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Alphabetical list of approx. 2,200 individuals who have left their contact details on this web site.
There isn't a known list of all 300,000 recruits* who attended RAF Bridgnorth.
(* an approximate calculated total based on known facts)
Also see the list of sequential  Service Numbers.
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Surname Given name Known as/nickname Service No. Rank / Trade Date served at Bridgnorth I would like to contact Additional information E-mail address.
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Lacey Allan   E3528492   Jan-Feb 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page alacey1234***
Lafbery Barry Chuff (RAF Oakington) 5063766 AC2 (MTD @ Oakington) Oct-Dec 1958 Anyone that may remember me I remember D.I. Barber who was posted away as he was to soft.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Lahache JD Pierre Peter A4267846 AC2 Sept 1961   Also see the 'Memories' page plahache***
Laird Robert Bob A4273857 Basic Training June-Sept 1962 Jones boys, Ron Pringle, Alf Stokes, Derek Williams These were the boys on B Sqd June-Sept 1962.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Lake Alan Lakey 3524465 AC2 Feb-Apl 1957 Anyone who remembers me. Where are you all from Hut 179, 'B' Sqd.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Lake Michael   ?   1960?   Placed by his son Karl on his behalf from Norwich, Norfolk karloslagos***
Lamb Michael   3152285 AC2 1957     m.lamb.7227***
Lambert Robert   4091260 AC2 1952 David, Jock, anybody from that time It was a hard place boblam***
Lambourne Stephen         Cedric Lambourne Hut 248 (photo listed on site as year unknown) Any info welcome stephen.lambourne***
Lanceley Arthur Lance 5019595 AC2 8 May-July 1956 Brian Manchester and ??..Ollier Member of 25 Flt under Cpl Smart and Cpl Swan.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Landman John   4255066 AC2 Oct 1959   Also see the 'Memories' page joneve2***
Lane Vernon Bronco
(RAF Tengah)
4271830 AC2 Apr-July 1962 Any that know me   vernon.lane***
Lange Michael Mike 4243926 AC2 17 Sept 1958     m.lange1***
Langley Roger   4268372 AC2 Nov 1961-March 1962 Anyone there at the same time. Entry 252 as I recall. I did my 20 weeks basic training and went on the RAF Melksham.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Large Dennis   5067046 AC2 Feb-March 1959   I was in Flight 3 A Sqadron during training but ended up in RAF Cosford Hospital dennis.large***
Larkins Manning   4264238 AC2 Apr-June 1961 Mick Kitchen, John Myles Served 5 years in the RAF Police...UK and Middle/near East.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Lascelles Dave   4254295 SAC Clerk Sec End Sept-mid Nov 1959 Any pals who remember me My world tour:- Bridgnorth, Credenhill, Henlow, Gatow (West Berlin) West Raynham.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Latimer John   2704366 AC2 1954     jlatimer99***
Laughlin Cecil Laughfy 4094336 SAC Feb-May 1952 Geof Norton, Barry Brown, Sandy Donovan And anyone else in 3 Flight at that time and the ones in Cpl. Chalky Whites billet cecil***
Laurence Anthony Tony ( Lofty ) 2452926 SAC/Act Cpl 1950-1951     mgtonycymru***
Laurie Tony   5100098 AC2 July-Aug 1959 Derek Horsnall I was an usher at his wedding to Barbara tonylaurie2001***
Laverack Keith Lav M4264525 AC2 8 May 1961 Anyone who knew me Remustered to GD/Admin and served with Andy Petrie Jaffa Orange & Co.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Law Ian   5079297 SAC 1960     j.law3218***
Lawrance Edward Roy 2357123 AC2 July-Sept 1947   Also see the 'Memories' page roylawrance***
Lawrence John Laurie 2651708 A.C. u/t M.T.D. 2 Dec 1958-Feb 1959 Anyone from those days! Hut 318, 35 Flt, 'D' Sqn. Under Cpl Wood.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Lawrence Robert John Bob V4164169 AC1 Jan 1955     robbie_d***
Lawson Frank   3155764 AC1 March 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page f***
Lawton Roy Tommy 3146287 SAC Airframe Mech 18 Apr-13 July 1955   Also see the 'Memories' page vonroy***
Lax John   4256235 Air Wireless Fitter Jan-March 1960 Any I think I was in C Squadron Sgt. Laurie Dryden was the D.I. jlax***
Lear   Jimbo 5028481 SAC 1956 Ken Viger At Bridgnorth sometime around 1956 D Sqd.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Leather Mike   4244444 AC Sept 1958   After training, joined Airfield Contruction as Works Carpenter at Wellsbourne.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Lee Robert Bob 2429229 LAC 26/4/1949 to 6/7/1949 S McGee, Bob Hutchinson, B Collins 3/9 Hut 16, Flight 2 Wing, D Sqdn GRANGOGGINS***AOL.COM
Leeming Brian   4246803 SAC Arm Mech (A) Guided Weapons Nov 1958-Jan 1959   I was in hut 58 but do not remember the flight number.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Lees Alex Al 5068837 AC2 Spring 1959 Anyone   marylyndodwell***
Lees Bernard   2503051 Cpl. D.I. 1951-1953 Eric Mervyn, Colin Hough, Ron McKelvie, Lionel Kinder, Merchill, Trehearne, Rastrick In charge of Hut 7, A Sqd, 1 Wing.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Lees Fred   4114918 AC1 Nov-Dec 1952     fredlees***
Lees Ronald Ron 3155293 AC2 Nov 1959 Any Afterwards post to Topcliffe awaiting posting to Yatesbury (Air wireless fitter)
Also see the 'Memories' page
Leicester Edwin Ted 4151377 AC2 1954 Joseph Horace Valantine Miller Last known at 10 Dale St, Burton on Trent. Area now redeveloped jeanleicester***
Leigh David   4259747 AC2 July 1960 Anybody with a better memory than me (can't remember hut No.) Joined at Cardington 4th July 1960. Then Locking for trade training Ground Radar.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Lemon Stephen Steve 4169616 AC2 June-Sept 1955 Ron Berry, Ricky Broad Also see the 'Memories' page stephendenia***
Lendrum Wilson Bill F4273413 AC2 June-Aug 1962 Pilot Officer Woods Also see the 'Memories' page wilsonlendrum***
Lenton Graham   R3529193 AC2 Oct-Dec 1960     glenton***
Letch Pete   4111390 AC2 Dec 1952 Roy Willis and D A Stephens (known as Ruggles) Also see the 'Memories' page parkway_2004***
Levinson Howard Stella 2388939 AC2 29 Apr 1948 Any one who remembers me Posted to RAF Driffield then RAF Wunstorf (BAFO) Germany.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Lewis Brian Lou/Lew 4129070 Air Wireless Mech. later L Fitt (AC) May-July 1953   Found myself living in M/Qs back at Bridgnorth when posted to Cosford.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Lewis Donald Brummy or Lew 4097404 AC2 Apr-June 1952 Anyone who remembers me Cpl Stead was our N.C.O. Home at weekends on the Birmingham coach. don-lewis***
Lewis George   4133158 AC2 Aug-Oct 1953 Danny Dyer, Dave Bancroft, Andy Brown, Stan Boughton Fond memories of my 8 weeks "square bashing" at RAF Bridgnorth blindinglight2***
Lewis George Jock 4148400 Elect/Fit G April 1954   Glad I played brass instrument got me into Station band whilst square bashing GMARLEWIS***AOL.COM
Lewis Harold Harry 2434949 AC2 June-July 1949 Joker Wrothall Became Ground Radar Mechanic after six month course.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Lewis Keith Taffy 4263716 AC2 March 1961   Looking for photos, only clue I can give is my Number.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Ley Alf   3503124 Cpl Drill Instructor 1949-1956 Ron Slater and wife Dorren. Was a geordie last seen 1956 I married my wife Lillian who was a cook in 3 Wing NAAFI. Lived in married quarters lillianley***
Lilley Tom   X4275096 AC2 Approx. Sep 1962     tomlilley11***
Lincoln Peter J.C Pete H4256009 AC2 Dec 1959   Also see the 'Memories' page pjpilincoln***
Linford Henry   4055929 Cpl Regiment gunner Instructor Mar-Dec 1954 Anyone there then I was Cpl gunner Instructor with the RAF Regiment henrylinford33***
Lingwood George   5069383 LAC Feb 1959 Geoff Moakes, Nigel Locke, Clive ?   georgelingwood***
Lintott Robert Bob 5047827 LAC 15 July 1957 Anybody square bashing There for 8 weeks. They sorted you out bob-lintott***
Lister Brian Geordie 5071333 AC2 Aug-Sept 1959   Trained under Sgt Rankin, Cpl Elson and Cpl Nimmo brianlister333***
Little Patrick Pat 2727610 AC2 July-Sept 1954 Any who remember me Yellow disc behind cap badge, DI Cpl Tucker, forgotten hut number.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Livery Kenneth   2722869 AC2 May 1954     ann.wild***
Livett Brian   5051354 AC2 Sept 1957     jslivett***
Livingstone Graham Stone 2751971 AC2 Mar-May 1955   Went to Yatesbury and then to Wittering for the rest of my 2 years.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Llewellyn Gerald Gerry K4253199 AC2 22 July-29 Sept 1959 Any person who knew me I was stationed there again from June 1962 until Feb 1963. I was at the Closing.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Lloyd David Taf 3144206 AC2 1954     sx.lloyd***
Lloyd Derek   4243699 AC2 Sept-Nov 1958 Any on photo submitted Was one of those that loved all the drill and marching bands.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Lloyd Geoffrey   4168502 AC2 Mar-Apr 1955   I had signed on for three years
Also see the 'Memories' page
Lloyd Raymond Bert 1890893 Airman Oct 1944-Mar 1945 Eric Smith or Mr Duminil   matt.brfc***
Lloyd-Davies Peter   4237757   1958-1960     ravenart***
Loat (deceased) Eric   4258262 AC2 Apr-June 1960 Anyone who knew my dad I am Eric Loat's daughter.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Lock Colin   4052797 AC2 Nov 1950   Square bashing - in the snow...
Also see the 'Memories' page
Lock Peter   T4268094 AC2 Oct 1961     Peterpetlock***aol.Com
Lock Rod Paddy 2786412 AC2 10 Feb-Apr 1956 Old friends Living in France for many years & getting old! rllagrange14***
Locke Christopher Chris 5077952 AC1 1961     clocke6x***
Lockett Glyn   4175817 AC2 Nov 1955-Feb 1956     lockett4175***
Lockyer Roy Tony V3528450 AC2 Jan 1960     rlockyer450***
Lodge Malcolm   4097380 AC1 1952     malcolm.lodge***
Lodge Philip D   4236167 AC2 Jan-Mar 1958     plug.lodge***
Logan Leslie Geordie 4259549 AC2 23 June 1960 John Lord After Bridgnorth & RAF Weeton (AMech A) training spent 8 years on Vulcans.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Lomax Allan   4130048 AC2 June 1953     alomax17***
Lomax Keith   4257044 AC2 Feb-April 1960   Now retired and living in Wales maxol55***
Long William Bill 4274988 AC2 12 Sept-16 Nov 1962   Then on to Compton Bassett for WoP training.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Longley Bernard   5066819 AC2 Feb-Apr 1959   Served in D Flt blongley***
Longworth Brian   4110056 AC2 Aug-Nov 1952   Posted to St Athan Nov 52.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Loomes Leslie   4264604 AC2 1961 Cpl Orange Enjoyed my time at Bridgnorth. Posted to RAF Debden for Trade Training leslieloomes***
Lord Tony Lordie 2364531 AC2 Aug-Oct 1947 Anyone in 19 Flt   lord719***
Lorentz Ray   5073266 AC2 1960 Anyone from hut 35 It was cold. Cpl Brotheridge and Cpl Campion.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Lorimer Adam   4139454 AC2 1953 John Pugh 8 wks square bashing then to RAF Dumfries adamlorimer***
Lorimer Albert Carlisle 2447421 AC2 1949     Lorguild***
Lott Peter Taff 4261085 AC2 1960     peterlott***
William Bill 5060242 AC2 19 May-28 July 1958   Bill died 10th May 2016, this entry by his son Derek LoudenDW***
Loukes Norman   5066830 AC2 Feb-March 1959     normanloukes***
Loulli Len   4133642 AC2 Approx. June 1953     lenloullis***
Lovatt Alec Scouse Q4268155 AC2 Nov 1961   Also see the 'Memories' page alex.carander***
Lovatt Doug   4182793 AC2 May-July 1956   D Sqd 33 Flt. D.I. Cpl Yates.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Lovell John   3154970 AC2 June-Aug 1959     j.lovell49***
Lovett John   3152696 AC2 Nov-Dec 1957   Also see the 'Memories' page johnlovett080***
Lowdon Michael Mike 4255963 AC2 Dec 1959-Feb 15 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page crusty***
Lowe Charles William Willy X4268473 AC2 Nov 1961-Jan 1962   Served 22 years wireless operator lowebilllowe***
Lowe Don   3515446 AC1 Jan-Feb 1953 Doug Biswell   djlowe***
Lowe John   4121476 LAC2 Jan 1953     j.j.Lowe***
Lowe John   5011835 SAC 1957-1959     pfcblue***
Lucas Duglas Roy Roy 3518249 Cpl MT 1954/55 & 1958/59   Basic Square Bashing. Then 1958/59 MT Section.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Lucas Victor Taff 4248835 AC2 1959 Anyone from A Flt. Also see the 'Memories' page viclucas***
Luck Derek   3155309 AC2 5 Sept-5 Nov 1959     luckyd1***
Lucktaylor Stanley Lucky 4179051 AC2 1954     stanleylucktaylor***
Luke Dennis   Q4238691 AC2 Apr-June 1958 Mustaface Omar Also see the 'Memories' page den691aden***
Lurcock Richard Dick 4055142 AC2 Jan-Mar 1951     leamoor***
Invalid email address
Lynch Anthony Benny R1509339 Ex Sgt ? Seeking information on NCO i/c MT Section Sgt Thomas? lived in Ludlow?. Habit of taking 'milk of magnesia'. Am calling from Bridgnorth old OMQs. benny.who***
Lynch Bernard Paddy 4253188 LAC Sept-Oct 1958     info***
Lynch Patrick Paddy / Pat F4201691 AC2 May-June 1959 Anyone from C Flt D.I.s were Sgt Dryden & Cpl King
Also see the 'Memories' page
Lynes Tommy   5022165 AC2 June-Aug 1956   I was in 30 Flt.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Lyon Roy   4239385 AC2 1959   Only at Bridgnorth for my 6 weeks square bashing roy.lyon1***
Stanley Stan 2773128 AC2 1955 or 1956   I am looking for any information about my late Grandad.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Lyons William Lenny 4202086 AC2 Apr 1960 Any in hut 130   blyons***
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Mabb Gordon   4055069 AC2 Jan-Mar 1951     g.mabb.longrede***
MacDonald Alexander John   4266991 AC2 19 Sept 1961 Anybody who remembers me Went to Compton Bassett for radio training and then to Digby, then to Sreamer Poi.
Also see the 'Memories' page
MacDonald Vernon Mac Jnr. 4254836 AC2 Trainee Wireless Op Oct-Dec 1959 Anyone. Also a special pal then only known as Dave Can't recall hut number but Cpl. Nimmock was our Instructor.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Machin Dennis   5062545 SAC Early 1959 - Aug 1960 Anybody working Station HQ during this period I was doing National Service there dotandden58***
Mack Peter   2481987 AC Plonk June-Sept 1950   Posted to 107 MU Kasfarete M.E.A.F Suez C.Zone Now living Caloundra Qld.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Mackenzie Cliff Mac/Jock R4269393 A/c Dep.Sen.Hut 128 Jan-16 Mar 1962 Anyone 2 Sqd, 'B' Flt F/O Taylor, Sgt Roles, Clp Thomas cimackenzie***
Mackenzie Ross Mac 4269361 LAC Trainee 1962-1963 Anyone with memories of the evil Scrumpy at the Labour Club in town.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Mackintosh James Jim Y4261589 AC2 Oct-Dec 1960 Anyone from 'A' Sqd, 7 Flt at this time. Served from 1960 to 1991 jtosh***
MacLean Douglas   4247030 AC2 1958     seisconsult***
Macrae George Findlay   X4267469 AC2 Oct-Dec 1961   Basic Training ard1val8***
Maddox Ray   4069988 AC2 May-July 1951   Also see the 'Memories' page anon***
Maddison Tom   4048838 AC2 18 Oct-Dec 1950   Also see the 'Memories' page tomad***
Maddocks Alan   3155594 SAC Air Radar Mech Feb-Mar 1960 John Wain. John Senter National Service Feb 1960 to Feb 1962.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Maguire James Jim 4153840 AC2 20 June-Aug 1954   Sept 3 mths training Compton Basset, thence Rosepark, Belfast to June 1957 jimmaguire27***
Maher Terry   2448322 AC2 Oct 1949-Jan 1950   Then RAF HQ BAFO Bad Eilsen Germany until demob Oct 1951. peterandmonica***
Main Edwin Eddie 4150575 Corpoal EPAS 1954-1957 Bob 'Geordie' Whitfield, Johnny Milnes Like to hear from anyone from Hut 118 between 1954-1957.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Mainey Ken Scouse 3155078 AC1 Summer 1959 Jeff or Geoff Ledger   kjmainey***
Maines Alan   4248503 AC2 Jan-Feb 1959 Anyone who remembers me I am from Newton-le-Willows, Lancashire.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Mair William   S4271778 AC2 Apr 1962 Doc Kilday Basic Training 21 Flt, 'B' Sqd w_mair***
Mallinson Michael Mike 4093276 AC2 1952     m497mallinson***
Malone Terry Tel V4271680 AC2 1962 Anyone who remembers me   jmalone.malone***
Manly David   2449143 AC2 Oct 1949 Any one serving at this time Basic Training paus205***
Mann Brian Brummie 3517671 Corporal Clerk E.A. 19/1/54-2/4/54 Chris Rand an oarsman posted to RAF Benson Good training at Bridgnorth, Appreciated more in later life! brian.mann1***
Mansfield Douglas Doug W4255691 AC2 1959-1960   Basic Training only.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Manzie Ian   4240444 AC2 May 1958 Douglas Hogg   ian***
Marginson Clive   2769431 SAC 1955-1957   On Permanent staff in Station Headquarters marginsonc***
Marlborough Dennis   2763874 AC2 1955   Also see the 'Memories' page d.marlborough***
Marple Jack   4120764 AC2 Feb 1953     angela_galloway***
Marsden Joseph Joe 3127201 AC2 May-July 1950     j.198***;
Marsh Anthony Tony J4260196 Mtd Aug-Sept 1960 Any Boxed in camp team [flyweight] 11 Flt B Sqd hut Anthony***
Marsh Eric Raymond Boggy 5066358 AC2 Feb-Apr 1959 Anybody still around Trained as Ground Wireless fitter Compton Bassett and Thorney Island nickells***
Marsh Gerald W Gerry 2426389 AC1 Mar-Apr 1948 Gerry Pollock I think Gerry lived in Huddersfield and worked in government offices.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Marsh Graham   5013122 AC2 End Feb-April 1956 Paul Wakefield I think he was posted to RAF Buxton after training. Home town Crawley, W. Sussex
Also see the 'Memories' page
Marsh James Robert   5076767 AC2 Apr 1960   Basic Training
Also see the 'Memories' page
Marsh Michael Mike 3151346 SAC on leaving Feb-mid April 1957 Any from hut 87 at that time Went on to become Line Telegraph Mechanic, posted to RAF Ayios Nikolaos Cyprus.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Marsh Neville   4267136 AC2 Sept-Oct 1961 Ben Mason, Bob McCall Cpl Henderson was DI. Hut 175 won the Drill Cup nevmarsh***
Marsh William Brian 3510998 AC2 Aug 1951   Posted Oct 51 to Yatesbury 2 Wing for air wireless mech course. Then to Chivenor brian.w.marsh***
Marshall Anthony Tony 5040935 AC2 Square Basher! Feb 1957 + 8 weeks     diantony***
Marshall Neville   4183783 AC2 June 1956 Roy Goulden. His father played football for Arsenal pre 1950's.
Weather was a hot summer - remember the Astra cinema
Marshall William John Jack 2454495 AC2 Dec 1949 Chiefy Lamb Secondment to RAF Husbands Bosworth johnmarshall31***
Marston Ted Yorky 4179079 AC2 Feb 1956 Can't remember any names Went to RAF Regiment stationed El Adem.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Martin Alan   4271755 AC2 April 1962 Anybody who remembers hut 163, 21 Flt and Sgt Jackson Bridgnorth Digby Pergamos ajmartin755***
Martin Barrie   3523533 AC2 Sept-Nov 1956 Andrew Crayton-Don Sangster. Anyone from hut 259   barriemartin07***
Martin Fred   4263548 AC2 Mar-May 1961   Also see the 'Memories' page fmartin2912***
Martin Peter Edward Norrie   4083445 AC2 Oct-Dec 1951   11 Flt, C Sqd. Cpl Millington. I was Senior man peter.e.n.martin***
Martin Robin Bob 4253285 AC2 Aug-Oct 1959 Anyone in hut 208   rvmartin***
Martin Terry   3525367 AC2 1959 Any Also see the 'Memories' page gliderman16***
Maskell Derek   2464858 AC2 1950   Also see the 'Memories' page skyman***
Maskell William John Bill 2714164 AC1 Jan 1954 Anyone who remembers "outside 3 Flt" in the snow Square bashing' did us good. Taught us discipline & respect which some still have.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Maskrey Peter Pete F4254756 AC2 Oct-Dec 1959 John Murray or anyone from Hut 255 Nothing since has been worse than Bridgnorth but I survived!
Also see the 'Memories' page
Mason     H4261523 AC1 Oct 1959     fwmason***
Mason Charles David Dave 4266322 AC2 23 Aug 1961 4266321 AC2 Martin from Leics or Notts DI's were Cpl Bunce & Cpl Topping izzymason161***
Mason Derek   4133498 AC2 Aug-Sept 1953 Dougie Notman (from Edinburgh)
Bill Metcalf (Fulham London)
Mason Edwin Monty 4260243 AC2 1960   Had a great time at Bridgnorth eddie.mason***
Mason John Edward Brummie 3523432 AC1 Aug-Nov 1956 Bob Fleming, Derek Ansell. Anyone who remembers me Cpl Davies was drill Cpl along with an irish Cpl.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Mason Joseph Joe 4239343 AC2 April 1958   Posted to Melksham joemasn***
Mason Mick   U4266594 AC2 Sept 1961   Ended up in the stores trade mason12***
Mason Peter   3155588 AC2 Feb 1960 'Spike' Solicitor? Hut 12, 10 Flt, 'A' Sqd. I was Senior Man, otherwise known as form filler.
Also see the 'Memories' page***
Massey John Edmund   4126171 AC2 Apr 1953   8 weeks square bashing.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Masson Bryant   F4264816 AC2 1961     bryantmasson***
Matcham Brian   4175271 LAC Sept-Dec 1955 Posted to Melksham Also see the 'Memories' page bri.mat***
Matthews John C Taff L4270650 AC2 26 Feb 1962 Mick & Paddy or anyone who remembers happy times 1 Flt, A Sqn.
Also see the 'Memories' page
c/o dghopper115***
Matthews Keith Matty 4257013 AC2 Feb-Mar 1959 Anybody who remembers me From Bridgnorth to Compton Bassett then to Digby. WOP Driver.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Matthews Michael Mike 2680759 AC2 July-Sept 1958 Don Howard, Stuart Lane, Alan Clarke 19 Flt, Hut 177.
We won the drill cup
Mattocks David Scouse 4274305 AC2 July-Sept 1962     davemattocks***
Mauchline Sam   4238946   April-June 1958 Cpl Tosh Also see the 'Memories' page sam.mauchline***
Maw Keith   4253661 AC1 Aug 1959   Only did part of training then moved to Catterick to finish the rest. First intake at Catterick 1959. knaw38***
Mawbey Stephen Steve 4118347 AC1 Nov 1952-Feb 1953   Trained at RAF Weeton as MT Driver - RAF Kasfareet Suez - Stradishall - Bishop Court stevemawbey***
May Bob   3522477 AC2 Feb-Apr 1956   Also see the 'Memories' page bob_may***
May Cedric Lofty 5024929 SAC Aircraft Mech. 17 July 1956-18 Sept 1956 Anyone on this entry or 542 Squadron From Bridgnorth went to Kirkham A/C Mech Course then posted to 542 Squadron cedric.may***
May Terence Terry 4268997 AC2 Dec 1961-Mar 1962     tm3005***
Mayer Enoch Alf 4203293 AC1 Autumn 1959 'Cookhouse' Malley 3 Year Regular trainig later at Locking as Ground Radar Fitter
Also see the 'Memories' page
Mayers Michael   4255062 AC2 Nov-Dec 1959 Hut 153, 14 Flt, B Sqd Wooden huts, endless marching in the rain, chased from pillow to post. Great!!!
Also see the 'Memories' page
McArdle Stewart Stew L4273749 AC2 Aug 1962 Bruce Cameron, Craigo, Charlie McNicoll or anyone who remembers me. I was in Hut 213, 22 Flight, "B Squadron" stewart.mcardle***
McArtney Brian   C4269052 AC2 Dec 1961-Mar 1962   Also see the 'Memories' page bgem***
McBride Peter   4264024 AC2 Mar-Apr 1961   Did square bashing there. Went on to be aircrew peter.mcbride***
McCabe Thomas Tam     1959?   Information required on photo page Hut 255 traceyhunter1967***
McCann Brian Jock H4267735 AC2 Oct-Dec 1961   Cpl Topping & Sgt Penman issy***
McCombe Robert Bob J4273568 AC2 15 June 1962 Joe Goodall 4273566, M McCarthy 4273567, Paddy Sullivan 4273569 We all joined together at Belfast Recruiting Centre and travelled to Bridgnorth.
Also see the 'Memories' page
McCotter Ed   4266682 AC1 Sept 1961 Frank Mills.
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Joined RAF with Frank in Belfast Sept 1961. I was the youngest in our Flt emccottersnr***
McCrudden Nicholas Nick H4275183 AC2 9 Oct 1962 Any from hut 181 Wonderful time at Bridgnorth. Made loads of friends nmccrudden012***
McCullock Brian   4256454 AC2 1960     herbertcustard***
McDade Robbie   4262041 AC1 1960-61     judith.mcdade***
McDermott Kevin Michael Paddy 4200003 SAC/Regiment Sept-Dec 1955 Anybody who remembers Also see the 'Memories' page mcdermottkev***
McDonald Andrew Mac 4126825 AC1 March-July 1953 Tom McGee, John Kelly, Eddie Brady Tom & John were from Glasgow area, Eddie from Woolwich Andymac35***
McDonald David   Y4267683 AC2 16 Oct 1961   Also see the 'Memories' page mcdonald6952***
McDonald Ian Chris 4197672 AC2 Aug-Nov 1957   Recruit Training.
Also see the 'Memories' page
McDonald Ian   5056629 AC2 Jan-Mar 1958   Also see the 'Memories' page ianthehibee***
McDonald Ian Keith Mac 4092632 AC2 Feb 1952 Ken Daubeny 4092633 Posted to HQ Tech' Training Brampton Park, Huntingdon iankmcdonald***
McDonald Lawrence Mac 4050997 AC2 Oct 1950-Jan 1951 Anyone who remembers me From Bridgnorth then Compton Bassett/Cheadle Staffs./Iraq Habbaniya Wireless Op.
Also see the 'Memories' page
McDougall Ian Mac 4256008 AC2 Dec 1959     ianandanne***
McDougall Ronald   4128550 AC2 May 1953     ron550***
McDowell John Mac 4243083 AC2 1958 Eric Horsfall Basic training prior to Netheravon for police training ajmcdowell***
McElrea Richard Paddy F4273977 AC2 June-July 1962 AC2 Norman Hewitt 10 Flt. A Sqd. Cpl Billington was 2nd Drill Instructor. Cpl Davies I/c rmcelrea***
McEvilly Thomas   4272413 AC2 May-June 1962 John "feet" Martin, Cpl A Fullbrook If Cpl Fulbrook or Sgt Hadden are around please contact me.
Also see the 'Memories' page
McGahan Ed Mac Y3528848 AC2 May-June 1960 Any from my Flt No. 1 Flt. A Sqd, Hut 15 sirsaggramore***
McGarry Patrick   M4275643 AC2 10 Dec 1962
-8 Feb 1963
Any one from Hut 155, 19 Flt Also see the 'Memories' page Patrickmcgarry1***
McGibbon Norman Scouse P4271086   Feb 1962   Arrived late Feb 1962, after training went to RAF Catterick, RAF Regiment n-mcgibbon***
McGlen Lawrence Mac 4237472 SAC Feb 1958 Anyone who knows me Went on to Credenhill - Scampton - Bruggen.
Also see the 'Memories' page
McGowan     L4271934 AC2 Apr-June 1962     alvord14***
McGowan Lawrence Mac 3529255 AC2 - SAC Nov 1960-Dec 1962 Denzil D'Cunah, Rodney Dorsett, John Barzey Recruit training in B Sqd, trade training at Creden Hill.
Also see the 'Memories' page
McGregor Alexander Mac Y0680486 AC2 Dec 1957-Feb 1958 Anyone who knew me Also see the 'Memories' page alex.mac486***
McGuire Liam Jock 2490749 Cpl Drill Instr 1950-1952 Sgt Lynch, Cpl Wyatt, Cpl Hardcastle, Cpl Harvey I was in 9 Flt and 12 Flt as a D.I.
Also see the 'Memories' page
McGuire Michael   5063779 Oct-Dec 1958       j-jordan***
McIntosh Stuart Mac W4259365   1960     stuartmcintosh***
McIntyre Bill Jock 4112269 Clk/org Oct 1953 Anyone who knew me   mcintyre68***
William Billy   AC2 April 1960   My father recently died and I'm looking for information graeme.mcintyre***
McIvor Joseph Jock 4246473 AC2 11 Nov 1958 Anyone from D Flt or hut mates Also see the 'Memories' page joe90bem***
McKay Stuart   4275507 AC2 Nov 1962-Feb 1963     stuart.r.mckay***
McKechnie Ian Ian or Mac 5035741 AC2 Oct-Dec 1956 Anyone on photo 1956-Hut 289 I went from Bridgnorth to RAF Pucklechurch for radio training.
Also see the 'Memories' page
McKee Sam Scouse 3125642 Recruit 1950   Also see the 'Memories' page sam_mack***
McKenzie Alex   4269610 AC2 16 Jan 1962 Anyone who remembers me Served a little time in the band. Joined RAF Regiment at Catterick/ Upwood/ Singapore/ Cyprus alex.mckenzie2***
McKenzie Gilbert Gibbie 5046319 AC2 June-Aug 1957 Barry Fogden Anyone who was in 'C' Flt, Hut 180 gmcken***
McKenzie Patrick Mac N4264499 AC2 May-June 1961 Any who remember me   patrick.mckenzie4***
McLaren Robert   5059358 AC2 1958     r.mclaren***
McLay Joe   4136335 AC2 Nov 1953 John McGeechan   joemclay***
McLean James Mac R4240414 AC1 May 1958     jjmclean6***
McLellan John   4272723 AC2 May-June 1962   Went on to Kirkton Lindsey for supply training jmclellan4544***
McLeod Norman Jock D4267292 AC2 Oct-Dec 1961     norman.mcleod***
McLoughlin Mervyn Richard 4121481 AC2 Jan 1953-Mar 1953   Six weeks at Bridgnorth, a further four at Wilmslow, all Squarebashing. Lovely
Also see the 'Memories' page
McLoughlin William Bill 2459927 AC2 Feb-Apr 1950   Also see the 'Memories' page wmcloughlin***
McMahon John Mac or Paddy ?   ?   Also see the 'Memories' page katherine.langdale***
McMahon Terry Scouse 5077489 AC2 May-July 1960 Brian Stredder, Denis Little   terry.mcmahon7***
McMenamin Neil   4060385 AC2 20 Feb 1951 Any one Arrived at Cardington 15 Feb 1951.
Also see the 'Memories' page
McMillan Alan Mac 5036788 AC2 Nov 1956-Jan 1957   Our Flight won the drill cup alan***
McMillan Stuart Stu 5064010 AC2 Oct-Dec 1958     StuMcMPS***
John N Ginge 4259553 AC 1960 Anyone who remembers... Also see the 'Memories' page jeanmcmonies***
McMorrin Dennis   T3523719 Cpl D.I. 1957-1958 Charles 'Brum' Cartwright re his motor cycle accident. I was in "A" Squadron.
Also see the 'Memories' page
McNaney Barry Mac 3149678 AC2 Summer 1956   Trade training at Locking. Posted to RAF Honington as Ground Wireless Mech barry.mcnaney***
McNeill James Jimmy/Mac 4259944 AC2 July 1960     jimmy-mcneill***
McNeill John   2427145 AC2 March 1949   Also see the 'Memories' page jm009b1871***
McNulty Dennis George   ? Cpl ? His family would appreciate any information spiceyuk_2000***
McPhee Brian   5023393 AC2 June 1956 C Flt Senior man of my hut.
Also see the 'Memories' page
McPherson Malcolm Geordie 2479280 AC1 1950-1951   Also see the 'Memories' page supermac2***
McTigue Alan Al 4271881 AC2 9 April 1962 Any of my Flt (think was 8 Flt under Cpl Topping) Would love to see (long lost) Group photo alan.mctigue***
McWilliams Arthur   4202316 AC1 Oct-Nov 1960 Bobby Friel from Colraine, N Ireland We were in 'D' Sqd D.I. was Cpl Turner & Cpl Brown.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Meason Joseph Joe [Twin] 5051785 SAC Officers Mess Barman 1957-1959 Sept Anyone   measjose***
Medhurst Harry   3123281 AC2 Oct-Dec 1949 Any 11 Flt inmates Posted to Melksham.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Medlow Terence Terry 5069828 AC2 June 1959     tamedlow***
Meehan Brian   4096771 AC2 8 April 1952   Basic training.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Meehan Michael Mick 5016907 AC2 Apr-May 1956 Any Cpl Pottinger and Cpl Potter michaelmeehan***
Meek Cyril Jim 4079039 AC2 Aug-Oct 1951     cyril.meek***
Mellor Tony   4267193 AC2 Sept 1961     cavok***
Barrie Fruity 2782135 AC2 Jan-Mar 1956 John Swift Coldest Winter for 22 years  
Melrose James   3152341 AC2 Aug 1957     jamesmelrose1936***
Melton Robin Jim 4188647 AC2 Nov 1956     robin***
Meredith John Woody E4275244 AC2 Oct-Dec 1962 Anyone from hut 155 (See website photograph) Also see the 'Memories' page FJM1944***
Reginald Reg 3115373 AC2 1948   Boxing Medal Winner.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Metcalfe Edgar Wurzel 4174507 AC2 Sept 1955 Hut 155   edgarmetcalfe***
Metcalfe Graham Ken ?   Drill Sgt 1958-1962 ? Anyone who remembers Graham My dad may have been known as Ken.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Metcalfe Robert Bob 5090975 AC2 May-July 1957 Lysle (Sugar) Gilkes. Jim de Planc and any who recall me. I am still in touch with Harvey (Sid) Clarke.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Meyer Donald Don 4104946 AC2 1952 Anybody who remembers me No.3 Flt. We won the "Drill Cup" on Passout parade. donandpennymeyer***
Middleditch John   4259638 AC2 July-Sept 1960 Anyone there at the time   Lynmiddleditch***
Middleton Eric Brian   3517995 AC2 March 1954 Anyone who remembers me Had an enjoyable time & made many new friends. ericmidd995***
Middleton Paul       Sep-Oct 1962 David Jones Also see the 'Memories' page paulandsharman***
Midwinter Eddie Taffy 3521925 AC2 Aug-Sept 1956 Anyone who remembers me Regards to Cpl Hearle, as far as drill instructors go he was the best.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Harvey   5074717 AC2 22 Dec 1959 Anyone who remembers my father Hut 43, 4 Flt, A Sqd.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Millan Malcolm   A4266724 AC1 Sept 1961     malcolm.millan***
Millard Anthony (Tony)   4189945 AC2 Nov 1956-Mar 1957   A Sqd reflighted to C Sqd after a spell in RAF Hospital Cosford then pool tony.millard***
Milledge Len   3524838 AC2 1957 (Bunny) Bunce Went to Catterick Regiment Training leonard.milledge***
Miller Ken Dusty 4157588 AC2 11 Sept-9 Nov 1954 Anyone in Hut 35, No.2 Flt, 'A' Sqd From here was posted to RAF Weeton MT trade training kenmiller6***
Milligan Gordon Spike 4275016 AC2 Sept 1962 Brian Sefton, Ralph Piggot   grmilligan***
Milligan Peter   4045403 Signals Aug-Sept 1950 Mac Pike, Alan Stirling We were in D squadron and in the same hut. Mac and I shared the same birthday pmilli***
Mills Edward Karl Ted 5113610 AC2 16 Oct 1952 Anyone Have lived in New Zealand for 50 years milsy***
Mills Francis William Frank F4266648 AC1 6 Sept 1961   Went from RAF Bridgnorth to RAF Catterick for RAF Regiment Basic Training
Also see the 'Memories' page
Mills Terence Terry 4185293 AC2 1956   Cpl Coates and Cpl Cain
Also see the 'Memories' page
Mills Thomas Tom 2452833 AC2 Nov 1949 Cpl Mepham, Sgt Taylor Also see the 'Memories' page tom833***
Millward Henry   4076588 AC2 Aug 1951 Ronald Duffy   williammillward***
Milton Gerald Gerry 5054735 AC2 Nov 1957 Tom, forget your surname, Hut 22   gerrynjean***
Minors Alan   R4259147 Cpl June-Aug 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page alan_minors***
Mirfield Tommy Yorky 5039989 AC2 Feb-Apr 1957 Cpl Crampin Basic training Hut 11, A Flt 'A' Sqd.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Mitchell Anthony William Tony Mitch 4156782 AC2 Sept/Nov 1954 Anyone who remembers me Short term regular who rose to the dizzy hights of Cpl Ground Wireless Fitter.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Mitchell Colin Mitch 4272208 AC2 May 1962 Anyone 10 Flt, A Sqd, Hut 312.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Mitchell David Dave 5076946 AC2 April-May 1960 Anyone who knew me Trained medic at Freckleton. Posted Odiham, 230 Sqn det Nigeria. Posted Coningsby biggles.mitch***
Mitchell James   4237466 AC2 Feb-Apr 1958     jamesmitchell466***
Mitchell Keith Mitch W4273773 AC2 June 1962   Flt 22. B Sqdn.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Mobbs Gerald Gerry 3151144 SAC Jan-March 1957 Anyone from hut 35 Also see the 'Memories' page pgahs***
?   1627661 Sgt     Also see the 'Memories' page johnepotts***
Moggridge Peter Pete 3114405 AC1 1947 Jonny Logan Trained as a Cook pjmoggridge***
Mole Bernard   5082055 AC2 Nov 1960-Mar? 1961 Anyone from Hut 25, 4 Flt, 'A' Sqd Also see the 'Memories' page digger12539***
Mole Trevor   3139630 AC2 Feb-March 1953   Did a bit of square bashing before off to Wilmslow for Manchester Queens Colour moledad***
Molyneux John   5025546 AC2 July-Sept 1956 Any fellow square-bashers D Squadron, 32 Flight, Hut 248.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Monaghan Terry Geordie J4258582 AC2 May-July 1960 Anyone Hut 307 tdmonaghan***
Monks Peter   X4263991 AC2 1961     peter.monks***
Montgomery George Monty 5078098 AC2 1960 Graham Naylor Basic training.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Moody Alan   5076183 SAC Clothing Store 18 Mar 1960
and 6 Mar 1961
  Basic Training start 18 Mar 1960. Posted as Permanent Staff 6 Mar 1961 to 25 Sept 1961.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Moore James Jim 2417221 AC2 Dec 1948-Feb 1949 Dickie Bird from Willenhall, Staffs   jay***
Moore Ron   5077106 AC2 Apr-May 1960 Any personnel in Hut 259, Les Reynolds maybe Ended up in signals.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Moorley Dennis Ginge/Ginner 2430696 AC2 3 May 1949 Jimmy McEwan (ex professional footballer, Aston Villa FC) After basic training, my father served in the Middle East in Egypt alanmoorley***
Moran Brendan   C4264688 AC2 May-Aug 1961 Dave Irwin   brenmor***
Moran John Jock S4266298 SAC Aircraft Electrician 1961 Jock Black, J. Mearns, Doug Meldrum Anyone who went to Melksham with me jmor2***
Moreton David   3153863 AC2 Sept 1958 Anyone from A Flt Hut 79 Cpl Jones & Cpl Vane, Sgt Simpson. Flt Lt Gordini david***
Morgan David Trevor Trev 2757337 AC2 May-July 1955 Harry Wainwright Also see the 'Memories' page trev.morgan***
Morgan Geoffrey Geoff 4172897 Police Dog Handler May-Sept 1955 Any one remembering Pool Flight Plonk working in Guardroom School Mate Alan Crawford came thro while I worked in Guardroom as Honorary cop saged68***
Morgan John   N4269785 AC2 Jan 1962     johnkmorgan44***
Morgan Lyn Dai H4272428 AC2 July 1962 Punjatjitshing Jawahea (known as Joe) Also see the 'Memories' page lynmorgan43***
Morgan Mike   B4261392 AC2 Oct 1960     morgam***
Morgan Ray Captain 3516003 AC2 21 April-1 July 1953     raymorgan172***
Morgan Roy Moggy/Jet 2735338 AC2 Sept-Oct 1954 Brian Melia from Bury and Brian Jenkins from Darren After Bridgnorth, went to Melksham trade training.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Morgan William John   4248238 AC2 Jan-Mar 1959   Also see the 'Memories' page w.morgan23***
Morley Brian   4175352 AC2 Oct-Dec 1955 Any who remember me Also see the 'Memories' page brilin6***
Morley Frank Yorky 4154925 AC2 July 1954 Johnny Cook, Sheffield Served 5 years.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Morley John William Jon 4189890   1956 or 1957   Basic Training. Posted to Hong Kong, Transport Command Air Movements jonmorley***
Morries Leslie Arthur     AC2 1951 approx.   Looking for a photo' of my father who did his N.S. square bashing at Bridgnorth ptmorries***
Morris Arthur Jock 5046782 AC2 July-Sept 1957   RAF Bridgnorth - shock, sweating.
The T.L.C. dispensed by Cpl Lightfoot
& Cpl Benne
Morris Brian   3527831 AC2 April 1959 Anyone in A Flt   bvanc***
Morris Brian Baron 4237903 AC2 Feb-Apr 1958   Intake was 40 Flt, D Sqd, Cpl DI John Tosh. I was in a hut on row 307 to 313 brianmorris238***
Morris Brian   5077491 AC2 1960     brianmorris1***
Morris David   4191592 AC2 21 Jan 1957     dm007b4478***
Morris Gerald Gerry 4178810 AC2 Feb 1956 Anyone Also see the 'Memories' page gtdmorris20***
Morris Glyn Glyno 4128516 AC2 1953 Eddy Kelly & Albert? Did jankers with Eddy & Albert from Scotland. Got reflighted.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Morris Graham   3529064 AC2 Sept-Dec 1960   Misguided National Serviceman graham.morris2000***
Morris Henry   4175884 AC1 Nov 1955 Colin Cooper 4175876 Spent 3 yrs in Cyprus RAF Ayios Nikolaos.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Morris Jack     AC2 Sept 1961     jollyjack***
Morris John   4107263 AC2 1952   Hut 28. We had a certain Corporal Jewel jmbr19882***
Morris William Taff 5080333 AC2 Aug 1960 Anyone with a similar Service No.   wjmwales1***
Morrish Ivor   4203252 AC2 Sept-Nov 1958   Bought myself out before Passing Out due to my father's terminal illness.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Morrison Alex   4140914 AC2 Dec 1953-Jan 1954   Cold, lots of Bull****, glad to leave and move to Kirkham on Armament course. morrison21***
Morrison Michael   4113657 AC2 Oct 1952   Extremely cold. Passed out in hanger Dec 1952 mikemorr34***
Morrisroe Roger   2682761 AC2 May-June 1960   Served with 601 Sqdn R Aux AF prior to National Service. Eng Mech turbines. LAC.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Morton Bernard   2391592 AC2 8 weeks "square bashing" June 1948 Mike Green Also see the 'Memories' page bernard***
Moreton Roger   3152894 AC2 Nov 1957 Cedric Hinchcliffe Blockley Also see the 'Memories' page roger***
Morton Stan Paddy (sometimes) P4274773 AC2 Aug 1962 Don Cameron or Bob Shaw   john***
Moscrop Walter Wally H4261425 AC2 Oct-Dec 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page wjmoscrop***
Moss     4178529 AC2 Jan 1956     mossy529***
Moss Geoffrey   5072684 AC2 Sept-Nov 1959   RAFP Nov 1959 to Sept 1961. Served at RAF Bawdsey, Suffolk gm212***
Moss Kenneth Ken 3515582 AC2 Feb-March 1953     westernhill1967-pers***
de Mott John   4189614 AC1 1957 All Think the other Cpl was Cpl Reames.
A hard time but many great memories
Moulds Ken   2786325 AC2 Feb-Apl 1956 Anyone who served with me See photographs.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Muddiman Mick   5068685 AC2 May-July 1959     m.muddiman***
Mudge Brian   4193890 AC2 Feb-June 1957 David Wickham Basic Training bmudge***
Mudge Michael Mick S3527524 AC2 2 Feb-26 Mar 1959 Any former comrades in 18 Flt, B Sqd, hut 208 Did 9 yrs as airframe fitter including 2 yrs at RAF Khormaksar Aden 1965 to 1967.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Muir John   5048248 AC2 July 1957 Ducky Dodds Also see the 'Memories' page jmuir37***
Mulhern Michael Mick 4261922 AC2 1960     michael.mulhern***
Mulji Ratilal Joe V4266622 AC2 Sept-Nov 1961 Anybody who remembers me. I'm also on the 1961 - Hut 292 photograph sent by Mick Mason ratilal.mulji***
Mullaney George   2468476 AC2 Apr-June 1950 Any tortured by Cpl's London, Glenn, Hastings and Billings Also see the 'Memories' page gmullaney***
Mullord Anthony Tony 2775176 AC2 1955 -1956   Also see the 'Memories' page drollum1***
Mumford Alan   4248990 AC2 Jan-Mar 1959     alan.mumford***
Mumford Fred   4274488 AC2 July-Sept 1962 Stewart Sloan & Ken Orme.
Comment by Webmaster - Both have already posted their contact details.
Cpl Haust & Cpl Turner trained us fredricmumford***
Mumford Trevor   4152339 Not known 1954-1955?   This is my Uncle and I am trying to research exactly when he was here. dammad617sw***
Mundy Christopher   D4272343 AC2 July 1962 Anyone in hut 312 Also see the 'Memories' page mar_chris44***
Munn Charles Stuart Stu W4274797 AC2 Aug - Oct 1962   Left Bridgnorth for Freckleton then RAF Catterick as Medical Staff charlessmunn***
Munro Henry T Harry 3153205 AC1 Jan-Mar 1958     harry***
Munro Trevor   2720256 AC 1 Mar-May 1954 F Knight, A Murdoch, B Palfrey, D Hale Hut 290 D Sqdn. Completed Gen Fitt course at Weeton, then on to RAF Driffield.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Munroe George   4259162 AC2 Apr-June 1960 Andy Munson, David Jones, Cpl Price, John Keale Also see the 'Memories' page george.munroe***
Munt Tom   4071379 AC2 Mar-Apr 1951     tmunt***
Munton Colin   4192327   Feb-Mar 1957 Dusty Saunders I don't remember any names but I have a few photos colin***
Murdoch Alfred   2366375 AC2 1947   Went on to train for RAF police but later discharged on medical grounds alfredmurdoch***
Murphy Brian Spud F41688** AC2 5 May 1955     bandemurphy***
Murphy Dennis Scouse 4093329 AC2 Feb-May 1952   Later served as SAC Nursing Attendant 1 1953 dennis.murphy1933***
Murphy Warren Spud 4133555 AC2 18 Aug-21 Oct 1953 Cpl. Shaw Also see the 'Memories' page warren.murphy1935***
Murphy William Paddy/Billy 4201258 SAC Oct-Dec 1958 Hut 318 I was 17 and it was one big adventure. D.I. was Cpl. Woods willmy41***
Murray Stuart   5069558 AC2 June 1959   Also see the 'Memories' page sdmurray7***
Muscroft Cyril Geordie 5020115 AC2 May-July 1956   Also see the 'Memories' page cyrilmuscroft***
Muter Alan Geordie 4256587 AC2 Jan-Mar 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page al.42***
Mycock Robert Bob S3520180 AC2 Jan-Apr 1955 Anyone who was in my flight   robmycock***
Myles Ian   F4272936 RAF Police (Dogs) Apr-June 1962 Anyone from those days but particularly Roy Brown   ian.myles***
Mynett Peter   4099373 AC2 May-July 1952 David Barham   petermynett1***
Mynn Geoff   4110854 Cpl D.I. 1953-1955 Anyone Anybody who remembers me, hopefully with good memories Beckyforsey***
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Nairn James   4192013 AC2 Jan 1957   Hut 298, Cpl Bailey and Cpl Nichol, both DI's.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Nash Les Nashy 4075976 AC2 June-July 1951 Anyone in my hut whilst square bashing Hut 251 20 Flight.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Nash William Bill 4148690 AC2 1 Apr 1954 Anyone Anyone in Hut 22, 4 Flt, 'A' Sqd. D.I. Cpl MacIntyre.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Naulder William Bill 5021427 AC2 Aug-Oct? 1956   N.S. Finished as SAC Teleprinter Op. Records Office, Gloucester.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Navesey Michael   M4267406   Oct-Dec 1961     mnwa3704***
Naylor Joseph Joe 863532 ? AC2 1959-1960 Jonnie Walker Worked on the servicing of Radar gear for the rest of my National Service joenaylor***
Neal Tony   Y4271666 AC2 Apr 1962 Ron Jones.
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19 Flt 'B' Sqd. Can't remember hut number.
DI was Cpl Hirons.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Needs Samuel James Taff B4274845 AC2 Sept 1962 Anyone who remembers me   jimneeds***
Neish William Bill / Jock 3525241 AC2 1958   Went on to complete armament course at RAF Kirkham Bill.neish***
Neville Patrick Pat 3153919 N.S. Basic Taining Sept-Dec 1958   Later served as operations clerk at Linton-on-Ouse and Debden.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Newall Eric Raymond Bugsy 4275001 AC1 Oct-Nov 62   Instead of R & I, we went to the Albert Hall to do Rememberance Parade ernewall***
Newble Charles Charlie 3521392 AC2 Aug 1955     c.newble644***
Newbury Noel   3529490 AC2 Mar-June 1961 Dave Phillips or anyone who knew me.
Comment by Webmaster - Dave has already posted his contact details.
Newell Bob   V4272390 AC2 April-June 1962 Dave Drew and anyone who remembers me My Drill Corporal was Cpl Fieldhouse.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Newland John   L4267262 AC2 Oct 1961   Basic Training. 18 Flt canberrajn***
Newlyn Anthony Chic 4154949 AC2 June 1954   Also see the 'Memories' page truehorsewhisperer***
Newlyn Brian   D4266744 AC2 Sept 1961 Anyone who may remember me Left the Service in 1983 as FS ATC evelyn.newlyn***
Newman Edward   5079675 AC2 12 Aug-30 Sept 1960 Any 11 Flt 'B' Sqd especially D Pemberton Do you remember DI Payne Pine Fulbrook Haddon I do
Also see the 'Memories' page
Newmark Leon   5039648 AC2 Feb-Apr 1957 approx. Any Also see the 'Memories' page holborn648***
Newnham Alan   4116024 AC2 Nov 1952-Feb 1953 Anyone in Flt photo Good fun but a long walk to town also bloody cold newnham2***
Newth John Lofty 5072477 AC2 Sept-Nov 1959   Finished at HQ RAF Technical College, Henlow as a Cpl.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Newton Colin Geordie K3121209 Cpl Drill Instructor 1957-1959     colinandkath***
Nicholls Steve Nic 4165614 AC2 1955   Also see the 'Memories' page s.nicho***
Nichols Eric   4149616 AC2 April 1954     graham942***
Nicholson Hugh Nick 4133070 AC2 Aug 1953     hughnicholson***
Nicholson Ray Pompey 4142254 AC2 Jan-Feb 1954 Anyone who remembers me Posted to canal zone before end of training jonjo***
Nickson David Nick 4274927 AC2 Sept-Oct 1962   Onwards to Shawbury and 9 years in ATC.
I'm on front row of 1962 - Sept photo
Nicol James Jim 4251737 AC2 Mar-May 1959 Hut 88, 13 Flt including Cpl Gell Have sent photo.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Nicolson Donald Nick 4134006 AC2 Oct 1953     dnicolson75***
Nielsen David Dave C4275323 AC2 Sept 1962 Any in TG9   davidcnielsen***
Nightingale Charles Charley 4199356 AC2 Nov-Dec 1957     charles.nightingale***
Nightingale Ralph   5043341 AC2 16 Apr-3 July 1957   Would like to get photos of this intake National Service.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Nimmo David Dave 4049306 AC2 Oct-Dec 1950   Squarebashing.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Nisbet Hugh Jock 5064769 AC2 1958-1959 Alan Kelso   hughnisbet***
Nisbet Ralph   5075742 AC2 Feb-Apr 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page joeyralph***
Nissim Betty   2034443   Aug 1942     petermiles99***
Noble Jeff   4258381 AC2 Apr-June 1960   27 Flt 'C' Sqd, Hut 62 tina.noble***
Noble John   B4265772 AC2 July-Oct 1961     grapple63***
Nolan William Liam R4202026 AC2 Feb- Apr 1960 Al Pickett, Cyril Pink, Terry Rice, Ralph Nisbet All from hut 152, 14 Flt 'B' Sqd.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Norkett Alan   Y4274171 AC2 16 July-Sept 1962 Anyone who remembers me 14 Flt, 'B' Sqd vicaralan***
Normington Brian   E4274534 AC1 July-Sept 1962   Was at Bridgnorth for 8 weeks Basic Training bnormi2***
Norris Arnold   4236876 AC2 Feb 1958 James Smith from Bolton   arnoldnorris1***
Norris Chris   4273331 AC1 1962     condell84***
Northey Arthur John Bandy 4055365 AC2 Jan-Feb 1951   Blue Wing, Vol/Station Band margaret.northey***
Northover Leighton Taff 3528495 AC2 Jan-Apr 1960 Anyone 40 Flt Officer I/C Flt Lt Blick. Posted to Melksham - Nav Intrument Mech leightonnorthover201***
Norton Brian   5081500 AC2 Oct-Dec 1960 Derek Calder Square Bashing & etc.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Noton Derek   5100347 AC1 Oct-Dec 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page joycebjgn60***
Norton James Jim 5013743 AC2 Mar-Apr 1956   An enriching experience jhknorton***
Nunn Jack   2439660 AC2 Aug-Oct 1949 Pat Gilbert, Geoff Hainsworth or anyone at Longparish 1950 3 mths at Kirkham then 18 mths at RAF Longparish pno2nr***
Nurse Keith   5061134 AC2 June-July 1958 Flt C - Hut D - if I recall correctly - Cpl Fagg the principal DI Later Hereford and Bomber Command HQ RAF High Wycombe until June 1960.
Also see the 'Memories' page
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Oakes Elvyn   2733998 AC2 Sept-Nov 1954   B Sqd.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Oakes James Jim 4270884 AC2 5 Mar 1962 Any with Service No. close I was senior man in hut 157.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Oakes Warren Wally 3526446 AC2 May-June 1958 Lol Moon   carlaandwarren***
Obbard David Obby or Nobby 4259261 AC2 June-Aug 1960   Members of Hut 126? 11 Flt, B Sqd david.obbard***
Obray Brian   T4258277 AC2 Apr 1960 Ivor Jones, Jimmy (the Scotman)   brianobray***
Odell Jeff   Y4195015 AC2 Apr-June 1957 Any Band Flt member Served in Band Flt, the bandmaster being WO Denzil Stevens.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Odell Peter   4088842 AC2 Jan 1952 Graham Moffit   thika***
O'Flaherty Ken Kennyo U4263542   1961 Mar-June     kennyo***
O'Flanagan Anthony Tony N4202192 AC2 July-Aug 1960 Anyone from Hut 314 'D' Sqd My first day at RAF Bridgnorth was a Friday, I got 5 days jankers for gambling.
Also see the 'Memories' page
O'Hara John     Air traffic   Anyone   John***
O'Hara John Ace 5061698 AC2 July-Sept 1958 Anyone from Hut 177, 19 Flt   john.ohara***
Olden Roger   P4258256 AC2 Apr-June 1960   I was a 9yr Regular Apr 1960-Apr 1969. Elect'l Fitter Air.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Oldknow Arthur   4239262 AC2 1958     aoldknow***
Olley Brian   4140104 AC2 Nov 1953     brianolley***
Onyett John Terence   3527835 AC2 May 1959     jto***
Orchard Ronald Ron 2754883 AC2 Apr 1955     rorchard65***
Ord Cyril Geordie P4256066 AC2 9 Dec 1959 AC2 Baxter Senior man of Hut 247 cyril.ord***
Ord Ian   4268778 AC2 1961     iangord***
Organ Charles   4192403 AC2 Jan 1957     stanfordco05***
Orgill Ray   H4161750 AC2 Nov 1954-Feb 1955     rayorgill***
O'Rourke Bob Jock 4158068 AC2 Aug-Sept 1954 McCandless Also see the 'Memories' page ghu73eg65***
O'Rourke Donald Charles   4087605 AC2 Dec 1951-March 1952 Anyone in 21 Flt during that time Also see the 'Memories' page dcor***
Orr David   5074049 AC2 Nov 1959-Feb 1960 John Sheeda, Tony Martin, Keith Crossley   daveorr***
Osborne George Ossie 4192038; AC2 Jan-Mar 1957 Anyone who remembers Cpl Hinchcliffe & P/O Ramon Suba Row Hut 255.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Osborne Ian Oz   AC2 1962     ianosborne2***
Osborne Kenneth   5053744 AC2 Nov 1957-Jan 1958     kenneth.osborne***
O'Shaughnessy Francis Frank 4273269 AC2 May-Oct 1962     frankfmos44***
O'Shaughnessy Maurice   5046707 AC2 July 1958 Drill Instructor Square Bashing. Graduated Oct 1957. Posted to RAF Sopley.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Ott Frederick   4052242 AC2 Nov 1950 Alan Penman   fredott***
Otterburn Geoffrey Geoff 5060357 AC2 May-July 1958 Anyone from Hut 218 Went to Yatesbury then to 8 Sqdn. in Aden for 2 years
Also see the 'Memories' page
Owen Adrian Taff F4275066 AC2 Sept 1962     adrianowen44***
Owen Derek   2416505 AC1 Dec 1948-Feb 1949   N.S. Entrant in Flt No.11, Wing No.2 dandjowen***
Owen Derrek Taffy 3518253 AC2; 6 Apr 1954 Billy Reynolds   derrek.owen***
Owen Graham   2403869   1948   Did basic Training then Raf Pershore Police Training gra.jean***
Owen John Arthur Taff 3127295 LAC MT Driver July 1950-April 1952 Ian Forsythe Grant (Brummie), Geldart Also see the 'Memories' page maijohniscoed***
Owen Keith   5078490 AC2 June-Aug 1960     krowen39***
Owen Michael   4096644 AC2 1952     c/o tomgilbert4***
Owen Richard   5071674 AC2 Aug-Sept 1959   Hut 41, 3Flt. D.I Cpl French newo2***
Owens Rob Ollie H4267816 AC2 Oct 1961     Rob.owens***
Oxborough Michael Oxo 3150914 Aircraftsman Nov 1956     mirene***
Oxley James Jim 4091989 AC2 Feb-Apr 1952   Square Bashing.
Also see the 'Memories' page
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Pace Eric   5050655 AC2 Sep-Nov 1957 Anyone who remembers me Trained under Sgt Hurren and Cpl Draper for eight weeks Eric.pace1***
Packham John   U4274562 AC2 Aug 1962   Also see the 'Memories' page johnpackham***
Pain John   5071143 LAC From Aug 1959 Anyone from 22 Flt, C Sqd NS Square Bashing.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Paisley Dave   4267894 AC2 Oct-Dec 1961 Jim Noble and Jim Fleming Both Jims joined up with me in Dundee.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Pallett Geoffrey   4261739 AC2 Oct 1960 Hut 206, 18 Flt, 'B' Sqd.
Alan Stennet, Roy Stanier, John O'Neil, B McCormack, Alan Stenton, D Pool,
P Page, A Stapey. D.I. Henderson and D.I. Cpl Payton
Also see the 'Memories' page
Palmer Charles   5081793 AC2 Oct 1960-Jan 1961?   Also see the 'Memories' page palmer133***
Palmer David Edwin Deep H4268033 AC1 Oct 1961-Jan 1962     davedeep033***
Palmer Derek   4112832 AC2 Oct 1952 Any Also see the 'Memories' page annderek***
Palmer Robert Pedler 2461905 AC2 Jan 1950     Robert.palmer60***
Paramor Derek Norrie 2782137 AC2 Jan-Mar 1956 Any fellow squaddies Was p.o.m and was lucky to take 2 weeks off square-bashing, by 2 weekend tests.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Parke Bernard Whoofer 2786275 AC2 Feb-April 1956 Cpl Lewis, Cpl Bryan, P.O. Bailey Also see the 'Memories' page parke***
Parke Ian   4274832 AC2 Aug-Oct 1962 Anyone who remembers me from that long ago!   ianparke***
Parker Alan   4271603 AC2 April 1962   Anybody who remembers 19 Flt personnel parkers28***
Parker David Dave B4267256 AC2 2 Oct-Nov 1961   Now live in New Zealand davesharyn.parker***
Parker Donald   4183972 AC1 1957     donandavril***
Parker James Jim 3516639 AC2 Mar 1953   Initial training, 12 Flt. I was formerly an air cadet jimandmary***
Parkin Mike Hank 4267460 AC2 Oct-Dec 1961     mikeandelaineparkin***
Parkin Tony   4191598 AC Jan-Mar 1957 Anyone who can remember me We got done for nicking rations off RI camp.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Parkinson Clive Parkie 5030743 AC1 Sept-Oct 1956   Basic training 25 Flt cliveparkinson***
Parkinson Michael Mike S4220197 AC2 Dec 1961-Feb 1962   "Paddy" Fitzgerald and anyone who remembers me michaeljohn.parkinson***
Parkinson Raymond   5041371 AC2 1957 Fred Flight, John Mitton, Allan Wolsoncroft, Derek Butler Also see the 'Memories' page erparkinson***
Parr Malcolm   2782096 SAC Jan-Mar 1956 Anyone for this time period Seeking further details of square bashing at Bridgnorth Jan-Mar 1956.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Parry Arthur   G4269583 AC2 1962   Phil Barnes williamparry1***
Parry John   X4268142 AC2 Nov 1961     jg.parry***
Parsler Duke   4195689 AC2 June-Aug Ron Agombar   leslie689seletar***
Parsons George Taff 4173840 AC2 20 Sept-15 Nov 1955 Anyone from 31 Flt D Sqd I have various photos of Bridgnorth.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Partridge Thomas Tom U4253330 AC2 6 Aug- Sept 1959 Anyone from hut 178 I was in 'B' Sqd. D.I. was Cpl Fisher t.wg.partridge***
Pass Bernard   4118964 AC2 Jan-Mar 1953 Anyone with a good memory I notice someone is named with my Service No. berjen***
Passey Bryan Bryn 4183161 AC2 June 1956 Anyone D.I. was Cpl Potter.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Paston Geoff   4093911 AC2 Mar-Apr 1952   Joined RAF Regiment. Posted to Regiment Depot at Dumfries for basic training g.paston***
Paterson Alex Jock Y4265297 AC2 June-Sept 1961   Went on to RAF Locking as u/t Radar Mech alexpat1940***
Paterson Daniel Jerry 4090693 AC2 Jan-Mar 1952 Anyone who was in Hut 218 Also see the 'Memories' page danielpaterson22***
Paterson Stuart   5056929 AC2 Jan 1958   Also see the 'Memories' page stuartpix***
Patience Sydney   5061796 AC2 June-July 1958 Reg Benjamin, Don Marshall, Colin Vance, Frank ? (Yorks) Transit Innsworth Glos then RAF Geilenkirchen.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Paton Derek Del 4271946 SAC Spec Opp Basic Trng 1962   Compton Basset Digby Pergamos dpsher23***
Patrick John   5060881 AC Clerk Accounts June-Aug 1958 & 1958/59   Pay Clerk L-Mc ledger 1958/59 then exchange posted to RAF Buchan patrick.j***
Pattison David   4129576 AC2 June-July 1953   Duration of square bashing before posting to Netheravon for RAF Police Training s.pattison35***
Payne Eric   4262972 AC2 Jan-March 1961   Also see the 'Memories' page Celiaanderic***
Payne Peter   3156142 AC2 July-Aug 1960 Anyone who remembers me Hut 10, 9 Flt, A Sqd.
Cpl Wilcox and Cpl Walters were our DIs.
Payne William Bill L4271988 AC2 April 1962     wbillpayne***
Payter Mark   4259792 AC2 1960 Frank Smith, Horace, John Smith Malvern brother (2 of six) richardpayter***
Peabody Ken   4145452 AC2 Jan-March 1954 Bill Eaves, Taff Cole   peabody***
Peacock George Thomas   B4268520 AC2 1961-1962 Ron Gilbert - a Scot Fire Section at Warboys.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Peaker Bryan   5091017 AC2 June-Aug 1959 Ian Neville Basic training National Service prior to going to RAF Yatesbury.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Peakman John   5073426 AC2 Oct 1959 Friends of Hut 12, 11 Flt or 12 Flt   Care of;
Pearce Anthony Kevin   U4203347 AC2 May-June 1960   Went on to Yatesbury then left Air Force in 1969. Air radar fitter kp***
Pearson Arthur   4168815 AC2 5 May-Aug 1955   Drill Corporal was Cpl Reames Arthurprsn***
Pearson Bryan Peo 5061059 AC2 1957   All sent Cyprus then North Africa
Also see the 'Memories' page
Pearson Ronnie   4020107 AC2 Feb-Apr 1947 Geoff Atkins   ronpearson***
Pease Richard   H4256570 AC2 Jan-Mar 1960 Any Also see the 'Memories' page rickpease***
Peates George   P4258489 AC2 May-June 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page george_peates***
Peatman Edwin   B4262936 Trainee Jan-Apr 1961     e.peatman***
Peck Ken   4162912 AC2 Jan-Feb 1955 Anyone on my Flt (yellow badge cap disc) Also see the 'Memories' page ken***
Pedlow John   4258906 AC2 Mar 1960     john.pedlow***
Pegman Frederick   3140404 AC2 1954 All I did my square bashing at Bridgnorth fred***
Pemberton John Taff 4248828 AC2 24 Jan 1959 Joseph O`Tool, Jim Redman, Paddy Burke 10 Flt A Sqd. We won the Drill Cup. Served in RAF Andover& Malta.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Pemberton Maxwell   4256073 AC2 1959     maxwell.pemberton***
Pendlington Alan   5068461 AC2 April-June 1959   Also see the 'Memories' page penner2***
Penman John   4266480 AC2 1961 Jimmy Mearns, John Robinson Also see the 'Memories' page john.penman***
Penman Roger   5091276 AC2 Oct 1959     penman.roger***
Penney Ray   4130247 AC2 Recruit June-July 1953 Any old mates from Edinburgh Would like to contact J Gray, R Hogg, J Shade, J Connelly, K Pirie all from Edinburgh.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Penson Philip Phil Q4266556 AC2 4 Sep-Oct 1961   Basic training Hut 216 philip.penson***
Pepper Brian Pep 4197039 AC1 July 1957 Any Remember Cpl Westerman?Also see the 'Memories' page brian_and_cyn***
Peries Zebedee Zeb 4270876 Supp m Mar 1962 Anyone who served with me It was the best years of my life zebperies***
Perkins Michael Mike 4078400 AC2 1951 David Wykes, Cpl Hines, Cpl Bligh, Cpl McKinley. Also see the 'Memories' page mikeshu***
Perks John   4050960 AC2 Nov 1950-Jan 1951   Was in Hut 10, 2 Flt, A Wing sylviaperks***
Perrett Tony Farmers boy 4056745 AC2 Jan 1951 Trevor Yeardsly Also see the 'Memories' page tonya***
Perrins David Stuart   2415510 AC2 1948     davidperrins***
Perry John Jack 2270620 AC2 Oct 1955 Robin Rastall, John Phillips, Harold Pitcher Loved the drill parades. Instructor Cpl Fewtrell johnperryjack***
Perry Tony   3151858 AC1 Easter 1957 Tommy Langham or anyone in the billet I believe our D.I's name was Parnell tony23perry***
Petrie John Jack A4240125 AC2 May-Aug 1958 Any Wonderful Summer. Loved my time there.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Pettitt Terry   5059059 AC2 Mar-June 1958   Also see the 'Memories' page ta.pettitt***
Pettman Christopher Chris S4261897 Sgt Photo 'G' Nov-Dec 1960 Anyone from hut 187, 23 Flight 'C' Squadron Basic Training prior to Wellesbourne Mountford for Photographic training.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Peverall Arthur Pev 4237910 AC2 Mar-Apr 1958 Anybody   Jenpev***
Phennah Emlyn Taff Y4253469 AC2 Aug-Oct 1959 Patterson from Sheffield Also see the 'Memories' page taff.phennah***
Phillips Aubrey Phil 2481888 AC2 May/June 1950   Also see the 'Memories' page aubphil***
Phillips Charles Chas 4162111 AC2 Dec 1954-Feb 1955     chaselvis.phillips***
Phillips George   5075348 AC2 Feb-Apr 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page george.phillips.catkinz***
Phillips John Jack 2778609 AC1 Nov 1954   Ran in the cross country team. Posted to Yatesbury jegmp***
Phillips Leslie Les 4146308 AC2 Feb 1954 Anyone   lphills***
Phillips Michael   3149446 LAC 1956-1957     rachelandmick***
Phillips Ralph Phill 4128374 LAC 1953     magp***
Phillips Robert Bob 5090146 AC2 Aug-Oct 1957 Clem Wheeler, Harry Greenaway. Hut 127. Served remaining 21 months at RAF Henlow in Bedfordshire.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Phillips Robert Jim Y4263286 AC2 14 Feb 1961 Eric Poulter, Mick Thomas   jandwphillips***
Phillips Ronald Ron 4153060 AC2 22 July 1954   Went on to be aerial erector. Discharged June 1957 enabru***
Phillips Ronald W Ron (or Phil) W4254812 AC plonk Oct-Dec 1959   Also see the 'Memories' page RonTexPhillips***
Phillips Spencer Keith   4268535 AC2 1961   Was in the Station Band playing the Tenor Horn skphillips99***
Phipps Ronald Ron 4066114 AC2 1950   Also see the 'Memories' page ronaldphipps***
John Edward   3154082 Cpl 1958-1961 Anyone who knew John Pickett Also see the 'Memories' page dawn18463***
Pickstone Alan Pickie 2383175 AC 1. M.T.Driver & Voluntary Bandsman Feb 1948-Nov 1949   Also see the 'Memories' page alanpickstone***
Pillinger Eric   4118921 AC2 1952     drapper461***
Piper Derek James   4120156 AC2 Jan-March 1953 Tony Taylor I think I was in hut 56 or 57 piperdeadeye***
Pitkethly David   4100599 AC2 July-Aug 1952     davidjessiepit***
Platt Robert Bob 4245954 AC2 Nov 1958-Jan 1959     bobandlieny***
Platts Tom   4192345 AC2 Jan-Feb 1957 Anyone in my hut or Flt At Passing Out Parade I was ill. On the way home, I collapsed - hospitalised.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Playford Brian   4257687 SAC March-May 1960 Anyone who remembers me Posted to Wellesbourne Mountford for trade training and then to Akrotiri. playford***
Playle Graham   B4263582 AC2 Mar 1961     mischaplayle***
Plimbley F Graham   5053802 AC2 Nov 1957-Mar 1958 Anyone from hut 214 In the Station military band. Band master Wing Commander Stevens.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Plumb Tony Plumby 5077502 Elec/mech/air LAC May-8 July 1960     Velocettetony***
Plumridge Ronald   4088759 AC2 1 Jan 1952   Flt 13/14 ronald_plumridge***
Plumtree John Geoffrey Plum 4237520 AC2 March 1958***
Pluright Dave   K4253209 AC2 Sept-Nov 1959 Any who remember me I remember D.I. Sgt Ridsdill/Ridshill and D.I. Cpl Cheetham. dave.pluright***
Pluse Brian Plusey 5064854 AC1 Dec 1958-Jan 1959 Bernard Taylor, Raymond Shanks, Derek Ridding Also see the 'Memories' page brian.pluse***
Pointon Donald   3106444   Winter 1947   Also see the 'Memories' page ivan_p46***
Pollard Baz   421277 SAC 1960-1961   Went for a trade-test and was awarded SAC before I started my basic trainig bejp73***
Pollitt John   4113616 AC2 1952   Also see the 'Memories' page j.pollitt***
Pollock Sean (Paddy) Paddy 4200140 AC2 Mar-Apr 1956 Sgt. O'Toole, Cpl. Harvey, Cpl. Boniface. Any A Flt member Would like to hear from any of the guys in my training flight.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Pomeroy Fred Pom P4176727 Cpl A/C Eng fitter Nov-Dec 1955 Any of Cpl Pottingers little lads C Sqdn frederick***
Poole Brian   2787988 AC2 Feb 1956   Posted to RAF Steamer Point 114 MU Aden brianpoole34***
Poole Brian   J4273021 AC2 Apr-June 1962 'Black-belt' Winspear and anyone who wants to get in touch I was in 18 Flt, B Sqd. I forget the hut No. 'Taff' John was in the bed!
Also see the 'Memories' page
Poole Frank   W4275615 AC2 Dec 1962 Dennis Graham (Geordie) We were at RAF Bridgnorth and Dennis went on to RAF Reg Trg along with Bob ? fp014f6632***
Poole Ken   3120546 LAC 1948-1949     kpvp***
Pope Andrew   4173810 AC2 Sept-Nov 1955   Don't remember which hut but had a Cpl Hurst a.t.pope***
Pope Vivian Viv or Taff 2473180 AC2 1950   Also see the 'Memories' page vivpope***
Porte Ray   L4265663 Recruit Training July 1961     raymond.porte***
Porter Hedley Ed 3528804 AC2 June 1960 Bob McMasters Also see the 'Memories' page hedporter***
Porter Malcolm Mike N4258451 AC2 May-June 1960 Bruce Sharwood 4258461, who became an MT driver and was at 16MU as part of the Mountain Rescue Team.
Comment by Webmaster - Bruce's contact details are listed on this page.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Potger Vernon James   4171066 AC2 July-Sept 1955 My peers in 'C' Sqd. Tough but happy and memorable times.
Kirkham, Nicosia, Negombo,Lyneham.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Potter Dave   5030748 AC2 Nov 1956 Prof   mpbg06606***
Potts Malcolm       20 Nov 1961     bigmalc***
Poultney Derek   V4238348 AC2 March 1958 Anyone in hut 257, 32 Flt   poultneydovetail***
Power John   G4249321 AC2 Feb-Apr 1959   Called up for National Service. Signed on for 3 years.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Power Peter Pete or Taffy 2697633 AC2 Nov-Dec 1957 I can remember one name - Mal Rundle I was in 'A' Sqd 10 Flt pjpower55***
Pratt Ronald       1946-1947   My father was posted to Bridgnorth, he married and lived there gloriafletcher1948***
Preece William Bill 4244436 AC2 Sept-Nov 1958 W D Preece 10 Flt, 'A' Sqd billpreece436***
Preen Alan   4259167 AC2 June-July 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page Beaubarke***
Prendergast Brian   5069040 AC2 May 1959     brian.prendergast***
Prescott Lee   4263028 AC2 Feb 1961 Any one who remembers me and our recruit training   warhorse***
Prescott Michael   4159545 AC2 16 Oct-12 Dec 1954   I was lucky to be there when 'The Wolves' had some great games. mike.prescott304***
Prestage Tom   2746713 AC2 1955   Also see the 'Memories' page jtmprestage***
Price Denis   4252562 AC2 15 June 1959     den28***
Price John   4089120 AC2 Jan 1952   Basic Training i.e. Bootcamp.
Cold and tough.
Price John Kevin S5076753 AC2 April-May 1960 Others who may remember me? I eventually served for 25yrs in the Medical Branch until 1985.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Price Mel   4267700 AC2 Oct-Dec 1961 All in hut 188 Where are those who did their squarebashing with me in Oct/Dec '61 maprice7700***
Price Robert Vernon 2375926 AC2 Dec 1947 Anyone who was there at the time   rpricecascades***
Price Thomas Tom X4267827 AC2 21 Oct 1961-Jan 1962   Left Service 22 Oct 1970. Cpl Med Sec tomprice7***
Prior Brian   4106644 AC2 Aug-Sept 1952     b.prior***
Prior Graham   5065856 AC1 Feb-Apr 1959 Anyone who remembers me Went to RAF Redenhill for training and then RAF Innsworth prior***
Pritchard Colin Titch W4239353 AC2 Apr-June 1958     colin.pritchard***
Pritchard William Frederick Bill     1948   Later stationed at RAF Staverton Westland***
Prosser Robert   3153894 AC2 Sept 1958     mendip***
Proudley Colin   4180064 AC2 Mar-May 1956 Anybody who knew me Sgt Pashley, Cpl Pickering.
Went to Melksham for Elect trade training
Prout Brian   5081122 AC2 Oct 1960     bprout8***
Pryce Peter Pete/Prycee/Peirre 4267960 SAC Instruments Oct 1961-Jan 1962     peterpryce1***
Pugh Brian   K4267476 AC2 1961 Tony Jacobs, Jimmy James, Mal Foster, Roy Jackson Some good times at Bridgnorth, then posted to RAF Freckleton Briancarol.pugh***
Pugh Eric   2754202 AC2 May-June 1955 Barry Lever See photo '1955 - May 8 Flt' - I'm 5th from right (front row seated)
Also see the 'Memories' page
Pugh Harry Various I would think 154374 Flt Lt 1955-1957 approx. Anyone who remembers me Ex Bomber and Coastal Commands.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Pullen Alan   2763953 AC2 Aug 1955 anyone I've found myself on the pictures page.1955 Aug B SQD. 3rd row extreme right alpulle3***
Purdie Peter   3529115 AC2 Sept-Nov 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page petepurdie***
Purkiss James   3160995? AC2 Summer 1953 Any who remembers me See photos '1953 - 18 Flt, Purkiss'
Also see the 'Memories' page
Purser Roy   2743148 AC2 Feb 1955   A member of 10 Flt.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Pye Bernard   4065743 AC2 1951     b.pye50***
Pye Harry   5071628 AC2 Sept 1959   Photos of Sqd at that time harry.pie2437***
Quinlan Bryan   3154905 AC2 1959     bryanquinlan***
Quinn Frank   4201188 AC2 Aug-Oct 1958 Bobby Rassmusson. Paddy Curley from Dublin 22 bods left Belfast on 11 Aug 1958 from Ann St. 6am on route to Cardington.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Quinney Brian Spike 3155860 AC2 April-June 1960 Melvin Travis, Geoff Target.
Any one from "D squadron" intake
Have photos from Cardington then Bridgnorth spyx***
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Rabbitt Terence Terry D4248564 AC1 Jan 1959   Cold, flu, coke stoves (still coughing) terry***
Race Thomas Tom 4262203 AC2 29 Nov 1960 Anyone in hut 258 Also see the 'Memories' page immlaw1010***
Rackham Michael Charles William Mick 4089235 AC2 Jan 1952   Hut 36, 3 Flt, 1 Wing, 'A' Sqd in Jan 1952 ce.rackham***
Radcliffe Norman Norrie 4143776 PTI then Flt Lt Air Movs Jan-June 1954 Bob Mudge and Bert Ramsden Recruit Jan/Feb '54 u/t PTI Bridgnorth until June '54, commissioned '66 normar***
Radcliffe Peter   5062429 AC2 Aug-Sept 1958   Also see the 'Memories' page pradcliffe6639***
Radin Ian   4203343 Cpl/Tech ARF(BMR D) May-June 1960 Anyone from Flt 13 "B" Squadron   ian.radin***
Ralph John Jock 5041411 SAC Airfield construction 1957 Ray Dickson or (Dickson) / London. Jim Farrall / Leeds All served in El-Adem & Khormaskar 5001 Sqdn. until 1959.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Ramrayka John   D4259513 AC2 Jun-Aug 1960 Anyone who knows me Arrived at Bridgnorth for Basic T around Jun 23 1960. No memory of Hut/Flt etc. jl.ramrayka***
Ramsay John Jock V4265787 AC2 July-Sept 1961     annrramsay***
Ramskill Peter   4135488 AC2 Sept-Nov 1953     Simon***
Randles Derek   5066890 AC2 Feb 1959 John Toon   derekrandles***
Randles John Scouse 4181634 AC2 April 1956 Bill Roberts Flt 36 under the watchful eye of Cpl Healy jacmar***
Ransom Dave   2694685 AC2 Oct-Nov 1958     bentana***
Rao Jonathan Sheshi Giri   4263756 AC2 Feb-Apr 1961 Partciularly a guy called Scottie, from Birtley, Newcastle upon Tyne Also see the 'Memories' page rao1***
Rapkins Leonard Len 4273528 AC2 1962     lenrapkins***
Rastin Raymond Ray 4112193 AC2 7 Oct-4 Dec 1952 Cpl Haliburton Also see the 'Memories' page raymondrastin***
Ratcliffe Brian Ratbag 4262926 AC2 Feb 1961 Any that remember me from Hut 256   mousehill***
Rawlings Alan   5069697 AC2 15 June-Aug 1959 Peter Staplehurst Also see the 'Memories' page Psrawlings***
Rawlinson Bryan Rawly 5017519 AC2 24 Apr-June 1956 Anyone who square bashed under Cpl Parnell Also see the 'Memories' page bryan.rawlinson***
Rawson Terry   4155020 AC2 Sept 1954 Anyone who remembers me Also see the 'Memories' page terryjoan***
Ray Edward Ted H4250128 AC2 26 Feb 1959     edward1233***
Raymond John Jock B26779 AC2 Oct-Dec 1961   Also see the 'Memories' page lynsey-bell***
Raynes William Henry Henry 4069356 SAC 1951   Now living in New Zealand pf_raynes***
Read Brian   5017587 AC2 Apr-May 1956 Alan Featherstone, Ray? Robinson Also see the 'Memories' page brian.read30***
Read Ivan Kyar 4128121 SAC May-June 1953     itread***
Read Ronald   2467456 Cpl Medical Mar-June 1950, Oct 1950-Mar 1952     ron443***
Read Tom   5072768 AC2 Sept-Nov 1959   Just seen Dave Lascelles write up. I was also in Hut 77 thread***
Reade David Dave 3154332 AC2 Jan 1959 Anyone who remembers me Was ill went to hospital at Cosford. Returned to time in Pool Flt djreade***
Reading Richard Dick 5090759 AC2 Sept-Oct 1958 Anyone in A Flt Sent to RAF Netheravon for Police training with 3 others.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Reay Nigel   4172562 AC2 Aug 1955     nigelreay***
Redford Leslie Les 2710062 AC2 Oct 1953-Jan 1954 Ian McKenzie Three of us from North of the border in hut 27? Ian, Andy Buglass and me. leslie.redford***
Redford William Bill/Geordie 4242035 AC2 July-Sept 1958   Now living in South Australia and retired.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Redhead John   T4273199 AC2 28 May-July 1962     johnnywobble***
Redpath George   4271158 AC2 Mar 1962     george.redpath***
Reece John   4113546 AC2 Oct-Dec 1952 Regret I can recall no names The only time I experienced hell on earth. But it was good for me. j.s.reece***
Reeder John Joe or Jack 3515846 AC2 Mar-June 1953   A little tough for 3 days, left for training Air Sea Rescue.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Rees Henry Tudor Tudor 3107872 AC2 1948   Transferred from RAF West Kirby during National Service alun.t.rees***
Rees Ian Barron 5048158 AC2 1957 Any   ianrees1***
Rees Phil Taff M4141708 Cpl RAF Police 1954-1955   Married Judy Howels of Highley in 1956 after being posted to Cyprus. philip.rees1***
Reeves John   4078796 Corporal - Typist in the P1 and P2 Sections 1951-1954 Anyone who remembers me I worked mainly as a Personal Assistant to Wing Commander Pulson.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Regan Tony   E3516809 AC2 Sept 1953   Cpl Dryden.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Reid David Westie   5045933 AC2 14 June 1957   B Sqd. D.I. Cpl Bowker dwreid119***
Reid Gordon Jock 4129052 Cpl MTM 15 May-15 July 1953 John Binnie   gmr122***
Reid Gordon   C4263941 AC2 1961 Jim Butler, Jim O'Day, Pat Farrell, Ben Bellini Anyone at Ayios Nikolaos 1961-64.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Reid Jock   5064758 LAC Nov 1958-Feb 1959 Flt 17 Also see the 'Memories' page thepicturehouse***
Reid John Walt 3528075 AC2 Summer 1959 Anyone on the photo' See photo for 1959 - Hut 207, 18 Flt 'B' Sqd john.reid2735***
Reid John Robert Bob 5071676 AC2 Aug-Sept 1959 Any 'A' Sqd, 3 Flt Sgt McDonna, D.I. Cpl French.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Reid Ronald Jock 4133051 AC2 1953 Taffy Hendy Have pictures of Hut 56, 5 Flt, A Sqd steelieron***
Render David   5075378 AC2 Feb-Mar 1960     dave.render***
Revill Harry   5018082 AC2 Apr-June 1956     harryrevill***
Reynolds Anthony Tony 4135389 AC2 Sept-Nov 1953 Anybody training at that time   tondelreynolds***
Reynolds David T   3511860 AC2 20 Nov 1951   Played cornet in Station Band.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Reynolds George   5077914 AC2 June-July 1960 Any one who remembers me Spotted myself on photo 1960 - Cook's Flt.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Reynolds Peter Stephen 420 AC2 Oct 1960 Koramba   rennie5uk***
Riach Blair Jock 3151799 AC2 May-June 1957 Anyone who remembers me Posted to Compton Bassett and ended National Service in Hongkong as Wop/DF(a) Blair.Riach***
Rice Cyril   2787229 AC2 Spring 1956 Anyone in photo 1956 April (1) or Gordon Line Later went to RAF Shawbury and then RAF Kinloss (ATC) rice459***
Rich John Taffy 4172555 AC2 Aug 1955 Anybody on photo '1955 - Rich's Hut' If anybody has the 'D' Flt group photograph for my intake, please contact me. rich-john1***
Richards Alan   S4254666 AC2 Oct 1959 Any body who knew me   alan***
Richards Brian   4266846 SAC Sept 1961-? 1962 Anyone from 15 Flt 'B' Sqdn I am on 1961 photo of 15 Flt on this site, 3rd from right, second row up. brian_r_2***
Richards Edward   4239561 AC2 May-June 1958 Hut Cpl I would like to punch the hut Cpl, he made me wash his sweaty socks richards-edward***
Richards Edward Ted 3153767 AC2 1958     e.richards37***
Richards Eric   4066961 AC2 March-April 1951 Ronald Edge. Winkle   rickrichard***
Richards John   2436663 AC2 July-Sept 1949 Cpl. Frewin our D.I. from London and anyone else in 12 flight Also see the 'Memories' page***
Richards Mansel Dai 2743521 AC2 1955 Colin Nestor Made contact with Brian Rothwell and met up at Hendon Air Museum after 50 years. gwen.richards***
Owen George Owen 4087985 LAC 19 Dec 1951 Lofty Bates We are trying to trace information on Owen Richards between 1951 - 1954.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Richards Roy   4114998 AC2 Oct 1952   Think I was there about Oct 1952 and in the RAF for 3 years rjrichos59***
Richardson Alan   J4273139 AC2 1962   Also see the 'Memories' page ModelMaker44***
Richardson Dave   5011557 AC2 1957     david_richardson7***
Richardson David   2783713 AC2 under training Jan-Mar 1956 All those trainees in the 1956 Feb photo on this site My reminiscences of RAF Bridgnorth appear on the 'Memories' page mrjflt***
Richardson Geoffrey   4246534 AC Nov-Jan 1958***
Richardson George Terrence Titch or Short 5022804 AC2 19 June-5 Sept 1956     gtrichardson***
Richardson Raymond     LAC   Does anyone remember my father who was a Batman.
He refered to Commander Richmond a lot.
Richer Reg   2717063 AC2 Feb-Apr 1954   Melksham then Debnam dot.richer***
Riddell John Brummie W4266758 AC2 Sep-Nov 1961 Anyone who remembers me School of ATC Shawbury, Gutersloh, Gaydon. 43 years ATC Birmingham Airport john_riddell1***
Ridler Lyn Sid M4270948 LAC 1961     lynrl***
Rigby James   3512972 AC2 Apr-June 1952 Cpl Roberts was the D.I. in Hut 77.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Riley Alfred Alfie 4170794 AC2 July 1955     alfredbrianriley***
Rippin Keith   5081295 AC2 Oct 1959 Anybody who was there at this time. I was in 38 Flt. I think Cpl Woods was one of the D.I's and our officer was called Blick. kripp2009***
Riseborough Ronald   4103731 AC2 Jun-Aug 1952     claire_riseborough***
Ritchie Harry   2727670 AC2 June 1954   Was in an all Scots billet.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Roadknight John Roady 4055211 AC1 Jan 1951 Niel Ludgate Hut 13 Cup winners jroadknight***
Roake     4021773 AC2 June 1947     DR71614***
Robb Andrew   5023507 AC2 June-Aug 1956 DI Cpl Robb Always remember night patrol and the Sally Ann norand7***
Robb James Robbie E4249616 AC2 Feb 1959 Allan van Halle Left Bridgnorth to Weeton as Air Frame Mech. Won RAF Decathlon 1960 became a PTI.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Roberts Alan   2353584 Cpl 1948-1949   D.I./Aircraft recongnition instructor alan***
Roberts Albert 'ary 3153973 AC2 Summer 1958 Any I was Senior man.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Roberts Cedric K Robbie 3524483 AC2 Recruit Feb-Apr 1957 Cpls Fox and Smith (D.I's) & anyone who was
there on C Sqd. Also see the 'Memories' page
Roberts Edwin Eddie 3145283 AC2 Jan 1955 Anyone '1955 - 10 Flt in Feb' photo After training served at RAF Gibraltar.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Roberts Gareth Taff 5053942 AC2 12 Nov 1957 Anyone who did square bashing at the same time Also see the 'Memories' page lonbrynawel***
Roberts John   4154035 SAC Sept 1954-June 1957 Anyone who served in Orderly room (Perm Staff) 1954-1957 I was a Personnel Clerk. Sgt Noel Daly was in charge of Orderly room.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Roberts John Taff 4267702 AC2 Oct 1961   Hut 188 johnroberts3716***
Roberts Laurence Nipper 4272212 AC2 1962     dorisvincent228***
Roberts Malcolm   4239373 AC2 Apr-July 1958 David Raine Also see the 'Memories' page malcolm.roberts71***
Roberts Michael Mick N4272629 AC2 7 May 1962 Any one that remembers me   mike-roberts1***
Robertson Alan Robbie 5072381 AC2 10 Sept 1959 Joe Nightingale, Collin Stavely Square bashing robertson-a5***
Robertson Albert Robbie   Chef/Cook 1953-1959   Also see the 'Memories' page margaretannrobertson***
Robertson Alex Jock 4240389 AC2 June 1958 Any one in hut 187 'C' Sqd D.I. Instructor was Cpl Keithley ekky999***
Robertson John Jock U4273835 AC2 June-Aug 1962 Chris McLean Also see the 'Memories' page jrobertson835***
Robertson T Stewart Stewart 2735923 AC2 Oct 1954 All that is on the photo Nov 1954 Also see the 'Memories' page pbts16***
Robinson Allan Geordie 4241565 AC2 July-Sept 1952 John Raper (Aberdene)   robinson31a***
Robinson Craig Big Jock R4252887 AC2 June-July 1959     ggrobinson***
Robinson Derek   5054323 AC1 Nov 1957-March(?) 1958 Anyone who was there at the same time Our Flight D.I. was called Cpl Wood!! derek.robinson***
Robinson Gerald Robbie 5077991 AC1 June-July 1960 Anyone who knew me Hut 15 'A' Flight Cpl. Brotheridge, Cpl Campion D.I.'s.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Robinson Gordon   4120895 AC2 1953   In Voluntary Band before posting to Weeton on V Mech course differentsweet6***
Robinson John   F3524633 AC2 1957 Anybody that remembers me   robinson.john.jr***
Robinson John Robby 4179388 AC2 Mar 1956 Anyone who recognizes my name   robbyr***
Robinson Ken   4257715 AC2 Mar-May 1960 Anyone in the photo of Hut 10 Also see the 'Memories' page kenrob2***
Robinson Kenneth   2432135 AC2 June-July 1949     steve.robbo43***
Robinson Neville   1881893 WOP/AG 1945 or 1946     nevls1***
Robinson William Bill 2462081 AC2 Feb-Apr 1950     billrobbie***
Robinson William Bill/Robbie X4274896 AC2 Aug 1962   Served 1962-1985 with the RAF Regiment william***
Robson Antony Edward Tony Y5100028 AC2 Mar 1959     funny.g***
Robson Garth   5073132 AC1 Oct-Nov 1959 Anybody that was in the same Flt 'C' Sqd, Flt 25A, Hut 187. D.I. was Cpl Scott. garth.robson***
Robson William   V4268714 AC2 Sept 1961   Also see the 'Memories' page WRO4646050***
Roche Daniel   4199336 AC2 1957   DI's Sgt Thomson, Cpl Walters danielroche34***
Rodd Lewis   4238001 AC2 13 Mar 1958 - May?     shytot***
Rodenhurst Anthony   E4269287 AC2 Jan 1962 Ron Williams Also see the 'Memories' page anthonyrodenhurst489***
Rodgers Peter   5054631 Aircraftsman 1957-1958 Dave Bradley - Perkiss ? Rogers Nat. Serv. Cardington first for kitting out late 1957 - then on to Bridgnorth!
Also see the 'Memories' page
Rodgerson Albert Al 4142258 AC2 Jan-Feb 1954 Ray Nicholson 4142254   alrodgerson***
Roe Don   E4265498 AC2 July 1962 Peter Stirling I was a recruit at Bridgnorth don.roe12***
Roe Patrick   4242010 AC1 Aug 1958   Thanks to Gerry White for the photo of hut 173. I still have the same one. patsas70-line***
Roe Stephen Paddy 4200068 AC2 Jan-Feb 1956   Also see the 'Memories' page redshamus***
Rogers Albert John John 4099790 AC2 Aug-Oct 1953 Anyone in the same intake. Hut 215, 15 Flt 'C' Sqd Also see the 'Memories' page ajohnrogers***
Rogers Bill   K4264739 AC2 May 1961     billrogers1***
Rogers Fred   5044203 AC2 Apr-June 1957 Mike Child Posted to Locking/ PXI training
Rogers Nicholas   4245925 AC2/ Air Defence Operator Oct 1958 Anyone Can't remember names of D.I. Corporals, but D.I. Sgt was named Rodgers.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Rogers Philip   2427503 AC2 Mar-Apr 1949 Gordon Carline Served in Air traffic Control at RAF Manston philip***
Rogers Rogers   3528731 AC2 1960   Originally in B Sqn, hospitalised for 6 mths, then re-flighted to A Sqn. rogers_206***
Roges Les   Q4241785 AC2 Aug 1958     lesrog8***
Rooks Ray Rooksie 3149404 AC2 Apr-June 1956   One of Cpl Parnell,s drill cup winners.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Roonet Michael   4256970 AC2 Feb 1960   Training interupted by going to West Drayton to prepare for visit of President de Gaulle loons***
Rooney Edward Ted 177955 ? AC2 Sept 1961     tprooney***
Rooney Frank   P4201628 AC2 Apr 1959     frankrooney628***
Rooney Patrick Joe 4274144 AC2 July 1962 Hut 15   joe***
Rorke Kevin   4190150 AC1 Recruit Dec 1956-Jan 1957 George Waite 4190149 Cpls. Penny & Blackwell were our D.I.s. Flt. Lt. Howlett was our Flt Cmdr.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Rose Leroy   Q4265272 AC2 1961     l.rose***
Rose Peter Jeremy Jeremy A4268816 AC1 Dec 1961   Basic Training.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Roskruge Roger Ross 3522574 AC2 Mar-May 1956   Basic Training.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Ross Frank   F4013736 AC2 1946-1947   Square Bashing 1946 fatmaxandanne***
Rothwell Brian   2744361 AC2 Jan-Feb 1955 Colin Nestor Also see the 'Memories' page brianrothwellx***
Round Derek   5081080 AC2 Aug-Sept 1960 Hut 259, 27 Flt 'C' Sqd   bonniesam***
Routledge John   2779412 AC2 Jan 1956 Sorry, can't remember any names Also see the 'Memories' page norfie***
Rowe Arthur   4118872 Driver 1953   Arthur Rowe was my dad. Does any one remember him?
Also see the 'Memories' page
Rowe Lawrence Larry K4261167 AC2 Oct-Nov 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page lr***
Rowland Albert Al K4239247 AC2 28 Apr 1958 Whoever Also see the 'Memories' page rowly2009***
Rowland Reginald John John 4046572 AC2 Mid Sept-Mid Nov 1950     johnrowland95***
Rowlands Phil   2454624 AC2 Recruit 20 Dec 1949-Feb 1950 Bernard (Bunny) Carter from Ripon, Geordie Henderson, Danny Doyle from Harold Hill, Romford We went to Raf Credenhill, trained as Clerks. Then to RAF Kabrit, Canal Zone in May 1950. philrow***
Rowley Anthony Tony 4235053 AC2 Basic Training Nov 1957-Jan 1958 Any, including Snowdrops from RAF Wyton I was never that fit again. It changed this village kids life cetone***
Rowley Roy   4244321 AC2 & Bandsman Sept-Nov 1958 Terry Beresford Played in Station Band MD. WO Stevens adoreweddings***
Roy James (Jim)   4117951 AC2 2 Dec 1952-Feb 1953 Anyone who remembers me Officer i/c P.O.ETCHES. Cpl Payne & Cpl Jewell were two of our D.I's.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Royal Alan   S4267957 AC2 1961     impi***
Royle Geoff   5062057 AC2 Aug-Sept 1958 Anyone who remembers me National Service\ Cardington\ Locking\ Middleton-St-George.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Rudd David Ruddy 2767787 AC2 Sept 1955   Did basic training at Bridgnorth in B Sqd dave.rudd1***
Rudd Michael   E4244087 AC2 Sept-Nov 1958     m.rudd2670***
Ruddock Michael     AC2 Feb-March 1958 Cpl Thomas Also see the 'Memories' page michael-ruddock***
Rumbelow Robin   4178490 AC2 Jan-Apr 1956 Anyone who knew me Went on a training week-end, made tents out of our issue rainwear...very cold.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Rumbold Bernard   4264691 AC2 1961   Ops Clerk invalided 1964, later became RAF Chaplain serving from 1977- 1993.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Rumney George   3528200 AC2 Sept-Nov 1959 Basic Training Recruit Also see the 'Memories' page george.rumney***
Runyard David   5067807 AC2 Feb-April 1959?   Also see the 'Memories' page dr***
Ruston Philip   5073430 AC2 1959   Later became a commisioned Chaplain with RAF Chaplains Dept 1972-9 philipwrushton***
Russell Eric W   2763143 AC2 (Recruit) July-Sept 1955 Flt.Sgt.(Paddy) Overend RAF Regiment Eventually joined Transport Command at former RAF Abinggdon-on-Thames.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Russell Roger   4235442 AC2 Nov 1957 Any of my old hut mates Stationed 16 MU Stafford, Kuala Lumpur Malaya,Seletar Singapore
Also see the 'Memories' page
Rutherford David   V4265571 AC2 July-Sept 1961 Anyone from 15 Flt 'B' Sqd Went on to Stafford, Gan, Manby and Gibraltar dave***
Rutland James Jim/Geordie 4267710 AC2 17 Oct 1961 Anyone Square Bashing.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Ryan Dennis Buck 3524535 AC2 Jan 1957 Anyone who remembers me   535tashman***
Ryan James Jimmy S4201942 AC2 Oct 1959 Anyone who remembers me Flt 26, Hut 159 jim.ryan***
Ryan Patrick Padser 4200859 AC2 1 Jan 1958 Anyone who remembers me I come from the Irish Republic, the city of Limerick.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Ryder Ralph Scouse 4268639   1961     ralphstaxis***
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Sabey Brian Yorky 4237873 AC2 Mar-May 1958     briansabey***
Sabey Skip   4262069 AC2 Nov 1960   Hut 42 I think forbessabey***
Joe   4276943 Sgt 1950-1954   The family of Joe (deceased) remember ....Also see the 'Memories' page worgeorge***
Sale Derek Dek 4254460 AC2 Oct-Dec 1959   Member of 1 Flt NC.O Sgt Salt dekathalas***
Sale Michael Mick / Mike 4220192 AC2 10 Dec 1961-24 Jan 1962***
Salmon George   5071867 LAC Sept 1959   Sgt Harvey, Cpl Piggot were our NCO's george.salmon***
Salmon Neil Sam J4275623 AC2 6 Dec 1962-Feb 1963   Part of the last intakes prior to Bridgnorth closing neil.salmon1***
Salmons Gordon   5072717 AC2 25 July 1959   D.I. Sgt Allan 'Pop' gasalmons***
Sampson Anthony     AC2 1958   Hut 136 'C' Sqd, 28 Flt angieb_***
Sampson Graham   4241653 AC2 Aug 1958     madgray***
Sanders Michael J   4260704 AC2 1 Sept 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page mikesanders1***
Sanders William Bill 5077037 AC1 Apr-May 1960 Anyone who knows me   billandmaggie***
Sanderson Dave Sandy 4143742 AC2 Jan-March 1954 Anyone from hut 189, 18 Flt 'C' Sqd   dave***
Sanderson Raymond   5051288 AC2 Oct-Dec 1957     sandswain***
Sandilands Peter Sandy or Prof.3 2382459 AC1 Feb?-April 1948 Any Also see the 'Memories' page Email***
Sangster Donald   3523534 AC2 1956     donald.sangster3***
Sangwine Peter   3528316 AC2 Nov 1959-Jan 1960   Hut 135, 28 Flt, 'C' Sqd yolaine***
Sargeant Colin   2758271 AC2 June-July 1955 R (Bob) Smith from Glasgow Bob I worked for Hoover, you for Cromesal.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Sargent Derek Das K3525901 AC2 1958   9 Flt, A Sqd dsargent***
Sargent Michael   5045820 AC2 1957   Also see the 'Memories' page msmikejune***
Saunders Barry Yank 4146723 AC2 1954 Any in at that time Brian Williams at Leeds was in at that time bsaunders1947***
Saunders Bernard Sandy 931563 Sgt D.I. 1955-1962 Anyone Also see the 'Memories' page barbaracharliegauge***
Saunders Brian   4203305 AC2 Nov-Dec 1959   Also see the 'Memories' page saundersbj65***
Saunders Dennis   4125518 AC2 1953   Strange that I can't find anyone here from the Coronation Flight.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Saunders Ken   5061839   Summer 1956 ? Hut 214 22 Flt   kenneth***
Saunders Samuel Sam 5889404 AC2 Aug 1957   Anyone who played in the Brass band August 1957 chris.mcgregor***
Saville David   5081542 AC2 Nov-Jan 1961 Bob Roper or anyone in Hut 32 Also see the 'Memories' page david***
Saville Eric   5040577 AC2 Early 1957     esaville007***
Sawley Frederick   2727729 AC2 1954 Don Pendrill   f.sawley***
Sayce Geoff Pixie 4241096 AC2 June-July 1958 Hut 129, 11 Flt, B Sqd.
Porky who's real name I have forgotten
He would recall peeing through billet window unaware of an officer outside.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Sayer Roger   4262527 AC2 Jan 1961 Anyone Also see the 'Memories' page r.sayer***
Scales Thomas William Geordie 3529338 AC2 Jan 1961   Also see the 'Memories' page scales_11***
Schembri George Winston   Q4273375 AC1 4 June 1962     georgewschembri***
Schofield Kenneth Mike 4087505 AC2 Dec 1951-Feb 1952     kms1934***
Schooling Terry     AC2 June-Aug 1960   D.I's were Cpl Beard and Cpl Williams.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Scofield Derek   4252461 AC2 1959     derekgscofield***
Scorah Tony   2776970? AC2 Nov 1955 - Feb 1956 Harry Pethen from Harrogate   tony.scorah***
Scott Oliver Gordon Olly 2426445 AC2 March-May 1949 Smilie/Smily Geordie Sproul/Durham. Could not march, missed pass-out parade.
Cpl Guy & Cpl Frewin/Frewen.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Scott Trevor   5091043 AC2 June-Aug 1959   33 Flt 'D' Sqd.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Scougal Alan Scougie 4251272 AC2 1959 Any that might recall me Training under Cpl Fagg. Made a man of me ahscougal***
now Morgan
John   4129995   June-Aug 1953 Members of 10 Flt Flt Commander PO or FO Bell.
It was a hot summer, lots of blokes fainted
Sears Allan   2770247 SAC Sept 1955 Anyone from 1 Flight D.I. Corporal Oakley   allan.sears***
Sears Ken   4055131 AC2 Jan 1951   Billet 3/10, 13 Flt, Cup winners ken22sears***
Seddon Joe Rusty 2408681 AC2 Oct-Dec 1948 Anyone from 'A' flight Hello to anyone who remembers me joeseddon***
Sellars David   5032199 AC2 Sept-Nov 1956   Posted to Yatesbury, Middle Wallop,and Shawbury.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Sellers Brian   5076176 AC2 Jan 1959     brian.sellers23***
Senior Anthony Tone B4267121 AC2 8 wks 1961   Also see the 'Memories' page tony.senior***
Seymour Francis Frank   Flt M.O. 1953-54     peruward***
Shakespeare Norman Shakers Y4274745 AC2 Aug-Oct 1962 Anyone from 21 Flt B Sqd Went on to serve 37 years as a Rockape. Lucky old me. n.shakespeare16***
Shanks Raymond   4274245 Cpl 1961   Had to buy myself out for personal reasons shanks.ray***
Shankster Gerry   4098772 AC2 June + 1952   Also see the 'Memories' page Gershanks***
Sharp Eddie James   4113513 AC2 and Cpl D.I. 1952-1955 Brian Moger & Paddy Bingham 1959 Married 1956, moved to Denmark in 1959 winhammers***
Sharples Stephen Steve S4271697 AC2 April 1962     stevesharples***
Sharwood Bruce Spider 4258461 SAC. M.T Driver April 1960 Anyone who knew me there. 'C' Sqd April 1960   bruce***
Shaw Barry Thomas Yorkie 4261729 AC2 24 Oct 1960 Anyone in Hut 158   btshaw40***
Shaw Frank   4101145 AC2 May 1952     quincy-jaz***
Shaw George   2408544 AC2 1948-1949 Anyone from that time Also see the 'Memories' page***
Shaw George Malcolm Mal F4190404 AC2 Dec 1956-March 1957 Any Members   malsueshaw***
Shaw Ivor Brum 4262552 AC2 Jan 1961 Wong Kha Kong Also see the 'Memories' page ivorzorra***
Shaw John   5033412 AC2 Oct 1956 Peter Graves, Keith Jardine or any one on photo 1956 Hut 159   john***
Sheen Jack   5070500 AC2 July 1959 David Sabberton   jakan10***aol.con
Sheen Roland   3108213 AC2 Sept-Nov 1947     rolandh.sheen***
Shepherd Albert   5031562 AC2 Oct-Nov 1956 Alistair Mowat (from Avoch)   albertbutneys***
Sheppard Michael Mike 3121388 AC2 May-June 1949   8 Flt michael2.sheppard***
Shermer Mike   A4269759 SAC Feb-Mar 1962   Served in El Adem, Northwood, Ayois Nicholias and Episkopi.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Sherrington John Lofty 4197941 AC2 Sept 1957 Watson Had Asian flu so I missed the Passing out parade. Posted to Netheravon.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Sherwood John   5071148 AC2 Aug-Oct 1959   Also see the 'Memories' page sherwood.john***
Shield Edward Eddie 4268533   22 Nov 1961     eddie.shield***
Shields Stan   2414572 AC2 1948-1950 Edward John Farrant Did training 1948 came back as Sick Quarters Clerk 1949 to 1950. Now in Oz. sshields***
Shilton Geoffrey     Cpl September 1949 His granddaughter is looking for any info/pictures   aimee.24***
Shoebridge Leslie Les C4266807 AC2 Sept 1961   Hut 206, 15 Flt. The DI's were Sgt Harvey, Cpl Murgatroyd and Cpl Nankervi lesandfran64***
Short Malcolm Geordie H4259105 AC2 June-July 1960 Anybody from Hut 42, A Flt Also see the 'Memories' page malcolm***
Short Michael Mike 4084604 AC2 Oct-Nov 1951 Any one from that time Did MT training at Weeton then to RAF Waterbeach.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Shove Brian Shuv 5025572 AC2 1956   8 weeks square bashing.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Siddiqui Sid Sid U4270408 AC2 1962     sidsiddiqui3***
Sillet Derek   3527700 AC2 Mar-Apr 1959   29 Flt, C Sqd.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Sime James Jock   AC2 Dec 1954-Feb 1955   After basic training I was posted to Egypt then Libya.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Simlett John   T4254765 AC2 Oct-Dec 1959 Anyone really It was as cold as hell. Hated every moment of Square Bashing! johnsimlett***
Simmonds Robin Bob 4273041 AC2 May 1962   Also see the 'Memories' page robin.simmonds***
Simmons Stanley   5039177 a/c plonk Jan-Mar 1957   excused boots stnsimm***
Simpkins Dennis   4263645 Airman March 1961   Served 5 years mark.rogers2***
Simpson David Dave 4274644 AC2 Aug 1962   Basic training Aug-Oct 1962 in Cpl Petrie's Flt davenliz27***
Simpson James   N4264016 AC2 Apr 1961 Any There was another person with the same surname also from Aberdeen area.
Also see the 'Memories' page
  Jock n/a Sgt D.I. 1945-1947 Anyone who remembers my Dad (deceased) as their D.I. I am the daughter of D.I. Sgt Jock Simpson (deceased) just wandering if anyone remembers him megennis***
Simpson Ronald Geordie 4134840 LAC May 1953   Did initial training then was posted to RAF Leeming ron***
Sinclair David   5060193 AC2 May-Oct 1958     cd.sinclair***
Sinclair Kathleen Mary Linda 2074005 ACW2 9 July 1942-late1942/1943? Barbara Sinclair, Cpl H Dalkin, Audrey E. Boddy or Baddy Looking for anyone who knew Linda while at Bridgnorth julesmarini***
Sinclair Robert Jock 2742033 AC2 Jan-Feb 1953 John (Ian) Beaton Also see the 'Memories' page mvelliun***
Sinclair Robert Robin 3520973   June-July 1955   Also see the 'Memories' page darkie1***
Sinclair Robert Malcolm Mike 4173518 AC2 Oct 1955     mikeatslains***
Singers David   Y4267531 SAC 1961     dvdsingers***
Jaswant Harry W4274054 AC2 9 July-Oct 1962 Anyone who knows me Also see the 'Memories' page jita_dhillon***
Sisman Peter   4188327 AC2 Sept-Nov 1956     psisman***
Sissons Brian   2493398 A/corporal at Drill Instructor 1950-1952 Geoff Jennings   kbsissons***
Siviter Brian   4254138 AC2 Sept 1959   Anyone who won the drill cup in Sept 1959 D Sqd siviter_brian***
Skelding Kenneth   5065459 AC2 1959     kenaneny***
Skinner Arthur Blondie 2477341 AC2 1950   From Bridgnorth to Worth Matravers to Stenigot as GEE Radar op arthur.skinner341***
Skinner John Ernie 2763961 AC2 1955     j.skinner234***
Slade Eric   5035375 AC2 Oct 1956-Jan 1957 John Dicks, Ken Watkins.
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Slater Brian Alfred   3118471 AC2 Dec 1948-Feb 1949   Also see the 'Memories' page rl.dove***
Slater Kenneth   4149622 LAC 22 Apr 1954     mark.slater2004***
Slaughter Colin Todd 5050680 AC2 Sept-Nov 1957   Hut 85, 20 Flt, B Sqd.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Sleightholme Hylton   4260118 AC2 Sept-Oct 1960 Brian Allison I was in Hut 42 I think
Also see the 'Memories' page
Slipper Dennis Slip X4239881 AC2 8 May 1958 Anyone there at the same time 10 Flt A Sqd dennisandgill***
Slipper Michael (Mike) Flip 2356220 AC2 July 1947 Anyone there at that time Also see the 'Memories' page Slipperflip***
Sloan Stewart Stew M4274494 AC2 July 1962 Ken Orme Served 1962 to 1971 stewartsloan7***
Slocombe Francis   Q4264285 AC2 April 1961     slocombef***
Sludden James Ginger 4254858 AC2 18 Oct 1959 Peter Wilson   jsludden***
Smale Bruce Brucie F419477 AC2 5 Apr 1957 Anyone A Flt DI last drill cup had not won it before but A Flt won it for him.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Small Alexander Sandy G4264817 AC2 31 May 1961     A.small603***
Small Bryan   5081483 AC2 Oct 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page small.maggie***
Smart Michael Scunthorpe 2787175 AC2 recruit 20 Feb 1956 Graham Hughes Also see the 'Memories' page fineartoils1***
Smart William     Cpl 1956 Any one who was at Bridgnorth in 1956 I am Williams son and think my dad would like to know if anyone remembers him wghs1956***
Smedley Chan   5079138 AC2 1960     jdavesmedley***
Smith Alan Smitty 3155531 AC2 Jan 1960 Anyone Senior man hut 80 smith.alan1***
Smith Alan Smudge 2778595 Cpl 1956 Cpl Willy Smart Previously at Wilmslow and Uxbridge.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Smith Alan Francis   4182572 AC2 May 1957 Persons in Hut 9 in May 1957***
Smith Alec Smudge 4083466 AC2 Nov 1951 John Kerr   alec.smith30***
Smith Alf Smudge 4089994   1951 Bert Armstong from Gateshead I remember being on parade for the Kings funeral alf***
Smith Allister   2704861 AC2 Oct-Nov 1953   Also see the 'Memories' page allcar***
Smith Anthony Tony 4275062 AC2 Sept 1962   I signed on in Bristol with two other Bristolians - names forgotten. Best recruit award. bramley.copse***
Smith Arthur Gunner 4181330 AC2 Apr-June 1956 Anyone close by service numbers Cpl Pottinger & Cpl Smith were our D.I.s.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Smith Barry   5030297 Plt. Off. 28 Flt 'C' Sqd 1957-1958 Tony Graves, Chris Hedges   barryarthur38***
Smith Brian Joe 4104940 AC2 10 June 1952 Fred Fallon 4105008 Moved abroad about 1959 probably Australia with assisted passage.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Smith Brian Smudge 5043032 AC2 9 Apr-6 June 1957 Anyone in 12 Flt 'B' Sqd Route linning for the Consecration at Coventry Cathedral.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Smith Brian   5068573 AC1 1959 John Bignal, John Stadwick Lots of good pubs in Bridgnorth brian.airman.smith***
Smith Brian   5091344 AC2 Jan-Apr 1960 Anybody who remembers me Came from Braughing in Hertfordshire leslieramage***
Smith Byron Taff 4247378 SAC Wireless Op.(A) Dec 1958-Jan 1959 All I've been able to determine that I was in C squadron, Hut 213. 01134515***
Smith Colin   4262282 AC1 Dec 1960-Feb 1961   Also see the 'Memories' page nilfinir***
Smith Colin   4266505 AC2 Nov 1961     colinfrancissmith***
Smith Cyril Smudge 3525281 AC2 Nov 1957   Also see the 'Memories' page thesmithos***
Smith Dave Smudge or Geordie D4265693 AC2,AC1,LAC. SAC Clerk Pers at time July 1961-Jan 1963 (P STAFF Sep61-Jan63 Ex ROD lads 1961-1963 Did my square bashing July 1961 then returned as Permanent Staff till Jan 1963 ROD. Documenting and Attesting new recruits.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Smith Dudley Dud 3150137 AC2 1956 Aldo   dudley5***
Smith Frederick J Lofty 4089574 AC2 Jan-Mar 1952 Bill Wilde, Derick Baker Also see the 'Memories' page fredee.smith***
Smith George Geordie 4264841 AC2 1961     geoas0101***
Smith George Albert     AC2 1958 or 1959   Group Captain Bryant-Fenn was Camp Commander and Flt Lt White was in charge.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Smith George H   5063289 AC2 Sept-Nov 1958   Hut 178, 19 Flt, 'B' Sqd. kuser17***
Smith Gilmour Smudge K4274394 AC2 July-Sept 1962     redcapman12***
Smith Gordon   N4270061 AC2 Feb 1962   Did my basic training at RAF Bridgnorth gwsmithesq***
Smith Haydn Smudge U4187732 AC2 Oct-Dec 1956 Any one from the last reunion in 2013 Anyone who remembers an Irish drill Sgt who had a voice like thunder.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Smith Herbert Smudge E3515579 AC2 1953 Sgt Nimmock Have lost photo - would like hut number? hebie3588***
Smith Ian Jock/'aggis 2439614 Basic Training 1949 Flt Sgt McCusker. (G.)entleman   ian***
Smith Ian Smudger 4246569 AC2 Nov-Dec 1958 Frank Wood and anyone else from Hut 309 Reside in Liverpool. Retired Local Government Officer. Aged 73.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Smith Ivan Smudge 4200034 AC2 Oct 1955-Feb 1956 Frank Smith (best man at my wedding) Also see the 'Memories' page carrowkeel***
Smith James Jim 4074200 AC2 June-Aug 1951 Dave Dalrymple, Roy Dival Have lost all photos and paperwork. Posted to Compton Bassett for trade training (Teleprinter Op)
Also see the 'Memories' page
Smith John   4141422 Basic Training Dec 1953-Feb 1954 Anyone who remembers me Originally from Dreghorn Scotland. Went on to Padgate for the rest of my service. js001e5027***
Smith John K Smudge 3524315 AC2 Jan-Mar 1957 John Cobbold, George Osborne Hut 255 wildcat315***
Smith John M Jock 4245275 AC2 1958-1959 Any of D Squadron We won the drill competition and I think our Cpl's name was Widdowson.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Smith John Smiffy F4267912 AC2 Oct 1961 George McDonald Also see the 'Memories' page jasmith999***
Smith Kenneth   2440582 AC2 1949     snapperjack***
Smith Kenneth Ginge 4135897 AC 1953 Eldon Cooper   Smith_Lucy2***
Smith Lionel Smokey 5033666 AC2 Oct 1956 Anyone from hut 184, C Sqd, 27 Flt   expolve***
Smith Malcolm   2478281   June-July 1952     malcolmsmith763***
Smith Malcolm Smudge 4256857 SAC Jan 1960     jim.jam***
Smith Maurice Edward Smudge 2750550 AC2 March 1955 Roy Bateman   Johnnorton827***
Smith Norman Smudge 4235440 Corporal/Equipment Accounts Nov 1957-Jan 1958   Served Hereford/Trade Training, Wyton, High Wycombe and Geilenkirchen (Germany)
Also see the 'Memories' page
Smith Peter   4271091 AC2 Apr-May 1962     Galasec2000***
Smith Phillip   4266767 AC2 Sep-Nov 1961     p.smith***
Smith Raymond   5081976 AC1 Nov 1960   National Service.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Smith Ron Smudge 4089964 AC2 17 Jan 1952   Did square bashing then to Kirkham for armourers course r.smith9687***
Smith Roy Smudger 2372952 Ac1 Clerk G.D. Oct-Dec 1947   Also see the 'Memories' page roy***
Smith Roy W J   5052138 AC1 Sept 1957     roy-smith***
Smith Trevor Taffy 4149343 AC2 8 April 1954 Anyone 7 Flight I think I was the only Welshman in a hut full of Geordies.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Smith Vincent Vin 5069676 AC2 June-Aug 1959   Musician.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Smith William Smithy 4071925 LAC 1952     will_smith***
Smith William Barry   4249842 AC2 Feb-Mar 1959   Trade Training at Netheravon, then to RAFPD Lyneham sananbaz***
Smitheman Colin   4266723 AC2 Aug 1961     colin.smitheman***
Snellgrove Michael Mick 2755651 AC2 May-Aug 1955 Led Coussenns Trained as ground radio mechanic. Posted to RAF Marham.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Snelling John A U 3155506 AC2 15 Jan 1960 for 8 weeks Any 'D' Flt NS personnel and musicians in station band RAF Station Vol Band was conducted by WO George Ritchie.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Snow William Snowie 4184215 AC2 2 July 1956   B Sqd snowcap***
Snowden Pete   4264495 AC2 8 May-July 1961   Also see the 'Memories' page pja.snowden2***
Somers David   3527001 AC2 Oct 1958     davidsomers***
Southwell Fred   5011633 AC2 1957     fsouthwell***
Southwell Maurice   5023547 AC2 1956 Any one from Hut 9 who remembers me Posted from here to Hereford maurice.southwell***
Sparrow Brian   4079100   1951 John Thompson   margaretsparrow345***
Sparrow Gerald   4236262 AC2 Jan 1958 Brian Whittle   gts231236***
Speake Michael Mik R4271213 AC2 Mar 1962     spikyhog***
Speck Gerry     AC2 - u/t Clerk (Org) 1961     tea4two***
Spencer Duncan   2767781 AC2 Late 1955     duncanspencer37***
Spencer Graham   4268651 AC2; Dec 1961-Jan 1962     grahambettine***
Spencer Hugh   1867490/176687 AC2 aircrew cadet May-Oct 1943   One of many postings until 1947 hughspen***
Spensley Harry   4048306 AC2 Oct 1950 Spink, Sgt Ingram and anyone who remembers me cbev2chris***
Spirit Keith   4272231 AC2 March 1961 John Bolwell Dog handler at RAF Eastleigh valeriespirit01***
Spooner George   4124338 AC2 Mar-June 1953   Also see the 'Memories' page gspooner***
Spours Newton Geordie W4274895 AC2 Aug-Sept 1962 Supinder Signh Ghatahara, Jock Ross A naive 18 yr old!! but did I learn newton.spours2013***
Sproats Ronald Geordie 4262725 AC2 Jan 1961 Any one nurtured and cared for by Cpl Duff and Cpl Nimmock Also see the 'Memories' page ron.sproats***
Spurdens John   4147621 AC2 Feb-Apr 1954     pnspurdens***
Spurr Albert William   2412396 AC2 Nov 1948   Saddler albert.spurr1***
Squires Keith   5012662 SAC Sept-Nov 1956     keith.squires***
St John
Anthony Clive Tony 4251175   1957   Posted by his son. stjohn1973***
Stacey Daryl Taff 4249083 AC2 Jan-Mar 1959     darylstacey***
Stafford Noel Geordie M4267229 AC2 Oct-Dec 1961   Also see the 'Memories' page noel.stafford***
Stafford Robin 4 by 2 M4274950 AC2 Sept 1962     crobinstafford***
Stafford William Bill 3521755 AC2 6 Oct - end Nov 1955 All present during this period   bill.staffd***
Stainer Mike   2651362 AC1 25 June 1956     mikcas1***
Stanley Brian   5043007 AC2 1957   Trained RAF Hereford, Served 2nd TAF Germany.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Stanley William Bill 3090687 AC2 Oct-Dec 1946 Bob Francis of Edmundo Ros fame Also see the 'Memories' page st.anleysbbandam***
Stanton Keith   N4269437 AC2 Jan-Apr 1962     keith.stanton***
Stanyer Joseph Joe 3155407 AC2 Nov-Dec 1959 David Longbottom Basic Trainning National Service.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Starns Dennis   2728811 AC2 Aug 1954     destarns***
Staves Malcolm Joe 1591418 Aircrew cadet 1943 George Cearns   williams.wh***
Stead Derick   3040828 AC 1944   At ITW Bridgnorth and Dudley 17ACT Air Crew Training stephen.stead11***
Steadman Roy   4272845 AC2 May-June 1962 Frank Cooksley, Carl Westaway and others from the gang Ex 22 years RAF police. Left 1984. I've been in Australia ever since.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Steed Beverley Bev 4259371 AC1/AC2 5 June 1960 David Jefferson, Colin Gibbs Both believed to be on my photograph listed as 1960 - Hut 153.
Had a Cpl Lynus RAF Reg as D.I..
Also see the 'Memories' page
Steele Victor Vic U3529392 AC2 Feb-Mar 1961 John Weir, Winston Skelley, Ricky.
Comment by Webmaster - John Weir has posted his contact details.
Frank Beck has the adjacent number.
6 Flt, A Sqd. Sgt Allen, Cpl Maclaren vicsteele***
Steen Brian   4263343 AC2 Recruit Feb 1961 AC2 George Rigg, AC2 Ian Penrose Band member Drummer brian_steen***
Stern Allan   N4266240 AC2 Aug 1961 Laurie Sugar Shaw Also see the 'Memories' page allanstern6***
Stelling Keith   4091433 AC2 Feb-Mar 1952   Also see the 'Memories' page kdstell***
Stemp   Dave C4253290 AC2 Aug-Sept 1959 Chris Gaunt Lived in Eagle Lincs.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Stempher Ronald Reg Harris 5037604 AC2 12 Dec 1956 Members of hut 180 & our drill instructors Also see the 'Memories' page stempfer***
Stephen Robert Haggis 2487955 Cpl RAF Regiment 1951-1952 Jock Heron, George Stephen Left home in Aberdeen, stayed in Bridgnorth ever since!!
Also see the 'Memories' page
Stephens Donald Don   Sgt. Rear Gunner - Lancs 1944+? Anyone who knew Don I am looking for any info on my dad - died 1998 julia-gordon***
Stephens John Steve F4268264 AC2 Nov 1961-Jan 1962     jfs1944***
Sterry Peter Pom or Pete 2765236 AC2 Jan-Mar 1956 Paul Robinson We were both posted to RAF Northolt.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Stevens David Taffie 3154998 AC1 25 June-Aug 1959 Ian anderson, Ken Spittal. Both Scots On our hut photo in my possesion 'A' Sqd, No.1 Flt. Hut 37, every one signed.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Stevens Dick or Richard   5073503 AC1 1959 Ken Sharp, Geordie Cockburn, Fred Newman, Dave Wallet Went on to RAF Kidbrooke, RAF Lyneham, then 16MU Stafford.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Stevenson David Dave A4254636 AC2 Oct-Dec 1959 Dave Clay. Ginge Lowden As I remember, I was in 23 Flight, C Squadron but can't recall the hut No. wdavid.stevenson***
Stevenson Richard   V4273245 SAC May 1962   D.I. was Cpl Petrie a Scottish gentleman but a dam good instructor.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Stewart Ray Stu N4258157 AC2 4 Apr-4 June 1960 Anyone from 5 Flt 'A' Sqd.
Ian Hepburn's daughter, Brian Beedham & Douglas Phoenix.
Our DI's were Cpl Nimmock & Cpl Duff.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Stewart James Jim/Jock 4240065 AC2 May 1958 Anyone from Hut 175   jim1jms***
Stewart Karl Stu F4275559 AC2 Last entry 1962-1963 Stuart Burnett
Comment by Webmaster - Stuart has already posted his contact details.
Also see the 'Memories' page karl44***
Stirton James Jocknew 5082116 AC1 Nov 1960-Apr 1961 Anyone Was on last callup of National Service and came from Dundee.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Stockhall Geoff   5072154 AC2 Sept 1959 John Whitehead (Whitehouse?) Helped keep Hut 126 clean for 8 weeks. geoffstockhall***
Stocks Rodney Rod 4274612 AC2 Sept. 1962 Anyone who remembers me B Flt rodstox***
Stokes Eric   4239052 AC2 1957 Bandsmen Also see the 'Memories' page ericstokes25***
Stokes Thomas Tom 3513422 AC2 May-July 1952   There for basic training t.stokes***
Stokes Trevor   4089571 Clerk Accounts January 1952   I did my basic training at Bridgnorth before posting to MEAF trs811***
Stone Keith   4142219 AC2 Jan 1954     keithtiegan***
Stones Dennis   5026490 AC2 1956 Donald Eley Posted to RAF Locking and became a GWM. Posted to RAF 5 Wing RAF Nicosia.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Stonestreet John Steve 3156173 AC2 July-Aug 1960     johnstonestreet***
Storey Jack   L4201115 Supplier 1 June 1958 Gig Young, Malcom Souter, Tony Ellaby (Rugby League) Hut 40 A Squadron, Cpls Latchford & Barber, Latchham was tough !
Also see the 'Memories' page
Storey Robert Bob   Sgt GD 1945-1950 Anyone who may have known Bob, my father   les.storey***
Stovell George   4190198 AC2 Dec 1956 Any from hut 65, 14 Flt, Dec 56 intake   grorgejstovell***
Stovell Richard Butch 5044154 AC2 May-July 1957 V May   richard_stovell***
Stow Frederick Brian   5078247 AC2 June 1960 Anyone   fbs301***
Strang Malcolm   R2782895 AC2 Jan-Mar 1956   National Service 8 weeks squarebashing mac5018***
Strange Malcolm     AC2 20 Feb 1961   Arrived a boy, left a lot fitter.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Stretton Tony   U4269396 AC2 Jan-Apr 1962; Ray, a smashing West Indian lad. Went on to serve on the QCS & 2 Field Para Sqdn k9dtc***
Strongman Brian   5053689 SAC 1957   Trade Training RAF Melkshom bstrongman***
Stroud Robin   3154075 AC2 Nov 1958-Jan 1959     robin195860***
Stuart Duncan   3523976 AC1 1956-1957 Cpl Colin Kleiser I can't remember the Flt or the hut number.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Stuart Michael Rollo Mike M4255945 AC1 Jan-April 1960 Anyone that remembers me Also see the 'Memories' page michaelrollo***
Stubbert John   X4268983 AC2 Dec 1961-Feb 1962   Also see the 'Memories' page john***
Sturdy John   5081253 AC2 1960 Malcolm Beaumont, Keith Barnes   johnsturdy***
Sturman Keith   5043047 AC2 Apr-June 1957     sturman77***
Sumsion Eric   5055767 AC2 6 Jan- 3 Mar 1958 ???? Bull The Senior Man Hut 310 Flight 39 D Squadron eric.sumsion***
Sundaram Marimuthu Stan   AC2 End 1960 Bill Grant, Harry Williamson   rhondda16***
Sunley John   4270388 AC2 16 Feb 1962     jontysun***
Sutherland Donald Don/Ivor 4258068 AC2 Apr-May 1960 Any of A Flt, Hut 40 Also see the 'Memories' page don-s***
Sutherland Peter   4271591 AC2 Apr-June 1962 David (Bobby) Baker, David Sadler Our Drill Sgt was a Scott, great guy.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Sutherland Stanley Stan 2466141 AC2 April 1950   Square bashing. Served there at the time of the Freedom of Bridgnorth stan-joan***
Sutton Derek   5081547 AC2 Oct-Dec 1960 "Monty sunshine" Jock Weir, David Shuker 'A' Sqd Hut 13. National Service airman.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Swaby John   4128935   May 1953   Is it really over 50 years ago. Where the blazes has it gone ? jayhenry6***
Swain David   4089306 SAC Air Wireless Mech Feb 1952 Anyone 3 Flt -A Sqdn -1 Wing Hut 37 Cpls Stubbs/White 50 Sqdn Binbrook - 256 Sqdn Ahlhorn 2nd Taf - Demob 1954 dh.swain***
Swaithe David Dave Q4266914 AC2 18 Sept-Nov 1961   Joined for 5 years and stayed for 31 years retiring as a WO RAF Police
Also see the 'Memories' page
Swan Gordon   V4261829 AC1 Nov 1960   Hut 128, 22 Flt, 'C'Sqd.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Swann Roy Swanny 2783706 Lowest of the low Feb 1956 Anyone who owes me money Also see the 'Memories' page rs22887060***
Swarbrick Peter   5062806   1958 Anyone that knew my Father. Passed out from Hut 291 c 1958, PNE fan & had a friend called Colin Vetie. paul.swarbrick***
Sweet Clifford   4145326 AC2 Feb-April 1954 Bob Thompson Royal tournament 1956
Also see the 'Memories' page
Swift Bill Swifty 4178209 AC2 Feb 1956 Anyone   bill***
Swift Frank Swifty 4264793   June-July 1961   Also see the 'Memories' page frankswift***
Swift James   F4251498 AC2 Apr 1959     jimf425***
Swift Michael Mick 4245943 AC2 Oct-Dec 1958     michael***
Swinney Nelson   1279172 AC2 14 Feb-21 Mar 1941     nelson.swinney***
Swinson Ron   2455292   Jan-Feb 1950 Any from Bunntingsdale Hall. Worthmatravers.Trerew. 1950/51.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Sykes Geoff   4258970 AC1 May-July 1960 Can not recall During my time at Bridgnorth, I was seriously involved with bicycle racing. geoff.sykes42***
Symonds William   B4269642 AC2 Jan 1961     w.symonds***
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Taberner Steve   P4262192 AC2 Nov 1960-Jan 1961 Dave Rodrick, Myrve White Also see the 'Memories' page sjtaberner***
Tack Cyril   4122607 AC2 March 1953     cyril.tack***
Tallentire Ken Talla 2447446 AC2 17/10/1949 - 23 month Any from Hut 2/10 Posted to RAF Calne No.7 Radio School.
Our Flt won the cup for best turned out at the end of training
Tandy Malcolm Mac 3156175 AC2 1960   315 numbers were given to Ex Air Training Corps Members. mtandy***
Tanner Jim   4093812 AC2 1952 Alex Flaskett I did my basic training there.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Tansley Bryan   S4256792 AC2 Feb 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page bryantansley***
Taylor Alan Ginge 4180418 AC2 15 Mar 1956   Did my square bashing there and then to Hereford for training Quickdrawal***
Taylor Alan Albert   4132212 AC2 July-Sept 1953 Residents of hut 181, C Sqd Passing out parade 19th September open to the public thebeakse***
Taylor Albert Bart 4264752 AC2 May 1961 Bill Rogers   Bart.taylor***
Taylor Alistair Al 4132335 AC2 July 1953     agtaylor335***
Taylor Allan Yorky 4256578 AC2 20 Jan 1960   Joined up on 20 Jan 1960 and would have been there Feb & Mar. Has anybody got photo. doctunneller***
Taylor Anthony Tony 5070336 AC2 July 1959 Any who remembers me Sept-Oct spent on D.I. Training Course at Uxbridge tonysuetaylor***
Taylor David   4199173 AC2 Oct 1957   Also see the 'Memories' page davidtaylor454***
Taylor Dennis   5020863 AC2 June 1956     bettytaylor194***
Taylor Frank   5016259 AC2 4 Apr-12 June 1956 Ricky Young and many others Drill instructor was Cpl Cain ftaylor***
Gerald Gerry     1954 Any who might have info on Dads time in the RAF   mail1***
Taylor Gilbert Cliffe Gil 5062367 AC2 Aug-Oct 1958 Bev Reader, Colin Thompson (Hull) Also see the 'Memories' page gilbert.c.t***
Taylor Godfrey Taff U4272007 AC2 Mar 1962     magtaylor***
Taylor James   4255901 AC2 Dec 1959-1 Feb 1960 Gwillum Havard   jim_taylor80***
Taylor James Jimmy/Jim     1950's Debi Williamson Basic training/National Service.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Taylor Keith   3525182 AC2 Aug-Oct 1957     joykeithhindley***
Taylor Norman   5059000 AC2 Mar-June 1958   DI Sgt Smith norm99***
Taylor Peter   4269286 AC2 Jan-Mar 1962 Chris Brandon, Louis Franks, Sgt Smith, Cpls Duff & Gordon Recruit training in 12 Flt, A Sqn. under Plt Off Hamilton-Turley(?) taylorpeter974***
Taylor Philip   5064763 AC2 Nov 1958-Jan 1959 Alec Smith   taylorphil***
Taylor Roger   3155172 LAC Sept 1959 4 Flt 'A' Sqd   roger.taylor33***
Taylor Roy William   3527565 AC2 Feb-Apr 1959 Anyone from 37 Flt, D Sqd Also see the 'Memories' page taylor_roy2***
Taylor Stanford Terry 4127934 AC2 Mar-June 1953     terrytaylor***
Taylor Stephen Jock 5041042 AC2 Feb-Apr 1957 Any during this period Represented Station at Cross Country stevieonrugby***
Taylor Terry Taff 4089860 AC2 Jan-Feb 1952   Also see the 'Memories' page sheta***
Taylor Vic   2760465 SAC Ground radar mech June-Aug 1955 Anyone who served at the same time From Bridgnorth to RAF Locking No 1 Radio school then to RAF Changi until demob.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Taysom Henry Harry 4121686 AC2 Feb 1953 John Cooper. Redruth, Cornwall Also see the 'Memories' page h.taysom***
Terry Tony   4188900 AC2 Oct 1956-Jan 1957   Also see the 'Memories' page tonyterry1937***
Tester John Richard   5058041 AC2 Feb 1958 David Watts David Watts came from Littlehampton Sussex and later served in the Medical Corps.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Testo George     Acting Cpl Dec 1954     george.testo***
Tewkesbury Frank Catford kid 3154910 AC2 May-June 1959 George Brayfield, Keith Regan I'm now living in Australia.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Thacker Roy   2467358 LAC March 1950   11 Flt 3 Wing Lynnewolverson***
Thackery Roy   4130727 AC2 June 1953 Jack Radford I was a Trainee recruit roythackery***
Thackray Paul Thack 4145864 AC2 Mar 1954 Sid Hancock, Frank Brook   paulthackray136***
Thelwell Mike   M4238340 Mar-May 1958     Regards to Cpl Widdowson! ksar***
Thirtle Desmond Des 4046706 AC2 Sept 1950 Johnny Cowan, a Canadian   desthirtle***
Thomas Alan Taff E4258794 AC2 May-July 1960 Anyone that knew me at 9 Flt 'A' Sqd Believe Cpl Wilcox was D.I.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Thomas Brian   3154324 AC2 Jan-Feb 1959     brian.thomas107***
Thomas Brian Nick/Lofty 2739990 Cpl. (GD) Nov 1954-Jan 1955 2739991 Smith! Anyone from C Sqn. inc. Cpls Shiner & Wilson Served - Hornchurch, Calshot, Episkopi Cyprus, Shinfield Park, 71MU & Northwood.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Thomas Cliff   5055736 AC2 Jan-Feb 1958 Any of Hut 309, 40 Flt 'D' Sqd Also see the 'Memories' page cthomas842***
Thomas Colin Taff W4275176 AC2 0ct-Dec 1963   Basic training. Anyone remember Lofty Scott, Dave Garinge or Malcolm de Marco mycol_***
Thomas John David Dave 3156274 AC1 Sept-Nov 1960     Saltrebiel***
Thomas John Lloyd Taffy 4117377 AC2 Dec 1952-Feb 1953   Also see the 'Memories' page j.thomas22***
Thomas Michael Mike 3527245 AC2 Nov 1958 M Taylor, M Scott, R Turner, D Walker, L White   mikandor***
Thomas Peter   3152643   Oct-Dec 1957 David Paynter, John McCaughy   PWT121936***AOL.COM
Thomas Roger Taff 3527020 AC2 Oct-Dec 1958   Retired from Service as Flt Sgt Aircraft Eng: Tech. fsrwthomas71***
Thomas Trevor Taff 4266160 AC2 1961     tjt2512***
Thompson A.J.   2725623 SAC 6 June 1954 Anyone in A. Flight, hut 79   ttraf***
Thompson Allan Jock, Al C4264948 AC2 June-Aug 1961 John Smith (later of AIDU HQFEAF Changi 1962 - 1964) Also see the 'Memories' page allancthompson***
Thompson Denis   4104387 AC2 June-July 1952 Any of the guys that were there at that period Served in various camps UK. then spent 18 months at Sharjah Persian Gulf'.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Thompson Derek   4130105 AC2 1953     thompsonderek39***
Thompson John   5043034 AC2 Apr-June 1957 David Smith 5043032 Also see the 'Memories' page johntie***
Thompson Peter   5053945 AC2 Jan 1958 Anyone from Hut 190 Bridgnorth was a 'interesting' experience petert36***
Thoms Ian Thomsie 4251646 AC2 April 1959   Also see the 'Memories' page ianthoms39***
Thomson John   F4255331 AC Nov-Dec 1959 Anyone I did basic training with at Bridgnorth or later RAF Yatesbury/Syerston/Compton Basset/Buchan/Labuan/Western Hill soso1939***
Thorndike Geoff   5058338 AC2 March 1958     geoff***
Thorneycroft Ray   5051030 LAC Oct 1957     rt014c5788***
Thornton Denis Ginge A4266545 AC2 31 Aug -Sept 1961     denisthornton***
Thornton John Flashman 3529212 AC2 29 Oct 1960 Joe Sheppard Best recruit.Went onto Catterick to join Regiment johnthornton1940***
Thornton John Swiers   3527840 AC2 March 1959   Remembers making dough nuts aecregent***
Thornton George Curley 5060739 AC2 June-Aug 1958     efes_thornton***
Thorogood Brian Norman BT 3147135 AC2 1955 Any   brian***
Thorpe John   3523391 AC2 Sept-Oct 1956 Peter Williams, Alan Rooney, Mick McGuire, Albert Wood.
All members of 10 Flt 'A' Sqd & the D.I.'s
Also see the 'Memories' page jthorpe***
Thrift Mike   5053603 AC2 Nov 1957-Jan 1958     mande***
Thurgill Peter   5080934 AC2 Sept-Oct 1960 Roy F Wiltsher, G Wallace Also see the 'Memories' page peterpenny5***
Tillett Michael   4261529 AC2 Oct 1960 John Ardley Regular and square bashing with the last intake of National Servicemen tillett.michael***
Tilyard Michael Mike 4135885 AC2 Sept-Nov 1953   Also see the 'Memories' page mikeejt***
Timms Roy   3154328 AC1 Jan 1959     roy4***
Timney Stephen   4275406 AC2 9 Nov 1962     timney44***
Tindale Leslie Harry Les 4182563 AC2 May 1956     lestin***
Tinkler Noel Tink 4270909 AC2 1962   Six weeks training benji.mitch***
Tinley Christopher   N4274522 AC2 1962 Anyone Cruel and cold.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Tipper Trevor   4113626 AC2 1952 Cpl Beeching Also see the 'Memories' page trevortipper***
Tipping William Gil 3154536 AC2 16 Feb 1959 Nick Moore There during the flu outbreak and was a guinea pig for a flu jab. It worked.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Todd Peter   5018072   1956   Posted to Melksham July 1956 peter***
Tomlin Ellis     AC2 Oct-Nov 1957   Later served in Aden lzbthtomlin***
Topham David   E4164515 AC Feb-March 1955   Also see the 'Memories' page dftopham***
Tompsett John   3154098 AC2 Nov 1958     jhtompsett***
Tosh John   5012678 Cpl D.I. March 1957-Oct 1958 Any one who remembers me. Member of the Station football team John is not well & would like some news of old to cheer him up.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Townend Brian Tosh / Yorky 4162819 AC2 1955   Did training then shipped of to Germany.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Towner Arthur John J T 5048584 AC2 1957   Transferred to Princess Mary's RAF hospital, Halton, Bucks. Junior Technician.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Townsley John Johnnycake F4253472 AC2 Aug to Oct 1958   Basic training. Cpl Moger. Flt 22 I think.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Tracey Michael   4261885 AC2 Nov-Dec 1960 Anyone of C Sqd Served later at Compton Bassett-Digby-Pergamos mpt***
Trainer Ronald Jock C4265442 AC2 July 1961 Any one from hut 29C Dave, Ray Also see the 'Memories' page ratrainerau***
Traylor Adrian Taff 4271710 AC2 April-June 1962 Served the full 37 years - became aircrew - best decision of my life. Good times - you really bonded with your hut mates. adrian.traylor***
Treherne Brynley Arthur Taffy 4130182 LAC June 1953     Train***
Trevaskis Roy Ginge L4267110 AC2 Oct 1961   Medic until 1985 trellawney29***
Trezise Haydn Trez 2722312 AC2 April-May 1954 Bill Sabbatella Also see the 'Memories' page h.trezise***
Trigg Frank   2777102 AC2 30 Nov 1955 Harvey Levy Also see the 'Memories' page leeheather25***
Trollope Victor David   B3529361 AC2 Jan/Feb. 1961   Just a question - was 1961 the first year without National Servicemen?
Also see the 'Memories' page
Troope     2709373   1953-1954     gordon.troope***
Trott Robert Bob E4274453 AC2 May-Sept 1962   Square bashing trottonrg***
Troughton Godfrey     Cpl & Sgt 1949-1951, 1953-1955, 1957-1959   PTI then later Medic c/o brianclaybrooke***
Trowill Wally   4156349 AC2 1959 Jackie Simpson, Newcastle on Tyne Was in the RAF Boxing team wally_goldcoast***
Truelove William Bill 5042545 AC2 1957     tojatrue***
Trueman Geoffrey   K4258664 AC2 6 May-July 1960 Tony Robertshaw I was in 39 Flt under Cpl Hoste (or Host)
Also see the 'Memories' page
Trumble Paul   3151683 AC2 May 1957   Inspecting Officer Pilot Officer Thom
Also see the 'Memories' page
Tuck David Frederick Taffy 4076069 AC2 1951 Harold Willans
Comment by Webmaster - Harold posted his contact details in 2006.
I was in Hut 244, 20 Flt and Harold Willans was in the same Hut.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Tucker Arthur Ernest Ernie 4146810 AC2 Mar-May 1954 Anyone who remembers me Walked tall and could not have been fitter on completing square bashing.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Tucker Michael Tuck 3156315 AC2 1960 Any who remembers me   mchltuc***
Tudor Brian   5039427 NA/2, LAC, SAC Apr 1957-Jan 1959   Served in Station Sick Quarters, Sick parades, Jab parades and Wards.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Tunstall Colin   5026313 AC2 July-Oct 1956 Alan 'Jock' Slade (Liverpool) Pete Watts (Brighton) Any one from July 1956 intake, A Sqd, 1 Flt, hut 12.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Turnbull James Anthony Tony 2782873 AC2 Jan 1956 Eddie M Davidson NS 1956-58. Home town York.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Turner Anthony   Q4198258 AC2 Sept-Oct 1957   My last overseas tour was at Salalah 1970-1971 tonyvincentturner***
Turner Charlie Chas 2725390 AC2 1954   Square bashing & time as Camp Librarian chasturner***
Turner David   U4192952   Feb-March 1957     davddot***
Turner Frederick Charles Derick   AC2 1961 approx   My Dad was stationed there during his basic training neilboy3152***
Turner George   2404417 AC2 Sept-Nov 1948 Any one from 13 Flt, 2 Wing One name sticks out Frederick Aloyisus Thrippleton - coudn't forget that after 66 years gt30***
Turner George   2442757   Aug-Nov 1949     george.turner73***
Turner Joe   3525781 AC2 Feb 1958     jhjturner***
Turner Maurice Maurice 2438126 AC2 July-Aug 1949   Went from there to RAF Weeton for driver training, then onto RAF Longnewton.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Turner Michael Mike 4172844 AC1 Aug 1955-Jan1956 Anyone who remembers me Served RAF Halton, RAF Hosp Cosford, RAF Akrotiri.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Turner Peter   5054054   Nov 1957-Jan 1958 Anyone who was in the band at that time ADOC Bently Priory and the Fighter Command Band till Nov 1959.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Turner Tony   4275548 AC2 27 Nov 1962 Any It was very cold, I played football for the camp. tony.turner1411***
Turton Brian   3154194 AC2 Dec 1958-Feb 1959     b.turton***
Tustin or Clarke Cynthia Rosalind Peggy     approx 1939-1945   I know my mother served there (wartime) but nothing else. Anyone remember her ? colinknox***
Tuttlebee Tony Tut 4259036 AC2 March 1960     oldies.belsay***
Twigg David   4255830 AC2 Dec 1959-Jan 1960 Anyone who remembers me C Sqd, Hut 213?.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Twigger Brian Yorkie 4242365 AC2 July-Aug 1958 Brian Edward Sinclair (Geordie) Hut 222. 23 Flt.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Twine John   4124216 Basic training 1953 Any one with info I went on to RAF Neterhaven police school john.twine2***
Twynham Roy   5058059 AC2 Feb 1958 Sgt Britain, the football Coach Played football for the Station team. Won the cup.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Tyler Bruce   D4274354 AC2 23 July 1962 Anyone who knows or remembers me   brucet44***
Tyler John   3156149 AC2 July-Aug 1960 Anyone from Hut 13, 10 Flt, A Sqd   tyler541***
Tyler Roy   2740676 Air Traffic Dec 1954-Jan 1955 Anyone   tyler347***
Tyrrell John   4142621 AC2 Jan 1954   A very cold winter. I spent two weeks sick and was reflighted johnrtyrrell***
Tyrrell Martin   4168810 AC2 May-July 1955 Anyone July-Sept driving school Weeton. Posted Germany 398 MU RAF Duren martin***
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Underwood Colin   4087933 AC2 Dec 1951-Mar 1952 Gordon Yates, George Upton, G.S Wyatt, G Wing Also see the 'Memories' page colin***
Underwood David   Q4266931 AC2 18 Sept-Nov 1961 Anybody who remembers me Northwood 62, Germany 63, Abingdon parachute school 66, West Drayton 71 david.underwood2***
Underwood John   4251885 AC2 Apr 1959     johnunderwoodtanks***
Upton George   4087960 AC2 4 Dec 1951-Feb 1952   Also see the 'Memories' page gupton33***
Usher David Geordie W4269442 AC2 10 Jan-mid March 1961     david.l.usher***
Valente Brian Alfred Jock T4261074 AC2 1960 Gordon Miller and John Wilson Gordon went to Canada. We were all Scottish.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Valentine David Dicky 3524933 AC2 May-July 1957     david.valentine4***
Vance Colin   4242327 AC2 July-Sept 1958 Anyone from hut 219, Flight 22, 1958 Clp Eden and Clp Floyd were in charge at that time g7hpi***
Ernest Walter Wally 1043603 LAC from Dec 1941 20 May 1941-6 June 1942 Anyone who remembers Wal The details given are for my father now deceased. heatherbarton43***
Vanveen Rupert Rudy F4268703 AC2 Nov 1961-Mar 1962 Anyone from that entry A Sqd 19 Flt. DI was Cpl Hirons ebonyeagle***
Vasey John Geordie R4245592 AC2 1958     johnvasey***
Vasey Malcolm   4258640 AC2 May-Aug 1960 Keith Watson, John Jopling Also see the 'Memories' page vasey.aquarius***
Vass George Dink 2443760 AC2 Oct-Dec 1949 Ken Vincent 2443779   walterfonz***
Venour Peter   3125168 AC2 Jan-Mar 1950   Also see the 'Memories' page pandcvenour***
Veitch Edward Jock 4236119 AC 1957-1958     ted***
Vidler Howard Jim S4270298 AC2 12 Feb 1962 Anybody Also see the 'Memories' page patnjim4744***
Vincent Hedley   C4275377 AC2 Nov 1962 Anyone who knows me Drill Sgt was Sgt Smith. Drill Cpls were Cpl Billington & Cpl Davies.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Vogel Robert Bob 5067866 AC2 Apr-June 1959 Barry Ellis, Ray Conyers, C Howard. All in Hut 57, Flt 9 'A' Sqd r.vogel828***
Voice John   5079317 AC2 Aug 1960-Apr 1961     johnhvoice***
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Waddington John Bryan Satch 4139602 AC2 Nov 1953-Jan 1954   Also see the 'Memories' page jobrywadd***
Wadsworth Brian Waddy 5066460 AC2 Feb-Apr 1959 Anyone who remembers me Played in goal for the camp 2nd XI. went to Netherhaven for police training.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Wagstaff Bob   2443491 AC2 Sept 1949 Arthur Chapman In the Station band. Ex Liverpool University, lived in Bootle, Merseyside.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Wakefield Ernes Ernie 3520558 AC2 1 May 1955 Any Also see the 'Memories' page ernestwakefield***
Wakeham Eric Wacker 5078163 AC2 May 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page ewacker70***
Waldie James   4264150 AC2 17 Apr 1961   For Basic training only callant1***
Waldis Colin John Wally? 4048365 AC2 Oct-Nov 1950 John Helm, Harry Onions, Cpl Farrell Posted to RAF Melsham for trade training (electrical) colinwaldis***
Walke Ronald   4105930 AC1 July 1952     ronwalke32***
Walker Anthony   3124525 AC2 1949     anthonywalker197***
Walker Christopher Speedy 4273330 AC2 June 1962   Also see the 'Memories' page syb.walk***
Walker Frederick   R4200900 AC2 1958 None. I'm 82 can't remember the names Also see the 'Memories' page truckerboy147***
Walker Gordon   4253336 AC2 Aug-Sept 1959 Alan Ward,Dave Martin Basic Training.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Walker John Barrie Johnny 3523929 AC2 Nov-Dec 1956 Darcy Campbell, Mike Delgarno Resident in Hut 257. My first contact with a brilliant black lad.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Walker John Frank Johnnie 3512854 AC2 Mar 1952     jopat77***
Walker; Keith   5029356 AC2 Sept 1956   Also see the 'Memories' page mzeekeithwalker***
Walker Leslie Les 4258485 AC2 Apr-May 1960   Did 6 weeks basic last 2 weeks at Catterick with the Rocks.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Walker Peter   5057486 AC2 Feb-Mar 1958   National Service.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Walker Stan   4251237Q AC2 Feb-Mar 1959   Going from Merchant to RAF was quite a shock.
Best Service to have served in.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Walker William Brown Bill 4077330 AC2 July-Sept 1951     wbwcid***
Walker Wilson Jock 4100605 AC2 May-Aug 1952 Anyone   wrwalker***
Wall A. Leslie Max 4102450 SAC 1952   A tough 8 weeks - but I wouldn't have missed it for anything awallttfn***
Wall Lawrence Laurie 5063488 AC2 Oct 1958 Stuart Pope   lawrence.wall2***
Wallace George Jock 3150794 AC2 1956   Hut 34 bryn2100***
Wallace Michael Mike 3153757 AC2 Aug-Oct 1958 Anyone from Hut 249, especially Jimmy Stewart Selected for Chinese language training.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Wallace William Bill 4275171 AC2 1962   Drill Instructors were Cpl Smith and Cpl Cole billwallace1944***
Wallbank Joseph Joe 4112097 AC2 8 Oct-3 Dec 1952 Bill Bailey of Dawley, Shrop.
Anyone from Hut 41
Also served at RAF St. Athan (Station workshops)
Also see the 'Memories' page
Waller John Ginge 3127604 AC2 June-July 1950 Anyone Played in Station band - had an easy time as a result.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Wallington Arthur   4198872 AC2 Late 1957 Colin Jackson or anyone who remembers me Have photos if anyone is interested.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Walls Brian Max 4188340 AC2 Oct-Dec 1956 Hut 313, 39 Flt A wake up call that worked wonders patwalls2***
Wallwork Gerard Gerry 4123062 AC2 1953 Any who know me Also see the 'Memories' page gedpetew***
Walmsley Harry   2434820 AC2 Trainee June-Aug 1949 Bandsmen June-Aug 1949 Was in 7 Flt, played tenor horn in band.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Walpole Kenneth Ken 5066072 AC1 Jan-Mar 1959   In Hut 309 and in played in Station Voluntary Band.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Walsh Philip   4145909 AC2 Feb 1954     phantomphil36***
Walsham John   4117419 AC2 Nov 1952-Jan 1953 Stephen Mawbey 4118347. G Williams, F.J. Wilson, Thompson, C Wainwright, John E Taylor, C.M. Wood, A Sutton, M Todd, J.F. Turl, M Robinson, M Stafford. Anyone in 21 Flt. Cpl Steel was our Cpl. john***
Walter Graham   4267865 AC2 Oct 1961-Feb 1962     gwgwal***
Walters Anthony Nibs 5044159 AC2 May 1957 Colin Kleiser   arb-jw***
Walton Geoffrey Torchy 5074641 AC2 Dec 1959-Apr 1960 Allan Lamb Also see the 'Memories' page waltongeoff1939***
Walton Michael Mick 4259334 AC2 1960     mikewalton***
Walton Robert Geordie F4192057 AC2 Jan-Mar 1957   Remember our Sgt was Spearman.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Ward Anthony Tony 5055182 AC2 10 Dec 1957-11 Feb 1958   Also see the 'Memories' page toeandjan***
Ward Bernard   2387660 AC2 May-June 1948   P.O. Clarke. Remember clearing some air raid shelters bernardward***
Ward Francis Paul Terrence   3529176 AC2 Oct-Dec 1960   Remember route marches in Wales & shooting fptward***
Ward John Malcolm Johnny R4264975 AC2 June 1961   Jan 1963 Sgt AQM. Beverleys & Hercules.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Ward Keith Edward   Y4274100 AC1 1962 Trevor Youngs Also see the 'Memories' page keefe4308***
Ward Michael Mitch or Will 5050059 AC2 1957     wilward1936***
Ward Peter   n/a F/Lt M.O. 1953-1954     Peruward***
Ward Peter Oggy 3156439 SAC 1960-1962 Duncan Black, John (Paddy) Gilligan Worked in Records Office Detachment at Bridgnorth, from Bridlington, East Yorks.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Ward Peter   5054019 SAC Signals 1958-1959   National Service Stationed Ayos Nikolyos signals peterwardjenkins***
Ward Roy Wardy 5076381 SAC Pay Accounts SHQ Mar 1961-Mar 1962 Any from Pay Accounts Used to have a darts team at the Black Horse run by Mrs Preece & her 2 sons royward1939***
Ward Terry   3513177 AC2 April-May 1952     p.w243***
Wardle David   4051124 AC2 Nov-Dec 1950 Anyone from passing out parade Dec 1950   davidgleeson***
Wardle Michael   E4252055 AC2 u/t mtd May 1959   Was in D Sqdn, D.I. was Cpl Wiseman, yellow backing to badge wardle9084***
Ware James Jim 2694716   June 1960 Anyone in ATC Posted to Abingdon.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Warner Royston Roy / Woy 2770506 AC1/ Sept-Oct 1955 Allan Sears and anybody else there at this time. Posted from there direct to RAF Bruggen in Germany.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Warnock George Paddy L4274378 AC2 1962   Hut 210. Cpl Lewis and Cpl Little?
Also see the 'Memories' page
Warren Clifford Bunny P4272809 AC2 14 May-8 Aug 1962 Hut 255, 3 Flt, A Sqd. Mike Aikens and rest of the lads Also see the 'Memories' page cwarren2***
Warren Keith.F.C.   5018760 LAC June-Aug 1956 Peter White Peter was mad about joining the RAF Regiment mee13ren***
Waters Ronald Ron 3524376 AC2 1957   Enjoyed my training at Bridgnorth ron.waters***
Watkins Arthur Watto 2735907 AC2 Oct-Dec 1954   Transferred to RAF Waddington for rest of NS a.watkins503***
Watkins Keith   2321463 LAC M.T.M. 1947-1949 Anyone from the M.T. Section   hwatkns674***
Watkins Michael   2547263 Plt. Off Oct 1952-Sept 1953 Any contemporary I was A.Ad.O. (HQ Wing Adjutant) revdocmw***
Watkins Thomas Tom 2545425 AC2 10 Jan-7 Mar 1950   I was at Hut 2/62, 17 Flt, 3 Wing thomas.watkins***
Watson Albert   4165258 AC2 Feb-March 1955   Spent a week on the Long Mynd on Camp sandywatson2***
Watson Arthur William   P4125163   19 Mar 1953 Anyone who knew my dad Dad came from Hastings aoh63***
Watson Harry   4089981 AC2 Early 1952 Pinkney went to train as RAF policeman   hairoil***
Watson John   2759348 AC2 July-Aug 1955   Left on posting for trade training as radar operator to RAF Worth Maltravers jwatson3***
Watson Kenneth Brian Ken 4141820 AC2 1955     countryken11***
Watson Philip Phil Y4271092 AC2 March 1962   Served 9 years RAF Regiment.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Watson Raymond Jobber V4263509 AC2 Mar 1961 Anyone Also see the 'Memories' page raywatson509***
Watson Ronald Ronnie D4262050 AC2 6 Nov 1960 Any of 5 Flt, 'A' Sqd Two Watsons on Flt, John & me. I remember Cpl Nimmock & Cpl Duff.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Watson Terry Tel W1935679 AC2 June-Aug 1959 Keith Windross from Hull Would like to know what hut No. I was in? telsan.watson***
Watt Stuart Stu 5031565 LAC 1956-1957 Brian Hollier, Margaret Adams   swattt9***
Watters James Jim T4274939 AC2 Sept 1962 Brian Young (Geordie) Bridgnorth to RAF Boscombe Down then to RAF Hospital Steamer Point Aden.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Watts Anthony Thomas Tony 5062061 AC2 Sept-Dec 1958   Hut 249 tony_watts35***
Watts Harry Chocolate 4045520 AC2 Aug-Oct 1950   21 Flt shaun.watts***
Weare Keith   4256342 AC2 Jan-Mar 1960     keithweare4256***
Weatherill Peter   P3529174 AC2 Oct-Dec 1960 Tod Topping, Cpl Humpries Was a recruit on 38 Flt, D Sqd. retired9174***
Weatherley Dennis   3151993 AC2 May-July 1957 Brian Watts and Howard Ledger Also see the 'Memories' page denweathers***
Weaver John Gloster 4164911 AC2 March-May 1955   3 Flt 'A' Sqd blickdavid***
Webb Brian   4248172 AC2 Jan-Mar 1959 Tony Joyce   bswebb***
Webb Chris allsorts! 4256606 AC1 Jan-Mar 1960 Sorry can`t remember any names Also see the 'Memories' page chriswebb***
Webb Neville   315**** AC1 Sept-Dec 1959 Keith Dallimore, Newport, Gwent (No.1 Radio School-Locking) National Service. Posted to No.1 Radio School RAF Locking. nevwebb***
Webb Peter Paddy/Peter G4267197 AC2 Sept 1961 Any who remember me Traveled from Belfast with several other Irish lads, Northern & Southern.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Webb Sam   5040038 AC2 Jan-Apr 1957   I became an architect.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Webber Vivian Ginge L3527457 AC2 Jan-Mar 1959 Tom Slogget 3527445 from Bristol. We were both in 'D' Sqdn and I'm sure the DI was Cpl Wilson viv.webber***
Webster Edward Ted 5069428 AC2 11 June-Aug 1959 Maurice Pearson or any in Hut 190   betted17***
Webster John   2745905 AC2 27 Jan-Mar 1955 Dave Wakefield & Keith Barron Recruit Training.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Webster Keith   5079242 AC2 July 1960 Barry Walker, Gerald Russell, Roger Arlidge   keith47***
Wedeles Syd   4239037 AC2 1958 Gerry Tapper   sydpinhole***
Weekes John Stanley   5064747 SAC Nov 1958     weekesdrjohn***
Weeks Michael   C4274765 AC2 1961 Anyone Not a lot left now mikay.weeks***
Weir John Paddy F4202448 Clk. Sec. 3 Feb-19 Apr 1961 Anyone in 6 Flt, 'A' Sqn, Hut 295. Instr - Sgt. Allen Served at Hereford, HQ Germany Geilenkirchen and Bishops Court.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Weir Riddell Jock 5071818 AC1 Aug-Sept 1959 Anyone that may remember me Also see the 'Memories' page ridnic***
Welburn Nicolas Nick S4265338 AC2 23 June-Sept 1961   Also see the 'Memories' page nickmary7***
Welch David Dave E4275308 AC2 29 Oct 1962-
4 Jan 1963
Anyone from my intake! Also see the 'Memories' page jodakist***
Welch Gordon Scouse G4271403 AC2 March 1962 Anyone from March 1962 'A' Flt Also see the 'Memories' page Goldwing15***
Weller Gary Sam 5039279 AC2 1956     gwellerg9_***
Wellings Derek   4137533 AC2 Oct-Dec 1953   Also see the 'Memories' page passingcloud***
Wells Bernard   1893938 AC2 1943   Also see the 'Memories' page berniejune1***
Wells Raymond   5075442 AC2 Feb 1960   Posted to RAF Uxbridge during Bridgnorth training for Charles DeGaulle visit aztec***
Wells Robin   4126062 AC2 Apr-June 1953   Cpl J Hoath was our Drill instructor.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Welsh Malcolm Malc 3151217 AC2 Feb 1957 Eric Earman Posted to 23 Squadron at RAF Coltishall in Norfolk after passing out. malcolm3997***
Wem Ronald Wemmy 3126207 AC2 Mar 1950 Any in 20 Flt Also see the 'Memories' page Ro-je.mariner***
Went Peter   2718837 LAC 1954-1956   I am a retired Methodist Minister living in Stockport.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Were Frederick G Ricky 2721639 AC2 1954 Dougie Moore Dougie Moore use to ferry light planes for Fleet Air Arms before his NS. tony_rocco***
West Jim   2447512 AC2 Oct 1949 Anyone   jameswest1939***
West Rodger   3155359 AC2 Nov 1959 - Jan 1960 Anybody who remembers me Did Mike Payne marry his lady in the end?
Also see the 'Memories' page
West Stanley   D3152485 AC2 Sept 1957 Anyone of D Flt Also see the 'Memories' page swest2970***
Westbury Rodney   4265046 AC2 1961   Also see the 'Memories' page rmj.westbury***
Western Jack   1626156 AC2 1944 Reg Morris of Kent Also see the 'Memories' page jwestern1***
Weston   Taff 4174454 AC2 Sept-Oct 1955 Anyone who remembers me Also see the 'Memories' page p.rogers8***
Weston Douglas Doug 5076508 AC1 Feb-Mar 1960     whisper70***
Weymouth now Freeman James Jim V4169293 AC2 May-July 1955 Anybody Hut 157, 'B' Sqd, 6 Flt.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Whalley Frank   5081686 LAC Sept-Oct 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page gordon.whalley***
Whalley John Scouse L4248551 AC2 Jan-Feb 1959 Don Shaw   john.c.whalley***
Wheat Raymond
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Ray 4055982 AC1 Jan ? Raymond Humphreys or Humphries Basic training then posted to St. Athan before going overseas.
Also see the 'Memories' page
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Wheeler Dennis Ginger 4117275 AC2 1952-1953     denniswheeler***
Whelan John Jack W4264450 AC2 May 1961     jack.whelan1***
Whelan Patrick   4147344 AC1 March 1954   Had to leave B Flt for hospital in Cosford patrickwhelan71***
Wherry Phil   4248210 Supply Assistant/Storeman 8 Jan 1959 Anyone My hut No. was 181.
Also see the 'Memories' page
White Alan   5010784 AC2 1956 Anyone from Hut 87. 15 Flt Also see the 'Memories' page afcwhite***
White Chalky   4092461 AC2 14 Feb-16 Apr 1952   Also see the 'Memories' page pandgwhite***
White David Charles Chalky 5080589   1960     joyce.white***
White David John Chalky 4262310 AC2 Dec 1960-Feb 1961   Also see the 'Memories' page sylviaanddavid***
White Eric (Terry) Chalky 4129487 AC2 June-Aug 1953   Also see the 'Memories' page etw09***
White Gerald Chalky K3526486 AC2 July-Sept 1958 Anyone in Hut 173, 19 Flt, 'B' Sqd.
Patrick Roe, Harold Pickering, Short, George Tute, Pearson.
Also see the 'Memories' page
White John Chalky 4195202 AC2 Apr-June 1957 Brian Ward, John Aird Also see the 'Memories' page johnroyals***
White John Chalky 5074548 AC2 Dec 1959-Feb 1960?   Played Cornet/Trumpet in Station Band jhw-white***
White John Vince 4270389 AC2 Feb-May 1961 John Sunley, Pete Mitchell, any one from 9 Flt A Sqd I went on to RAF Freckleton for medic training.
Also see the 'Memories' page
White Ken   4271978 AC2 1962 Anyone who remembers me   ken42719***
White Michael   5070459 AC1       whiteavro***
White Michael Chalky 5010599 AC2 Recruit Mar/Apr 1956 Any C Sqd   mickanth***
White Michael Spike 4242362 Recruit July-Aug 1958 Anyone in hut 222 (R.L.White 'Gladys') D.I.'s were Corporals Sunnocks and Floyd.
Also see the 'Memories' page
White Peter   Y4195839 AC2 14 May 1957     peterjwhite***
White Stanley Brummie H2679013 AC2 Mar/Apr 1957 Anthony Roberts (Fatguts) Ex Halton Apprentice I was N.S. but became a Regular 12 yr man and posted to RAF Cardington Ball.
Also see the 'Memories' page
White Thomas Tam 5079084 SAC1 1960     tom38white***
White William Maurice Jock 5024122 AC2 Aug-Oct 1956 Anyone that was there at that time Bridgnorth,Yatesbury (radar mechanic training, Wyton Bomber command.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Whitehead Alan Al 4177107 AC2 Dec 1955-Feb 1956 Any one who remembers me Also see the 'Memories' page alan.whitehead***
Whitehead Alastair Ward Al 4188668 AC2 Nov 1956-Jan 1957 A Flt intake From A flt (3 nizzen huts) the parade ground was straight down on the left.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Whitehead Barry John Snorkel 5071380 SAC 1959-1961 Martin Cox He was the Cpl in charge. 2 years NS as Operations Clerk. barry.john.whitehead***
Whitehead Brian   M4239347 AC2 Feb-April 1958 Any member of hut 244 passing out in April 1958   photoberg1***
Whitehead Geoff   R4273278 AC2 28 May-July 1962 Bill Cousins Bill joined up with Pete Heeley, Les Straw and myself geoffjw***
Whitelaw Alan Douglas Geordie [Big Al] E4268871 AC2 Dec 1960-Mar 1961 Ian Hedley who I also went to school with Left here and went to the Police Training School at RAF Debden.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Whiteley Malcolm   5068842 AC2 May-June 1959 Anyone from 'C' Sqd, Flt 28, Hut 136 D.I. was Cpl Cole (Taffy)
Also see the 'Memories' page
Whiteman Dennis Taff 4098058 AC2 Apr-July 1952   Also see the 'Memories' page dennis***
Whiteman Grace         Peter Worseley or Wordsley Looking for Peter. He was originally from Lincolnshire Louisecliff5***
Whiteman Kenneth   2573628 Cpl Police Provo 1953 - Sept 1954 Any one who served with me in The Main Guardroom Also see the 'Memories' page kentanpits1***
Whiteside Derek   5056316 AC2 Jan 1958     derek_whiteside***
Whitfield John   5051495 AC2 1957 Anyone in band Flt   john78whitfield***
Whittaker Fred   4052148 Airman (Erk!) 22 Nov 1950-23 Jan 1951   See photo 1951 Hut 2/18 for names fredwhittaker***
Whittle Derrik   3145857 SAC Fighter Plotter March-April 1955 Anyone D.I.s Wilson & Shiner. After Bridgnorth posted to Middle Wallop then S.O.C. Preston john_whittle***
Whittle Tony   5080365 AC2 Sept-Nov 1960 Anyone from hut 159 or Cpl Leischman, Cpl Payne or Sgt Salter Love to hear from any of those special boys who served at Bridgnorth in 1960.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Whitworth Malcolm   5012078 AC2 Oct - Dec 1958 Les Appleby   malcolmwhitworth***
Whyard (now McMeekan) Ian   X4264255 AC1 April 1961 Anyone Left Bridgnorth for Catterick and Regiment training as Gunner Signaller ian.mcmeekan***
Whyte Ian Chalky P4268728 AC2 1961     ian99whyte***
Wibberley Eunice       1940-1946 approx Anyone serving there during WWII Later married WJ Salmon (Bill or Paddy) also of RAF Bridgnorth majsfish***
Wickert Brian Willy Q3524936 AC2 May-July 1957 Ossie Lee & anybody that remembers me Posted to RAF Brampton to train as a Tracer PI.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Wickham Tony   4175358 AC2 Nov-Dec 1955 Don't remember any one   hel.ton***
Wicks Tony   5018033 AC2 1955   Hut 56 won the Drill cup. Sgt. Simpson and cold Floydd tony.wicks3***
Wilcox Dennis   4101154 AC2 June-July 1952 Anyone from 9 Flt   den.glen***
Wilcock Derrick   4175656 AC1 1955     chasavan***
Wild James   2767757 AC2 Sept-Nov 1955     jimwild38***
Wilde Colin Oscar K4261248 LAC U/T Instrument fitter Sept-Oct 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page colin.wilde3***
Wilkes Reg   2785548 AC2 Feb-April 1956 Phil Smith, Dennis Skidmore Trained as M T Driver, served in Aden and Sutton Coldfield reg.wilkes***
Wilkins Anthony Taff 4235323 AC2 Oct 1957-Jan 1958   Also see the 'Memories' page twilkins28***
Wilkins Norman Archie 4246501 AC 1958-1959 Sammy, Corporal Fowler, Sgt McGranagan Any lads who did their square bashing there norjman***
Wilkinson Anthony Willki or Tony V4274019 AC2 July-Sept 1962 Anybody who remembers me from Hut 291 5 years RAF Police wilkinsona44***
Victoria Madeline Vicky 2092281 ACW2 20 Oct-3 Nov 1941   Also see the 'Memories' page curlew1919***
Willans Harold   4076060 AC 1951 Any one from 1951, 20 Flt Now retired and living in OZ.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Williams Arthur   3154501 AC2 Feb-Mar 1960 Anyone who remembers me   Tammihob***
Williams Bill Hank 2205458 Aircrew Cadet May-June 1943 Anyone from No.10 Entry Madley Also see the 'Memories' page williams.wh***
Williams Charles Charlie 5040798 AC1 1957-1958 Douglas Moir Worked In Ration Stores.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Williams Cuthbert   4266082 SAC 1961     bertwilliams***
Williams David John   3153175 AC2 1958   Flt 25. C Sqd. Hut 217. Hut 215 davnan356***
Williams David Len or Taff 4264426 AC2 May 1961     david.williams482***
Williams Dennis Henry   4190175 AC2 Nov 1956-Mar 1957   National Service Basic Training robjwilliams73***
Williams Don   4242779 AC2 Aug-Oct 1958   Went to Yatesbury as Air Wireless Mech then to 2TAF. Finished at MRT Valley.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Williams Frank   4248211 AC2 10 Jan 1959   Hut 181.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Williams Grenville   3122758 Plt. Off. Mar 1950-Sept 1951   10 Flt, 'C' Sqd.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Williams James Jimbo 4130171 AC2 1953 Stan Carter   gsxf_katana***
Williams John Brummie 5033103 AC2 Oct-Dec 1956 Mike Rowley Interested in contact from anyone involved during this period
Also see the 'Memories' page
Williams John Johnny 2499829 LAC July-Oct 1950 Brian Taylor Basic training only.
Posted to RAF Pershore for police training
Williams John   5025663 AC2 1956 Anyone. My hut was No.247 After Bridgnorth, I went to Ballykelly and Takali Malta.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Williams John Peter   5028698 SAC Tape Relay Op Sept-Nov 1956 Anyone who remembers winning the drill cup, Hut D35 I think Have no photos of passing out parade, does anyone have some?
Also see the 'Memories' page
Williams Kenneth Ken Q4275582 AC2 29 Nov 1962-Feb 1963   Also see the 'Memories' page ken582***
Williams Michael Mick C4274353 AC2 July-Aug 1962 Colin Edgecombe Recruit training. 'A' Sqd. No. 3 Flt, hut 225.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Williams Malcolm Willy 3523175 AC2 & SAC 1956 & 1960/61 Robert Shaxted Basic Training in 1956 then back in 1960/61 malcolmwillywilliams***
Williams Phil Taff F4262974 AC2 1961   Also see the 'Memories' page philwilliams43***
Williams Richard Cliff / Jeeps 2451282 AC2 1949     mick_aka***
Williams Ron   4101806 AC2 June-July 1952     rrjwilliams***
Williams Thomas Taff K4271325 Square bashing March 1962     thomas.williams49***
Williams William Ernest Bill / Taffy 4169105 AC2 10 May 1955 D.I. Cpl Carmichael When we had a 72 hour leave, the railways went on strike.
Posted to RAF Pembroke who had flying boats.
Williamson David   4237792 AC2 Feb-Mar 1958     dave_williamson***
Williamson Eddie   N4271720 AC2 Apr-June 1962 Any ex 20 Flt   edwin***
Williamson Erick Bill 617391 W/O Regiment 1953/54-1957   Also see the 'Memories' page drwilliamson12***
Williamson James Jim (Jock) C4274238 AC2 July-Sept 1962 Anyone from Hut 248, 1 Flt, A Sqd Also see the 'Memories' page gornalscot***
Williamson James Jim D4164568 AC2 Feb 1955   Also see the 'Memories' page jameswilliamson***
Williamson Ray   2449044 AC2 Nov 1949-Jan 1950 All from 12 Flight 2 Wing Basic training prior to service with RAF marine branch. RAF Calshot etc ray***
Willicombe Glyn Will   AC2 1950 Frank Earl   glyn1932***
Willis John Stuart Willie 5012166 SAC Medic Jan 1959-Sept 1961   Recruit intake Jan 1959. Permanent Staff Medic May 1959 to end National Service.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Willis Peter Joe 2452928 AC2 Dec 1949-Jan 1950     peterwillis1931***
Willoughby Edward Eddy/Ted 3527876 AC2 May 1959   Square bashing time edward139.willoughby***
Wills Derek   4180706   Mar-Apr 1956     derek.wills***
Wilson Geoff   J4273683 AC2 May-Aug 1962   Went on to Shawbury and then Marham - Kuching - Marham left the RAF 1967 g.d.wilson***
Wilson Ian   4191560 AC Recruit Jan-March 1957   Hut 190 wilsonian***
Wilson James Jock Q4253508 AC2 13 Aug 1959 Anyone who can remember me Was in hut 215 jwilson124***
Wilson John   4080191 Square bashing Sept-Oct 1960 Jeff Whitworth, Keith Race Two good Corporals:- Cpl Vane and Cpl (Taffy) Jones.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Wilson John Tug J4237316 AC1 Mar-Apr 1958   Did my squarebashing there.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Wilson John Tug E4178175 AC2 19 Jan 1956   Also see the 'Memories' page tug.wilson4178***
Wilson John   4263977 AC2 1961 Ivan Calderwood   jwil***
Wilson Lawrence John John 7263036 Doctor Q.M.S. July 1950   Doctor lived in Brighton English RAMC cr.anthousa***
Wilson Malcolm Herbert Mal 4136937 WOP 1954 Les Ames Not sure what I was doing there? Penmalson***
Wilson Michael Leslie Mick or Mike 5011803 AC2 Winter 1957 Malcom Moss, who lived at New Mills in Derbyshire Can't remember much! Just got the photos.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Wilson Peter   5034271 AC2 Oct-Dec 1956     sarahjanegeorge***
Wilson Stuart Geordie S4274364 AC2 July-Sept 1962 Melvin Smith   stuartwilson100***
Wilson Terry   3152737 AC2 Oct 1957   Also see the 'Memories' page sgt.wilson***
Wilson William Willie U4270280 AC2 Feb-Apr 1962 Anyone who remembers me Bridgnorth was something else. No 5 star hotel and the weather was crap wilswil1***
Wilson William Victor Vic 2758057 AC2 June-Aug 1955 Anyone Also see the 'Memories' page victor.wilson32***
Wiltshire Brynley   4179657 AC2 Feb 1955 Ike Downes I remember well Came 2nd in the cross country race russwiltshire.792***
Windle Michael Mike L4252882 AC2 July-Sept 1959 Any occupants of hut 12, B Flt Recruit, prior to training as a photographer.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Wingfield Charles Charlie K4135023 AC2 Sept 1953   W Raynham. Aden cwingding123***
Winkles John Willie 5027873 AC2 Mid Aug-mid Oct 1956 Tony Soden? Roy Silvester (home was local)? From Birmingham. 2 years National Service started 14 Aug 1956.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Winskill Gerry   3153435 AC2 1958     gwinsk***
Winskill Gilmour Geordie     1955     neilparr***
Winstanley Anthony Lofty 5071178 AC2 1959     oddjob2***
Winter David Taffy 4061099 AC2 May 1951 Anybody Trained by Cpl Kinder, a South African and an Irish Sergeant gw7csk***
Winter David Willy 4275495 AC2 19 Nov 1962-Mar 1963   Basic training, then 'volunteered' to stay behind to Beat the Retreat.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Wise Eric   D2267153 Cpl Cook 1947-1954   Also see the 'Memories' page john.wise4***
Wiseman Ronald   4119783 AC1 1 Jan 1953     ron.moby***
Wolfe John   4190912 AC2 Jan-Feb 1957     jwolfe***
Womack Alan   4092442 AC2 1952     Via the Webmaster
Wood Alan   5023383 AC2 June-July 1956     alanwood1***
Wood Chris Woody 3527981 AC2 June-July 1959 Anyone who remembers me Hut 244, Flt 31, D Sqd, I have photo available.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Eric Roland Eric   4155388 Aug 1954   Also see the 'Memories' page anchorinn***
Wood George Knocker 5056449 Erk Grade 1 Jan-May 1958   Also see the 'Memories' page gwood1***
Wood Harry   5079833 AC2 Aug-Nov 1960   Basic training. National Service harry.wood***
Wood Jeffrey Woody 2764781 AC2 Aug 1955     jeffwood12***
Wood Lawrence Charles Elsie (LC initials) 4261007 AC2 Sept-Oct 1960   Also see the 'Memories' page LCW***
Wood Leonard Geoffrey Len / Woody 2391613 AC2 1948     graham_wood1***
Wood Michael Mick or Woody 4249356 AC2 Feb-April 1959 Michael Kirk, son of W/O Kirk, lived on married quarters Hut 1867, 22 Flt 'C' Sqd. Sgt Dowding, Cpl Moger & Cpl Floyd
Also see the 'Memories' page***
Wood Ray   2467373 AC2 Apr-June 1950 Johnny Simmonds, Pete Sharp, Dougie Webster, 'Lofty' Troth Hut 2/46, 21 Flt, 'F' Sqd, 3 Wing.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Wood Tom   2728266 AC2 Oct-Nov 1954   Also see the 'Memories' page woody33***
Wood William Woody 5069493 AC2 June-Aug 1959     sylvia.wood1***
Woodall Keith   2353553 AC2 June-Sept 1947 Ron Davies & Terry Brindley Our D.I. was Cpl Warrity and Sgt Jones.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Woodcock Colin Woody 3152201 Recruit June-Sept 1957 Anyone who knew me Was posted to Tern Hill & then Shawbury colin***
Woodfield David Woody 5072857 J/Tech - Cpl Tech Dec 1959-Sept 1961   Permanent Staff in Sick Bay david***
Woodhouse Clifford Michael Mike 4114986 AC2 1952   Square bashing cmwoodhouse***
Woodrow Frederick James Jim 5045157 AC2 May 1957     Woodpark***
Woods James Gerrard Gerry N4256771 AC2 Jan-Feb 1960 Hut 90 Basic training.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Woods Peter   4164186 AC2 1955   Later RAFP petere.woods***
Woodward Ralph Woody A4252875 AC1 July-Sept 1959 Anyone from 12 Flt 'B' Sqd I have photos of 12 Flt and 'B' Sqd ralphwoodward1***
Woolhouse Frank   4128214 AC2 May-June 1953 Anyone Anyone involved with route lining for the Queen in Caernarfon.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Woolley John Yorkie N3525465 AC2 Oct-Dec 1957 Gordon Smith, Roy Searle   johnwoolley***
Worrall Ron Paddy U4265982 AC2 Aug 1961   6Flt A Sqn Hut 317
Also see the 'Memories' page
Worsnip Malcolm Auberon Bron L4253575 AC2 16 Oct 1959   I've sent my two photographs in. bron.worsnip***
Wray Donald   4174173 AC2 1955 Anyone in B Flt, Aug-Oct 1955 Also see the 'Memories' page don-wetherby***
Wray Keith   2729556 AC2 1954   Basic Training keith.w.wray***
Wray Peter   4247352 AC2 Nov-Dec 1958     peter.wray***
Wray Robert Bob C4252877 AC2 July-Aug 1959 Any member Hut 63, 12 Flt, B Sqd this period I was a member of the Station voluntary band,
Bandmaster Sgt R Pullen.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Wren Robert Chris G4237895 AC2 Mar 1958   Served for nearly 37 years. Retired as WO chriswren802***
Wrigglesworth Kenneth   4241835 AC2 July-Sept 1958 Anthony Ward from Darlington Had a great time with a good bunch of lads.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Wright Anthony Tone 3122281 AC2 Sept-Oct 1949? Anyone near my Service No.   tony_itsme***
Wright Cleon Cleo 4180091 Engine Mechanic March-April 1956 Bill Taylor and Prof Hampson Would love to hear from anyone who can remember dear old Cpl. Fagg cleonw***
Wright Colin Kip   AC2 Feb-Mar 1958 Iorwerth Williams (2nd Taff) Also see the 'Memories' page atomic.colin***
Wright Douglas Doug   AC2 Jan-March 1949   Also did a week reserves training in Sept 1951.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Wright Gordon GB 4124245 SAC Squadron Storman March-June 1953   I do remember what a shock it was to be shouted at sandfly34***
Wright Gordon Wrighty T4270657 AC2 26 Feb 1963   Also see the 'Memories' page Gordonwright727***
Wright Gordon Jock A4275044 AC2 Sep-Nov 1962 Anyone from No 1 Flt, A Sqd. Swopped Trades with one Stan Baker (from Ops Clerk to Wireless Operator)
Also see the 'Memories' page
Wright John Jack 5045892 AC2 1957   Basic training then posted to El Adam jackandkath***
Wright Kenneth   5038864 LAC 1957/59   Controlled medical records.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Wroe Brian Yorky 3527046 AC2 Oct-Dec 1958 Anyone with No. near to mine, also No. beginning 424595 Went to Sutton-on Hull fire school.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Wykes Bryan   4269585 AC2 Jan 1962 Any Posted to RAF Stradishall, Locking, Neatishead and 303 SU Aden.
Also see the 'Memories' page
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Yates Barrie   4264823 AC2 Apr-May 1961     r4264823***
Yates David   4191961 AC2 Jan-Mar 1957   I was in D Sqd Hut 244, I think 31 Flt. See Photo 1957 Hut 244. david.yates5***
Yates John Jack 2420884 AC2 Aug 1949 Anyone   yates.John***
Yates John Brummie N4262076 u/t Fireman 14 Nov 1960-Jan 1961   Letter N in Service No. came in 1964. Served untill Aug 1 1998. Rtd as Flt Sgt. jyates076***
Yeardley Barry   A4185976 AC2 May-June 1956 Anyone I recognise the faces in the photo at 1956_hut10 but where am I?
Also see the 'Memories' page
Yeardley Ben   4255132 AC2 Oct-Dec 1959   Hut 36A. D.I. was Cpl Thomas.
Flg Off Langworthy was our CO
Yeatman Ken   4172872 AC2 Aug 1955     kenyeatman***
Yeatman Jeff   4236061 Airman July 1958 Anybody in the photo of 22 Flt taken July 1958   jeff.yeatman***
Yeomans Edward Ted 4175648 AC2 Dec 1955-Feb 1956   9 Flt. I remember we won the Drill cup - any idea what happened to it?
Also see the 'Memories' page
Young Anthony       1956     ayoungcom***
Young David   3151023 AC2 Dec 1956-Jan 1957 Anyone who remembers me Hut 128, 11 Flt, Cpl Blackwell. Won drill cup. Ended in Changi via Shawbury.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Young John Geordie 3156159 AC2 July-Sept 1960   National Service.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Young Maurice   4193014 AC2 1957 Any one in Hut 214   mauriliz***
Young Michael Mick 4182227 AC2 May 1956 Terence Kennedy Played trumpet michaeljy85***
Young Michael Mick 4271922 AC2 Mar 1962 Tony Payne   bigtwincruiser***
Young Robert Bob (Piper) 4147334 AWM Mar-May 1954   B Sqd 9 Flt.
Also see the 'Memories' page
Zaple   Ernie 4197176 SAC 1957 Anyone from 35 Flt B Sqn Does anybody remember Cpl Tosh and the flu and jab week and a bull session Sunday ez007e4727***

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