Anyone listed in my Memories section C Sqn, 21 Flt, Hut 187 between 12 June and 18 August 1959.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hulls Patrick   5072451 AC2 1959     pathulls***
Hulmston Percy John Lofty 2406600 AC2 Aug 1948 Angus Lennie   pj.hulmston***
Humby John Humbug 2594440 AC1 Sept-Oct 1953   I was billetted in Hut 300 which took every 36 hour pass for hut cleanliness. humbyje.p***
Hume Jim   4266486 AC2 1961   Loved every minute of it jimhume***
Humphreys David Dave N4259789 AC1 July-Sept 1960 Any who knew me El Adem, Brize Norton or Aden.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Humphreys Francis Frank L4261678 AC2 1959-1960 Anyone with a Service No. near mine We won the Drill Cup and Efficiency Shield under Sgt Allen and Cpl Cheetham.
Anyone remember them?
Also see the 'Memories' page
Humphries Ian   4269212 AC2 4 Jan-Mar 1962 George Stevens, Jan Haffernick, Alan Sorle, Dave Clennell Also see the 'Memories' page ihumphries***
Hunn Tommy   5091483   1960   Also see the 'Memories' page tomandfranster***
Hunnisett John Honey 4070012 AC2 April 1951   Also see the 'Memories' page hunnisett***;
Hunt Adrian Bob L3528802 AC2 May-June 1960   Hut 210. 16 Flt, B Sqd
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hunt George   4236179 AC2 Jan-Mar 1958     george***
Hunt Gilbert   2784605 AC2 Jan-Mar 1956     gj17***
Hunt Roy   4091285 AC2 Feb-Mar 1952   D.I.s were Cpl Bignall, Cpl Halliburton and Cpl Lindsey royjo_hunt***
Huntley Huw Huwie 4158059 AC2 Sept 1954 Cpl Mathews   huw.huntley***
Huntley Roger   M4256128 AC2 Dec 1959-Feb 1960     rogannhuntley***
Hurst-Knight John   425614 AC2 Feb 1959 Imre   john.hurst-knight***
Hurst Mick   J4271064 AC2 Apr-May 1962     mickqpci***
Hutchcraft David Hutchie U4263248 AC2 Feb 1961   Posted to RAF Finningley after training then re- mustered into RAFP A/Cpl Gib david.hutchcraft***
Hutchings Allan   3527857 AC2 May-July 1959   Hut 86, 12 Flt, B Sqd allanhutchings***
Patrick Pat 4069938 AC2 Possibly 1951 I am the son of this man. Looking for information Also see the 'Memories' page mary_webb***
Hutchinson Stan   4245854 J/T inst fitter 1958 Anybody with no. beginning 4245   pump.guy***
Hutton Clive   3155269 AC2 Sept-Nov 1959   N.S. Posted to RAF Locking J/T GRF(C)
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hutton John Jock 5064165 AC2 28 Oct 1958     john***
Huxley Gerald Geb 3149411 AC2 April-June 1956     geb.huxley***
Huyton Raymond Blackie 4139014 AC2 Oct-Dec 1953   Played rugby for Bridgnorth.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Hyams Ian Six Foot 4142600 Aircraftsman 1954 D.A.North, James Morrison, J.Stafford, A.Benson Square bashing in the coldest winter for years. Early 1954 ian***
Hyde Michael Mike 5070062 June 1959     Also see the 'Memories' page mikehyde***
Hynds Samuel James   4200266 AC2 July-Oct 1956   Basic Training. Three times aroung hangar for not paying full attention shynds200***
Hyslop Boyd   4089943 AC Jan-Sept 1952 Cpl L Read, 5 Flt, hut 23. Jan-Mar 1952 Posted back after square bashing as assistant PTI.
Also see the 'Memories' page
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John Richard Eurich     AC2 1956 John's wife Audrey (deceased) was a Nurse at Bridgnorth. His daughter wonders if anyone remembers them from Bridgnorth or Gutersloh. Via the Web Master
Inkpen Graham Inky 5066753 AC2 16 Feb 1959 Ivor Ibbotson N.S. in D Sqd for square bashing for 7 weeks.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Ingle Peter   2741818 Cpl RAF Regiment 1953-1954 Colin Crewes, Dave Richards, Eccleston, W.O. Williamson. Members of the GCT section 1953-1954 mandp2791***
Ingram Gordon Inky 3148635 AC2 & AC1 Feb-Mar 1956 Anybody who appears on my pictures Also see the 'Memories' page gordon.ingram***
Ingram John Ian 5077123 AC2 Apr-June 1960   Flt 27, C Sqd. Cpl Jerome and Sgt Dryde.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Innes Robert Bert E4261064 AC2 19 Sept 1960 Paddy McCabe My DI was Cpl Larry Latcham roberttinnes***
Inns David   4165676 AC2 1 Mar-26 Apr 1955     dinns***
Iredale Thomas Tom 4269466 AC2 Jan-Mar 1962   Also see the 'Memories' page eladerit***
Ireland Alan Bunny C4049426 AC1 Oct 1950 Anybody who knew me Posted by his son Gary. Contact Gary first. garyshack***
Ireland Frank   4243391 AC2 Sept 1958 John (Jack) Henderson   frank.ireland1203***
Irwin Dave Brum Q4264626 AC2 May 1961 Anyone I liked taking photographs... which I've now lost (naturally)
Also see the 'Memories' page
Irwin Frederick John Jonny/Devon 4252099 AC2 May-July 1959     jonnyirwin***
Ives Graham   5080656 AC2 1960   I'm on the 1960 - Hut 36 photo graham.ives4***
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Jack Robert Bob 4235470 AC2 Nov-Jan 1957   Very bad winter during my time at Bridgnorth, lots of snow robertjack1***
Jackson Derek Jacko 5072126 AC2 11 Sept-
11 Nov 1959
Jackson Michael Taffy 4250382 AC2 1959 Anyone who might remember me Also see the 'Memories' page michael.jackson39***
Jackson Norman Thomas Jacko 4267003 AC2 Sept 1961 Anyone in the Sept 1961 Intake I was Deputy Senior Man norman***
Jackson Raymond Ray 4138611 AC2 Oct-Dec 1953     rayjacks0n***
Jackson Tony Bum 2785468 AC2 Feb-April 1956 Any previous occupant of Hut 87 of that period Trade Training RAF Yatesbury as Air Radar Fitter; RSB RAF Abingdon as J/T.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Jacobs Cecil Jake 3528494 AC2 1960   Was there for training p15e09***
Jacobson Michael Geordie 5067874 AC2-AC1 1959   Ended up SAC at Digby. Demobbed 1961.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Jacques Morris Mo 2354061 Cpl. D.I. 1947-1949 Any 1 Wing D.I.'s 1947-1949 Cpl in charge 1 Wing Band also Goalkeeper for 1 Wing & Station morrisjacques***
Jacubs Jake   4100324 AC2 July-Aug 1952 Cpl Shakeshaft, Cpl Smalley, AC2 Dave Cann I was senior man in my hut but I cannot remember the flight or hut number.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Jakeman Gerald   4113496 AC2 Oct-Dec 1952   Went to Middle Wallop, Turnhouse Edinburgh, Box & Wildenrath Germany gerryjakeman***
Jakeman Otto   3033093 AC2 Aircrew PNB 1944-1946   Also see the 'Memories' page otto.jakeman***
James Anthony Tony/Jamesie 4180709 AC2 Mar-June 1956     tony.j3***
James Anthony Tony 5050657 AC plonk! Oct-Nov 1957   Also see the 'Memories' page bonijammy***
James Brian   4135896 AC2 1953 Tony Reynolds
Comment by Webmaster - A Tony Reynolds from 1953 is listed!.
Was a good time in my life.
Also see the 'Memories' page
James Brian Curly 5069765 AC1 June-July 1959 Any friends from 34 Flight, Hut 319 Also see the 'Memories' page brian***
James Gary Pixie 4106634 AC2 Aug 1952 Austin Goldsworthy Also see the 'Memories' page garyjames3***
James John Gareth Titch 4144364 AC2 Jan 1954 Eric Bolton Also see the 'Memories' page garethiago***
James Peter   3150999 AC2 Nov 1956-Jan 1957   DIs were Sgt Smith, Cpl Kleiser and Cpl Mitchell (I think)
Next posting to Hereford to train as Clerk Org then to Butterworth in Malaya
Jamieson George Bob 4258590 AC2 May-Aug 1960     Elsiejamieson***
Jaques Frederick William Fred 1143867 Cpl / Shoemaker 24 Feb 1941 Anyone Moved to No.53 Sqd Thorney Island
on 23 Mar 1941
Jarman Alan   C3528912 AC2 July 1960 Don Mathews Hut 81 'A' Flt alanandpat***
Jeans Peter   3154402 AC2 Jan-Mar 1959   First 6 wks with A Sqd, 2 weeks compassionate leave (Dad died) then C Sqd p.jeans21***
John   3524379 AC2 Feb-Apr 1957 Paddy Jardine, Graham Hamilton, Chip & others round service No. My dad (John) is now deceased but I have photos & papers from square bashing karenmansell157***
Jefferson David   4259396 AC2 18 June-end July 1960 David Cook, Eddie Jones, J.R Gibson or any of Hut 126 I was a raw recruit. 8 weeks basic training and I loved every minute of it!
Also see the 'Memories' page
Jeffrey David   3155433 AC2 Nov-Dec 1959 Brian Poole,Taff Williams, Freddy Valentine Did my "Square-Bashing" there, then moved on to RAF Regiment Depot, Catterick.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Jenkins Cyril Chris 4051085 AC2 Oct 1950-Jan 1951 A Gordon who came from a small town north of Inverness
and went on to Edinburgh Univ.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Jenkins Derek DAJ T4241062 AC2 Summer 1958   Whilst called up for National Service signed on for twelve years. DerekAJenk***
Jenkins Hugh G   4270691 AC2 1962 Denny James 4270697? Welsh hugh.jenkins123***
Jenkins Michael Mike 2706451 SAC 1953-1954 Anyone who remembers me After trade test at Church Lawford, I spent the remainder of my national service Michael.Mavisjenkins***
Jenkins Ron Jinks 4262113 Aircraft electrician Nov 1960-Feb 1961 Anyone Served at Melksham, St.Athan, Bruggen, Honington, Tengah, Butterworth ronsuej***
Jenkins Terry   5057296 AC2 10 Feb-approx. 13 Apr 1958   Played cornet in the Station voluntary band.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Jenkinson Roger   5067820 AC2 Apr-May 1959   I was a twin and we served together.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Jenner Eric Duff gen 3106397 AC2 1947     ebjen_3106***
Jennings Richard Richard or Dick 5082097 AC1 Nov 1960 Peter Kirwin From the Birmingham area.
I remember Cpl's Nimmock and Duff
Jepson Michael   5062279 AC2 Aug-Sept 1958   Retired. Resident in Scotland.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Jervis James Jim 5079558 AC2 May 1960 Ray Lucas, Ray Riley, John Simpson, John Merrall To RAF Locking and RAF Topcliffe (selling civilian shirts !)
Also see the 'Memories' page
Jervis Thomas Taffy 4254561 AC2 Oct 1959     jervisjr06***
Jewell David   4175391 AC2 Oct-Nov 1955 Keith Johnson, Crawford Fairbrother A Sqd, C Flt. D.I. Sgt Kinnish. MT driver for 2 1/2 yrs christinejewell456***
Jiggins     4180349   Mar-Apr 1956     gbl1534***
Johnson Bernard   3125332 AC2 Feb-March 1950 Any body Hut 24, D Wing   bernard.johnson3***
Johnson Betty   ACW 2059168 Teleprinter operator 10 Nov 1941 Anyone who knew me Any information about my mother Betty Johnson, I have just received her records margr***
Johnson Brian Johnno S4263692 AC2 1961 Anyone that remembers me Also see the 'Memories' page lesbrian***
Johnson Charles Geordie V4264530 AC2 1961     charles***
Johnson Derrick Johnny 4108646 AC2 28 Aug 1952 David James, Keith Lorimor, 13 Sqd. Kabrit Esmond Harvey? Served At RAF Kabrit Egypt 13 Sqd. derrick.johnson1***
Johnson Eric   5014406 AC2 Mar-May 1956     27ericjohnson***
Johnson John   5072465 AC1 1959   After basic training at Bridgnorth, I was posted to Hereford to train as a typist***
Johnson Kenneth   5236586 AC2 1956     johnson73***
Johnson Garry   4186442 AC2 Sept 1956 Anyone who remembers me   p_johnson***
Johnson Michael Mick 4259277 AC2 1959? Alan - I think he was Ukrain.from Nottingham Also see the 'Memories' page mikejohno1***
Johnson Richard Dick 3525535 AC2 Oct-Nov 1957   Also see the 'Memories' page johnsonr16***
Johnson Robin   2763134 AC2 1955 Any who remain Also see the 'Memories' page rmj3134***
Johnson Roy Jonno 3529189 AC2 Oct-Dec 1959 Anyone I was Senior man in hut 11.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Not working May 2012
Johnson Tony Scunthorpe 5071865   Sept-Nov 1959     a.johnson6040***
Johnston Charles Francis Frank S3525898 AC2 Mar-May 1958   Gen/Fitter retired 1977 Ch/Tech gala4***
Johnston Peter   4249571   Feb 1959   Was sent to RAF Locking for radar training peterjohnston91***
Johnston Ronald   4265071   1961     motorfin***
Johnston Wilfred Johnny 4244325 AC2 Sept-Nov 1958 Any ex A Flt of Sept-Nov 1958 Arrived there 7 stone, left much heavier & fitter than I have ever been!!
Also see the 'Memories' page
Jones Alan Geordie 3528831 SAC 1960     alansjones2003***
Jones Alun Taff 4175415 AC2 Oct-Dec 1955     ajones1011***
Jones Barry Taffy 4175898 AC2 Nov 1955-Jan 1956 Anyone in Hut 219, 24 Flt, 'C' Sqd. Also Cpl Reg Earle & Cpl Welch. Does anyone have a group photograph please.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Jones Brian   3154875 AC2 Jan 1959? Anyone After training, posted to Uxbridge Queens colour Squadron beevee***
Jones Bryan Jonesy 3156221 AC2 5 Aug-23 Sept 1960 Robert Douglas Also see the 'Memories' page bryjones***
Jones Clifford Cliff 4050926 AC2 Nov 1950     cjjones32***
Jones David 227 C4120227 Cpl Plant Fitter 20/1/1953 & 14/9/1961 Anyone from basic training in January 1953   davidmaureen***
Jones David   4101971 AC2 June-July 1952 Derek Hopkins Derek was, like myself, a recruit undergoing basic training on 21 Flt. Cpl Glover was a DI on this Flt 21 Davidmorawel***
Jones David Dave 5036317 Ac2 Nov 1956-Feb 1957     barneybear4***
Jones David Robert Taff 4250864 AC2 Mar 1959 Michael Jacobson. Anyone in Hut 36 Also see the 'Memories' page daveretcop***
Jones Derek Spike 2379429 AC2 1948 Frank Smith, Tony Rossiter Freezing cold, innoculations.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Jones Derek William Brummie 3119657 AC2 March-May 1949 Tom Haden, Ray Brookes, Peter Lawrence I can't recall the Flt. I remember Cpl Cadd was our mentor?
Also see the 'Memories' page
Jones Elwyn   3514037 LAC Armourer Aug-Oct 1952 Anyone who remembers me Armourer, served St Mawgan & Geilenkirchen, Route Lining for the Coronation elwynowenj***
Jones Geoff   4258930 AC2 1960 Anyone who may have known me back then! Went from Bridgnorth to Compton Bassett then Digby (SAC) then Hong Kong.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Jones Gerald Gerry 4085736 Airframes Flying Boats Nov 1951     gerrypack***
Jones Graham 4dJones 4242641 AC Aug-Sept 1958 John Jones, Keith Crossingham, ?Clough D sqd. Be great to hear from anybody who knew me gjjones***
Jones Haydn   Y4240124 AC2 Summer 1958     haydn.jones7***
Jones Hermon Dave 3508637 Cpl RAF Police Nov 1950-Feb 1951 Anyone of 9 Flight 2 Wing Later went on to join the RAAF and completed 32 years service.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Jones John Jonah 4270638 AC2 1961 Hut 313   johnjones177***
Jones Keith   4142243 AC2 1954   D Sqd paulj.jones***
Jones Kenneth Ken 5077472 AC2 May 1960     kcgmjones***
Jones Ken Bud 5079784 AC2 12 Aug 1960 Alan Sharp 5079785 and others I remember Cpl McCluskey and Cpl Ferguson.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Jones Leonard Len 5081690 AC2 Oct-Dec 1960 Dave Kennington I was in B Flt and went on to train as Tg Fitter at RAF Locking len.jones93***
Jones Lionel Scouser 4258940 AC2 May-June 1960 'B' Sqd, 2 Flt. Pickett boys   lioneljohnjones***
Jones Malcolm Malc 4112852 AC2 21 Sept 1952   Hut 36 malcolm.jones73***
Jones Maldwyn Blodwyn 2768712 AC2 Sept-Nov 1955 Anyone from Hut 22, 21 Flt 'C' Sqd Also see the 'Memories' page maljones.01***
Jones Myrddin Taff L4257347 AC2 Feb-Apr 1960 Ron Hambley, E Moggach Very cold but still good fun myrddinjones***
Jones Owen   X4269281 AC2 Jan 1962   Also see the 'Memories' page owentuula***
Jones Pete   2457024 AC2 Feb 1950   Hut 44, Flt 4, 'A' Sqd, 1 Wing prj75***
Jones Reginald   ? Sgt 1944   Still living. Bridgnorth, RAF Heaton Park littlelil12341***
Jones Robert Bob 5061898 J/T Ground Radar Fitter (C) 28 July-29 Sept 1958 Jack Hemming 22 Flt. B Squadron Hut 186. D.I. Cpl Eden. See photo. Class C65 at Locking (Oct 58 to Jun 59) and GCI Section at Leeming (Jul 59 to Jun 60). bobj***
Jones Robert Ivor Bob 4242435 AC2 July-Aug 1958 Anyone who remembers me Jock Muir was Senior man of Hut 216 robivorjones***
Jones Robin Big Taff 4275328 SAC Medic Oct 1962 Corporal Willis Served at RAF Freckleton, Halton Hospital, RAF Labuan Borneo 63/64 tfennjones***
Jones Ronald 'Scouse Jones' U4271662 AC2 April 1962 Tony Neal (U4271663) Also see the 'Memories' page ronjones44***
Jones Rowland Roly 2731331 AC2 Sept-Oct 1954     rowlandjones***
Jordison John Geordie R4266378 AC2 Aug 1961 Anyone in 8flt A Sqd   jjjordison10***
Joseph Eric Taff 4256336 AC1 Jan-Mar 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page ericdoreen***
Jowett Brian Ginge 3112936 AC2 Jan-Feb 1948     brjo***
Joy Pete   B4274318 AC2 July-Aug 1962 Eddie Banks, Brian Payne Hut No 24? DI Cpl Wiseman & DI Cpl Green peteandshirly81***
Joyce David Dave C5078915 AC2 June-July 1960   18 Flt. hut?
N.S. initially but signed on for 5 yrs to join music services
Joynson Lionel Larry 5081721 AC1 About 1960 Any My Corprals name was Cpl Lieshman lioneljoynson***
Jubb Lawrence   4254667 AC2 Oct-Dec 1959   Also see the 'Memories' page lawrencejubb***
Jump Tom   2401457 Corporal Aug-Sept 1948 Fred Wimbleton I was a Corporal in the HQ building as a clerkgd. Played much sport. tom.jump***
Jupe John   B4267550 AC2 11 Oct 1961 Anyone for that time Think my time was for 6 weeks john.jupe***
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Kaley Raymond Ray 4069495 AC2 2 May 1951   Hut 2/26, 13 Flt, D Sqd, 2 Wing ray4069nisson***gmail .com
Kavanagh Peter Ginge P4261580 AC1 1960 John Lamb   kavanaghpeter17***
Kavanagh Terence   4200800 AC2 Nov 1957 - Jan 1958     terencekavanagh***
Kay Colin Cass J4265779 AC2 24 July-16 Sept 1961 Anyone who knew me Spent my service at Patrington as Air Defence Operator 1962-70. Also Aden '63-64.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Kay Peter   4274068 AC2 1962     pedroow23***
Kearse Gerald Jed 5080970 AC2 Sept 1960     bandjed***
Keates Thomas Tom 4059363 AC2 Jan-Feb 1951 The descendants of Rodey Panter, served same time, same place. Served in Singapore/Malaya. 1953-55. Emigraed to Canada, 1957.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Keay Bernard   4199045 AC2 1957     keaybeejay***
Keeble Barry   2454509 AC2 1950 Anybody there at this time Also see the 'Memories' page barry.keeble***
Keeble Brian Ben 5069711 AC2 June 1959   Anybody from Eastleigh Kenya skeeble***
Keenan Francis Frank 4272226 AC2 April-Aug 1962 Flt Sgt Smith, Cpl Billington, P.O. Kirkland. Also Johnny Holmes, Ivan Collier. Passing Out was replaced by Route Lining in Whitehall for President Tubman of Liberia fjkeenan***
Keenan John   4201608 AC2 Apr 1959   Basic training johnkeenan1941***
Keithley Edmund   5079502 AC2 July 1960     judithk54***
Kelly Brian Ned X4186998 AC2 Sept-Nov 1956   I'm on the '1956 - Holliman Flt' photo.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Kelly John   R4269376 AC2 1 Jan 1962 Anyone from hut 128 I have a picture of the Sqd with Sgt Roles with a few names on the back jockkelly***
Kemp Fergus Fergie 4110700 AC2 Square Bashing Sept-Nov 1952   Also see the 'Memories' page fwandjmj***
Kendall Ted   3148129 AC2 Dec 1955-Jan 1956 DI Coates (York) Hughesie (Nantyglo) Kelley (Geordie & BT) Deputy Senior Man. 13 Flt, 'B' Sqd, Hut 152. DI Coates and I are from York. P/O Cowan & DI Cain joykented***
Kennedy George Jock Y4257910 AC2 24 Mar 1960   Was in 'B' Sqd gkennedysen***
Kennedy John   Q4201680 AC2 Apr 1959 Anyone who remembers me I joined in Belfast.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Kennedy John Jock 4268182 AC2 Nov 1961   Went on to join RAF Regiment gkennedysen***
Kent Ian Lennie 5039225 AC2 Jan 1957   Trained aero fireman. Posted to Celle and Jever ianandsal***
Kerr George   3525268 AC2 Oct 1957   Recruit/initial training - Hut 182 or 184? Cpl. Billows.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Kerr John   3148879 AC2 21 Feb-Apr 1956     john.kerr65***
Kerrigan Gilbert Gil N4264874 AC2 June-Aug 1961 Anyone who knew me Hut 209, 17 Flt, Cpl Metcalfe.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Kerrigan Kevin   4187724 AC2 Oct-Nov 1956     kskword***
Kerry John Geordie 4258703 AC2 June 1960 John (Yorky) Pratt. Anyone who knew me. Went to RAF Catterick fire fighting training then RAF Marham chabwb***
Keun Nicholas   4269509 AC2 Jan-May 1962   Recruit-Basic training.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Keverne John   S4274462 AC2 Aug1962 Richard Humphries DI was Cpl G Hoste and Sgt Payne johnk28***
Key David Dave 2679015 AC1 1956   A Flt. Went to RAF Shawbury Air Traffic Control then to El Adem Libya david.j.key***
Kew Michael John Kewie 5015723 AC2 Mar 1956 Snowy White from Plymouth. Cpl Amos   m_kew***
Kidd William Bill 5029362 AC2 Aug-Oct 1956   Hut 11, 6 Flt, A Sqd.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Kidley Michael Taff J4262825 AC2 14 Jan 1961 Anyone of the Taffs Also see the 'Memories' page mickkidley***
Kightley Malcolm John 4258404 AC2 Apr-June 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page johnkightley***
Kijak Tony   X4271432 AC2 1962     kijtony***
Kilburn John   2787223 AC2 Feb-April 1956 Those on the photo 1956 April(1) sent by John Robinson. Alan Hunter Went on to Locking-Worth Matravers-Sennen & Hindhead jnkilburn***
Kincaid Martin Kinks/Bimbo S4266180 AC2 16 Aug-Sept 1961   B Flt, 20 Sqd.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Kinchin Alan   H4273996 AC1 July 1962 Tam Keenan Good memories, though tough at the time alan.kinchin***
King David   3525119 AC2 Jan-Mar 1957     dk4_4sun44***
King Frank   4053436 AC2 Nov 1950-Jan 1951 15 Flt, 3 Wing under Sgt Vantalligan   dunklin55***
King John   3511956 AC2 Nov 1951-Feb 1952 Alfie Harbour & anyone Sq/Bashing at the time I live in Wymondham Norfolk john***
King John Jack 5075830   Mar-May 1960     legalboy***
King Kevin Paddy P4267498 AC2 Oct-Dec 1961     ktking***
King Stuart   E4269628   1962     stuart.king1***
Kinglake Terence Terry Y4274431 Cpl police K9 1962   Also see the 'Memories' page alk6***
Kinsman Anthony Roy Tony 5080042 AC2 Aug-Oct 1960 Ken Alley 5080014. Hut 309 Was 21yrs old because of deferment. Came from Cornwall. Was 5ft 10in tall and 8st.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Kippax Gordon Gak 5074899 AC2 Jan-Mar 1960 John Baldwin, Graham Rosser, Dave Baggeley Ground wireless Mechanic (c)
Also see the 'Memories' page
Kirk Brian Brin 5070889 AC2 Aug-Sept 1959 Anyone who remembers me Started at Cardington 4 Aug 1959.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Kirk David   5047825 AC2 1957     d.kirk99***
Kirk Robert Bob 4271827 AC2 1961 Any in that year   bob.kirk***
Kirkbride Tom   2723381 AC2 1953 No.1 Flt, A Sqd Awarded recruit of the intake. Made some great pals especially Ray tom.anita.kirkbride***
Kirkwood Colin   F4272801 AC2 May-Aug 1962 Ian Seddon   colinkirkwood1***
Kirwan Pete Brum 5082092 AC2 Nov 1960-Jan 1961 Can't remember any names I was in 5flt Hut 61.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Kissane Michael   G4262117 AC2 Nov 1960-Feb 1961 Colin Hammond - Bristol   mickkissane***
Kitchen     4173224   Aug-Sept 1955     newhey50***
Kitchen Nicholas John 4156393 AC2 July 1954 Alan Dewey   nicholaskitchen***
Kitson William Bill 4181254 AC2 Apr 1956     wkitson5***
Kneale Leslie Manxie 4239367 AC2 1958   Anyone I served with kneale***
Knight John   5079086 AC2 July-Sept 1960   Went to Locking then to Lyme Bay radar as JT ground radar knightj11***
Knight Jon   4124632 AC2 7 March 1953 Jack Smith, Bill Cliff or any person serving at that time Due to accident I've no record e.g. photos etc. of my time at RAF Bridgnorth.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Knight Robert Bob 4196370 AC2 June-Aug 1957     meander***
Knights Richard Rick 3521923 AC2 Oct-Nov 1955     richard.knights423***
Knowles Colin   5072179 SAC Medic Sept-Nov 1959     colcruisespec***
Knowles David   4247353 AC2 Oct-Dec 1958   Went on to Yatesbury and Malta as JT air radar fitter d.knowles***
Knowles David   Y4274907 AC2 Sept 1962     3notsec***
Knowles Jeffrey William Titch 4161047 AC2 Nov 1954-Jan 1955     jeff.knowles***
Knowles Robin   4257118 AC2 Mid 1960 (Split) Shenton Never did learn his Christian name but took the oath together. Split's number was 4257117.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Knowles William Knowlsy 2391041 AC2 July-Aug 1948   Only spent the eight weeks square bashing before going to Wythall william_knowles***
Knowles Selwyn John   4062299 AC2 Feb-May 1951   I think it was 27 Flt 3 Wing selwyn***
Knox William Bill 5068961 AC2 May-Aug 1959   Also see the 'Memories' page billknox***
Kretchmar Raymond Blondie 3124872 AC1 16 Jan 1950   Got posted to RAF Halton.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Kyle Kenneth Jock 4249832 AC2 Feb 1959   Cpl Oaten was D.I. kennethkyle***

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